Open letter to the Napier Police Prosecutions

The officer in charge  prosecutions, copy to minister of justice

This morning I appeared in the  Napier district court

I have been charged with four counts  of ” while a suppression order was in place  Published the name of a person who has been  granted  name suppression”

I have been  bailed  to appear in two weeks time The conditions are to live in the house where I live any way  and not to publish the name of the Practitioner and his former client  with relation to the suppression order .

the  four offences being  as this  one  but on the dates 

18 April 2017  the  post being Was XXXXXXX censured ? is this why this animal welfare lawyer has gone?  ( now sanitized to  comply with bail conditions )

9 May 2017 Why I am a danger to society….. I must not lift rugs

17th May 2017 Time to support Whistle-blowers …. why we need an independent commission against corruption

22nd May  2017 Whistle-blowers .. Government fights back… Police make up offences to attack whistle-blower

The problem is  in the discovery  which you have supplied me  does not support the charges .  letter to police from justice        alleged suppression order

As a former police prosecutor  I identify the matters which you have to prove  as being

  1. that there was a  legal suppression order
  2. that the suppression order was with regards to the person named
  3. That I knew it was the person named  referred to in  the  article and not just speculation

to that end  you were  to provide me by way of discovery a suppression order, this is the first issue

If you were to search the lawyers and conveyances act  you will note that   there is no scope   for  suppression orders in that legislation .  The word suppression only appears three times see this 


This makes it clear that  there can be no orders for  Name suppression  under the lawyers and conveyances act 

Yet the charge sheet clearly states  that there was a suppression order and I breached it .

The alleged suppression order  that was supplied to me  was almost  totally redacted   showing only two paragraphs

From the redacted version  I  presume that   you rely  on paragraph 28  for  the existence of a  order   yet it states only

” [28] Given that there is no risk to the public posed by this practitioner in the future,we consider that the combination of factors referred to above do, in this unusual set of
circumstances, justify the permanent name suppression of the practitioner, his former client and any identifying details.”

this left me to wonder if there  was an order some where else in the document.   How that I had a court number I ws able to search the tribunals web site and located the full underacted   document the on  the Justice web site  see this link here

reading this document we note that the law society opposed the  the suppression  application  and under   orders   there is no mention of any order  in terms of section 240(1) (c)  and it could well be that the suppression was given   for the purposes of  their published  decision    only.

As such there appears to be no evidence of existence   of an order under section  24(1) (c)  being

240 Restrictions on publication

(1)If the Disciplinary Tribunal is of the opinion that it is proper to do so, having regard to the interest of any person (including (without limitation) the privacy of the complainant (if any)) and to the public interest, it may make any 1 or more of the following orders:……

(c)an order prohibiting the publication of the name or any particulars of the affairs of the person charged or any other person.

Since  no such order exists  so it would appear that I have been wrongly charged as  no one can breach an order which has not been made and  section 263 states

Every person commits an offence who, without lawful excuse, acts in contravention of any order made by the Disciplinary Tribunal under any of paragraphs (a) to (c) of section 240(1).

Until  I received the  discovery today I was unaware of  the content of the decision  I was merely commenting on a news item on the law society web site .  “Name suppression granted to censured lawyer

I was not at the hearing  and the information I had was nothing I gained from any  tribunal process but knew from my own involvement with mr X

Mr XXXX is in the habit of telling the  government and other people what to do and they accept that what he tells them  is true  Because he was a barrister. he continually gives false information and again he  has made out  to the case manager  for the tribunal * that there was a decision in his favour when none existed.   As Usual No one checks .

the full version of the decision states

He has been an advisor to Government.

His reputation with  government is such that  he is trusted  to the point that  the trust in him  allows him to perpetrate offences   such as making a fraudulent application to the minister of agriculture for a fictional trust to   be granted law enforcement powers  under the legislation  which he advised on  and wrote to facilitate his own business plan

I have 12 years  of experience of this   and this again is an example of mr XXX saying jump and every one says how high  and again he   gets to  get away with  his crimes. This time he has had me charged when there are no grounds   and because  he says so.

If only 1/10th  of the  effort had gone into him that has gone into me then he would be behind bars.

I will be providing transparency to  this matter through this site  using this  site . I am a whistle blower and in 11 years the police have not acted yet   mr X writes to  the ministry of justice and  within two weeks I am charged with  four offences I could not have  committed .

I look forward to   whistle blowers being taken seriously , I don’t care about mr XXX  health  he did not care about me when  he destroyed my family and repeatedly tried to bankrupt me, his dirty tactics  are un unprecedented.    His ability to call  the authorities to  action show the the regard they have for him and  how   the bias  wold   possibly have prevented investigatins in to his  very public fraud  .

I note that this week is anti bullying week  and I can assure you I feel bullied.

Your officers have to ensure that the ingredients of an offence are met  and they fall well short  even to the  extent of supplying me a  redacted document when the full version is publicly available.

Request to prosecutions

Due to your lack of  evidence  I request that

  1. the charges are withdrawn forth with
  2. That I receive an apology
  3. that the police deal with the historic file   relating  to the fraudulent application for law enforcement powers
  4. the use of the  civil court to conceal criminal action
  5. and the identity fraud  practiced   using  various AWINZ trusts.
  6. there is more  e.g. misappropriation of charitable  funds   but   in the fist instance  please  provide the order or  withdraw   the   charges.

Should you continue with the prosecution  I  will be pleading not  guilty  and  will seek indemnity costs for my legal representation  . loss of income  and stress caused.

regards Grace Haden



*as provided by police in discovery

Whistle-blowers .. Government fights back… Police make up offences to attack whistle-blower

Whose side are the police on  !!    this after noon I received a phone call from Detective Simcox  he told me that he wanted to talk to me about the breach of suppression order. I asked him who it was regarding and he told me he could not say so  as this would breach the suppression order.  I replied that not being able to tell me who it is in relation to would make things very  interesting .

