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A Ted talk  has been forwarded to us  by a member , it is extremely relevant  it is only 10 minutes long   and a must see

International fraud connection with Equity law

Erik VanagelsEquity law is  situated at Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton, Auckland, its  sole director and shareholder is  available through the  companies office

It would appear that Equity trust  is involved in the maintenance of registration   of  several  companies,  which  have been reported in the international press, as being  involved with  international fraud and corruption . such companies are  Falcona sustems  , Unihold , Maxhold   see naked Capitalism ”  New Zealand, Fresh From Its Service to Mexican Drug Lords, Helps Out the Russian Mafia

These companies came to the attention of the international press   in 2012   Unihold  Limited  was involved in an international money laundering  scam see story  ” Behind the Proxies”  here

When you  look up  the register  you will see that   the  director at the time was a Mr Erik Vanagels from Panama and that the company is  registered to Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Road. Vanagels reputedly a Latvian alcoholic had well over 200 New Zealand companies  under his belt  the majority of  which have now been stuck off  however 2 companies remain  on the resister Being Bergstone  and Eurozone Corporation  . While Bergstone is about to be struck off due to  no annual return being filed, Steven Green , director of Equity trust International has  filed an annual return for Eurozone there by keeping the  company directed by this renowned proxy director alive.

Erik Vanangels,  international man of mystery ,  is actually a Latvian  who according to a news item  is a ” hard-drinking pensioner in Latvia “ is simply amazing that his address should also be “Buzon 1987, Zone 9a, Carrasquilla & Via Espana, Panama City, Panama”  (is that Buzon or BOOZE ON )  see also Fraud trail leads to OAP’s tiny flat

One would  expect  that if  a  company  with  integrity  had been caught out by  a bad deal such as the 150 million dollar money laundering  incident  that they would steer well clear  of Mr  Vanagels instead we find  that a number of other companies are registered to  him  courtesy of Equity law  . These companies include  GRANDWEST LIMITED   , DARTHOLM CAPITAL LIMITED ,WOODPORT LIMITED ,INTRANS LIMITED,FAIRPORT LIMITED,BRANDGOLD BUSINESS LIMITED and more  all owned by Unihold.  (It has to be noted that  by  January 2014 these companies had all been struck off by the registrar of companies.)

This address is  also the registered office for  other  companies such as ENTROFIELD LIMITED owned by SWEDHOLD LIMITED owned by  GENHOLD LIMITED owned by TRUST (NZ) HOLDINGS LIMITED owned by the occupants of  Flat 8a, 4 Short Street, Auckland Central, Auckland, 1010 , New Zealand  .

The shareholder  is the   wife of  a former lawyer the address  is the one which  he   also used as his own address, this property is owned  by her  and is currently up for sale.The real estate agent has advertised the unit as “Owners Moving Overseas”  Update :it has been sold to LSE limited a company owned and directed  by lawyer george  Bogiatto

Last year we  found that the lawters wife held some 1500  companies some of these were transferred to Grigori CHELOUDIAKOV of Beach road Te Atatu  , we failed to locate him until we realized that he  is one and the same as Greg Shelton   who  appears to be yet another of  equities proxy directors  .

It appears that he has been using his name  Gregory Shelton  for many  years  but in 2013 Steven James GREEN ( EQUITY TRUST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ) records  him as Grigori CHELOUDIAKOV   for several companies formerly under the   directorship of Inta Bilder  and owned by Unihold . The same side ways shuffle also occurred  with  Crestpoint trade   where  shelton briefly became a shareholder  and was  removed again placing Maxhold back  on the register .   Maxhold and Unihold are both ultimately owned by    as per this flow diagram click for enlargement

The full spread sheet can be seen here  companies.  We have done our best  but  due to many changes   errors  could exist  so please check all information .

Staff members at Equity are frequently asked to be  directors and  shareholders, the  recent receptionist  was a   proxy   director for several companies  one of  which was 4-way Logistics limited   when she resigned the directorship was taken over  by Leah TOURELEO  who according to   open corporates  holds directorships in a raft of international companies and is yet another Proxy director.

We were  told that  the remuneration for this is  $300.00 per year  .

An immigration service also operates from this address  and  actively  solicits investors into New Zealand  to gain residency .the  web site is owned by  Equity law Ltd Whois Search _

Perhaps MR Erik Vanagels   should apply .

