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Corruption in the SPCA in Australia and here in New Zealand

While we are on the subject of identity fraud and in view of new evidence it is time for an other post the video below is a must see and the site worthy of a visit

when I heard the video and read the site I recognized it immediately as the identical tactics that are being used here in New Zealand.

I have been helping out two ladies one in her late 80s the other in her mid 60s mother and daughter . Mum has been breeding dogs since the 1960s. they have / had valuable imported stock and regularly won trophies etc for best dogs .

Both are now before the court charged cumulatively with some 80 charges Not by the RNZSPCA but by Kevin Plowright of the

Interestingly and as an aside Anita Killeen was a director of the Auckland SPCA, who employed Plowright the inspector who seized a multitude of healthy dogs from the ladies after first consulting with dogs NZ for their pedigrees and the council for their microchip numbers. the dogs were selectively taken like kids in a candy shop.

The lawyer instructed is a crown solicitor and representations for this private prosecution and being portrayed as though it is a crown prosecution . This is totally contrary to the crown solicitors terms of office item 16 this is from an intituling used on the court file

Anita Killeen in an interview with the New Zealand animal law society

But they have failed to check the legal existence of their alleged client

and the prosecution had been taken in the name of a fictional entity when all indications are that the entity which took the dogs in 2017 and did not file charges until December 2018 was

The ladies have been made out to be a Puppy farm . gross atrocities occurred but not of their doing

Dogs were seized and left locked in the back of a van in the souring heat and without water by the SPCA

dogs allegedly ill were seized and placed in the pound for two weeks before a vet saw them

a dog known to be in whelp was xrayed one birthed in a crate in the back of a van while being transported while in labour .

Pups born to two of the dogs 20 in all were not legally seized and unlawfully disposed of

The article is so on point that it could have been written about these ladies whose lives and passion for showing quality German shepherds has been destroyed

We have already made a complaint to the police but when you have crown solicitors involved and an organisation such as the SPCA who would believe two ladies who have been made out to be villain’s.

This is not about animal welfare this is about whole sale abuse of Humans

Thank you so much senator malcolm Roberts your on to it .