He then said that it was with regards to a lawyer  who I had mentioned in blogs and who had had his name suppressed by the law society  .  I said XXXXX  he said yes.  To which I   roared with laughter and said thank you for confirming my suspicions.

He asked if he could come and speak to me about it , I said there was no point  I did not believe that I had breached an order as I had never seen one and did not know what  the scope of it was if there was one  and  I was not a party to the hearing.

I told him to send me a copy of any order and on receipt I would immediately comply  with it .

I  invited him to come round on the condition that he would investigate the frauds  relating to Mr XXXXXX, but he said he would not be  doing that .

Less than 10 minutes later  I was served  a summons. Two cops came to my door  to deliver it . I told them that the summons  did not fairly inform me of   a charge  it simply said  that on 18 April, 9 May and 17 May  I breached a suppression order  under the lawyers and conveyances act

the posts which they are referring to are

Was XXXXXX censured ? is this why this animal welfare lawyer has gone? I have since taken this down and amended the following

Why I am a danger to society….. I must not lift rugs

Time to support Whistle-blowers …. why we need an independent commission against corruption

This obviously means that the police have read these posts   and are choosing to defend a fraudster  and crucify a whistle blower. this is despite the fact that  I have had complaints in with the SFO and police for years    see letter from Bill Searle  AWINZ corruption letter sfo & sfo letter and  sfo email

Auckland University Law Professor Bill Hodge said it was ”ironic” that someone from the legal profession should be keeping their name secret when openness was one of the key attributes of a democratic legal system.

”Justice is a public virtue. It should not be like a priesthood with secret rites behind closed doors and in secret chambers.”

Hodge said if lawyers faced allegations relating to conduct then they deserved to be known by the public.

”People should be able to take those into account when choosing a lawyer. Clients should be able to make an informed decision.”

He said lawyers, like any other profession, should be subject to open court action.

Hodge said he disagreed with the argument that a lawyer’s reputation would be tarnished even if he or she was cleared.

”They can tell the truth about that too. People will judge them with the view that they were wrongly charged.”

The Government has recently moved to tighten up name suppressions which it said were being granted ”too readily and inconsistently”.

The Criminal Procedure Bill was passed in October and comes into effect in March.

It clarifies that ”wealth, reputation or public awareness” should not be taken into account when judges grant name suppression see more 

Ironically the comment made by a police woman  on a police file about me in 2012  was so confidential that I was not allowed to see it  yet it ended up having an impact on my career in 2017 and splashed all over the papers.

this is just so in line with my last post re whistle blowers

What makes it even more interesting is that there is no such offence as breaching a suppression order , pity they had to be in such a rush  and were not able to check the law before they dashed off to serve me .

the summons was under section 28 criminal Procedure act

28 Summons in relation to charge may be served

(1)A constable or any other person may issue and serve a summons on a person if that constable or other person—

(a)has good cause to suspect that the person has committed an offence

Now   Good cause to suspect  can only come after  identifying the act and section

It would appear that in his haste   detective Simcox  did not identify   any  offence   or even investigate that there was  one.  will be interesting to see what he comes up with  .. will keep you posted.

Have just spoke to  detective Simcox  who informs me that I have breached section  241 c of the lawyers and conveyancers act and section  263 1 & 2 .

Obviously this is being driven by some one who  want to see my Private investigator licence revoked    section  241  doe snot even apply to any one other then lawyers   and relates to appearing before the disciplinary tribunal

section 263  relates to   the breach of an order to that end I have invited him to send me a copy of the order and on receipt of it  and  noting its validity I will remove all content which is in breach of the order .  he told me that  he  knew it existed , I told him that after 15 years in the police Iknew that cops can tell lies and that I want a copy  of the order so that I could see for myself.  I cannot comply with an order if I don’t know it exists  or what the order is.

he said  he would check with the legal team   , I  told him if  I don’t know what the order is then I do have  a lawful excuse.

Strangely enough   wouldn’t it have been  good police work if   Simcox or some one had said   here is an order  it appears your  in breach of it  . rather than  we are  going to prosecute you   were not   giving you any info…

I have now spoken to  his boss senior sergeant  Darren Pritchard.   I explained the background with he who must not be named and asked for  a copy of the suppression order, he said that he did not have a copy of it  but I would get one as soon as they had it.  I  told him that I was prepared to take  the name down   but I should not be charged as I have not got a copy of the suppression order  and don’t know the terms .    he said I would get things under discovery.

I am totally astounded that the police act so quickly  for me  naming  now a confirmed corrupt lawyer . The   complaint was made  by the ministry of justice  who on their web site say this about corruption


I think I have just proved   how dangerous New Zealand is with regards to exposing corruption.

Corruption In New Zealand .. Practiced and concealed at highest levels.

A news item was sent on to me this morning Whistleblowers tell of ‘incredible’ day their jobs were axed

The workers at the Ministry of transport noticed  false invoices raised their concern  and lost their jobs. The boss Martin Matthews apparently did not act despite  widespread concerns  he  has now been appointed  Auditor General.

As we have shown earlier the auditor generals office is the Platinum supporter of Transparency International NZ who work so had to ensure that New Zealand retains its ” least perceived corruption status” .

As for integrity there is none .. as integrity would reveal that there is fraud and corruption in  New Zealand  and  by  far the easiest way to avoid fraud and corruption is  not to define them   or have policies whihc  seek to identify them

Currently the New Zealand police do not generally investigate fraud, it is handed  to the SFO who have a very high threshold  in $$$$

Its all based on economics  meaning that   we can turn a blind eye to  losses which would cost less than they would to  police and prosecute.