* this article was updated 14/7/2014 to address issues  of alleged defamation by  and associates . Everything in this post  and others is factual   it is truth and honest opinion  . The  complaint came  just  five days after the LCRO ( law complaints review office ) confirmed  a date for the lawyers hearing .  The  court papers are  located here   statement of claim , since then he  has also taken Bankruptcy action against our director ,  originally on  false documents, the law society had decided that he owed her nearly $30,000 something he has appealed.

We have written  to lawyer Greg Stewart who is the    solicitor on record ,  there have been many opportunities given for amendment by the Plaintiffs  but hey choose to be vague.  There have now been no less than  four offers to correct amend   adjust the content.   Everything published here is   truth and honest opinion and  published in the public interest.

Greg Stewart is also a director of  Equity trust International yet he has not declared this to the court.

The law  firm , now  apparently operated  by Greg Stewart  of Alexandra  through Joo Yeon ( julia ) Leenoh is  behind  many other companies  which also have  their  address  at 4, 44 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton, Auckland, one such company is equity trust International Limited  whose  sole   shale holder is his wife and the directors are Lawyer Greg Stewart   and  a Mr Steven Green  of Manurewa .


Charity Fraud – I should have stayed quite

74 castor bay roadFurther open letter to Wyn Hoadley

re charity number   CC11235  The Animal Welfare Institute Of New Zealand


I have  phoned you and  tried to talk to you  but you always say that you are to busy .

You claim to be the chair person of a AWINZ  which  through a trustee, Neil Wells  is trying to liquidate my company

Last year you liquidated my company when  you pretended to serve   documents on me  and  that liquidation was over turned with the Judge stating that the proceedings were blighted

You have taken this action despite the fact that there are proceedings before the court  filed in March 2012  which show that the  sums you are claiming were obtained by fraud.

Your Charity  has never performed one charitable function  it was set up to cover up the fact that Neil Wells  wrote legislation for his own business plan   and then  advised on it.  He then  applied under the resulting  legislation  for ” approval” from the ministers as a law enforcement authority. he did this in the name of a trust  which did not exist at that time.

Wyn   I have  gone through this with you before in an open letter  Open letter to Wyn Hoadley councillor TCDC   and I have questioned your fitness to be a barrister Is Wyn Hoadley fit to be a Lawyer, A trustee or a councillor?

You claim to  be   chair person of a trust which in its deed  states that it will encourage promotion of humane attitudes  in societies  to people

Yet the way you are treating me is   in the most in humane manner

Your husband Steve  is a professor in   Human rights , he is condoning you action with his silence Open letter to Stephen Hoadley Human Rights Professor

Wyn I just wanted to talk to you   about the fact that  every 2 months it costs me  a small fortune to have the statutory demand  which  is   fraudulently being pursued  agaisnt me.  I know  your desire  is to  cause me as much financial harm as possible    and  your actions  just prove it.

Wyn Charities are being struck off  Family First finds unlikely ally in charitable status fight  yet some how  you and Neil Wells  can  run this sham  and get away with it.

If you were at all half human   and   acted according to  your alleged deed  which  you signed in  December 2006 some five months after you claimed to be a trustee and made false claims to the court  , then you  would  at least talk to me .

I told you  I would send  you  an email and you said that you would not be checking your emails  for a while .

I said  I would come and stand outside your house  with a placard until you did have time   and you said that I was threatening you  .

so what options are you going to leave me with.. Wyn  every two months I get huge bills because of you , you have severely darkened  my twilight years and you  just want me to roll over and go away ?

Wyn  you  have  got away with this too long  , you are bleeding me dry  you have had  over $120,000 from me already to cover up for your lies ,  you know I have   money sitting in a trust account to   cover  most of the  rest of the debt which you obtained by fraud.

The court has been sitting on this for 9 months   the papers were filed in March 2012  .  Why is it that you  can lie and cheat your way through  justice  ?  I  also suspect that you have  influence on the  court  and  again you will come out smelling like  roses  just as Terry Hay has done .. he managed to get all 22 of  his fraud  charges  dropped  , if you are a barrister or can afford to pay one it appears that you can get  away with murder.

Your lawyers act  agaisnt the rules  and you  condone this  Brookfields Lawyers continue to act illegally   Yet the law society does nothing.

