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Update on Samuel North , Malcolm North and Debbie North

On 11 April the following headline appeared

Muse on Allen director being chased by liquidators over payments

its probably worth our while to have a closer look at this news item  and  see what we  can confirm and  what we cannot .. no refection on the press but rather the persons they spoke to

“Muse on Allen closed in February 2016, with owner Samuel North reopening Muse Eatery and Bar on the corner of Chews Ln and Victoria St, formerly home to 3C Bar and Restaurant.

this is confirmed from what was Muse on Allen”s  Instagram account  now  called muse eatery and bar







The Instagram accounts are one and the same simply having gone through a name change as has face book


In September, North said his current business — Muse Eatery & Bar — was not connected to the liquidated business. It was owned by Catering Limited, of which he is the sole director.

see our post

Muse Eatery & Bar – a Phoenix rising ?

we had our suspicions  back  when the company was first created ,then  the information we have collated only goes to prove that  Muse on Allen and Muse eatery and bar  are one and the same  right down to the glassware .

you just need to do a google the picture  which comes up  puts muse on Allen  at 56 Victoria street  click on the reviews  and you will see that the reviews are  for Muse eatery 










Muse on Allen  was sold  for some $5o,000 claims  are made that “Muse on Allen”  was insolvent from day one  it appears to me that   if it was  bought for  $100,000  and sold for $50,000  then why would you   buy a  bigger and better place if your first venture was such  a  staggering  disaster .

but then   there  are always the perks    take  this  recent transaction on  Trade me for  instance

Paco Jet for sale

  • Start price: $4,500.00
  • No reserve No reserve
  • Closed: Fri 10 Mar 2017, 3:23 pm

Listing #: 1273954444



This appears to be  the one and the same as the  Paco jet whose arrival was celebrated on 27 November 2014

as seen on this link  ( picture below


It appears to me that    this Paco jet  belongs to Muse on Allen   and is being sold  By catering limited  what is even more intriguing is that the   trade me add gives the email address of and has  an invitation to come to  Muse eatery  to come and view.

this sale closed on Fri 10 Mar 2017

the  profile for museeaterybar states that  this is  a person called Matteo   I rather suspect its Samuel operating  in an employees name  the same employee who worked for him in Allen street . Hope the liquidators ask questions about this one  it was being sold for about half price    and what is Samuel doing selling Muse on Allen chattels  worst of all if it is Matteo  the chef  what is he doing selling off   company stuff / Questions need to be asked

other items being sold   are Mon 21 Mar 2016  Chub safe

14 may 2016 11 Bar/Keg Beer Taps (Monteiths and more.)

1 june 2016 Skope 2 Door Freezer

The action against North — the sole director of the former Allen St business

It is true to say that Samuel was the sole director of the business in the end, both his parents  had been directors  and   directorship games  were played and are being played.

For example the new company  was formed by Samuel  3 December 2015  he was the sole share holder.

On 22 April 2016  he got his solicitor Hoggard Law Limited to put shares  into a trust .HANIA TRUSTEE (CATERING) LIMITED

On the 28th  Feb 2017  Malcolm becomes director , he know that he was going to court the following  week on a bankruptcy claim  and as expected he was declared Bankrupt  He again resigned 4 April  2017  and Samuel who had resigned 2 march 2017   became  a director again on  13 march  .

Estate Details
Insolvency Type   Adjudicated bankrupt on creditor’s application
Estate Number   882658
Name   NORTH, Malcolm Leslie
Month & Year of Birth   June 1952
Address at Adjudication   27 Bathgate Street, Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand
Insolvency Status   Current Bankrupt
Adjudication Date/Time   07-Mar-2017 10:34
Court   Wellington High Court
Occupation at Adjudication   Employment Support Representative Ministry of Social Development 
Employment Status   Currently employed
Multiple Insolvencies   No
Office for Enquiries   Wellington
Case Officer   MACPHERSON, Simon
Email Officer

I have to wonder if this resignation game had anything to do with the sale of   assets  of muse on Allen

there is one thing for certain these guys are playing games

North told the liquidators the business failed as a result of management conflict with business partners, an expensive lease and cashflow issues, the report said.