This may be a  great business model  in the first year but  what happens in the second and third when  those without  stringent ethics realize that  they can do  such things and not be caught .. well   it becomes a free for all.. I know about such things because I am a MUM .

Let a kid get away with something and it become s the norm . so where do you set the threshold   for theft , fraud..  is there a $ value or is the very act  of fraud  and theft  and offence   .. bit like Parking .. park 10 minutes over time you  are fined  but  you can   commit all the fraud you like and get away with it .

If you are caught out and are fortunate enough to belong to a wider network   and have friends in high places then  you are protected. Bit Like Mr Gavin Hunt of signature homes  who had his very own tame judge  sit on the case.

Justice Woolford  has not just a share holder in a company Hunt directed but  Woolford became a   shareholder when the company was  formed and the  shareholders appoint the directors Hunt’s directors certificate  is dated 28 August 06 and Woolford’s 29 August 06.  this  is a massive project meaning that the two would have been known to each other in more than a passing manner.

If our courts have integrity the judges would not place themselves in a position of conflict of interest.

If our public service has integrity then those who  raise concerns would be listened to  and not fired.

If our building industry had integrity  all  large building firms would set a standard  for performance and ensure compliance.

If our laws were written to be enforced then the companies act would be honoured by the court in proceedigns and  blatant breaches of the companies act would not be condoned , e.g  the transfer of shares booting out of directors  false accounting   more on this later .

New Zealand’s  laws give us protection   but   when they are not  enforced and people are not held accountable to the law then  the law truly is an ass and facilitates  corruption .

Lawyers and judges and high ranking  public servants  cannot condone breach’s of the law   to do so in terms of criminal  law makes them an accessory after the fact  .

Its time   judges lawyers and public service started  observing  the criminal law.

Integrity of the High court of New Zealand .. how low is the Bar ? was Judge Woolford conflicted ? will it be ignored ?

As a private Investigator who has now  officially been Labeled a conspiracy theorist , this a blatant attack by the press to discredit me  and proves that I must be pushing the right buttons . I find it difficult not to speak up  when I see signs of lack of integrity and this is such a case

My integrity has been  attacked through the press  in 2017 based on an opinion of a police  woman who only spoke to me on the phone  in  2012. Based on her statement and a couple of other things like telling a lawyer to act according to law and telling another lawyer to get evidence before attacking people in court ,  the private security  Licencing authority, Mr Gill  refused to renew my  certificate of approval. claiming that

” The applicant appears to hold very strong views on many matters and she is adamant that there is some form of conspiracy afoot, but in the absence of any evidence to support this theory it appears to boil down to a long-held obsession which can only harm her ability to carry out her duties as a private investigator in a rational  and professional manner.

To me this sets the threshold of  expected  integrity  in our society  and  courts and by my reckoning an open  invitation  for me to prove what is wrong with NZ . BTW the police woman’s  comment was so sensitive that it was witheld from me under  the privacy act but released to the  Private security  authority  who not only judged me on it  but  acted on it .

Apparently  the threshold for  denying me my certificate of approval is pretty dam low . So low that I  feel confident that there are those who want to discredit me because I am on the right track to exposing corruption in New Zealand .

To that end a simple  due diligence for a client  into Residential Indemnity limited has uncovered  what appears to be a gross conflict of interest on behalf of a Judge . ( more on residential immunity later )

The court judgements which I found very interesting  there are  a number of them  but these are   of note

the presiding judge in this matter is

The Honourable Justice Woolford
2010, based in Auckland

Justice Woolford graduated LLB (Hons) from Auckland University and BA  in Japanese in 1977 as well as attaining a BCL from Oxford University in 1981.  He was admitted to the Bar in 1977.  He held positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Wellington, Singapore and New York 1981-85.  Justice Woolford returned to Auckland to work for Meredith Connell in 1986 and became a partner with that firm from 1987 until the current appointment. Justice Woolford is based in Auckland.

see also

A search of the  companies office shows that Mark Woolford  was appointed as Judge  by our current government   in 2010.  the  web site for Meridith Connell  in 2009  shows  Mark Woolford as one of the partners .

A further search of the companies office   reveals that he is involved in the following companies








The court action in the above reports relates  to  signature homes  which  has contracted under its generic trading name but the real company   contracted with in this instance is  one   Gavin Leslie HUNT  a full list of his company associations is found here 

Hunt is also  also  director and  an ultimate share holder of the other two company defendants  who  incidentally all work under the same trading name .. another one of  my  identity fraud conspiracies  whihc I am again proving to be true .




Lasque Construction  went into  liquidation  29 July 2016 and was wound up  14 feb 2017.  resolution  the liquidation was to be completed by  30 November 2016 .

This  appears to be a well practiced  ploy by companies before the court  the court number  CIV-2012-404-7500  indicates that the proceedings were commenced in 2012. This is a way  of perverting justice  its the  legal equivalent of  killing  the company  but others live on  using the same trading name … but more on that later too .

But getting back to the apparent  conflict of interest a detailed  search of the companies which  Mr Hunt directs reveals ACTIONSTEP LIMITED (1859348)  which he  directs with Angus FLETCHER ex-husband of former Auckland mayor Christine Fletcher and Brother of Hugh Fletcher  who is The chief justice  dame Sian Elias husband .

At the recent franchise of the year awards   Signature homes won Westpac supreme franchise system of the year  the  blurb stated

Founded by Fletcher Challenge in 1983, the company was sold in 1995 to Gavin and Anneta Hunt, who had been involved with the business right from the start.