Wyn  you are older than me     I will fight this    so that the truth will come  out   even after you Die I will carry on and  you will never rest in peace as I will ensure that  like  Jimmy Savile  you will be exposed after you are gone .

Or you could prove  that  you are humane  and  do the decent thing   and be prepared to sit and discus to resolve matters   and to take the stress and  financial hardship away from me

Perhaps one of your neighbours  will  volunteer  to  facilitate  our civilized  discussion over a cup  of tea , I will  put a leaflet round as  follows   to see if any one will help.

Dear Neighbour of Wyn and Steve Hoadley

Wyn is  the chairperson of a trust called the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand  , I am a licensed private investigator( former police sergeant and police prosecutor ) and got involved in 2006 when a  dog control officer at Waitakere city council approached me and  asked me to find out who  or what the animal welfare institute of New Zealand was. (AWINZ )

AWINZ was one of two approved organisations (section 121 animal welfare act) the RNZSPCA is the other.

Approved organisations have coercive law enforcement powers and by virtue of section 171 of the act the proceeds of prosecution are returned to the organisation fines can be up to $350,000,this was the perfect fraud

The RNZSPCA is an incorporated society it fundraises and runs its operations from donations bequests etc.

AWINZ  on the other hand  had no legal existence , no trust deed was discoverable , it   was nothing more than a pseudonym. It operated from Waitakere city council premises and required the council dog control officers to “volunteer “their council paid time. They used the council’s vehicles and infrastructure to prioritise   work for AWINZ over that of the council.

The manager of dog and stock control Neil Wells    was the only visible person of AWINZ.

He had written the No 1 bill for the animal welfare act and had   advised as independent advisor to the select committee on the two bills as they were considered by the select committee.

When the bill passed in to law he made an application for “approved status”  using a fictional name and by misleading  the minister as to the nature and existence of AWINZ, which at the time of the application had no existence  at all other  than being an impressive name.

I asked  2 questions  one of MAF- why was a non-existent organisation  give law enforcement powers

The other of Waitakere why did their manager contract to himself for animal welfare services which were not the council’s core function.

He had changed the signage of the council dog control unit and cars so that AWINZ and the council premises looked like one and the same.

To prove categorically that AWINZ did not exist, I with others registered the name animal welfare institute of New Zealand as a charitable trust   under the charitable trust act this was on 27 April 2006.

Wyn Hoadley became involved on 10 May 2006  After intimidating us to give up the name  she  and wells and  Graeme Coutts  took me to court for  passing off  breach of fair trade   and defamation, Wyn Hoadley was part of this process even though  she had no prior involvement and  did not  sign any documents  which made her a trustee

Wells had applied for approved  status  on 22.11.99  allegedly on behalf of a trust In 2006  he produced a trust deed   dated 1.3.2000, you don’t need to be an Einstein to work out that the trust could not have made the application . not one of the persons involved with this alleged trust  was ever involved with  the running of the law enforcement authority  in any manner or means – they had not even formally met.

Hoadley   became a trustee at a time when the trust deed  is proved to be missing and without any formal procedure to bind her to the  deed she became chairperson  but  would not  discuss  anything with me saying she was not the messenger ?

Her false claims alleging that she was  a trustee of the trust  brought costs of $ 12,200  against me.

I was given 2 weeks to pay Hoadley and her associated then dropped the   false claims that had brought about the costs. – They had to, they could not prove   them.. I have a truck load of evidence to prove she was   misleading the court with false claims.

They used these costs to strike out my defence of truth and honest opinion on the defamation claims

No evidence was ever produced and  the matter went straight to the civil equivalent of sentencing the only evidence was the uncorroborated evidence of Wells  for which I have truckloads of evidence to show it was perjury.

