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Open letter to David McNeill Director Transparency International New Zealand

Dear David

I am delighted to see your latest  news release in my in box Download Media Release Document

I have been a persecuted whistleblower for the past 11 years . I was heartened by the presentation given by  the  Transparency international  president  and I certainly hope that Transparency International New Zealand  accepts the importance of whistleblowers .

I was  not an employee of the organisation I blew the whistle on  but   in My line of work as a Private Investigator I discovered that our government  had given coercive law enforcement powers to a fictional organisation . I thought it would be simple to bring it to  their attention  and was not prepared for the onslaught that  followed .

For the past 11 years  , my family and   myself have  paid a very high price , I even tried to join transparency International but was rejected by your organisation because  ” As noted in previous applications, the TINZ  Objectives, Guiding Principles and Rules of TINZ are not compatible with your actions and objectives. We do not undertake investigations on single cases of corruption or expose individual cases

In desperation I setup  my own organisation which  now has a massive following   I called it transparency New Zealand LTD

The matter which I blew the whistle on was not rocket science. Its basic fraud   using a fictional identity

While the country  is  jumping up and down about an address in Mt Eden used for election purposes and some extra flat mates  we are rather ignoring this massive public fraud , how can we make fish of one and  fowl of the other.

The origins are with labour  and it continued  under national . Kennedy Graham once met me and we talked about y issue at length .. he did nothing  yet he is miffed with the relatively minor  indiscretions of  his leader .

The fact that this Fraud  has gone on for so long without any one looking at it  shows  that   the fraud situation in NZ is far worse than any one can imagine. This case proves  how in reality those in power condone fraud .

I hope that transparency International  looks  at the issues that whistleblowers face    , We don’t expect you  to do anything more for us than  to  look at our  cases and see how they impact on the reality of the integrity of the  public service.

A public service that ignores and thereby conceals  corruption has no integrity   

Neil Edward Wells had close ties to  MAF ( now MPI )   he met with them regularly and  as a member of one of the  advisory boards saw an opportunity to write    the legislation  to update the Animals Protection Act 1960

In writing the bill he saw an opportunity  Not only  did he write the bill to update legislation  he also used it to  facilitate his own business plan  see here  the document  drawn up in 1996 clearly shows his intention to make  money from this.

He goes on to   write the no 1 bill for the  new legislation   without declaring his conflict of interest.

A second bill is introduced by National .

Both bills go before the select committee and again without declaring his conflict of interest  Neil Wells becomes ” independent” adviser to the select committee .

Simultaneously  he was paving the way for his business to   line up with the  legislation which was being passed . Use of confidential information for private use

He set  up courses at UNITEC for  training the inspectors for  the new legislative requirements, a role he was to  take on personally  for $$$ .

He spoke of an organisation   which  would  have the same powers as the  RNZSPCA and  he called this AWINZ ( Animal Welfare institute of New Zealand ) .This organisation existed only in his mind.

When the act passed into law he made a fraudulent   application in the name of the animal welfare institute of New Zealand  see the application here 

AWINZ did not exist in any manner or  form, there were no trustees , there was no trust deed   yet he called himself a trustee and  made out through the application that AWINZ existed.

In 2006  I did a Pro bono job  for an employee at Waitakere city council , Lyn Macdonald ( the bird lady )  questioned why  the buildings and vehicles had been rebranded  see here  and why  she had to  ” volunteer”  her council paid time to AWINZ and prioritise animal welfare over her council   duty;-dog control

Neither  MAF nor Waitakere  city council had a copy of the alleged  trust deed and  it was only then that Neil Wells  produced one  and I suspect that the  ink was still drying . He gave me a copy  see here and sent a different copy to  Maf  see here . Note that  both are different to the one attached to the application.   To me this  proves that the man had absolutely no hesitation in forging documents .

I have truckloads of documents and  have taken this  matter to  the Ombudsman, ministers  court  and have found  that  I have been under attack because  of it.