SIGNATURE HOMES LIMITED was formed in 1974 as Fletcher Dempsey , it wad renamed Signature homes  before getting a name change just prior to liquidation   in 1995

Signature homes  is there fore well connected  to NZ judiciary and  it would appear the business relation ship extends to  Mr Gavin Hunt being the director  of Actionstep  and the subsidiaries it owns  ACTIONSTEP HOSTING NEW ZEALAND LIMITED , ACTIONSTEP LICENSING AUSTRALIA LIMITED, ACTIONSTEP LICENSING CANADA LIMITEDACTIONSTEP LICENSING NEW ZEALAND LIMITEDACTIONSTEP NEW ZEALAND LIMITED .

What is action step ?   well it appears on  Google as this

Wikipedia  provides this

Actionstep was created by Ted Jordan, CEO of Actionstep, in 2004.[1] It was first used commercially in 2005 by a New Zealand construction franchise as well as a law firm. Actionstep soon expanded into central government and a wider range of small business users (mainly in New Zealand and Australia).

As the company grew, many of their new customers were coming from law firms (which benefited from the workflow and document assembly features). Actionstep decided to customize the product and focus on the needs to legal professionals. Features such as trust accounting were added to the product to round out the offering to law firms. More recently Actionstep has integrated with number of key technologies such as Gmail, HotDocs, Outlook, and Microsoft Office. Actionstep still retains a solid base of customers in New Zealand, however the fastest growing market is in the United States where the company now has physical presence and employees.

Now getting back to  the conflict of interest issue in the decision dated  18 August 2015   it would appear that  WOOLFORD J  totally accepted the  evidence of  Mr Gavin Hunt over the people who  had ended up with a leaky home thanks to signature .   Woolford does not appear to have declared his conflict in interest he  has been a shareholder in actionstep since it was founded see share holder consent here Woolford shareholding .  As an original  shareholder   he would have been fully aware of the  founding directors  of which Hunt is one .

I wonder how this  is going to be glossed over  . mean time  I am in line for being put out of  my   work because   we dig deep   to discredit me, yet judges can knowingly sit on matters where they know the other party   rule in their favour and   just watch nothing will happen

I will try to contact the Kellys and tell them to take this to the office of the judicial  conduct commissioner

If a PI who has no obligations to the rule of  law  and only has  obligations to the  act  has  to be denied  her right to earn a crust  what threshold should we apply to judges ?



Time to support Whistle-blowers …. why we need an independent commission against corruption

In this  the ” perceived  ” least corrupt county in the world  it is very unwise to be a whistle-blower.  Believe me I know.

The events surrounding  Joanne Harrison Transport Ministry fraud case   and see here  and here  and here have again highlightes the plight of whistle -blowers

 MoT fraudster’s ‘destructive streak’
Joanne Harrison’s $725,000 ‘web of deception’ revealed
Fresh claims prompt call for new investigation into Transport Ministry fraudster

Three whistle-blowers at the MoT were treated “abysmally”… Winston Peters

The outcome  may be different  but the story is basically the same as the animal welfare fraud that saw me crucified as a  Whistleblower even to the extent that  11 years later  a news item has to be published labeling me with names  which were used by a police woman in 2012 . Her comments were so confidential that the police refused to release them to me under  the privacy act but some how   they ended up in the news in 2017.

To me this shows the  massive undercurrent of how we deal with  Whistle-blowers in New Zealand .

In the instance of Joanne Harrison , her former boss  claimed that  he had ” handled the saga decisively, and investigated it thoroughly.” But despite this Joanne Harrison  was proved to be a fraudster  partly by invoicing Fake  companies.

My saga began in 2006  when I discovered that a fictional trust  had been given law enforcement powers, because no one checked to see if it existed  .

Like the  Harrison Case  we have the  former  boss taking on a higher role in Government.   That is what happened in  my case with AWINZ ( the Animal Welfare institute of New Zealand ) .

Had Harrison been a lawyer  she would have taken her  whistle blowers to court for defamation.  For good measure  she would have manipulated the proceedings and had their defence of truth and honest opinion struck out ,  bankrupted them, discredited them and   she would have got away with it .

Our courts are  routinely used  to  legitimize fraud , if you have the money  and or connections anything is possible including a few extra words from the judge  totally slating your   whistle blowers reputation  .

Harrison was not so lucky , but so far  Wyn Hoadley, Graeme Coutts , Tom Didovich and  Neil Wells  have been able to get away with  their respective roles in the concealment of what  had the makings of a massive public fraud .

In the AWINZ matter a lawyers a crown law  gave a legal opinion in the application process for AWINZ to be granted statutory  law enforcement powers for  search seizure and  prosecution of animal welfare   offences, in the statute which Mr Wells  had  been  the author of the No 1 bill and  as ” independent” adviser to the select committee .

While the legal opinion may have been sound he never checked the  fundamental  ….Does the   trust actually exist   , Had he done so he would have found that  it did not  .

This  lawyer  went on to become chief  legal officer to  the  MPI.   So to admit that a fraud had occurred would have been to admit to his own negligence. see AWINZ deception  evidence   I also raised the question

Can MPI legally conceal fraud or does that make them an accessory after the fact?

Martin Matthews  the Controller and Auditor-General   will also find himself in this conflicted situation.

I have long been critical of Transparency International New Zealand  , they claim to be

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) is the recognised New Zealand representative of Transparency International, the global civil society organisation against corruption. We are a not-for-profit incorporated society with charitable status. We are non-political and non-partisan.

We Are

The reality is that   Transparency International  is funded by the very people they measure . this means that there is no independence and  if TINZ was to write something bad about the  departments who   sponsor them then those who write  the reports will not be funded  .

It is useful to note that  the office of the auditor general is the corner stone  Platinum   partner . The  office of the auditor generals  is  effectively  ” independently ”  rated by Transparency International  who are sponsored by them .. CONFLICT of interest!