While they had me before the district court they also had me in the high court on bankruptcy application,

I was fined  $57.500   and  41,000  court costs for  pointing out serious corruption  –  writing legislation for  his own business plan using insider information, misleading the crown  and  using council premises for private pecuniary gain

I Got a lawyer paid him a small fortune my marriage to broke down  -23 years  and a family in tatters  all because I had  stumbled on corruption . I should have stayed quite

My bank accounts were frozen and  I  had to represent myself again judge took 11 months to come out with a decision which went against me, don’t think he read anything except Judge Joyce decision in which Neil Wells makes me out to be  a most  disgusting person. …More costs

Met a lawyer who promised he could help me.. took $80,000  for my matrimonial split and  another  30-40  for   appeal and court of  appeal. Made a real hash of it     lost more money

2011   finally obtained crucial information which Wells had asked to be withheld, got this through the law society and the ombudsmen

Hoadley and Wells took liquidation and bankruptcy action against me

I filed a claim for obtaining a judgement by fraud..  Their lawyers are breaking the   law in continuing to represent them in court   but   apparently the law society thinks it’s OK

Got rid of the bankruptcy    have had to pay out   nearly $120,000    they liquidated my company when I was not served,  I caught them out  and the  proceedings were reversed.

They now have  a statutory demand out which is being  adjourned through lawyers and costing me  500 a pop  every two months

This has been going on for 7 years now     I HAVE HAD ENOUGH

I hope that one of the neighbours can make a  pot of tea  and  host this event

I am a former long serving police sergeant and former police Prosecutor. I am the mother of three children, I believed in law and order and justice   I am not violent.  Wyn has nothing to fear from me but the truth.





to Talking Works :corrupt practices of Tom Didovich will you support me or condone his actions?

TOM DIDOVICH talking works   .. if Talking works Tom Didovich  why don’t you  talk  and discuss instead of  covering up corruption !

Shark 2
Good afternoon Karen and Tom ( and others cc’d as  see below )

I am making this an open letter and addressing it to those associated with the talking works  web site.

I have to wonder if  you  have  any formal   relationship  or just simply all come under the same informal banner  I  have not been able to establish if you are  a proper organisation as such because that  very much touches at the heart of my   communication to you.

I was wondering if you  have a code of ethics ?  each of you are  associated   with one another under the same umbrella  and I wondered if  you actually tolerate unscrupulous actions of one of your number   and  if you have required standards of conduct.

I am talking about Tom Didovich  who does not practice what he preaches.  He is  one of three people who have made my life  hell over the past 7 years and I very much would  like this to end.

Tom  is on a trust which has allowed charitable funds to be used to relentlessly pursue me through the court  on a  un proved   claim of defamation   so that the gross corruption which he is party to   could  be covered up.

Tom was  the manager of Dog control in Waitakere city council and   facilitated  a scam   which  meant that  public resources were being misused  for personal gain.

I have written to some of you  about Tom before the post is  here

I have just completed three articles about the misuse of the funds which the trust which  Tom Didovich is on –

these articles are

I am a licenced Private Investigator, Former Police Sergeant  and  was acting for  a dog control officer  employed at Waitakere  who wanted to know why she was  volunteering her council paid time to   the animal welfare Institute of New Zealand( AWINZ )

AWINZ transpired to be just a name , a name which was promoted and associated with Tom Didovich and  through false information which  Tom Didovich supplied to the minister  attained  law  enforcement powers  identical to those enjoyed by the RNZSPCA.

When I Proved that AWINZ did not exist  I  asked the simple question  of MAF  “ why does this law enforcement authority  not exist?”

and asked Waitakere city council “why this organisation operated from their premises and used their staff and infrastructure?”.   Didovich had signed an agreement with Neil Wells for AWINZ   see here   then when he left council Wells took Toms position  and Tom became a member of a trust  called  AWINZ   all in an attempt to cover up.  Tom is   up to his neck in this convoluted corrupt practice   .

As a result of this   Tom Didovich has been a party to the  supporting the court proceedings financially through the use of the Lord Dowding fund , and  becoming part of a cover up trust to confuse the authorities and mislead the court. I have  approached him several times and asked him to talk  because talking works    but  he   continues down the  path of abuse, which in my mind contradicts everything he is  now supposed to stand for.

He is  intrinsically  entwined in this entire corrupt saga  which  has  torn my family apart , cost me my 23 year  marriage , saw my company liquidated on false evidence, seen continued   court  action  to  financially strip  me( it has cost me  some $300,000) .   My crime:  I was a whistle blower on a  matter of public concern.

So I am  asking each and every one of you

  1. do you condone   one of your own  causing the very  problems which you  are there   to solve,  I was near suicide a number of times, suffered depression   and lived in fear for many years   with what Tom and his associates were doing to me.
  2. If talking works  and  you live by your mantra  would  you intervene  and   assist  someone who is   being abused at the hands of one of your own.
  3. Will you help me and support me

You  either  walk the talk or  you stand by and allow abuse to continue.

