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The United Nations Convention against Corruption…In December 2003, New Zealand signed the UN Convention Against Corruption, which requires countries to take action in both the public and private sector to prevent corruption………..

…..The Ministry of Justice is currently working on the necessary steps to bring New Zealand into full compliance with this important treaty. These include:

  • defining “business” as including “international aid”
  • creating a new criminal offence of the acceptance or solicitation of a bribe by a foreign public official
  • creating a new criminal offence where a person solicits or accepts a bribe to use his or her real or supposed influence to influence an official
  • increasing the penalty for committing an offence under the Secret Commissions Act 1910
  • listing the Convention in the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 1992.

Ratification and compliance with the Convention will be an important step in maintaining our international reputation as being free of corruption, supporting international efforts to combat corruption in all its forms, and strengthening our anti-bribery laws.

So  often what we are told is not as important as  that which we are not  told , it appears that our  focus on the convention has been placed on   bribes  and not other issues in the  convention which is  to deal with public officials  in procurement fraud.

New Zealand judiciary  appear to be out of step with the  convention and have failed to  recognize  and far less adopt   the  principals which  the  convention imposes on the judiciary  being

Article 11. Measures relating to the judiciaryand prosecution services

Article 30. Prosecution, adjudication and sanctions

Article 31. Freezing, seizure and confiscation

Article 32. Protection of witnesses, experts and victims

Article 33. Protection of reporting persons

Article 34. Consequences of acts of corruption

Article 35. Compensation for damage

UNCAC English the convention in  English

It  is currently  extremely dangerous for any one to question  corruption in New Zealand , to do so will  see you  being taken to court  in Slapp actions , these are legal actions intent  on silencing  you. You can bring as much evidence as possible to the court    but he court will keep on looking at you as the villain in the peace.

Our justice system  does not appear to  accept that such things as strategic legal actions occur we have even raided issues of Lawyers   using dirty tactics  , to the  law society only to see the matter glossed over and brushed aside.

Until we have the provisions above  ratified , it is  unsafe to question corruption.

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  • Your extremely-pertinent comments on the judiciary are amply reinforced by the frequent revelation of judicial matters revealed in the website also includes much in depth insider-information on judicial affairs, including information gleaned from attendance in the public gallery, and including much which persistently remains unreported in the mainstream media.

    Thoughts as Mr Toad Faces his Fat opinion of a bewigged apparition appearing before his fictional self intruded, as I read of an official demand from the Bench that such reporting a certain item as well as reporting the reasons (or complete lack thereof)) was deemed verboten…. on threat of a term of Concentration in a very prominent Auckland gulag Camp

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