What happened to the petition for a commission against corruption ?   see the evidence  here Evidence in support of the Petition of Grace Haden and others 5 11

Had something been done in the past then  we could have had systems in place  to deal with  the likes of Joanna Harrison . But in reality in the ” economic ”  Business structure we  run, we can afford he losses  its cheaper than checking.

Well   I can tell you as a whistle-blower  it has not been economic for me, it  cost me my marriage, initially my family,  11 years   and  well over $300,000.

While the government can expend heaps on crucifying me   they cannot spend time looking at the facts   to do so would mean that  more like  mr Martin Matthews  would be removed from the security of their high paying jobs ad an old boys net work could very well crumble.

Note  NZ ratified the United nations convention against corruption 1 December   2015.  Nothing has been done to set up an independent commission against corruption

How many more whistle blowers  have to be under attack  ?     Time to support whistle -blowers

Corruption and fraud in New Zealand – no place for ” she’ll be right “

Many New Zealanders have not woken up to the fact that  we are but a  bunch of ignorant and trusting   villagers   in a global market place just waiting to be ripped off .

Not only is it  buyer beware but  every one of us has to  diligent as every transaction has potential for fraud  and when it happens you are on your own.

One such story hit the headlines this morning .   Had Jackie and Murray Marquet known the most basic due diligence techniques they would  never have lost a cent.

Most people  just don’t know where to start checking things out  and many like  the Marquet’s say ” the emails and documents they received from the fraudsters looked genuine”   surprisingly  that is how fraud works    . It has to be  good to be convincing.

In their particular case  however  a 5 minute  due  diligence would have  saved them $32,000.

These are the tell tale signs

  1. email addresses   and
  2. the next clues are from the Purchase  order  shown to the right 

bill to:  University of Otago Holding  Ltd

09 886 2809

NZ business number

this is what they should have done

1       09 886 2809  this is an Auckland number  the university is in Otago  .


2       Google  Otago university   note that the   URL is phone number 03-479 7000

3.  Check the  who is  for , and

note that both are registered to  The USA  and were set up in  the not too recent past

respectively they are

Administrative Contact Information:

Name Carl Finocchiaro
Organization None
Address 9841 West 86th Place
City Arvada
State / Province Colorado
Important Dates
Expires On   2017-12-21
Registered On    2016-12-21
Updated On   2017-04-27
Organization None
Address 100 North Avenue
City Grand Junction
State / Province Colorado
Postal Code 81501
Country  US
Important Dates
Expires On 2018-02-06
Registered On 2017-02-06    Note this was only set up two days before the   order was sent  !
Updated On  2017-04-28
Name Bardot clothilde
Organization  None
Address  7431 Muirfield Road
City   Norfolk
State / Province   Virginia
Postal Code  23505
Important Dates
Expires On  2018-01-07
Registered On   2017-01-07
Updated On 2017-01-07
If this did not  make them suspicious then the order could have been easily confirmed by checking  with  the directors of the company .    a check with the directors  or sending an email to  the accounts section at  the Otago university and checking with them that this is a valid  purchase order .  Use the  on line email  address not the one you were given .
Prevention is  so very easy     the first thing that fraudsters tap in to   is greed  … goody a big sale    the second is  they get your trust  .
The first thing you  lose is your money  the second is the trust you had .
No point  going to the Police    they wont  do anything more than file the  complaint .
We may be the least corrupt country   but that is because  it is actually very difficult to report fraud and corruption. When the police turn  complaints like this away   the statistics  will reflect that  is  very little or no fraud .   That’s efficiency for you   – you cannot measure   anything that you do  not collect data for.
Don’t be Frauds next victim .. check it out   be Verisure

Open letter to transparency International -Integrity gets a seat at the top table in the Public Sector

To the executive of transparency International  NZ

This afternoon  I received your latest news release  which I always read with interest.

Download Media Release Document

I am not a member of TINZ , my application has been refused several times now  as it appears that I am an enemy of the state .

My crime was to expose corruption I stumbled on the evidence which proved that  a barrister, Neil Wells of Te kuiti  wrote  legislation for his own business plan to amalgamate dog and stock control with animal welfare . He  was an independent  adviser to the select committee  and then made a fraudulent application  to the minister making  a number of false allegations as to the  the existence of his fictional ” organisation ”

He covered it all up using  identity fraud  and  despite the fact that I have  supplied full details of this  to MPI, Attorney general , SFO, police  , Ministers, nothing has been  done.

In true whistle-blowers fashion I have been crucified and even now  we have to stoop so low as to have news  articles written about me based on a 2012 opinion of a Police woman who has never met me.

When I see an article such as this it confirms to me that  there are those out thee who are still quite concerned that one day some one  may believe me and actually independently investigate the matter.

While I appreciate that the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand ( AWINZ) matter is old it   has very  significant relevance to the events of today .

On a related post on  Open letter to Maria Clarke lawyer for the RNZSPCA I have covered off  the events whihc are occurring with the RNZSPCA .

The significance of this to AWINZ is that Mr Wells was the head of the RNZSPCA before bob Kerridge, Mr  Wells was involved in the winding up of the SPCA federation  and   through links I have connected him to the restructuring of the SPCA which  is on the agenda for  this year

According to the world bank “NZ easiest place to do business in world” but   it is also the easiest country to be ripped off .

Corruption is rife in companies, trusts and  incorporated societies.

your news release states

Transparency International New Zealand’s mission is to foster a New Zealand culture
where transparency, integrity, good governance and ethical standards and practices are
the core values for all New Zealanders.

So why  did reporting corruption have to devastate my life and destroy  my family ?

Why  do we focus on bullying and defaming   people then alleging that they are the bullies and defamers , we are more interested in giving some one a bad reputation than we are at looking at the facts.

