Open letter to Debbie North ,mother of muse restaurant chef Samuel North wife of Malcolm North

This is an open letter to Debbie North Wife of Malcolm North  mother of Samuel North

Debbie  I am writing to you in the hope that   we may be able to   sort out the bullying which I have been suffering at the hands of you husband and son.

I find it quite Ironic that  you  work for “The New Zealand Association of Counsellors “ and are listed as Debbie North membership@nzac.org.nz  on their web site

In 2012  Samuel opened a restaurant Muse on Allen with Jozsef Szekely

Jozsef put in $64,000  and became a 70 % share holder due to the fact that the business had been purchased for $90,000   .

The only equity in the business was  the  funds which Jozsef introduced.

Jozsef and Sam were the only  directors when the company was  formed. You were  to be an alternate director for Samuel   and  you completed your own forms and backdated your directorship  to day one .  If yo were to ask any one at the companies office they would tell you that this is not a lawful  way to do things as you cannot appoint yourself director.

With your son  You then appointed  Malcolm your husband to be a further director  then all three of you  went home and passed a resolution to remove Jozsef as director .

As a director of the company  you allowed Samuel to  transfer all of Jozsefs shares into his own name   without any legal basis  and without the introduction of  further equity into the company .

Court action followed and you eventually resigned as director in  November 2014

Throught this time   and    to this date you have stood by and allowed your son and husband  to bully and abuse both Jozsef and myself.

we have made complaints to the police  under the harmful digital communications act  and   despite the fact that they have been  warned a number of time the abuse has continued

Last Year Malcolm made a complaint against my private investigators licence ,   there was no  substance in his complaint and the authority reported








His vexatious complaints had me under investigation for some 10 months

Now he is sending emails   to  people associated   with my business

From:malcolm@muserestaurant.co.nz [mailto:malcolm@muserestaurant.co.nz]
Sent: Tuesday, 13 September 2016 6:26 p.m.
Subject: Grace Haden

Hello I warned you before Is this the type of person you want in your chapter

Debbie I have had enough of  this .

the three of you have  defrauded  Jozsef  , you have   allowed Muse on Allen to be run into the ground and have left a trail of debts.

Samuel is still driving the  BMW  whihc he purchased using   the money which  he made out of Muse on allen   and he has now transferred the ownership to  Catering limited.

If the police did their job and were not busy   dealing with traffic  the three of you would   beheld fully answerable to the  law .

In my professional opinion and based on the   evidence I have collated I am of the opinion that all three of you should be locked up for defrauding  Jozsef.

I realize that attack is  the best form of defence and that is exactly the only defence which  your son  and husband have

Debbie  how about   some integrity  you work for counselors  how about getting some counselign for your  boys   so that they can see  that what they are doing is  pure bullying  and totally un ethical.

I have communicated my concerns  about Malcolm’s behavior to the ministry of social development    I do not believe that persons who practices this level of bullying that  in his private life ,  does not  display those same qualities at work .


Muse Eatery is it or is it not connected to Muse on Allen ?or what does this say about Samuel Norths integrity ?

Former fine dining restaurant Muse on Allen put into liquidation by IRD

Let us play a game of Truth or lies    We won’t tell you which is which  But  lets just look at the facts  the following are statements made in the  news item  highlighted above  click here for the article 

“The former Muse on Allen restaurant has been put into liquidation”. see the answer here    well that was straight forward enough  but now lets try this one



Owner Samuel North says it is not connected to his new business, Muse Eatery and Bar, on Victoria St.

Lets look at the web page for Muse eatery  lets look at the about page 

do you see what I see ?

Muse eatery and bar former muse on allen relocated



On the  home page  we note that  Muse eatery claims to be wellington on a plate Muse

But in the article  Samuel North  claims are reported as

His current business Muse Eatery & Bar on Victoria St was not connected to the liquidated business, he said.

It was owned by Catering Limited, of which he is the sole director.

Catering limited  was incorporated 03 Dec 2015    so   How could  Muse eatery  , owned by Catering limited   have won  the above awards  the news items clearly show that  these awards were for Muse on Allen?

