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Open letter to News Hub TV3

Mafia Champion

This morning Janine and Barbara had to run the New media Gauntlet, News Hub which was not allowed to film in the court set up by the ladies vehicle . To say that the ladies were intimidated was an under statement they feared for their safety not because of the press themselves but because of the manner of reporting and the death threats they have had because of it

I therefore am writing to you to provide Balance to the story and hope that you can incorporate the following to create a neutral perspective and make people think.

Senator Malcolm Roberts in Queensland has raised questions the videos and transcripts are at these links these are all less than 2 months old JUNE 27, 2021  3 June 2021 JULY 19, 2021

 The SPCA   is a private organisation  .   Next week they have cup cake  day   and can raise $140,000 from selling cup cakes  this pales into insignificance when these pedigree   dogs  can raise   upwards of $250,000   each

if you want to research your story  and the private prosecution which this is   you may wish  to look at Open letter to Luke Radich of Kayes Fletcher Walker

no one is above the law    so  why  is the crown prosecuting  .

If the matter had followed due process     the inspector would have been fully supervised by the RNZSPCA   despite  working for he  Auckland SPCA

 The name of the prosecutor on the charges would have been a real legal person

There Is no doubt that this is a PRIVATE prosecution  and there is a process for this , which has not been  followed

  1. The registrar get the   charges.  Any registrar getting 79 charges  will refer it to a judge section 26
  2. A judge will  then asses the charges    and    if the   evidence supports the charges  ( which in this case it does not  ) then summonses are issues.. which never happened
  3. Janine  and Barbara  would have been  fully and Fairly informed of the charges including  knowing who the prosecutor is
    1. The name of the prosecutor  was only changed a few weeks ago from a fictional  organisation to the RNZSPCA  which  was actually  not involved  at all  in 2017 and appears not to have been involved in 2018
    2. There would not have been a  plethora of charges  which often relate to the same dogs.. this is called throwing the book at people and swamping them so as to overwhelm them plus it makes it look good for a trial by public

There would have  been precise evidence to support the charges  and  not see them charged with  having a ill animal like Mafia whose picture is above

This is the   pedigree of Mafia

 And in view of the charge you have to wonder  why Mafia   was uplifted on 13  October  2017  went straight to the pound and was not seen by  a vet until 27 October

Also the only vet  to have seen many of these dogs  happens to be a SAFE activist  and there was no opportunity for  a second opinion

Other relevant questions  are

  1. Why  was the interview  in November   so  weighted towards  surrender
  2.  Why did it take over year to file charges
  3. Why did they need to  get the pedigree papers
  4. Why did they need vet reports .. surely   the dogs were taken because of their condition so would  the  evidence not be on the dog on the day  that it was taken   or could it be that healthy dogs were tken  and  they had to dig deep to find  evidence for court

Why did Greg Reid need to liaise with TVNZ  to have a  ”puppy farm” article  right when they were  disposing the dogs to  the  AUCKLAND SPCA

  1. How could the crown solicitor possibly allow the court to  dispose of   a number of puppies which were neither seized nor subject to charges  under section 136 A .  
  1. why 5  more dogs were taken in 2019 without  documentation and why  Tracy Phillips returned them when  she was  inspector and became aware of   this   and why she resigned also immediately when I sent her   an open letter Open Letter to Tracy Phillips GENERAL MANAGER SPCA INSPECTORATE could it be because she has integrity and  could not work  with this  fiasco

Barbara and Janine  have had death threats   , they have  been subject to many raids on their  farm by Both the SPCA and random others , they live in fear. 

Their passion was  breeding  high quality  dogs  they  fit the  profile  described by senator  Roberts  exactly

In the interest of    NZ justice and fair reporting  I ask that you investigate this aspect 

I am publishing this open  letter   on Transparency NZ in the interest of transparency and justice

Senator Roberts questions on 3 June

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] Thank you. Thank you for being here, Dr. Johns. Thank you. My questions are to do with the RSPCA Australia and Queensland. They’re two separate bodies. What body oversees the activities of the RSPCA Australia at either state or federal government level?

I’m sorry, I’d have to take that on notice. We’d have to look up the register and look at its details.

