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Request for councillors to Investigate Fraud concealment in Auckland council

wells flow chart_Page_2Sent: Monday, 14 October 2013 6:51 p.m.
To: Councillor Cathy Casey; Councillor Christine Fletcher; Mayor Len Brown
Subject: Congratulations and request for meeting

 First of all congratulations to all  of you.

 I hope that you have got a better Idea of what I have been up against these  past 7 ½ years.  The  corruption I questioned is  pretty much the same as  what the  prosecution has been for  on the north shore and the investigation is about  in  Auckland Transport .

 The manager  whose actions I questioned   contracted  council services to himself  using a pseudonym

 He also rebranded the council premises  as per  attached  and   if you look at the flow chart you will see how   the   fraud worked.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                wells flow chart_Page_1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I have been told this is historic   but it was operating in 2010  and so were these other frauds which have been actioned.

 No whistle-blower should have to endure  what I have been exposed to .  I    request  an urgent meeting  so that  we  can  start dealing with this matter  before I have to sell my house  because of councils neglect to investigate.

 I look forward to hearing  from you all


Grace Haden

To: Grace Haden; Councillor Christine Fletcher; Mayor Len Brown
Cc: Jazz Singh; Doug McKay
Subject: RE: Congratulations and request for meeting

Hi Grace,

 The last time you asked to meet with us, the advice that Councillor Fletcher and I received from legal counsel is that all of your allegations have been exhaustively investigated and there is no action that we as councillors can take.

If you have any new evidence, please provide that to our legal department.

 I am copying in CEO Doug McKay and Acting General Counsel Jazz Singh.

 Kind regards,

 Dr Cathy Casey

Councillor, Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward

Governing Body, Auckland Council

Sent: Tuesday, 15 October 2013 10:23 a.m.
To: ‘Councillor Cathy Casey’; ‘Councillor Christine Fletcher’; ‘Mayor Len Brown’
Cc: ‘Jazz Singh’; ‘Doug McKay’
Subject: RE: Congratulations and request for meeting

 Thank you   Cathy

 I  have been  somewhat unfortunate to have had  Bias directed at me  by  your counsel Wendy Brandon .  I have sent her evidence  which any   competent lawyer would recognise as being   a  conflict of interest  in  a mangers role  however she responded that she  refuses to investigate .

 I have supplied tons of evidence  , I can conclusively prove that   there was no trust in existence and the manager  was using council resources and infrastructure for   self-enrichment. He was contracting to himself using a pseudonym.   I think the vital  ingredient  all  along has been is that Mr Wells is a colleague of  Bob Harvey   and there is also  involvement of  former mayor Wyn Hoadley .  This is serious corruption and the councils lack of action has had  major repercussions on me and my family.

 I should have been able to ask the simple question  Why is a manager contracting to himself  without  fear of losing my home.  Council  appear to have learnt nothing  from this  as I am dismissed as some  freak.

  Just in the past week  globally there have been a number of fraud incidents   where mayors and  councillors have been involved in fraud , it won’t happen in Auckland  as   we have great control measures within  which ensure cover ups.  I have I believe conclusively  proved that 

Ruling-party mayor arrested in Venezuela crackdown

28 years in prison for corrupt ex-Detroit mayor

Greek ex-minister jailed for 20 years for graft

Spanish court convicts 53 in corruption trial

 Just because former mayors are associated with the fraud   does not mean that   there is no fraud.  I can  appreciate that there is a  huge amount of influence within council  which  has stopped this from being investigated. I am sure that  Waitakere council  fully knew  what was going on  but in  the words of mission impossible  they would have said “ if you are exposed   we will disavow  any knowledge of your action. “  The on going proof of this is  the fact that I could not even get a straight  response to my LGOIMA requesting  why the  branding at the concourse changed from Animal welfare to animal management.  When council  knowingly conceals corruption  it condones  it .

 I have spent   nearly 8 years hitting my head against a brick wall.  The very people who should investigate   have not  done  so . I am a Fraud professional  I have the evidence – it is conclusive , real and verifiable .   I have given it to your lawyers  and your CEO multiple times   and I am  discredited in return..   A good policy is to attack the person when you cannot attack the issue , I am sick of being  discredited and I am sick of being bled dry  by  your former employee who is using the charitable  funds of a retrospectively set up trust to   do as much damage to me as possible.  A proper council investigation would have  prevented that- Most of the evidence is on your files!   That is why I am again  approaching the councillors.

 Cathy   it was good  to learn that you have a degree in  criminology  as such you may appreciate this perfect fraud .. it was a perfect fraud   until I came  along –  few people would have picked up what I discovered, my mistake was to ask the question of accountability from council. I was taken to court for defamation  and denied a defence of truth and honest opinion, NO EVIDENCE was ever produced  and the court simply skipped the formal proof   hearing, its like being sentenced without being found guilty ! .

 I have never done anything but speak the truth, the price I have paid is excessive  that is why I  stood  and I am sure with the number of hits on my site that I have drawn attention to the  issue .

 Wendy Brandon falsely claims that there is an injunction, there is no injunction against AWINZ.  AWINZ  (Animal welfare Institute of New Zealand )    does not exist, it  had an appearance of existing  and  it was your staff, buildings and vehicles which gave it that appearance.. very clever really.

The only injunction  is against me  saying nasty things about Mr wells, so I say nothing bad about  him and only  confine myself to producing  documents which show  what he  has done, I frequently ask him if there is anything I have published which he wasn’t correcting  and not once in the past 7 years has he objected to anything or taken me back to court.