Samuel was indeed very fortunate to have  Sarah Meikle as a friend  see here      read more about her  here Five Minutes with Visa Wellington On a Plate director Sarah Meikle.

the trip advisor reviews  https://www.facebook.com/MuseEateryBar/app/254084314702229/  are   coincidentally all those of Muse on Allen  see here 

I particularly  love the way that in the midst of the article which  claims that “Muse Eatery & Bar on Victoria St was not connected to the liquidated business”( muse on allen )   there are several links  being

Cafe Chat: Muse is moving, Wellington Wine, Food & Craft Beer Festival is nigh
Cafe Chat: Muse’s new look
Restaurant review: Muse on Allen offers five star experience

notable quotes are

Muse On Allen restaurant has been at the address for three and a half years, but will reopen at 56 Victoria St, formerly home to 3C Bar and Restaurant.”

“When the restaurant reopens in the first week of March, it’ll be serving lunch for the first time in addition to dinner, with plans for a breakfast service, too.”

Muse’s new look

Muse’s success continues 

Muse has been open for a month at its new Victoria St premises


Now is a good time now to visit Facebook the link is found at the bottom of  the Muse eatery  web site https://www.facebook.com/MuseEateryBar/  keep scrolling

7 April  2016


muse on allen have now re opened in chews lane







17 feb    Link  Muse has closed its Allen St doors, and is to reopen in Victoria St.

muse on allen to relocate

Muse On Allen restaurant has been at the address for three and a half years, but will reopen at 56 Victoria St, formerly home to 3C Bar and Restaurant.

Muse owner and director Samuel North says the new space offers the restaurant a chance to expand its services. 

Since opening the fine dining establishment as a 21-year-old, North has grown Muse into an award-winning success story.

When the restaurant reopens in the first week of March, it’ll be serving lunch for the first time in addition to dinner, with plans for a breakfast service, too.


Muse’s trademark purple decor will remain, as will its seven staff and favourite dishes such as the beef tartare, tuna sashimi, and creme brulee with doughnuts.

The high-ceilinged, bamboo-floored space in Victoria St is double the size of Muse’s original premises  more 





16 February

we are on the move


it will be muse eatery






Back in  2015 we saved the muse restaurantMuse on Allen page     the reality is the facebook  pages are the same  they have just been renamed happened when the restaurant shifted


muse eatery


by the way notice anything  about the Logos ?




















now look at theat the bottom of this post you can see the  domain names  museonallen.co.nz    is registered at the  domain name registry   and shows this   full record saved for prosperity here “museonallen.co.nz” (Active) _ Domain Name Commission  is recorded to Malcolm@museeatery.co.nz
domain name museonallen.co.nz


museeatery.co.nz   is the  web site which   Samuel Norths “new” restaurant uses

Samuel North uses the  email address samuel@muserestaurant.co.nz  his father Malcolm uses malcolm@muserestaurant.co.nz
this is what happens  when you look up muserestaurant.co.nz   or see the preserved  hard copy here “muserestaurant.co.nz” (Active) _ Domain Name Commission


Strangely enough the domain name was registered to Jozsef Szekely   who happens to be the person  who sank his life savings into Muse of Allen before being removed by  Samuel, Malcolm and Debbie north  as a director  see here 

Samuel then  transferred all of Jozsefs shares into his own name   in two steps   here and here   when no  corresponding transaction had occurred in the actual company books  and  when Jozsef was the only person to have  equity in the company see here   this is   why there was a  court  matter  “After court North said his the debt stemmed from a legal battle he had with a business partner when Muse first opened” Jozsef basically took offence to being ripped off to the tune of $64,000.    strange that the bill to IRD is about that size  .. coincidence ?

we do hope that the liquidators  look at the  accounts closely    we are not book keepers  but  the accounts for Muse on Allen  certainly appear to have  more than one issue.

we don’t know what you think  but  we are pretty certain that muse on Allen and Muse eatery are one and the same  .


Private security Personnel Licensing authority – Ultra Vires?

Roger GillThe private security personnel licensing authority is a statutory body which   controls all  Investigator and  security guard licenses

I have raised the issue of the authority not being  qualified   and have requested an  OIA  to establish the legal basis on which the authority claims to legitimately hold office  no response has been received and it now appears that ” the authority ” is away on leave

The legislation states http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/2010/0115/latest/DLM1594620.html

No person may hold office as Licensing Authority unless he or she is a barrister or solicitor of the High Court of not less than 5 years’ standing

I Checked the roll of lawyers and could not see Mr Gill’s name on it so I wrote  to the law society and got the response that  he had not had a practicing certificate since 30 June 2015

From: Registry Mailbox [mailto:registry@lawsociety.org.nz]
Sent: Tuesday, 16 August 2016 8:35 a.m.
To: Grace Haden <grace@verisure.co.nz>
Subject: RE: registration of barrister

Dear Grace

Mr Roger Bernard William GILL does not hold a current practising certificate.

