Posted by: transparencynz | July 15, 2022

Open letter to David Parker Attorney General


The Hall case was reported in the press recently at this link Crown knew about serious problems with Alan Hall’s murder conviction, but did nothing

It would appear that over the years nothing has changed .

Last week Two ladies, Janine Glover and Barbara Wallace were sentenced because they were the victims of theft by inspectors for the SPCA .

The prosecution could not have been successful without the involvement of the Crown solicitors who represented the proceedings being a crown prosecution

The name of the prosecutor was the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( Auckland ) no such organisation has ever existed and the name is fictional. I cannot imagine that any board approving prosecutions would allow them to be commenced in a name which is not theirs.

The disposal hearings which were complete before the charges were filed were in the name of the Auckland SPCA the judges identified the organisation to be the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Auckland .

This organisation ceased to exist in January 2021 but the prosecution was taken by the crown solicitor as though the prosecutor had been the RNZSPCA all along, this is a totally separate legal entity .

Vital evidence was withheld and the proceedings manipulate by the crown solicitors who had been made aware of the issues surrounding the name of their alleged client

I have outlined the seriousness of the crowns involvement in the following posts to the acting crown solicitor

He replied that he will not be responding to my complaint

I had previously alerted Luke Radich to the issues

I am approaching you to investigate this abuse of the crown solicitor’s office in representing a fictional organisation, substituting legal entities and representing this as crown prosecution when there is no basis for this being a crown prosecution and does not qualify as a crown prosecution by any definition

The rules, policies and the laws are there to protect every one and the crown solicitors are not above the law

The crown cannot be complicit in corruption as this undermines the rule of Law

In the interest of justice I ask for an urgent investigation

regards Grace Haden

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