I currently have an appeal for my  Certificate of approval for my Private investigator work. The former   Private security licencing authority(PSPLA), Mr Gill decided that  I am a conspiracy theorist and therefore   I should be thrown out of my  career a year before retirement he stated “[79] The applicant appears to hold very strong views on many matters and she is adamant that there is some form of conspiracy afoot, but in the absence of any evidence to support this theory it appears to boil down to a long-held obsession which can only harm her ability to carry out her duties as a private investigator in a rational and professional manner.  “

The amicus curiae appointed by crown law  appears to be pushing the case for the PSLA . It is indeed a pity that   crown law did not do anything to investigate the  complaint I made in  2014  with regards  to  investigating the various trusts which Mr wells created to   facilitate  the deceit in the  court  by using identity fraud.

But in the end  it is probably easier to trample one  woman in to the dust than it is to instill integrity and ethics into our government departments which   could result in more than   red faces and a  multitude of spin doctors out of work .

In 2005  when this saga began the  C word was  hardly heard. now every second  New Zealander  accepts that  corruption is rife , but we pretend with transparency   you  give me  the  cold shoulder and don’t  want to hear from me  some one who has been at the coal face of corruption for  far too long.

If  Transparency International   wishes to instill integrity  into the public sector it must  itself first embrace integrity and be prepared to listen to whistle-blowers. Ignoring us  is not going to make the  issue go away  it simply makes a mockery of what  you claim to do  .

I will keep  those  following my blog informed as to my membership application, the  acknowledgment  of which is here

From: []
Sent: Friday, 12 May 2017 5:49 p.m.
To: Grace Haden <>; Helen Bewley <>
Subject: TI-NZ Membership Application Information

Your TI-NZ Membership Application has been submitted.

Free Special One Year Membership

Why I am a danger to society….. I must not lift rugs

I am under attack  , yes  right left and center things are happening as if by magic , all these lightening strikes which  occur near me are totally coincidental .. I think  not …. but because I am suspicious of Lightening striking the same spot repeatedly I have been labeled a ” conspiracy theorist ”  and on that basis the Private security  Licencing authority has refused to   renew my Pi  certificate of approval.  Roger Gill  has repeatedly stated

“The applicant appears to hold very strong views on many matters and she is
adamant that there is some form of conspiracy afoot, but in the absence of any
evidence to support this theory it appears to boil down to a long-held obsession which can only harm her ability to carry out her duties as a private investigator in a rational and professional manner.”

It would appear that   One Ron Mc Quilter of Paragon investigations, the  president of the NZIPI  is right behind it all .He is a competitor of mine but I honestly  believe that he works  on the  shady side of the fence with such persons  as Trevor Morley , Mike Campbell and  Gary Swan .It appears to me that  all had  apparent fingers in the pie of making lightening strike on me at some time or another .Their actions have been quite  acceptable apparently  while  on my part  speaking the truth and exposing corruption is not acceptable.

Although Mc Quilter has  expressed his views as to my suitability to the PSPLA he has never made a complaint  and apparently  preferring to communicate through the back door   with the PSPLA  and feeding docuemtns to  him to  get rid of the competition . Ron there are  legal processes.. stick to them!

Since Ron thinks  that he is better than me  I have set him a challenge in my open letter to him  bet he ignores it  I think  its too difficult for him  in my opinion he  only likes simple things like finding dirt on people and making life hell for them . Ron’s police career was never in NZ and from what I have been told was measured in months not years , and in traffic not real crime .

I served as a police officer for 15 years and left when my daughter was born , in those days  the employment relations act was not  law and  I was transferred on to front line duties at 6 1/2 months pregnant as my boss did not think a that a pregnant police woman should attend court ( I was a prosecutor at the time ) I had also lost my promotion to senior sergeant because I refused to jump the 6 ft fences and do the  physical fitness test due to my pregnancy .

I became a PI in 2003  and in 2006   did a very simple  pro Bono job For Lyn Mac Donald the bird lady, which devastated my life  by tearing my family apart .

Lyn asked me to locate the animal welfare institute of New Zealand (AWINZ) , it had statutory powers  under section 120 of the animal welfare act  making it  equivalent to the RNZSPCA  and having the same powers of search seizure and  ability to impose  fines.

Except AWINZ did not exist in any manner or form. Neil Wells the  council manager , was a barrister ( he no longer is  ) he had been heavily involved in the drafting of the animal welfare  act  and had tailored it to  facilitate his own business plan.

When I asked  Waitakere  Council and The MPI ( then MAF )  for the trust deeds of this organisation they had purportedly contracted too, there was   a flurry of activity  , cover ups, withholding information and  denials  and  finally I was taken to court by Wells for  defamation.

Of course he had no show of winning as I had  so much evidence I could sink a battle ship.  so  Next step  we deny her a Defence .  Without a defence of truth and honest opinion  Defamation is not winnable  . Judge gets to make her out to be an axe murderer and this  decision  get waved in her face for ever more  .. even criminals have better rights to justice than I had.

I was surprised that my colleagues in the NZIPI  and those in the certified fraud examiners who I turned to  for help stood by and did nothing, they did not even offer to look at   evidence I had .

I had documents  from ministers which were redacted  and  obtained copies from council which were  un redacted,  what these revealed was gold  e.g “It is not appropriate for you  to approve a proposal which is contrary to law ”  

I failed to get  my complaints dealt with by the SFO  and the police , the police said it was too serious for them the SFO  said it was not serious enough. both groups of people had something in common, they all associated with Mc Quilter .

Suddenly  I was thrown out of the  Certified fraud examiners association .. never thought it was Mc Quilter  but his letter to the PSPLA in December speaks volumes.

