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Corruption in the SPCA in Australia and here in New Zealand

While we are on the subject of identity fraud and in view of new evidence it is time for an other post the video below is a must see and the site worthy of a visit

when I heard the video and read the site I recognized it immediately as the identical tactics that are being used here in New Zealand.

I have been helping out two ladies one in her late 80s the other in her mid 60s mother and daughter . Mum has been breeding dogs since the 1960s. they have / had valuable imported stock and regularly won trophies etc for best dogs .

Both are now before the court charged cumulatively with some 80 charges Not by the RNZSPCA but by Kevin Plowright of the

Interestingly and as an aside Anita Killeen was a director of the Auckland SPCA, who employed Plowright the inspector who seized a multitude of healthy dogs from the ladies after first consulting with dogs NZ for their pedigrees and the council for their microchip numbers. the dogs were selectively taken like kids in a candy shop.

The lawyer instructed is a crown solicitor and representations for this private prosecution and being portrayed as though it is a crown prosecution . This is totally contrary to the crown solicitors terms of office item 16 this is from an intituling used on the court file

Anita Killeen in an interview with the New Zealand animal law society

But they have failed to check the legal existence of their alleged client

and the prosecution had been taken in the name of a fictional entity when all indications are that the entity which took the dogs in 2017 and did not file charges until December 2018 was

The ladies have been made out to be a Puppy farm . gross atrocities occurred but not of their doing

Dogs were seized and left locked in the back of a van in the souring heat and without water by the SPCA

dogs allegedly ill were seized and placed in the pound for two weeks before a vet saw them

a dog known to be in whelp was xrayed one birthed in a crate in the back of a van while being transported while in labour .

Pups born to two of the dogs 20 in all were not legally seized and unlawfully disposed of

The article is so on point that it could have been written about these ladies whose lives and passion for showing quality German shepherds has been destroyed

We have already made a complaint to the police but when you have crown solicitors involved and an organisation such as the SPCA who would believe two ladies who have been made out to be villain’s.

This is not about animal welfare this is about whole sale abuse of Humans

Thank you so much senator malcolm Roberts your on to it .

Identity fraud

An arrow slit allows the archer to have a very wide field of aim while reducing their own target area. giving a massive advantage to the archer

The advantage of an arrow slit is not lost in warfare , it allows for attack while keeping the attacker safe, this is the same concept which is applied to fake identities .

Only real or legal persons can sue or be sued in their own names,

Real people are those who have a birth certificate and live this side of the turf and breathe .

Legal persons are companies trusts corporates which have been formed or created by some statutory provision e.g. companies act, charitable trust act , incorporated societies act or specific statute .

The concept is that you must be able to face your accuser and hence your accuser has to be identifiable and have accountability to the law in the same manner as the accountability they are seeking to impose on you .

The dirty trick played by lawyers is to create/use false entities and it surprises me that the courts have no safe guard against this , when discovered they are simply called ” mistakes ”

If the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand was to have gone to the bank and asked for a $5 loan they would have been shown the door as the entity did not exist in any legal manner or form yet our government granted it coercive law enforcement powers under the animal welfare act and it enforced the law for some 10 years when no one knew who it was or who it represented. The government through advise and proactive action from lawyers has condoned this fraud for 15 years and allowed it to be concealed.

what has been a common denominator is the involvement of the crown solicitors office.

Because I blew the whistle on this identity fraud I have become very aware of it , once you see something you cannot top seeing it and it turned out that this is a common trick at least here in New Zealand and lawyers treat flase identities as a triviality .

The reality is that many law firms use fictional names for their practices, they do get you to sign a contact with them but in reality they are not capable of entering into a contract.