 Cathy  I  Made another Request for Auckland council to investigate corruption  last year  and the end result  was that Wendy Brandon had my emails diverted to exclude councillors .  You have all the evidence-   what  is the point   of  giving  you more when you won’t look at what you have  .

 I even made a complaint  with regards to the conduct of  counsel to   council   but it appears to be   a diverted email which only  Ms Brandon received  see Urgent call for the suspension of Wendy Brandon there was supposed to be  an investigation into her blocking my emails   and  that   disappeared into thin air.    In return I was harassed by council and  a person claiming to  be  W  is posting  the obscene things directed at me on web sites belonging  to my associates .

 I  can go blue in the face    sending evidence to Ms Brandon    she  simply will not look at it   that is why I am addressing this to councillors  because  you employ the CEO and he employs the  counsel.    If counsel   does  not take   corruption seriously  then   that is an issue for the governing body.

   If you allow this  fraud to be concealed  then I can only ask   what else is going on., I am making a determined effort to  expose  the corruption in Auckland  council   and have already started  with my  latest  LGOIMA  where I have   addressed the issue of  some 55 million  of undefined “ other “ employee benefits   in excess of last years  8 million  “ other benefits “ which are shown  in  your annual report Council Employee Benefits v Mowing verges


Cathy  so here we go another three years of me being fobbed off.      What do I need to do  to get some one to look at the evidence.  I am very happy to sit   down with them  and take them through it    but in 7 years that has never occurred.

 In my normal transparent manner I will be publishing this on  Transparency

 I won’t hold my breath  I know  I  will be ignored again. After all electioneering is over   and   were back as usual.

 You will be  hearing a lot from me      I would  love to meet with you and Christine  as this is  a governance issue    it is very serious.


Grace Haden


Council Employee Benefits v Mowing verges

Back on the subject of Mowing Verges

lens house

Len Brown  when he heard he had  won  said he would go out an celebrate  by mowing his Berm    this prompted me to look at   how big his berms were  and  I noted  that   he  might mow them  but  it also seems  that he can use them for parking, the  address is   8 Tiffany close  have a look for yourself  on  Google earth , Google maps or wises.

Perhaps this is an employee Benefit ?

Maybe  if  we had a house  like his an income of   some $200,000   then we  wouldn’t begrudge mowing the berms, the chances are the  mowing  contractor   would be doing it .. For the rest of us there is nothing like paying for a service and   then doing the work yourself   and not being allowed to park on  it.

I had asked   by way of LGOIMA as to the policy for mowing verges, we are told  it  went through council yet  in this  email I have been  clearly redirected to Auckland Transport as follows

Dear Grace

Thank you for your response.

As your enquiry requires more detailed information about the berm mowing policy, we have referred it to Auckland Transport.

You can expect to receive a reply from them directly within 10 working days.

Should you wish to follow up on this enquiry, please contact Auckland Transport on (09) 355 3553.

In the mean time, you may wish to read through the information provided on the Auckland Transport website in regard to urban berm mowing:

Nāku noa nā | Regards

Emma Powell
Written Communications Team
Auckland Council
(09) 301 0101

So I shall wait for Auckland transport   to reply,  I  actually don’t pay rates to  Auckland transport  , I pay them to the council  who  owns the grass verges .

Yet we are saving  15 million  in not  mowing them..  this pales into insignificance  in light of this item in the  annual report


I have addressed this   in a LGOIMA request via  FYI.   as follows

Dear Auckland Council,
In your annual report item 7 (…) you list the following

7 EMPLOYEE BENEFITS ( millions )
Other 2013 Group 42 million 2012 7 million
2013 Council 21 million 2012 1 million

Please give a breakdown of the 35 million difference in the group
benefits between last annual report and current report and also the
20 million difference in the council benefits

Please also advise the number of employees council has and how many
of them benefited from these benefits and also detail how these
benefits were approved.

Yours faithfully,

Grace Haden

Will keep you posed    I will be sure to   bring the parking on the berm  to the attention of Auckland transport  if it si good enough  for Len  then is  good enough  for all of us.

Low wages for council workers

cleanerLast night I attended a meet the   candidates meeting at Mt Albert Baptist church.  I heard Cathy Casey say  that  the council had been addressed by the lady who cleans the town hall  who had 6 children and was on $14.00 per hour  Cathy said that this lady was employed by Spotless  cleaning.

I note that  spotless on their web site states “Spotless Group is an Australian owned, managed and operated provider of integrated facility management services. ”  Why are  we paying an Australian corporate  to  employ locals  and pay them  peanuts  to do the work  which these very same people could  do if they were employed  directly.   How many employees are there how much is the contract worth ? We  would probably be able to pay these people  a much better hourly  rate if we employed them  directly   through   a council cleaning division.

Council owns film studios    so why not a cleaning  division  which provides  direct  contract to  cleaners.   Why does everything need to be contracted to multinationals  why in the interim  can we not   utilize local companies  or is it that the contracts are now so big  that  locals  cannot  compete.

I have noted that  Auckland council is  influenced by  members of  the committee for Auckland  and the New Zealand council for infrastructure

It therefore comes as no surprise that spotless cleaning is a member of  the NZ council for Infrastructure  the very  organization which pushed for the super city and the very organization   which first came up with the  phrase   ” most livable city ”

I have   submitted a LGOIMA request   to seek   the number of persons employed by  spotless on council contracts  and the value of that contract    see the FYI request here

Last week this news Item appeared  Spanish court convicts 53 in corruption trial the  scene is totally set for this in Auckland council  . but new Zealand defends its  least corrupt status  so much  that it has got to the stage where corruption is condoned.