His last certificate issued by the New Zealand Law Society expired on 30 June 2015.

Kind regards

NEW ZEALAND LAW SOCIETY | DD: +64 4 463 2919 | PH: 0800 22 30 30 | F: +64 4 463 2989


26 Waring Taylor Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
DX SP20202 | PO Box 5041, Wellington 6140, New Zealand


I again consulted legislation


barrister means a person enrolled as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court under or by virtue of this Act and practising as a barrister, whether or not he or she also practises as a solicitor; and, in relation to any country outside New Zealand, includes, for the purposes of sections 49(3)(a) and 53, any person authorised to exercise in that country functions similar to those exercised by barristers in New Zealand

solicitor means a person enrolled as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court under, or by virtue of, this Act and practising as a solicitor, whether or not he or she also practises as a barrister; and, in relation to any country outside New Zealand, includes, for the purposes of sections 49(3)(a) and 53, any person authorised to exercise in that country functions similar to those exercised by solicitors in New Zealand

lawyer means a person who holds a current practising certificate as a barrister or as a barrister and solicitor




21 Provision of legal services

(1)A person commits an offence who, not being a lawyer or an incorporated law firm,—

(a)provides legal services in New Zealand; and

(b)describes himself, herself, or itself as—

(i)a lawyer; or

(ii)a law practitioner; or

(iii)a legal practitioner; or

(iv)a barrister; or

(v)a solicitor; or

(vi)a barrister and solicitor; or

(vii)an attorney-at-law; or


From the Law society web site


Who is a “lawyer”?

 A lawyer is a person who holds a current practising certificate issued by the New Zealand Law Society. Lawyers practise either as a barrister and solicitor or as a barrister (sometimes called a “barrister sole”).

Anyone providing certain legal services who describes themselves as a “lawyer”, a “barrister”, or a “barrister and solicitor” but who doesn’t hold a current practising certificate commits an offence against the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006 (“the LCA”).

If you have been admitted as a barrister and solicitor but do not hold a current practising certificate, you may refer to yourself as an “enrolled barrister and solicitor of the High Court”.

Going back to the definition in the pspla  act

No person may hold office as Licensing Authority unless he or she is a barrister or solicitor of the High Court of not less than 5 years’ standing.

Since Mr Gill is not a lawyer  he is not a barrister   he has no statutory obligations to the rule of law  and is also  not an officer of the court ,  statute states that he is to be a barrister or solicitor. so  what  implications does this have on  the enforcement of the Private security personnel licensing act ?

can some one  without  the legal standing to be the authority make decisions on the suitability of   Security guards and Private investigators suitability  to hold their  jobs ?

Are the  decisions Roger Gill  has made since  30  June 2015 a ultra vires ? and therefore void ?

Will we re write legislation to  cover this glaring  non compliance with statute ?

I Raised the issue with the ministers. I now note that Mr Gill is away until the end of the month.  strange that when so many  licences come up for renewal in August .

His deputy  Stevan Cole was  the deputy  he has since become a community magistrate   it would appear that no one has been appointed as deputy  therefore   it seems like there is no Legal “authority”


How the Authority is chosen

The Authority is appointed by the Governor-General on the advice of the Minister of Justice. They must have at least 5 years’ experience as a barrister or solicitor of the High Court. Appointments to the position are for a term of 3 years, and a person may be reappointed.

The current Authority is Mr Roger Gill. source  ( note how the justice dept  gets their definition wrong  the operative word IS  is missing  )


Mr Gill is a qualified lawyer and has 16 years experience as a Chief Executive of four national organisations, including the Investment Savings and Insurance Association of New Zealand and the New Zealand Stock Exchange. For the past 12 years Mr Gill was a Registrar and Manager of the Wellington High Court.

.  source 


Roger Gill of Kapiti has also been reappointed as the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority for a term of three years. The Authority considers applications for licences and certificates for people working in the security and private investigators industries.  source

more info on Roger Gill  

Roger Gill of Kapiti has also been reappointed as the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority for a term of three years. The Authority considers applications for licences and certificates for people working in the security and private investigators industries.

Ultra Vires   Latin for “beyond powers,” in the law of corporations, referring to acts of a corporation and/or its officers outside the powers and/or authority allowed a corporation by law.

New Zealand Trusts and Companies .. our unsafe system hits a new low.

