Transparency New Zealand

Transparency New Zealand is not to be confused with  Transparency International  which has a branch in New Zealand.

We also  support and assist others in operating their own blogs  associated with   corruption in New Zealand.

New Zealand may  be listed as the least corrupt  but this is far from the truth , we have  a system here which involves putting up brick walls and  letting people  bang their heads against  it until they  give up .

Hiding the corruption  does not make you the least corrupt , it   says that you have a serious issue with integrity.

Let’s get corruption in the open   once it is exposed we can  see what we need to  clean up

The differences between Transparency New Zealand  and Transparency International can be summed up  as follows

Transparency International
Transparency New Zealand
international perspective local reality
the Macro picture the Micro picture
protects the perception exposes the reality
” encourages ” action against corruption engages in action against corruption
suggest action  for transparency points out where transparency fails
restricts membership welcomes all

What we do have in common is the desire to fulfill  the objective of the  flyer which they  had available at their 2009 AGM

Corruption ruins lives

Corruption ruins lives

Transparency International New Zealand  has picture   on its web site  which states that  corruption  ruins lives   and they also produce a leaflet  with this same picture  but with the words FIGHT BACK written below it.

Imagine therefore our surprise that  when four people  who  have actively campaigned  against corruption were denied membership of transparency International .

We  do  not  believe that  we should select who  joins our organization   because we are pro active about exposing corruption and the Lack of transparency   and  not proactive in covering up so as to  preserve the perception .

It appears to us  that Transparency  International  New Zealand  is not very transparent  and we question  the motives of those  who run it  in directing their attention to  dealing with  ” the MACRO” and  being concerned with corruption in ” the Islands ”  while giving the  biggest  pacific” island  ‘ of them all  a corruption  perception   index which  surpasses that  of the rest of the world.

We at transparency NZ  believe that we would  rather live in  a corrupt country knowing it is corrupt  than to live in one which claims it is least corrupt.

Would we be as  proud of our sporting  achievements if we had cheated to obtain them? New Zealand appears to be very  good at cheating on the transparency index as we will illustrate.

Ordinary New Zealanders are losing  their lives savings  because they  perceive that the  checks , controls and legislation is there to  safe guard them when there are very large holes in the system.

We welcome new members  and at this time are taking expressions of interest from those who  can actively  help us make  New Zealand  not the  least perceived corrupt  but the actual  least corrupt.

We are going to apply  old-fashioned house keeping  principles

1. Lift the rugs and expose the rot

2 Pour bleach on it  and  let day light   cleanse  it.

What we need is people power   if every one   contributes in a small  way and we build an anti corruption   community

Corruption does  ruin lives  .

In New Zealand there is no safe way of questioning corruption  and not only does corruption ruin lives  but  questioning it  is more dangerous than  turning a blind eye   this is due to the  fact that our courts allow their process  to be  abused.

it is ironic  that of the  164 countries which signed the  united nations convention against corruption  , only 17  have not ratified it.

One of those 17  is  the least corrupt  in the world …  or best a hiding it and fudging statistics.

We were the first to  ratify the ” the emissions trading scheme”    why  is  it not as important to ratify the  commission against corruption?   Who fears it   who is hiding  what?  why is Truth a dirty word?