I have simplified the whole matter and ordinary people   get it  they understand but   those in MPI and   in so called positions of accountability  don’t look at the  facts they look at the  reputation of the persons, some I fear are acting in self interest as some where at a previous time they had a finger in the pie and  covering up   also saves their own necks .

I have been at the receiving end of an 11 years smear campaign   while Neil Wells promoted himself as being  holier than though  . That was until he was proved to be corrupt  but   he then  had the advantage of   having his name suppressed.

The fraud in a nutshell 

Over the years I have learned to simplify it  , I also have more  documents available  now than I had in the early years  but ordinary people get it  so why do the ombudsmen lawyers   etc not understand   that

  1. The application is fraudulent  and resulted in   a fictional organisation  getting law enforcement  powers.
  2. The applicant   AWINZ    did not exist … no trust deed had been signed ,  no persons had ever met  to approve this  trust deed or  had agreed to be trustees to this deed
  3. The  persons who were allegedly  trustees  had never met never passed a resolution   never consented to being a law enforcement authority , never took  part in the operations or decision  making or application for   “ awinz  “ to become an approved organisation .
  4. Neil Wells concocted a trust in 2006 and backdated the trust deeds   and signed them  claiming that they had  gone missing.  But the date was out by three months   so  how  could a trust  which    allegedly formed 1.3.2000  make an application 22.11.1999. as can be seen the  deeds are different
  5. Then he supplied a copy of the deed to Maf  except he had to change the details  of the deed again and  another deed was   concocted and sent to them.

With regards to the Waitakere city council

  1. He made an application for   the position of dog and stock control manager  see here   and effectively  contracted to himself for the services of AWINZ  See the document MOU Waitakere    where Wells signs  this On behalf of the fictional  Animal welfare institute of New Zealand  with  Tom Didovich the person  whose job he was to take over .

Note: that there is no mention of  the conflict of interest  in the  application for the  job  , he treats AWINZ as though it is a legal person separate from himself  when in reality he is the only person associated with AWINZ  and   this is in reality a trading name for himself.

  1. He rebrands the building  the Waitakere city council   dog control building  to appear to be his fictional organisation
  2. there is of course much more   but his will do  this  relates to the public   and public wrong doing

this could  have been easily dealt with .

In the first place MAF did not check  they assumed and gave law enforcement powers to  a fictional organisation .

secondly like the  Joanne  Harrison matter  Maf relied on Neil wells  to  provide them with information and directions  to  ward me off .. I have the emails to prove it

Our  internal systems for dealing with this type of offence    do not exist  and  every one was quite happy to stand by while  I was beaten up from all angles.

No one knew how to investigate   the simple questions which should have been asked are

  1. Did AWINZ exist  when it made the application … NO
  2. What structure was AWINZ.. it was a nothing  it was an unsigned  deed at best a trading name for person or persons unknown 
  3. Who were the trustees .. there were none there was no trust therefore no trustees.
  4. But we now have a trust deed  dates 1.3.200  .. but that is three months after the application how can a trust make an application before it is formed 
  5. When did that deed first come to  light.. 2006
  6. Were any of the alleged trustees  apart from wells involved in the running of the approved organisation.. no
  7.  Did Maf have consent from any one else  acting  on behalf of AWINZ apart from Neil Wells.. no
  8. Should MAF have ensured that AWINZ existed  legally ..

    yes   there was a Statutory need for accountability  how can there be accountability if the organisation does not exist 


    (1)The Minister must, before declaring an organisation to be an approved organisation for the purposes of this Act, be satisfied, by the production to the Minister of suitable evidence, that—

    (a)one of the purposes or roles of the organisation concerns the welfare of animals or a particular species of animal; and
    (b)the accountability arrangements, financial arrangements, and management of the organisation are such that, having regard to the interests of the public, the organisation is suitable to be declared to be an approved organisation;
  9. How could they do this ..  they had no idea about identities  even the lawyers   did not check   .. they took Wells word as a barrister for it 
  10. was the trust  deed attached to the  application in 1999  and the one provided to Maf  in 2006 the same.. no    therefore consideration of the  unsigned deed by Maf  was irrelevant.
  11. Why  did Maf not insist  on a  deed ..Because Neil  Wells misled them and they  did not check
  12. Why were the other alleged trustees not involved  ..MAF should have contacted these persons  and  ensured that   they were  actively involved  
  13. Why were legal names avoided  ?  If legal names had been used   we would all have known who we were dealing with