Transparency New Zealand up until recently had about 44 separate legal entities either branches or member societies see the constitution of the RNZSPCA

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] And, you’ll be excused if you have to take up a lot of these on notice. It surprised me when I learned about this. Why, in Queensland are RSPCA state inspectors who laid charges, also the prosecutors in the same cases? Shouldn’t they be merely a witness?

I will take that on notice, thank you.

Transparency New Zealand we take it one step further here , the inspector can prosecute and in this instance he has filed the charges and handed it on to the crown solicitors who are acting against their terms of office see Open letter to Luke Radich of Kayes Fletcher Walker and portraying the private prosecution to the courts as a crown prosecution

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] Why are RSPCA Australia staff referring owners to particular vets and refusing to recognise the expertise of others?

I’ll take that on notice, thanks. Sorry, and I’ll just interrupt at this extent, we will have a look at any charity’s fitness for registration. We don’t go beyond that remit, but nevertheless, please.

Transparency New Zealand The SPCA here has its own vets and a totally non transparent process where by owners are denied access to their animals after allegations of ill health are made, they cannot even have their own evets check this out and on top of it the SPCA vets in some instances are SAFE activists

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] Why would this RSPCA Australia be the recipient of fines levelled at an owner of an animal when prosecuted by a state RSPCA staff member?

I’ll take that on notice.

Transparency New Zealand We are uncertain as to where the fines go , if it was a police prosecution it would go into the public purse, remember we have the crown solicitors acting as part of the pro bobo panel , so it is a win win situation for the SPCA , in this case the dogs have already been disposed of and costs of some $14,000 have been accrued against the ladies , some of these dogs with a quick microchip swap could fetch up to a million dollars if sold overseas . Their sperm and their eggs have value to and so Becky Murphy of Dogs NZ has examined these dogs and has just bought GlenBred – Small Animal Reproduction, a division of Matamata Veterinary Service

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] Aren’t RSPCA Queensland and RSPCA Australia separate bodies?

[ Dr. Johns] I’ll take that on notice.

Transparency New Zealand The various member societies and branches are all separate legal entities, a representative from each branch and member society used to be on the RNZSPCA which then elected its own board. effectively SPCA Auckland has taken over the RNZSPCA which now has a very limited membership so as to keep control

as shown in the constitution of the RNZSPCA

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] If an RSPCA Queensland inspector tells an owner of an animal to pay a large sum of money in order to get their unreasonably seized animal returned, and if not paid the animal will be killed, doesn’t that sound like extortion?

I don’t know, but I’ll take it on notice.

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] How many animals are put down by the Queensland RSPCA in a year?

I’ll take that on notice.

Transparency New Zealand This has happened in New Zealand and Janine and Barbara have been asked for massive sums despite losing their dogs .

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] Is it true that animals held by the Queensland RSPCA are given to organisations for laboratory experimental purposes?

I’ll take that on notice.

Transparency New Zealand The reports which we have had back would indicate that these dogs have been experimented on it has been very difficult to get over sight from MPI .

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] Are the RSPCA Queensland and the RSPCA Australia genuine charity or nonprofit organisations and worthy of receiving Commonwealth grants?

I’ll take that on notice.

Transparency New Zealand The two top men David Broderick & Gordon Trainer have a number of development and investment companies together

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] How can the Queensland RSPCA seize valuable animals from registered breeders and then on-sell them for thousands of dollars in profit for the RSPCA?

I’ll take that on notice, thank you.

Transparency New Zealand Simple you seize a dog or intimidate some one to hand them over then you sell them . pedigree dogs with papers would get a few more $$ than a beaten up Staffy with battle scars.

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] How much money does the RSPCA Australia and RSPCA Queensland receive from the Commonwealth in grants?

I’ll take that on notice. I’m sure it’s on the register, but yes.

Transparency New Zealand There are searchable official information act requests at

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] Yeah. No, I don’t expect you to know these. It surprised me when we found out what we found out. Not at all surprised that you’re taking them on notice, and I appreciate that. Why would anyone donate to the RSPCA Australia and RSPCA Queensland when its practises are not very charitable? Is it time for the RSPCA Australia and RSPCA Queensland to be investigated as to its offensive practises?

I’ll take all of those matters on notice, thank you.

[Senator Malcolm Roberts] Thank you.


[Senator Malcolm Roberts] Thank you, Chair.

[Male Speaker] Thank you.


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