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Smear campaigns a well practiced form of attack

History often repeats  and the  view is frequently clearest when looking back

The SPCA’s Public relations officer mentioned in the article along side is now none other than Mrs Christine Wells

from the events of this last week   and of the past 11 years I can see a trend emerging.   Neil Wells Good ..Grace Haden    Bad.

By smearing a person  and throwing a lot of mud  there is  the  hope that some of it will stick  and people do tend to say  where there is smoke there is fire , well sometimes  the apparition of the fire is actually a smoke screen.

Mud slinging can only be addresses with truth  and facts  and so often the person doing he slinging  does so to keep the focus off himself.

To look at what Mr Wells has been involved in  we need to look at the trusts which he  has operated with total  disregard of the law.

You have to remember that  He was a barrister  , by definition and officer of the court and a person  legally charged to uphold the rule of Law in New Zealand

Fundamental obligations of lawyers

Every lawyer who provides regulated services must, in the course of his or her practice, comply with the following fundamental obligations:(a)the obligation to uphold the rule of law and to facilitate the administration of justice in New Zealand:

we have seen Neil Wells CV   it makes no mention   of the NEW ZEALAND FUND FOR HUMANE RESEARCH  of which Neil Wells was a trustee

In 2006 when  donation flyers were being sent out By Neil Wells  via Wyn Hoadley soliciting donations he claimed  in June 2006 that AWINZ administers the NZ fund for Humane research ( lord Dowding fund )

The reality was that all those involved in the  NEW ZEALAND FUND FOR HUMANE RESEARCH were either dead or believed that the  fund had been  wound up  , except Neil wells who was still soliciting  donations for this  long forgotten trust

The Lord Dowding fund  was  not even administers by the  NEW ZEALAND FUND FOR HUMANE RESEARCH but by Mrs Heather through a  trust called BEAUTY WITH COMPASSION INCORPORATED In 2000 it was struck off but still had  well over $100,ooo  in its coffers  which Neil Wells Solicits  for his fictional AWINZ in  2005   the letter is found here

Interestingly enough the  bank account  at  the national bank mount Albert  only had one signatory  and had no trust deed associated with it. the one signatory was  Neil Wells. He assures the secretary  that ” Any funds from The Lord Dowding Fund would be kept as a special trust fund within AWINZ to be applied according to the original tenets of the Fund.”  Signed By Neil Wells Trustee . The reality is that AWINZ had no legal existence   it  did not have trustees  and it did not operate as a trust  it was like   The fund for humane research  something Neil Wells took upon himself to call a trust .

as mentioned earlier the Lord Dowding fund  was used to sue me  the  charities records show  how  the sum has changed  over the years  from 98,000   to   22,000  yet Neil wells has  some how made a personal profit of 57,000 and not repaid the  money he used to sue me .

the interesting thing is that  the trust which  obtains the money doesn’t  legally exist  and there are so many holes in this  trust structure that a truck  would  fall through.

The origins of AWINZ .

Neil Wells   after leaving  the world society quits in a row over the kaimanawa horses  see the decision here  and sets up shop as solicitor sole, I suspect that he found  business slow and approaches Waitakere city council to  work on a project to amalgamate dog and stock control with animal welfare .

In the defamation hearing  in 2007 Neil wells falsely claimed that the council  had approached him with regards to amalgamating the two functions  but the  documents I have  clearly prove that  he  misled the court  on this point  ( and many others )  I call it perjury .

IN 1994 he  approaches  the Waitakere city council  with his idea of  combining  animal welfare and animal control and suggests to the council that they could set up an SPCA type organisation.

His no 1 accomplice Tom Didovich   the  manager of dog control in Waitakere  helps push the   venture  see 

Neil Wells has taken some initiatives with respect to enhancing our animal welfare services by proposing the establishment of a pilot programme whereby our staff fulfill the role of animal welfare inspectors by providing an SPCA type operation.