With respect to Waitakere city council

  1. Did  tom Didovich have the ability to allow a third party to use his  staff for  animal welfare purposes … no
  2. Didovich signed a MOU   should this have been   brought to the councils attention..Yes
  3. Wells applied for  Didovich’s Job should he have declared the  Mou which he had signed .. yes
  4. Did Neil Wells work in a situation of  gross conflict of interest .. YES!!!!!!
  5. Wells rebranded the building  was  the logo animal welfare on the building confusingly similar to the   logo of the fictional trust ? definitely 


Fraud and corruption  Is New Zealand up the creek  without a paddle? 

When it comes to back ground screening I tell people that the corrupt  usually don’t do things by  half measures.  what is the point  of  inflating your  Cv just a bit when  you can be dynamic and give yourself a degree which will  take you to the top .

And so it is  with perception ratings.  If we acknowledge that there is fraud and corruption then the perception  of  being fraud and corruption free  is destroyed  .

“Our public-sector agencies have focused successfully on developing processes that prevent corruption and these contribute to New Zealand’s stand-out reputation for a trusted public sector” says Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) Chair, Suzanne Snively. “New Zealand trades on its low corruption reputation and we are increasingly finding how to transfer these behaviours from our public to our private sector to leverage off this enviable reputation for integrity.”

It is ironic however that Transparency International New Zealand    prepares the integrity    report  with funding from theses very sectors .partners / sponsors 

The reality was seen this week when the police    acknowledged that

White collar crime ‘rampant’ as nearly 900 fraud complaints go uninvestigated

It appears that  the investigation into Joanne Harrison has lifted the lid on corruption in New Zealand. within a few days  we got interesting head lines

Fuji Xerox NZ voluntarily suspends competing for government contracts

FujiXerox NZ corruption scandal grows in spite of New Zealand’s silence

Binnie: Bain case tarnished NZ’s reputation

Immigration NZ staff investigated for corruption and fraud after visas issued to family, friends

New Zealand: thousands of bottles of allegedly fraudulent wine exported

Patrick Gower: Metiria Turei’s political fraud is ripping off the New Zealand public

The hypocrisy of NZ’s approach to fraud

see SFO  press releases 

A number of victims of these frauds suffer significant loss. Some of these people would have lost a significant portion of their retirement savings, a lot of these files aren’t minor files.”

And there is another side to it too  Victims  and whistleblowers are attacked  in an effort to ensure that the fraud  goes undetected.    In my experience it appears that  the fraudsters get far more  support from the police than the   person discovering/ reporting/ victim  the  crime does.  I often wonder how  lack of   action on fraud  impacts on our  overly high suicide ratings.

These are true stories  I know they are true because they happened to me , I know suicide is a factor  because there were times when it appealed to   me thanks to neil  Wells Wyn Hoadley , graeme Coutts and tom Didovich

I am ex police   and found myself  working as a private investigator  right in the line of fire

Lulled into the  false sense of security  that NZ  has no  tolerance for corruption   I raised the fraudulent application of AWINZ  to be a law enforcement authority  with   MPI and Waitakere city council . Neil Edward Wells a  barrister who  is now known to  have been  corrupt , had written legislation for his own business plan made an application for law enforcement powers for a fictional organisation  he then had the   council buildings re branded with the name of his  fictional organisation  and worked in a situation of severe conflict of interest using council resources infrastructure and  staff to operate his  own business.