An identically named trust  was formed  by Wells  and was switched for the  fictional organisation, Classic Identity fraud.  The people involved were Wyn Hoadley , Graeme Coutts  JP  , Tom Didovich  and Neil Wells , supported by  brookfields law firm , David Neutze  and  former lawyer Nick Wright  and former wife Vivienne Holm

No one checked the facts , the dates the applications, a two year old can tell you that   there is no integrity in what they claim but detail apparently does not matter  when you have the right people on board.

A true colleague of mine  told me many years later   that one of the  parties had told him that   they were doing everything they would ” deal to me ”

The connection of these parties, the location the involvement of other  have been sufficient for  me to  believe that  Ron Mc quilter is in this up to his neck . His business partner  at the time was Bryan Mogridge  who was also trustee of  enterprise Waitakere  and  also a trustee of the committee for Auckland.

2008  I was the  secretary of the NZIPI   the  new Zealand institute of professional  Investigators , Trevor Morley was the  President .There were two people in  the institute who he wanted to  get rid of  as members, but hey were unable to remove them for  any breach of ethics. So Morley  decided to change the rules  so that we could effectively  kick these persons out , some three years after the alleged incident .  I felt that  it was unethical  to change the rules to remove some one  and left the society . Today  most  former police officer PI’s  who have integrity  choose not  to belong to the NZIPI . Trevor Morley has been in contact with  Malcolm North   as  shown in this  email 

So by expressing the fact that I did not think that the NZIPI was particularly  ethical I   became  an enemy of the state  yet again . I later caught vice president  Mike Campbell  spreading rumours about me that I was about to be arrested .

Transpired that that Ron was putting together a blackmail  complaint  with regards to me relating to the  Elizabeth Knox home . I  remember speaking to a cop on the phone in 2012    and   it turns out that on the basis of the emails  that Mc Quilter gave her she decided that I should be warned for black mail  except no one told me  .  I have no idea  what those  emails were and if they were even from me or  were doctored. The police woman who  had  elaborate opinions of me  yet had never met me  claimed that she had warned me  by phone , well she never did .  see the article here 

Strange things happened during  2012 , at about the same time as the allegation of blackmail my company went into liquidation, the company which did not serve papers on me and  filed a false affidavit was Translegal services  . fortunately the court reversed the bankruptcy .

There was also a strange coincidence that  Graeme Coutts  had an office on the same floor as the RNZSPCA  and a very short distance from  Translegal owned by another  NZIPI  member  and occupying the same building as the  ex husband of our former accountant Heather Whittle .

Heather Whittle had a few years earlier   told my  husband fairy stories , I knew they were lies  these all led to   my marriage breaking  down in 2008  , the other person telling    almost identical stories was the man across the road, two seemingly  unconnected persons  both   used as tools to break up  the marriage.

I was also warned by Maf for allegedly posing as a Maf officer  when  I had informed them that  a company was using  dodgy  import credentials, these people took me to  court for harassment  and ensured that I was inundated  with Chinese callers  see story here

AND so  things inter twine   and a whole group of PI’s   apparently working together  have  been  aiming at getting me out of the industry.  Yes I am a threat   I expose the  corruption which I believe that some PI’s  are  actively  concealing.

It is    humorous to  think that  the non service of court documents is not enough  to   put a PI ‘s licence at risk.  Lawyers can  have  drugs and be censured and have their names suppressed ,  But for speaking the truth and exposing corruption  I have to   face the music , threatened with loss of income  and have  news articles such as this written about me .

The matter is now in the hands of the privacy commissioner. The press totally defends their   actions   and yes  I happen to think  that if lightening repeatedly strikes then there is a theory  as to why.  some people would think that that is a conspiracy.

It proves that   there is much in NZ which is off the rails  .  I say  it is corruption that is starting to show from under the Rug .





Update on Samuel North , Malcolm North and Debbie North

On 11 April the following headline appeared

Muse on Allen director being chased by liquidators over payments

its probably worth our while to have a closer look at this news item  and  see what we  can confirm and  what we cannot .. no refection on the press but rather the persons they spoke to

“Muse on Allen closed in February 2016, with owner Samuel North reopening Muse Eatery and Bar on the corner of Chews Ln and Victoria St, formerly home to 3C Bar and Restaurant.

this is confirmed from what was Muse on Allen”s  Instagram account  now  called muse eatery and bar







The Instagram accounts are one and the same simply having gone through a name change as has face book


In September, North said his current business — Muse Eatery & Bar — was not connected to the liquidated business. It was owned by Catering Limited, of which he is the sole director.

see our post

Muse Eatery & Bar – a Phoenix rising ?

we had our suspicions  back  when the company was first created ,then  the information we have collated only goes to prove that  Muse on Allen and Muse eatery and bar  are one and the same  right down to the glassware .

you just need to do a google the picture  which comes up  puts muse on Allen  at 56 Victoria street  click on the reviews  and you will see that the reviews are  for Muse eatery 










Muse on Allen  was sold  for some $5o,000 claims  are made that “Muse on Allen”  was insolvent from day one  it appears to me that   if it was  bought for  $100,000  and sold for $50,000  then why would you   buy a  bigger and better place if your first venture was such  a  staggering  disaster .

but then   there  are always the perks    take  this  recent transaction on  Trade me for  instance

Paco Jet for sale

  • Start price: $4,500.00
  • No reserve No reserve
  • Closed: Fri 10 Mar 2017, 3:23 pm

Listing #: 1273954444



This appears to be  the one and the same as the  Paco jet whose arrival was celebrated on 27 November 2014

as seen on this link  ( picture below


It appears to me that    this Paco jet  belongs to Muse on Allen   and is being sold  By catering limited  what is even more intriguing is that the   trade me add gives the email address of and has  an invitation to come to  Muse eatery  to come and view.

this sale closed on Fri 10 Mar 2017

the  profile for museeaterybar states that  this is  a person called Matteo   I rather suspect its Samuel operating  in an employees name  the same employee who worked for him in Allen street . Hope the liquidators ask questions about this one  it was being sold for about half price    and what is Samuel doing selling Muse on Allen chattels  worst of all if it is Matteo  the chef  what is he doing selling off   company stuff / Questions need to be asked

other items being sold   are Mon 21 Mar 2016  Chub safe

14 may 2016 11 Bar/Keg Beer Taps (Monteiths and more.)