I would welcome your support.

I will post a copy of this  on my transparency  web site   . I look forward to seeing that you  people are genuine  with regards to your  cause.



Grace Haden


Because truth matters

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mobile 027 286 8239
visit us at

From: Grace Haden []
Sent: Thursday, 10 January 2013 2:27 p.m.
To: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
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Subject: corrupt practices of Tom Didovich will you support me or condone his actions?

Talking Works Tom Didovich!

Talking works Tom Didovich    perhaps you need to admit to the corruption you are involved  with  , corruption which is bringing about  a  rise in  dog registration fees …  See Council to hike dog fees   

I have been talking for years but  you who  claims that  talking works ,have remained silent  and now I find that you are a counselor for talking works. Which quite frankly I find quite hypocritical.

You see the real issue is that dog owners have been paying for a great deal more than   dog control  they have also been  paying for   animal welfare.And you  are right in on this scam up to your neck , in fact it would not have got of the ground if it wasn’t for your involvement.

To  differentiate between the two.. Dog control is a council responsibility  and Animal welfare is  carried out by the RNZSPCA, police and MAF.

Tom Didovich is a trustee of a trust called the Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand , he became a trustee in 2006  but  while he was the manager of dog and stock control at Waitakere city council actively campaigned to set up  the animal welfare institute of New Zealand ( AWINZ )  and  approved payments   from the public purse to facilitate  the origins of this trust  ( full back ground can be found here with  supporting documents )

When Tom  Didovich left Waitakere  his associate Neil wells took over and quickly  changed the  branding on the building , vehicle  and gate

This coincided with   a  public fund raising  campaign sent out with the   dog  registration papers  the  logo   that  Mr Wells  used   are shown on the  top of the  flyer  which  was printed in green .donation request    The letterhead was  adjusted after I complained to the council    and became

Do  you  not think  that  this logo and the signage  on the buildings  and vehicles  are deceptively similar?

One is a council the other is a private enterprise run by the  council manager.  Who would guess that there were two entities being  run   “symbiotically” close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member. And true to form there was no benefit to the public/ratepayers/dog owners   just to you and Mr Wells.  refer  this letter to you  from Neil Wells

It just so happened that Mr Wells had written the  bill  leading up to the animal welfare act  and had been independent adviser to the select committee.  When the  law passed  he  made an application   for AWINZ to become an approved organization with the ability to appoint inspectors  who had  statutory powers  .

While Tom was manager he  had ensured that all the  dog and stock control officers had received training  through Mr Wells  who was paid  By Mr Didovich from the  councils   dog   control  budget through his discretionary spending.

The  dog control officers were required to  Volunteer their time   to  the approved organization   and prioritize the  work  to the approved organization. Animal welfare institute of New Zealand. So when you  saw the van driving about Waitakere  the staff and  vehicle were not necessarily on council business they were on private business paid by  you the  rate payer and  dog owners .

Problems arose in 2006 when  Lyn Macdonald  asked me to find out  who or what the animal welfare institute of new Zealand was   and   I discovered that there were no trust deeds or anyone associated with AWINZ except Neil wells  officially and Tom Didovich as support person.

On 27 April 2006  With two others we categorically proved   that AWINZ did not exist by legally  registering an identically named   organization .

On 10 May 2006 Neil Wells  claims to have had a meeting  at which  Wyn Hoadley is appointed trustee to the animal welfare institute of new Zealand, a   trust which has not met, had lost its trust deed ( if it had ever  had one before then ) and  by a section which does not appear in a deed which is eventually produced .

WYN Hoadley Neil Wells and Graeme courts to legal action which started with  a legal  executive , now lawyer harassing  me to force us to give up the name of the  legally  incorporated entity in which I was a trustee.

Her husband at the  time Nick Wright then became involved and   harassed our  web host, he then prepared a letter which David Neutze of Brookfileds signed without checking the accuracy of it . How could they ever have claimed passing off?  when they didn’t even get together before we had legitimately formed .

And so 6 years of court action which   relied on words and NLP  and not on evidence  began. ( Neil wells through the proceedings referred to AWINZ as having legitimate business dealings  when the reality was that  it was no more than a leach off council services.