11 years later  and this still has not been independently investigated by the authorities and in a move akin to Joanne Harrison neil edward Wells was able  influence the staff   at MPI  so that the matter was not investigated.  he took me to court  for defamation for claiming that the  trust was a sham ,  I was denied a defence of truth   and honest opinion  , my family was torn apart  and now 11 years later I have been taken to court by the police for speculating that Neil Wells was  the  lawyer  in a law society  news publication .

Not long after I had raised this  issue  I  assisted a lawyer in locating the director and Liquidator of  Fresh prepared Limited 

The  liquidator and  director were both fictional , they had been created by a   Hawaiian  business man  named Terry Hay  .  I found my self being harassed by him when he  posted three advertisements in the mandarin time to ensure that  half the chinese  population descended up on our house hold   to buy a super cheap car,  get  a great accommodation deal, get a   fabulous job .

Simultaneously   I had reported  fresh prepared to  MAF at the time as it  was a border control    facility  and they  had  now claimed to be  a different company . I found myself under investigation by Maf and warned for passing myself off as a Maf officer.  I was to learn that this was handy work of Neil Wells.

Hay  was charged by the National enforcement unit and took of to Honolulu  he remained there for  several years and the 22 charges were dropped

Next up   was fraudster Jonathon Mann and his   partner Dr Gerald Waters , Jonathon Mann seeks to silence victims

His victims had to set up a blog site to deal with him,but it appears that fraudsters  don’t like having potential  victims warned

I came under attack by Gerald Waters  but eventually he was charged with companies act offences

Then  I was approached  by  a couple ,  the husband had had a former brief relationship with  a Parisa Hamedi  . Hamedi had gone to  Steven ZINDEL and engaged him on legal aid ,  after a  dozen or so  bonks Hamedi  thought she was entitled to the   mans house . I conducted the investigation and found that  she maintained her housing corp home in Nelson  where she and her children lived with  her former husband.

I committed a terrible crime by suggesting to  ZINDEL that he  should do some home work on the  de facto status as my investigations had proved that   they were a long way off  the  threshold. He came back and suggested that  if   $50,000  compensation was paid then it would all go away . This   wonderful hard working couple  spent some 6 years fighting  this through court   and  in the end the verdict was.. wait for it.. there was no   de facto relationship .  Yet Zindel took me to the Private security licencing authority   because i  told him to check his facts as he may otherwise be using his office for fraud.

Then there is the on going saga  of Muse on allen, where a young immigrant   invested money  in a restaurant o see it all taken away by Samuel North  who then claimed to be  the youngest chef to own his own restaurant.  this has gone through courts   for many years and simply proves that the   civil jurisdiction  cannot cope with fraud ,  on top of being  ripped off the   victim then gets a hiding to nowhere and loses even more funds.

Lawyer  David Abricossow  was acting for the company  and   when I told him that he had an obligation to the rule of law  and could not use his  practice to facilitate fraud  he   took me to court  for harassment and made false  claims that I had defamed him,  I was beautifully set up and lost my Pi licence because this lawyer   was at the start of his career and needed protection .

From what I can see is the  Fraud is left un addressed as it is a fabulous meal ticket for lawyers. Brookfields Lawyers certainly clipped the  ticket on the AWINZ matter .

If you are defrauded  or if you  discover fraud the best thing you can do is close your  eyes and walk away.  make that RUN     the courts appear to support fraudsters   evidence has no place  the ones with the   biggest lawyers  win and when you have been scalped and  the other side has the money  you don’t have much  of a chance at all  .

You have no  rights   there is no justice and in the civil jurisdiction there is actually not right to a fair trial .

But it all helps in   the concealment of  fraud  , if  we do not acknowledge that  fraud exists  then there is no fraud.

You cant find   something that you are not looking for  .. see no fraud problem in New Zealand.




Trading in the grey BS names , trading names and fraud condoned

In  2006 I  unwittingly became a whistleblower on  serious corruption .  I discovered that  the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand (AWINZ)  did not exist  in any manner or form . Neil Wells  a barrister who is now known to be  corrupt   wrote  the legislation for  the animal welfare act to facilitate his own business plan, He made a totally fraudulent application   claiming  that  the application was being made by a trust.

for 11 years the Government  ( both National and Labour ) have failed to address she issue of  fake identities in trusts . I have long claimed that  identity fraud in companies and trusts is the greatest   corruption we face in NZ today.