1 june 2016 Skope 2 Door Freezer

The action against North — the sole director of the former Allen St business

It is true to say that Samuel was the sole director of the business in the end, both his parents  had been directors  and   directorship games  were played and are being played.

For example the new company  was formed by Samuel  3 December 2015  he was the sole share holder.

On 22 April 2016  he got his solicitor Hoggard Law Limited to put shares  into a trust .HANIA TRUSTEE (CATERING) LIMITED

On the 28th  Feb 2017  Malcolm becomes director , he know that he was going to court the following  week on a bankruptcy claim  and as expected he was declared Bankrupt  He again resigned 4 April  2017  and Samuel who had resigned 2 march 2017   became  a director again on  13 march  .

Estate Details
Insolvency Type   Adjudicated bankrupt on creditor’s application
Estate Number   882658
Name   NORTH, Malcolm Leslie
Month & Year of Birth   June 1952
Address at Adjudication   27 Bathgate Street, Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand
Insolvency Status   Current Bankrupt
Adjudication Date/Time   07-Mar-2017 10:34
Court   Wellington High Court
Occupation at Adjudication   Employment Support Representative Ministry of Social Development 
Employment Status   Currently employed
Multiple Insolvencies   No
Office for Enquiries   Wellington
Case Officer   MACPHERSON, Simon
Email Officer

I have to wonder if this resignation game had anything to do with the sale of   assets  of muse on Allen

there is one thing for certain these guys are playing games

North told the liquidators the business failed as a result of management conflict with business partners, an expensive lease and cashflow issues, the report said.

It would appear that the land lord is one of the persons owed money   see the liquidators reports

here and here     so how can an expensive lease be an issue  if you did not pay the land lord

and how could  cash flow issues    exist when the  restaurant was so successful that    Samuel was going to open a second one soon as reported  here .  February 6 2016.

In an interview  in concrete play ground in 2015  he also spoke of a  new restaurant ” And then perhaps another restaurant somewhere down the track. That’s a definite possibility.”

Well Samuel  one has gone belly up   so how did you manage to get the $$$  to set up the second ?

I very much suspect that there is not an honest way to achieve this  and you are so right “My parents gave me really good support, they’ve supported me the whole way through it. Especially my dad, he’s been in business before and really wanted me to do this I think.”   without your parents  who helped you  rip off  a  major share holder  and kick him out of the company  you could not have done it .

time will tell  I think we are getting the  the bit where it gets interesting.

I note Samuel  liked this link  dated 13 April  



Does that mean that  realizes that the writing is on the well  , I wonder

stay tuned.

Was XXXXXXX censured ? is this why this animal welfare lawyer has gone?

While researching    a lawyer I had cause to look at the list of lawyers who have been censured, struck off or dealt with  by the law society

I came across one item “Name suppression granted to censured lawyer”  everything about it screams  XXXXXXX to me 

looking at the detail in this matter and snip bits  that I have  picked up over the years.

I have known all along that  XXXXX  was counting on a hefty chunk of the estate of one old lady in  Titirangi , the lady had  no family and supported animal welfare.

Even in the early days  she  was  involved with the various animal welfare projects in Waitakere city .

she wrote this letter in 1996 and there was a response from Tom Didovich . this was just after xxxxxxx had published his plans for his own business plan  as set out in the territorial animal welfare services  document he  produced.

the letter indicated that  that she had been told something and was checking it out for herself.

XXXXXXX was also in the process of writing the No 1 bill for the animal welfare act  , and into the bill he   inserted    the ability for  other organisations other than the RNZSPCA to become  law enforcement powers under the new legislation .

XXXXXX became ” independent” adviser to the select committee and as soon as the  bill became law he made an application   under a false name .

He told the minister lies  and  misled Maf    with regards to the structure and nature of  the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand.  he operated it from the council premises and rebranded the council buildings  so that they looked as thought  they were  a private organisation.

In 2006 when I asked  questions  with regards to the lack of existence of AWINZ (  animal welfare institute of New Zealand ) XXXXXXX concocted a trust deed for a similarly named trust   he stuffed up on the dates  and formed the trust   for a date three months into the future of when the application was made . according to these affidavits  the trustees never met  and as a result two trust deeds materialized  this one  and this one   you will note that the  center pages of the second one are different .

So Th eold lady who I presume was his client in the censure matter  was not the only one to be deceived , but she smelt a rat years later when xxxxx moved to Te Kuiti and  was telling people at the local SPCA that he was getting her money.

xxxxxx at the time was  the chairman of Te Kuiti RNZSPCA   and  set in motion the charities demise .

In 2016 He did not renew his  practicing certificate

I very much suspect that the item  above relates to him.  this fine upstanding  citizen  who  lied to the minister  is still being protected .  he was held up  as being a person with an impecible   nature and I am the tart who defamed him.

But How do you defend defamation when the statutory defence of truth and honest opinion  are denied  by the court.

Hardly a fair  go is it.  Andrew little would have lost too if he  could not have had a jury  or a defence. You denied me  the defence of truth and honest opinion, broke my marriage up  and you call yourself a christian.

xxxxxxx   when are you going to  admit your sins    You will be judged.

Its not how we are judged in this world its  how we are judged in the next..    my conscience is clear  how is yours xxxxx ?