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Why an urgent investigation into the RNZSPCA is required

This article is to respond and  bring balance to the  news item

Barbara  and Janine are before the court  they had an excessive number of  SPCA raids  and their  dogs were allegedly taken  because they did not comply with the SPCA compliance   directives  under section 130  of the animal welfare act .

However instead of being charged with   the appropriate offence of  failing to  comply  ( if that was the case ) the Auckland SPCA officer chose to seize  healthy dogs because in this opinion Barbara had too many dogs . ( that is not an offence under the animal welfare act )

In 2019 I had not met  either lady and was approached by them , I was not going to do anything until I had been to the farm  and had seen the dogs for myself , I was impressed and after hearing the interview of Janine By Kevin Plowright the inspector who had seized the animals  I was convinced that these  ladies needed help .

I found it strange that in this interview there was no reference to any alleged offences and I also questioned why the document which they were given when the dogs were seized made no refence to alleged offences .

It was only after this interview which I considered coercive and intent on surrender of the dogs that Plowright commenced prosecution action which included the use of search warrant which was one year out of date and or dubious origins .

I investigated   and  compiled a complaint for the police  for the theft of dogs. But the  court proceedings stalled,   and  we had to wait five years for their day in court .

Last year I became aware of the events in Australia published in  June 2021 “Much of RSPCA’s revenue is gained from seizing animals from their owners under the rouse of falsely claiming that the animals are not being treated appropriately. A common feature of the RSPCA’s approach involves the RSPCA harassing owners who appear to have fewer means and lack the ability to challenge the RSPCA in court.”

This is  very much  what I  believed had happened to Janine and Barbara. Volkerson kennels   was  home of many champion dogs  and in 2017   Barbara was  breeder of the year .

This was her downfall.  She had many imported blood lines  and I find it   incredibly strange that  the   only dogs worth seizing were  the  imported blood lines . She faces many identical charges for other dogs which were not seized and strangely enough these are domestic blood lines and not the champions .

She  and Janine   face a plethora of charges, for which  evidence must be  produced in the court but  which  so far they have not seen in pre trial matters .  It took a full 14  months  before they were even charged and  by then the dogs had been disposed  of to the now dissolved  Auckland SPCA .

Even more incredible they have been charged  with several offences for having a dog  which was ill   and did not ensure that the animal received treatment to alleviate unnecessary pain or distress suffered by the animal.  These dogs were so ill that when they were seized  by the Auckland  SPCA they were taken straight to the Papakura pound  and  left there for  2  full weeks   before being examined by a  vet .

Then there were  5  further dogs  seized by inspector Plowright  in 2019.  These dogs were taken without  documentation and were returned by  then chief inspector Tracey Phillips  . These dogs  were  sick when they were returned from the Auckland SPCA   as evidenced by the    animal welfare notices  issued by the then inspector Mike Loulanting . Thes dogs had been in the “ care “ of the SPCA for nearly a year .

Then there was the  bitch  which whelped in the  back of a van  and her puppy died. There is incredible confusion about the number of puppies she had   and these valuable  dogs   for which the SPCA obtained   pedigree history were disposed of unlawfully and were never seen by their owners.( only dogs seized and subject to charges can be disposed of under section 136 ..these pups originally 20 in number from 2 bitches were born in captivity and have not been the subject of charges )

There is an assumption that the RNZSPCA  is the same old society that was set up  many years ago.

Over the years it has gained a reputation of being a trusted brand.

It is  however very much  like the  hatchet I have in my garage  it is 150 years old  and has had  four new handles and  six new heads,   but it is still the same old trusted Hatchet … or is it?

The RNZSPCA   formed  well over a century ago and has a new constitution new leadership structure  and lacks  the  public oversight which it had   just a few short years ago .

It is now a business run by a former Ernst and young accountant and not the  volunteers of the past .

In 2017  The RNZSPCA   established itself as one  SPCA  before that there had been  many branches and  member societies, each a separate legal entity  .  I was a member of the Hawkes Bay branch.  Our membership was transferred to the RNZSPCA  and  former members  have never seen a  renewal .

The significance of this  is that  the power is now held by a few  rather than   by many  .

This is a private law enforcement  organisation with  excessive  public powers   and even has the  use of crown solicitors  to defend their actions .  Where is the transparency  where is the accountability    where is the integrity ?

We need a full investigation into the RNZSPCA    urgently .

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