The reason that our company and trust structure is  so well liked  is  because  THERE IS NO DUE DILIGENCE DONE BY THE  REGISTRARS OF  NEW ZEALAND COMPANIES  AND  TRUSTS ARE NOT  RECORDED.


Few realize that  our trust and company structure is actually most abused through lawyers who in turn are  protected by  our courts .

I am a whistle blower on  the corrupt use of trusts , I   thought that in this country which at the time prided itself to be the least corrupt  that I could say   ” hey guess what  the law enforcement agency  The animal welfare institute of New Zealand  does not  exist at all ”  what happened? lawyers got together   sued me for  a ridiculous sum  tried to bankrupt me  and  tried to put my company out of business. they were protected by their own society   and the judges who were once members of that very society.

I have come to realize that the biggest gang in town  are the lawyers.    Its like complaining about  a gang  member and then being told to speak to the gang  leaders if   you feel there is a problem   . If it is some one they want to dispose of  it will be useful to them  but if the person is in the ” in crowd ” and their activities make the gang look bad  then there is a huge cover up.  I have even had instances where he judges  have gone  way out on a limb to  silence the entire matter  one of those instances was  with regards to a well published Russian lawyer  who was up  to his neck in  trust companies  such as those refereed to in the panama papers.

Just recently I assisted a young man who had had all of his  shares fraudulently transferred from him and  into the name of his business partner the minority share holder .Effectively  he had his business stolen from him . We managed to get a lawyer  appointed for the company who was taking instructions from the very person who  was involved in the theft of the shares.  I told the lawyer for the company that he had a duty to be independent  ie act for the company and  to act according to  the rules and could not condone the   illegal activities of the company.  The result  :-the lawyer  made false complaint  alleging  that I was in contempt of court and had committed  blackmail  when I  wrote to him and pointed out this section of the law  I was promptly taken to court for harassment In Wellington when I lived in Auckland . The date of the hearing was conveniently left off the papers I was served  and the evidence  is such that I am convinced that the court, the registrars and the lawyers  all  conspire together to   ensure that lawyers make a healthy living and no one dares question their activities.

As a result I now have a legal bill.. yes their fees   of over $6,000  . I have a solution  I will be  selling  an e book exposing their tactics of winning  and every cent that I raise will go settling this ” debt”  if there is interest  I will simply sell more copies . I suspect that   with the  publication of the panama papers this  e book  could be quite popular as the  companies  legislation abuse and the manner  in which some  law firms condone  unlawful transactions  is central to makign the company structure in NZ a mockery

New Zealand is far more corrupt than you  can imagine.

any one wishing to  receive a copy of the  e book    can pre order shortly






MOSSACK FONSECA the New Zealand connection

Hot off the press  we have  an article in the herald

Panama Papers: The celebrities, royals and world leaders exposed by tax leak

the story comes from  the  international consortium of investigative   journalists

they publish a video  as below

You will note that the video mentions “MOSSACK FONSECA”

New Zealand  appears to have its very own branch of this company   see here

the share holder of this company is 

BENTLEYS NZ TRUSTEE LIMITED  BENTLEYS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS, Level 13 Dla Piper Tower, 205 Queen Street, Auckland, 1010 , New Zealand. the ultimate owners of this 2014  trust company are its two directors
Nicolaas James DEN HEIJER
3 Centaur Close, Albany, Auckland, 0632 , New Zealand
260 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Auckland, 1050 , New Zealand
they were directors in Staples Rodway   but resigned on 8 august 2014 the  date  when Bentley was set up and became  share holder in the following companies

There are 101 companies registered to the address of  Bentley accountants see here   many appear to be trust companies  held on behalf of  foreigners.

among those   is the Orion Trust (New Zealand) Limited.  which is mentioned in this article  by Naked capitalism Mossack Fonseca: The New Zealand Connection

The Benley group of companies is not the only group involved in international trusts    the journalists at naked capitalism identified NZ’s role in UnaEnergy Trustees Limited

Naked Capatalism raised the point that

New Zealand-based “foreign trusts” have been actively marketed overseas for benefits including their exemption from New Zealand tax on foreign sourced income, minimal compliance and reporting requirements, and no requirement for public disclosure of the beneficial owners.

As Transparency NZ has noted the  apparent lack of  requirement to comply with he companies act must also be a benefit  s illustrated  with the Muse on Allen Saga

more on Mossack Fonseca

Tax havens explained

Giant leak exposes global array of crime, corruption        https://panamapapers.icij.org/

Muse Eatery & Bar – a Phoenix rising ?

muse eateryMuse Restaurant  also known as Muse on  Allen is about to morph  into an alter ego  Muse eatery & Bar

The transition is  mainly due to the fact that the  shareholding  in Muse on Allen Limited  was unlawfully obtained by Samuel North  by simply accessing the the company register and transferring the shares to himself   and again here  the law is quite specific about this  process but  Samuel simply ignored the law  and  used a computer to  unlawfully transfer  the shares.