I have found the worst offenders of this to be those who are associated with providing services to the crown

Lets look at crown solicitors, Meredith Connell & Co , Raymond Donnelly & Co , Hamilton Legal , Marsden Woods Inskip & Smith, are limited partnerships

Kayes Fletcher Walker, BVA ,Wilkinson-Smith Lawyers are limited liability companies

But Elvidge & Partners , Rpb law , Preston Russell Law, C and M Legal, Gordon & Pilditch ,Luke Cunningham Clere, Gresson Dorman & Co, do not appear to be locatable on any of the following registers in their given names

But their relation ship with you as set out in the terms and conditions and this one gives no clue to their identity and you are simply agreeing to the terms of an invisible and probably non existent (and therefore non accountable) organisation .Which means that you can never sue the law firm or hold them accountable in any way but they can hold you accountable because you agreed to the terms and they will simply substitute any name into it if they are suing you .

It could well be that this is a reason why some law firms cannot go after you for a debt as a fictional organisation cannot make a demand for money

the same has occurred in other criminal prosecutions I wrote about one such matter in this post Man of Convictions :By Anne HUNT a Must read for all New Zealanders. Phil had an arrest warrant out for him obtained by a fictional trust .

It is beyond me why our registrars are not more like accountants and their very first task should be that every prosecution is brought by and under the authority of a real and identifiable person in their legal name

more on this later

Dirty legal tactics

Just Over 15 years ago I exposed serious corruption . I have since learned that corruption favours the governmet and it therfore appears to be condoned at all levels

Over the years I have experienced first hand the dirty tactics which have been deployed so it appears to me that a good place to start is by Taking each subject and exposing it so that others don’t have to learn the hard way

  1. the identity fraud

An important Petition Please sign

Petition of Vince Siemer: Require all Supreme Court judgments published on Courts of New Zealand promptly

Petition request

That the House of Representatives pass legislation mandating the Supreme Court of New Zealand publish every judgment on the Courts of New Zealand website promptly, when issued and, if any of the judgment is suppressed, to publish the reasons for suppression and make evident the extent of the redactions ordered.

Petition reason

Currently, the Supreme Court of New Zealand issues some judgments off the record, either by omission from the official record or by informal email. None are accessible by members of the public. In the past six months I have surmised the existence of two major judgments that have been concealed from the public due to their absence from the sequential numbering system on the Courts of New Zealand website. They are [2020] NZSC 97 & [2021] NZSC 11.

Sign the petition here


6 Supreme Court established

This section establishes as the court of final appeal for New Zealand a court of record called the Supreme Court of New Zealand.

court of record noun

a court whose judgments and proceedings are kept on permanent record and that has the power to impose penalties for contempt.


Judicial Decisions Online provides a searchable database of judgments and decisions from the High Court (from 2005), Court of Appeal (from 2003), and Supreme Court. All decisions are published unless they are subject to a suppression (automatic or judge-ordered) or relate to bail applications or bail appeals.

If a judgment from the High Court or Court of Appeal is considered to be of public interest, it is published in the Judgments section of the Courts website and retained for 90 days. All decisions from the Supreme Court are permanently available on the Courts website. Substantive judgments are published with a media release.

You can subscribe to receive an email alert when a judgment of public interest or a Supreme Court decision is published on this website.

Why there is an issue with unpublished decisions

Vince and I Have both been charged and convicted of breaching suppression orders for un publicised decisions. We have a right to know if a decision is confidential and why , both of us had our convictions over turned but we should not have been convicted in the first place . Open transparent justice means exactly that

see the documents here

Neil Wells appeared before a tribunal and was found liable for the charge relating to his client

nothing in these documents show that there is a suppression order for Neil wells who had misappropriated funds from his client the law society publication was very detailed and through this we identified him I was convicted of five charges and Vince for one

these are the court of appeal documents which overturned our convictions .


HADEN v NEW ZEALAND POLICE [2021] NZCA 94 [26 March 2021]

When the court acts in secrecy and people are convicted because of secrecy nothing can be fair .

In an open transparent justice system we have the right to know what is happening and why decisions are made