So while all eyes are on Metiria for minor sins in the past  the large ones are still going on  , this week we learned that life line lost  the contract for suicide prevention and that it has gone to Le Va  where  Bills wife Mary  happens to be one  of the so called  board members of this fictional organisation

Bill English’s  wife   and  her  association with the 1,000,000  grant.   I’m  not saying that there is anything up with what she has done but the “trusts ” she is involved with certainly appears odd.

Le va   is   a creature of fiction  the terms and conditions page states

“These terms apply to the website and social media of which is owned by xxx.

but in a page dedicated to a board  there is just one small clue to be found ” Pacific Inc, trading as Le Va, is an organisation with charitable status governed by a board of trustees ” it just shows how little   people know about trusts and  companies .  Companies have directors and trusts have  trustees.

the web site le is registered to  Wise group

Wise Group is a group of charities , which  does not  have any legal status of its own , its neither a legal person nor a  natural  person  but the incorporated charitable trust  wise trust board   owns a conglomeration of companies  .

While le va  does appear to have foundations with a  legal company   why  do we have to  use a trading name that is so different to the legal name  .

This is exactly the type of confusion that Neil Wells relied upon   so how do you tell the difference between a trading name and a BS name well the companies act has a solution  for this    in section 25

Wells signed agreements in the   name of this fictional trust with MAF and with   the dog control section of waitakere city council.  He  applied for the position of  Manager  without declaring his conflict of interest and   got the job  effectively then becoming both parties to this mou .

In 11 years I have not been able to get any progress on this matter ,I have truck loads of evidence  but   this matter has been actively covered up by MPI and the former Waitakere city council  and  Auckland council. The  Police and  SFO have played a  game of hot potato with the  case  one saying its too serious the other saying it isn’t serious enough.

I have learned that  Wells  engaged a private investigator to  set me up  , I have just  discovered that Ron Mc Quilter  drafted a witness statement   which he then had a witness sign  and did what he could to ensure that  I would lose my PI licence.

Rons Business partner just happens to be  bryan Mogridge of the committee for auckland and previously enterprise waitakere , good reason to see me discredited .

the AWINZ matter has  highlighted to me the level at which corruption is condoned in New Zealand . We have a tendency to  ignore  crime at the top of the scale   but  pounce on the simple straight forward matters.

This is because or enforcement  system is economy based.  so  its about return of $ for investment.  I learned much about false  trusts, fake identities,  abuse of trading names  and was actually on to  the panama papers long before the journalists exposed the material . I included all this information  as evidence in  my petition for a commission against corruption

My petition was thrown out by  Mike Sabin .. now no one got to hear about his sins… and he most certainly did not  own up to them  .

I have seen everything from fake companies fake addresses fake liquidators  proxy directors fake directors.  all of this is possible and apparently condoned.

On page 65 of my evidence you will see  that  the  crown law office memorandum   seeking to have the 22 charges withdrawn  for a  a  well connected  american business man Terry Hay , former  business partner of David Nathan  , for   charges relating to  company fraud.

so  why are we being so tough on   Metiria Turei  for  historic deeds of hers.

The awinz matter has been covered up at  40,000  feet ,   the fact that it has not been investigated 11 years after reporting it  shows that  this tactic of using  fake names is more common than we   think .

Just like the  Joanne Harrison matter      where she  concealed her frauds the same occurred in the   MPI . I have evidence of  OIA’s being  run past Neil Wells, he was consulted and kept in the loop of  my   questions and contacts with the mpi.

there were  people in the auditor generals office who told me that they did not want to touch it as they were too close to retirement and were not wishing to place themselves in such a precarious position  .

