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New Zealand: why it is a fabulous tax haven .. corruption.. what corruption ?

I was rather surprised to see transparency International   report that NZ was again at  the top of the least corrupt  tables, but I guess it all depend on who you ask and   what angle you are looking  from  a bit like the fascinating art work shown along side  you take a pile of garbage  and  you  stack it just right so that  all that is seen is the projection, the illusion   of peace and tranquility .

Today I had  an article forwarded to me,   it is a must share New Zealand the little tax haven that could   it makes reference to  another recent article

Trust Us – New Zealand Can Hide Your Money!

Of course I have been on to this since  2006  , I even wrote about it in my  submissions to parliament  when I petitioned for a commission against corruption  My  report  Was  disposed of by Mike Sabin  before he himself left parliament under a cloud .  this is my full report Evidence in support of the Petition of Grace Haden and others 5 11

my web sites are full of open letters  and  OIAs to government  and to ministers.  all of whom appear to  ignore the issue of corruption.    If you cannot see  or identify  corruption then I guess  we don’t have any.

It actually goes further than that I have been actively taken to court  and sued to conceal corruption, this has occurred more than once  .

  1.  Lynn Prior and  Terry Hay  This pair invented a liquidator and  director  . they took me to court for harassment because I went to the registered address of the fake  director  in an attempt to  find him.. how inconvenient . the news items are here Charges over alleged fake liquidator and Boss invents accountant to escape $60k debt. Honolulu   Business man Terry Hay, was charged with  22 counts of fraud   he  skipped the country and  returned  years later and got his QC   Mr Robert Bruce Stewart QC  to  pay off the crown law office  see  to drop the charges . This is after his  lesser co offender  entered a plea of guilty and was  convicted.
  2. next I worked with a lawyer  whose name must not  be mentioned.  he was stuck off  then returned to the roll and allowed to withdraw himself from it , presumably so that he  can  work  in the trust area  in panama  where I believe he now resides.   I was on to the panama papers thing    I published several blogs  and I was sued  and told to take them down.
  3. this same lawyer  who the courts considered incompetent  , defended me in the matter of  AWINZ  which has to be the  most graphic example of    the  fiction that is trusts. see New Zealand , how we facilitate sham trusts.
  4. then the   Muse on allen   matter   showing the simplicity of  Phoenix companies  and running off with some ones  shareholding.. no paper work required Muse Eatery & Bar – a Phoenix rising ?

What is the most concerning thing of all is the lengths that lawyers , DIA, Police ,  govt departments  etc   go to to protect  and facilitate the   corrupt trust industry .  The problem is  right at the top.  we  get what we condone.

What I have seen happen with trusts and companies  should not happen.  There appears to be no accountability to  the law  and  matters are routinely taken to court   so as to involve parties in  protracted civil legal  action   there by preventing   investigation and bankrupting the  victims and preventing  the offenders from being held accountable.   Trust and company law appears to be  a farce.

Ordinary people grasp what is happening  so why do politicians, govt  departments  Police etc  not see it  ?  lets pretend  that its not happening  lets condone bad behavior but could some one please tell me  what is acceptable by  whom  .

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