It would appear that the land lord is one of the persons owed money   see the liquidators reports

here and here     so how can an expensive lease be an issue  if you did not pay the land lord

and how could  cash flow issues    exist when the  restaurant was so successful that    Samuel was going to open a second one soon as reported  here .  February 6 2016.

In an interview  in concrete play ground in 2015  he also spoke of a  new restaurant ” And then perhaps another restaurant somewhere down the track. That’s a definite possibility.”

Well Samuel  one has gone belly up   so how did you manage to get the $$$  to set up the second ?

I very much suspect that there is not an honest way to achieve this  and you are so right “My parents gave me really good support, they’ve supported me the whole way through it. Especially my dad, he’s been in business before and really wanted me to do this I think.”   without your parents  who helped you  rip off  a  major share holder  and kick him out of the company  you could not have done it .

time will tell  I think we are getting the  the bit where it gets interesting.

I note Samuel  liked this link  dated 13 April  



Does that mean that  realizes that the writing is on the well  , I wonder

stay tuned.

Was Neil Wells censured ? is this why this animal welfare lawyer has gone?

While researching    a lawyer I had cause to look at the list of lawyers who have been censured, struck off or dealt with  by the law society

I came across one item “Name suppression granted to censured lawyer”  everything about it screams  Neil Wells to me

looking at the detail in this matter and snip bits  that I have  picked up over the years.

I have known all along that Neil Wells  was counting on a hefty chunk of the estate of one old lady in  Titirangi , the lady had  no family and supported animal welfare.

Even in the early days  she  was  involved with the various animal welfare projects in Waitakere city .

she wrote this letter in 1996 and there was a response from Tom Didovich . this was just afterNeil Wells had published his plans for his own business plan  as set out in the territorial animal welfare services  document he  produced.

the letter indicated that  that she had been told something and was checking it out for herself.

Neil Wells was also in the process of writing the No 1 bill for the animal welfare act  , and into the bill he   inserted    the ability for  other organisations other than the RNZSPCA to become  law enforcement powers under the new legislation .

Neil Wells became ” independent” adviser to the select committee and as soon as the  bill became law he made an application   under a false name .

He told the minister lies  and  misled Maf    with regards to the structure and nature of  the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand.  he operated it from the council premises and rebranded the council buildings  so that they looked as thought  they were  a private organisation.

In 2006 when I asked  questions  with regards to the lack of existence of AWINZ (  animal welfare institute of New Zealand ) Neil Wells concocted a trust deed for a similarly named trust   he stuffed up on the dates  and formed the trust   for a date three months into the future of when the application was made . according to these affidavits  the trustees never met  and as a result two trust deeds materialized  this one  and this one   you will note that the  center pages of the second one are different .

So The old lady who I presume was his client in the censure matter  was not the only one to be deceived , but she must have smelt a rat years later when Neil Wells moved to Te Kuiti and  was telling people at the local SPCA that he was getting her money.

Neil Wells at the time was  the chairman of Te Kuiti RNZSPCA   and  set in motion the charities demise .

In 2016 He did not renew his  practicing certificate

I very much suspect that the item  above relates to him.  this fine upstanding  citizen  who  lied to the minister  is still being protected .  he was held up  as being a person with an impeccable   nature and I am the tart who defamed him.

But How do you defend defamation when the statutory defence of truth and honest opinion  are denied  by the court.

Hardly a fair  go is it.  Andrew little would have lost too if he  could not have had a jury  or a defence. You denied me  the defence of truth and honest opinion, broke my marriage up  and you call yourself a christian.

Neil Wells when are you going to  admit your sins    You will be judged.

Its not how we are judged in this world its  how we are judged in the next..    my conscience is clear  how is yours Neil Wells?