Many years ago in police College I learned that  those who stand by and do nothing are as guilty as the perpetrator of   an offence .  Those who  assisted in  concealment  of an offence   were called accessories to the  fact or accessories after the fact  .

section 71 of our crimes act reads

71 Accessory after the fact

(1)An accessory after the fact to an offence is one who, knowing any person to have been a party to the offence, receives, comforts, or assists that person or tampers with or actively suppresses any evidence against him or her, in order to enable him or her to escape after arrest or to avoid arrest or conviction.

so  while some politicians   admit to frauds of the past others stand by and let them happen  .

Open letter to José Ugaz Chair of transparency International

The state of corruption In New Zealand


I am the director of Transparency New Zealand Limited . My company  actively exposes corruption In New Zealand . It was formed after Transparency International New Zealand refused  me membership  because it  claims that

“the TINZ  Objectives, Guiding Principles and Rules of TINZ are not compatible with your actions and objectives. We do not undertake investigations on single cases of corruption or expose individual cases.”

Unfortunately I believe that  by looking at  corruption in New Zealand we can learn from it  and  prevent  it from growing.

Ignoring corruption is like ignoring cancer,  ignore it long enough and it will kill you

I was  very impressed with your presentation at  Massey University, Palmerston North  .

The views you promoted on Behalf of transparency International  resonated with me  and  I felt sad that  Transparency International New Zealand  does not hold the same values as  the  international body .

You   regarded whistleblowers as  essential to  uncovering corruption  but the  local professor   quickly added that   whistleblowers are  regarded as tell tales and then there were some comments   by him abut obtaining information   unlawfully.

I can assure you that the truck loads of information I have collated have  been acquired lawfully and it sets out a  major issue  which we have in New Zealand   and that is the use of trusts.

We use trusts to the extent that we invent trusts  and  although the invented trust is totally bogus   they appear to be able to act like   legal persons , no one checks.

In this example  a  fictional trust obtained an arrest warrant the full document is here 

more   about this is found in Anne’s book  available for download   at 

When  fictional  ” trusts” have a standing in court and  can  have an order  issued to infringe on the rights of a  natural person  then there is something   seriously out of wack

It shoudl be the lawyer’s responsibility to ensure that  such action does not  find itself in court and   he and he alone should be held accountable  to the full  force of the law.

In another matter A fictional trust   obtained law enforcement powers  the fraudulent application is here 

This application was made by a corrupt  Barrister   who has  advised Government and   was heavily involved in drafting the legislation  to facilitate this fraud

He had a business plan see here  and wrote the legislation and advised on it to facilitate this plan

He and his corrupt  lawyer took  action against me  for defamation  for saying that the trust was a sham.   I was denied a defence of truth and honest opinion   and through the false allegation that a similarly named ” trusts ” created retrospectively   ws one and the  same  he misled the court   and  effectively the fiction became reality .

I see the courts reliance on the word of lawyers  as the   single largest contributor to corruption in New Zealand .  Things are sanitised and legitimised through the courts  by misleading the court .. no evidence is ever required.


Trusts in New Zealand are therefore the  no 1 vehicle of choice for fraud and money laundering  , if our courts and lawyers don’t check to see if a trust exists then  its open slather .  In the case of  animal welfare Institute of New Zealand (AWINZ)  I asked the solicitor general to investigate the trust  and the various  trusts that have been set up to    jump through time   and vacuums to give the illusion of reality.

If a trust does not have to have a legal structure which commences and  continues in any verifiable  form then   we are dealing with  fiction .

New Zealand is very much a Victorian colony  which is coming of age   through the use of computers . that is why   whistleblowers are silenced here.

You raised a question with regards to John Key  and asked why had no one investigated him.   The answer is simple   you just need to look at what I have suffered  and you  soon realise that  if you even ask one question out of place you will be discredited   and your life will be in tatters . Your comment and my  research on Key since  leaving the meeting  has made me realise why no action has ever been taken with regards to AWINZ,  for 11 years I have said it is a blue print    and sure  enough  it has been . If a fictional trust  can be a law enforcement authority then it can be anything.