Wells quickly turns this into  lobbying for  new animal welfare legislation 

In a parallel move  Wells  promotes himself as  a ” consultant for Waitakere city council ” To Maf  David Bayvel  who he knows well and has already  done groundwork with .

While on the one hand  Wells  claims to be acting as ” consultant ”  on the other  he is  looking at ways  to make  money for himself  by facilitating the interface between animal control and animal welfare 

This point is not  lost on the  the SPCA who  write 

By august that  95 council officers were appointed as Inspectors .

Neil Wells then  lobby’s councils up and down the country to   encourage them to  consider his proposal  this is a sample letter   he does this using a very impressive letter head which is just a pseudonym for himself .

By mid January 1996 less than two weeks after  sending a proposal to councils over the holiday period , he has put together his business plan for the territorial animal welfare authority

Neil Wells  gets Didovich to prepare a ” blurb sheet to make it appear that  this is an initiative of the council

but by 1997  the local government  NZ  lets it be  known that they are not supportive of Wells idea

During this time  Wells  is busy writing new legislation to facilitate his plan and  in september 1997 the Hodgson bill is produced     Wells has inserted a new  clause providing for  Territorial bodies to be compliance  Bodies

The No 1 bill is rejected as it   infringes on the bill of rights , the powers which wells was  seeking for the inspectors  appear to be draconian  and so  A second bill is  introduced   and  the two bills are integrated into one, Neil Wells is taken on as the  ” independent adviser to the select committee .  He does this without declaring his conflict of interest.

In September 1997 the Hodgson bill was referred to us. The Government decided to introduce its own bill to remedy laps in that bill and in earlier Government policy work on
animal welfare decided that it would be more effective and efficient to consider the two bills together, and delayed consideration of the Hodgson bill in order to do this.

In early 1998   Wells promotes the concept of a trust     and suggests that the council be  involved  and provides a flow of  funds  diagram he appears to make this move to circumvent the intention of the legislation following the introduction of the second bill.

Wells has already preempted the formation of a trust and tom Didovich then pushes this to council 

While the bill is  still being discussed Wells  liaises with various people   to  overcome any hurdles that the  legislation may throw up 

He first comes up with the name AWINZ  in Mid 1998  while the legislation is still being drafted and he states

For this exercise let’s assume that there will be a new charitable trust formed, independent of Waitakere City, to be known as the
Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand (AWINZ). AWINZ could be that national body and would be responsible to MAF Reg through a memorandum of understanding or contract.

….It is possibly premature to propose Part 2 at this stage as there needs to be a little more certainty in terms of what is in the Bill, when will AWINZ be up and running, what transitional  procedures can be used for Waitakere City.

He presents and advisory board  document    and attaches a draft trust deed   , he  alleges that this trust will be set up by the council and The founding trustees will be appointed by the Waitakere city council 

He gets Didovich to gather people the criteria being  that they should be  well know to  give the trust ” credibility ”   and so some people are called together  and Wells is paid for their meeting.

Wells again take advantage of year end and sends the   unexecuted deed to Maf 

It has to be noted that  the deed  makes it clear that Waitakere city  is allegedly a trustee under the deed

You may have noted that crucial events take place at christmas time  this is a very good tactic as things get rushed through or overlooked.

More to come  about the AWINZ  trust deception and why Neil Wells is so fearful that one day  some one may believe me

In the mean time  I found the evidence that wells brought the  independent SPCA’s together   in  a job application at waitakere city council  he states

Undertaking a constitutional reform of the SPCA as National President of the Royal New Zealand SPCA by drawing 45 independent SPCAs into a national society, and as National Director by establishing the first National Office in Auckland.

Interestingly with this job application he does not disclose to Waitakere city council his gross conflict of interest   that by taking the  position he will be contracting to himself 

but that is the nature of  the beast proof is in the pudding see here 

once corrupt always corrupt

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