Samuel is quite  aware of what he has  done ,  there have been many admissions including repeatedly telling the court that   the shares were transferred  “in error’  despite the claim of ” error ” nothing has been done  to  correct  it in 3 years and the  accounts continue to show that  Samuel has no equity in the company  despite claiming to be the majority share holder

Muse eatery is now trying to get   a liquor licence for the new premises at 56 VICTORIA STREET.  the web site has been  linked to the new domain name museeatery.co.nz which opens to the   url http://museonallen.co.nz/.

The content of the web site is that of Muse on Allen  and the content is the same  Muse Eatery media.

Concrete evidence that  the new company  catering Limited has adopted the name Muse eatery  is in the application for liquor licence Alcohol Application – Muse Restaurant, Ground Floor, 56 Victoria Street, Wellington Central  which a number of persons have opposed .

so between the names Muse restaurant  and  Muse eatery the  public are being asked to accept the new restaurant as a continuation of the old  while Samuel North uses up the  money from the sale to ensure that the   person who put all his money  in the restaurant   is left totally out of  pocket .

we can only appeal to the public that if they believe in fairness and honesty then they should  give Muse Restaurant, Muse eatery& bar    or what ever it is called this week , a wide berth .


open letter to Malcom and Samuel North

Thank you for your letter Malcolm  alleging that  I  have been defaming you  . I am communicating with you through this site as I  have previously advised you that you are harassing and bullying us and that my only communication with you will be in an open transparent forum.  I had no desire to communicate with you  but your barrage of insulting   emails  and below the belt   communications leave this as the only viable option. it is quite clear that you are ignoring the police  warning email to muse restaurant 171115

Your dear son  let it slip that he had been  communicating with Neil Wells  who  years ago won a defamation case against  me by having my defence of truth and honest opinions struck out  when he ensured that so much shit was going down in my life that my marriage  fell to bits and my family was torn apart. I was unable to come up with a payment of 19,000  due to  the bank accounts being  frozen for the divorce .  Dirty tactics  and desperation run deep

Neil had a secret  one which I had stumbled on  and I had to be silenced at all costs.    He had  written legislation for his own business plan   and as ” independent adviser to the select committee he ensured that  this legislation became law.

He then made a fraudulent application under the act to the minister , falsely  stating that  AWINZ was a trust when the reality is that no such trust existed and AWINZ was in reality    a nothing .   ( it is fraud to make a false statement which people then act upon..  this is fact )

AWINZ became a law enforcement authority, because no one checked   that it existed , it  had  powers that equaled those of the RNZSPCA  search seizure .

Neil Wells used the staff at Waitakere city as AWINZ  animal welfare officers  and as their council boss he wore two hats and made them prioritize animal welfare over their council paid  duties.He rebranded the council premises so that no one knew  where AWINZ began and council  finished  all in all AWINZ appeared to exist  the reality it was funded through the public purse for private pecuniary gain. ( evidence is on this site and  on anticorruption.co.nz )

If an animal welfare prosecution eventuated Neil Wells performed in  his capacity as barrister  and  would offer diversion for a donation to the “charity”AWINZ   which  in reality did not exist other than the bank account which he had opened and was the sole operator of.

that was my  first experience of  civil litigation  ,Neil has  ensured that it would not  be my last and has been  stirring up any one  who I mention  on this site .

I was taken to court  last year by the lawyers who represented Muse on Allen .  Documents were filed which  claimed that Jozsefs share holding had been removed in error .   The lawyer  representing he company did not like me telling him  that if it was an error then  the error should be corrected. I pointed out that  when  new  annual reports are filed in the companies office  then  the error appears not to be an error.   there have  now been three  annual returns filed since  Jozsefs share holdings were claimed to have been  transferred in error .