Tom Didovich  turned up in court more often than any of the so called trustees   and    became a trustee  by signing a deed in December 2006 when    Neil Wells tried to get AWINZ charitable status but  failed to do so due to  lack of documentation.

This is a complex matter   a perfect fraud    more can be found on this  at, some of the documents no longer open   but we are  going through and fixing that, if you  are interested in a particular docuemtn please let me know and I will update the link   or send you a copy.

More recent articles   are on  the anticorruption web site ANIMAL LAW MATTERS

But getting back to  rise in dog registration , this is due  to  persons such as Tom Didovich and Neil Wells   using council resources facility and staff for their own income.

Stop corruption and our costs will decrease.

Ask the question  why  is the dog control division of council  adopting out pets  , who is funding it and why?

why Have I not been able to expose this corruption of  Public office for private  gain

Tom  its time to  talk   talking works !

Truth is never defamatory

We refer to my posts below re Jonathon Mann   and Dr Gerald Waters.

We have received a letter from their lawyers  to which, in the interest of transparency, we reply to as follows.

Open letter to  Alan Ringwood

Thank you for your letter dated 22 September. alan ringwood letter

We note that you state it is not for publication. At transparency we act in an open  and transparent manner  and   we do not  do confidential deals as in our opinion  this encourages corruption..

If you believe there is some legal reason why the letter cannot be published please advise us of the act and section and we will consider   that.


You state that you  act for  IHO Limited (“IHO”) and for its directors Dr Gerald Waters and Elizabeth Pillinger and  for Mr Jonathon Mann, we  wish to draw your attention to the following

  1. IHO Limited has one shareholder IHO Holdings Limited
  2. You will notice that on the share  picture  the large  dark area is the ownership of EGMONT TRUSTEES JMIHO LIMITED  we have it on good  authority that  these shares are owned by Jonathon Mann
  3. Mr Mann is a disqualified director  and has in the past few weeks  either entered a plea of guilty or been found guilty of running a company while disqualified.
  4. The  company HQ PHYSIOLOGY LIMITED which is now in liquidation  , marketed the Fix product .
  5. The product was masterminded by Mann and when the company was wound up he got his flat mate Dr Gerald Waters and his new girlfriend Elizabeth Pillinger to become directors.
  6. Our  investigations reveal this is a common MO  ( modus operandi ) of Mr. Mann  who  then runs the company  in the background. So any one dealing with  IHO is actually dealing  with Mr Mann  and  since he is a con artist  this is a fact that    people may wish to  consider  when becoming involved.

It concerns us that you  claim that the web site is defamatory ,We note that you claim to be a defamation lawyer . As a defamation lawyer you will also be aware that  truth is never defamatory   and that honest opinion  is a defence. Truth   Honest opinion    Honest opinion where corrupt motive attributed to plaintiff.

We can assure you that what we have written is truthful    however if you have evidence to the contrary I hope that you  can supply that  to us  and we will consider  it.

We also draw your attention to section 25, Your clients have been aware of the web site for  some time now   and they are well outside the 5 day period , I can make the  copy of the defamatory post    by Dr Gerald Waters  available to you   should you require it.

You also complain about the breach of copy right perhaps you need to take that up with Food town as the photo is mirrored from their site.

You allege that we suggest that the fix product is a scam , could you please point out where  we have  made that allegation   as in  reading our site we  believe that it makes it quite clear  that  was advise  caution for anyone buying  in to any  product promoted by  Jonathon Mann and he has been promoting FIX as a healing agent.

We note that its trade marked as a pharmaceutical and medicinal preparations, to that end  could you please provide  the evidence  that it is  licensed accordingly .( Trade Mark Number (210) 812005)  If we do not hear  we will  presume that it is not  licensed and will  ensure that appropriate action  for the protection of the public, is taken .

We do note that it is not listed on the med safe  web site   could you  please advise why it is not listed. If not is  a  Pharmaceutical product   is the trademark under that category not misleading?

We also  appreciate that you claim FIX  is natural,   just because something is natural does not  infer that it is  good for you  and does not make it a medicine.

Arsenic is  natural. It kills!