The lawyer  also did not like me telling him that he  had a legal duty to act independently for his client which is the company and that  the company is a separate legal entity from the directors  who by all accounts had allowed Jozsefs shares to be transferred illegally

so the lawyers took me to court for  harassment  this is after having  falsely accused me of contempt of court and blackmail . Apparently it is harassment to tell a lawyer that he should not be going round making false allegations  and that  he has a duty to be independent and act according to the rule of law.

when the lawyer  made a song and dance about the unusualness of his name  I contacted his father who I had served with in the Police, I  stupidly thought that by speaking to the lawyers father   who I had known very well  I might be able to put an end to this madness   but instead every  innocent act  gets turned into something sinister and I am made out to be a beast

Documents were withheld from me including  the court hearing date .  When the papers were served there was an initial  court  date    given as usual . the matter was was set down for hearing and I thought it strange that  I had not been advised of the date but this often happens near the end of the year.   I  discovered the true date after a bit of game play by the lawyers  and  at 9 am on the morning of the hearing I was told  that I had to appear at 10.  slight problem the hearing was in Wellington and I live in Auckland .

I was later to find out that there were other documents  which the court had been given and  which had  conveniently not been  served on me. These documents were submissions which alleged  defamation of the lawyer .

So without  any  legal  defamation process  and without any right  to  defend myself or even  knowing that I had been accused of defamation, I became a serial defamer and harasser seething  which Malcolm North now uses to spout on about  to  defame me .  In the mean time his son  who has claimed the restaurant as his own  but has no equity in the place  slings below the belt   emails at me at christmas time telling me that I am hated  and  alleging that my former husband and children   are  among  those and that I don’t have any family to enjoy christmas with   .  I know this not to be true   and I resent   a kid younger than my children  bullying me in such a manner.

It turns out that Neil Wells has been in the back ground  following my every move and prompting every one   I have contact with to  make such allegations.  The same happened with my former lawyer   who was stuck off last year.  the court stepped in   and with a confidentiality clause  all was dealt with minute Judge Sargisson.

Neil Wells was also on the scene when I conducted an investigation into Fresh prepared  and he ensured that harassment proceeding were also commenced in that  matter.  The fact that one person Terry Hay had never seen me or been  contacted by me was beside the point . Mr Terry Hay was later charged with 22 counts of fraud  but skipped the country and  paid his way  out of a conviction

I’m getting a little bit over  this  use of he court by criminals  to  attack those  who have no ability to get the government to act on criminal matters. In this case the Registrar of companies  appears to do nothing to  control the use of  companies  and the police  are too busy reducing the road toll but driving more people to  suicide .

Malcolm and  Sam are no exception   we have had repeated admissions from them of their  crime

“Thanks for letting us know we have got away with theft fraud and a raft of companies act offences that is very reassuring “

malcolm North thank you for letting us know that we have got away


Malcolm has stated openly  that the police are not going to arrest them  , he is grossly derogatory and totally gets his facts wrong   as usual   which   his bosses at the MSD  don’t appear to mind .  But   Attack is the best form of defence   and  attack is the only defence these people have

malcolm North no arrest

yet on the other hand  he expresses in an email that he does not wish to spend the next christmas behind bars  due to my fraud complaint and would  like to negotiate a  settlement  with Jozsef. An innocent person would not   have  those worries

malcolm North prison

So far the settlement offers have been a total insult.   Is this the way of the future  a criminal rips you off  breaks a raft of laws then   says   hey  I will give  you  two and tuppence halfpenny  so that it can all go away .

Malcolm has asked me to publish the following

malcolm North

I have  amended the   publication he has complained of accordingly but  the other statement was made to the  link broker who is selling the business  Buy a Restaurant & Bar-too Good Opportunity To Miss For Sale, business for sale Wellington, New Zealand . We stand by our statements  they are true  and will defend   the truth . the police fraud file    is  151010/8943

Malcolm    could you please clarify  how you can take action against  Jozsef for being a 63.2% share holder    yet not  consult him  in the sale of the business  your own accounts show that he is the only person with equity in the business see here . Samuel  who unlawfully  transferred  all of Jozsefs shares to himself  acted with the consent  of the other directors  of which   you are one. You are all in it together .  

shae holder accounts

Malcolm I will send a copy of this    to the   business broker to clarify the statements which you mistakenly think are defamatory

Happy to respond  again to any further  emails  through this forum



Update continuing  bullying and harassment   

it would appear that Malcolm is incapable of seeing  the  alterations made despite the fact that they are highlighted

the  latest abuse   from these  bullies  and an admission that Neil Wells is behind it all

will soon put up a post  with Trevor Morely  who asked them not to  divulge that they had contact him   if they are on about laughs  I can provide some good ones. when  some one calls some one a name  it usually means they are looking in a mirror .We are just after justice and   did not subscribe to this on going crap .

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the claw machine scam