As to the comments of Dr  Waters, when a  medical  doctor  , specialising in renal makes  a public statement  with regards to a  person he has not examined  and calls them “sociopathic” , then we think that this  is serious enough to  bring to the attention  of the  medical profession, especially when he uses the hospital board computers to post this   comment ( which has been  moderated  as we will not be part of any defamation )

Sociopath in our interpretation  is “a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behaviour is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience”  further interpretations are found here

The complaint we have lodged with regards to  Dr Waters Action has no  doubt sparked this knee jerk reaction, He is a health professional  who is working with a convicted fraudster who has  passed himself off as a health professional. We  would have thought  that Doctors should not be seen to condone this  action and should distance themselves from it.

We do not have a campaign against Mr Mann, our desire is to have an open and transparent society where people can openly warn each other of scams and scamsters , so that  we can reduce  the number of victims.

With regards to the Verisure site

Con  is short for convicted and  confidence  , there can be no doubt that Mr Mann is a convict, “”a person found guilty of a crime and sentenced by a court”   and that he has  used confidence trickery to make others believe that he had  qualifications which he did not possess.

The  truth Hurts.  So when people act  with integrity they can only be portrayed with integrity, when   they choose to act   in  a contrary manner  we have the right of freedom of speech  and the right to warn others.

We have no intention of damaging the IHO business our intention is to  ensure that anyone who deals with Mr Mann and his  companies  do so  with eyes open.

We are  happy to alter  or remove any material from the sites  if  you provide the evidence which shows that  we are  wrong  .

Please be advised that any response will be published in the interest of transparency.


Jonathon Mann seeks to silence victims

A  victim of a scam run by Jonathon Steven Mann was  approached  by not one  but several other persons who have  also been  scammed by him.

She saw the  devastation this man has caused in  their lives  and recalls the damage this it did to her own , she knew how  cleverly  she had been played  and there was no  concrete proof   which the police   would    act on   yet  there she was like others     thousands spent , empty promises  and  the  overwhelming feeling of betrayal.

So being a public spirited person   this victim thought that enough was enough   and started a blog so that others could be   forewarned only to find that Jonathon Steven Mann had moved swiftly to have the blog taken down.

People have a right to know who is out there scamming    so transparency  New Zealand  is   getting  behind the project.

Jonathon Steven Mann came out from the UK in about 2002, there are unconfirmed   reports of convictions in his alias  Jonathon Macdonald .

We have located  a judgement  which relates to  fraudulent activities  of  Jonathon Mann IN THE COURT OF APPEAL OF NEW ZEALAND

And now there  are  see three newspaper items  with regards to his latest escapades.

  1. Fake physiotherapist fined
  2. Ministry springs fake gym physio
  3. Physio charged with being fake

We believe that he is currently before the court on charges of running a  business while disqualified  for  running   the company  HQ PHYSIOLOGY LIMITED.

This company    through Mann     developed a cream  called FIX   ,  this is now being marketed by IHO Limited  owned by  IHO HOLDINGS LIMITED which is  being operated  By Dr Gerald Waters   who was Manns former  Flat mate   and  also By Manns current girlfriend Elizabeth Anne PILLINGER

Both companies were  originally set up  by Colin GREEN on  behalf of Jonathon Mann. Green  is  a photographer in the UK and a relative of Mann  . 

There is a Company in the UK  IHO FIX (UK) LIMITED   which is run from the same town as Green lives in .

green acknowledges his connection in his linked in profile Colin Green _ LinkedIn

Inquiries  have been made with the manufacture of the product  Fix which is a New Zealand based company called Jaychem. And is sold in the UK and   promoted through  foodtown.

Our investigations reveal that Mr Mann has posed as a biochemist in the past. We believe that he developed the product  in conjunction with Jaychem.

We have expressed our concerns  to Jaychem   who   despite the fact that they have a vested interest,  have assured us that they stand by the product and endorse it .

Jonathan Mann has been approaching various people  to  invest in this product .

We recommend  independent  testing of the product before  any one invests.

Many people  invest time ,  services   in return for shares   in IHO Holdings  Limited of which Mann is the major share holder through  EGMONT TRUSTEES JMIHO LIMITED

We can only advise caution  based on  our findings as set out  above and the verbal evidence that we  have collected from  many more  who have been scammed by  Jonathon Mann  such as  represented by this  report. jonathon-mann-and-the-dentalman-book 

the full book is available at