In 2014  , Andrew Little presented my petition for a commission against corruption to Parliament  , I was the lead petitioner . I was asked to present evidence as to why we needed such a commission and   I supplied my evidence   it is at this link   you will see that I touched on panama, I was taken to court with regards to my discoveries of these panamanian companies and  Hungarian alcoholic directors , I was silenced .

I provided evidence of  fake liquidators  fake directors  and showed that the  crown  solicitor’s dropped 22 charges of fraud of  Terry Hay a well connected   american  for   fraud under the companies act

items 56  in that report relate to TINZ role in  corruption today

Transparency International New Zealand in my opinion serves only to ensure that New Zealand status as least corrupt is preserved.  To do this  they actively ignore   corruption  and pretend that   it does not occur.

Transparency International New Zealand  gets funding  from the key public service agencies to do the integrity reports on the public sector.

Quite personally I think that that is a conflict of interest and corrupt .

The reality is that New Zealand is in my experience rotten to the core  we have cheated on  our exam cards (  the  perception index)  and that makes us  among the most corrupt of  them all .

When simple corruption  is covered up  at high levels  and they have to go as far as to discredit you  then you know that the corruption is deeper than any one imagined.

I  look forward to a response from you and look forward to being able to work with transparency International to  address corruption in New Zealand and not be part of the   problem by concealing it.

Of course, those are hardly the only issues that need fixing. Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand has been curiously quiet about his country’s role in enabling the financial fraud Mecca that is the Cook Islands.

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5 october 2016 John Key keeps lid on hidden billions

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Documents obtained by the Australian Financial Review show:

 A Mexican construction tycoon dubbed the ‘Duke of Influence’ joined a rush of foreign money into tax-free New Zealand trusts.
  • Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantu, who built his fortune from billions of dollars in Mexican government contracts, was investigated for lavish housing deals with Mexican political figures.
  • On July 1 last year, Cantu’s Miami lawyer said his client had “circa $US100 million” to put into three New Zealand trusts.
  • Maltese investors who had been turned away from nine banks in the Caribbean, Miami and Panama eventually found a home for their money in New Zealand trusts.
  • Demand for New Zealand trusts went into overdrive late last year with Mossack Fonseca staff in Panama urging New Zealand staff to “chase the money”.

Man of Convictions :By Anne HUNT a Must read for all New Zealanders

 The Opening words of Anne’s Report  could well be my own  with a minor  change, hers are with regards to Phil Taueki  and mine With Neil Wells

“The crime I discovered is serious. Why the cover-up? It piqued my curiosity. No self-respecting “Investigator” can resist the temptation to ferret out the facts! “

Anne makes this comment on her web page which   provides a down load for her latest book   a man of convictions

the only difference between Phil and Neil is that Phil is a victim of   this type of fraud and Neil Wells is a  corrupt  former barrister who perpetrated this identity fraud on the public .

I have spoken to Anne many times  she was a fabulous  support  while I was going through the darkest days  of my AWINZ journey( Neil Wells )  .

There is a strange bond between  those of us who have gone through the mill  so to speak and we have all learned a lot about injustice , the  tricks played in court  and  the dirty tactics.

So when  Anne  sent on an email  with regards to Philip Taueki’s plight  I couldn’t help but get involved. I  smelt a rat  .

I asked Anne to keep my involvement quite   so I worked in the background as I feared that if I was to be connected with the  matter then it would blow up  out of proportion as other matters  which I have  been  seen to be connected with have. Its all over now  so I can come out of the wood work  , but you  can appreciate that Neil wells would not like to think that this was again another   fake trust and once people cotton on to the use of fake trusts his own might be looked at .

This trust however was  allegedly a Maori trust  so I  completed a crash course in Maori trusts  and identified the fact that there were a number of  court actions which had been  brought against Philip by fictional trusts.  It was  the Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand all over again.

Much of the court action had been brought by “HOROWHENUA 11 (LAKE) PART RESERVATION TRUST” My investigations showed that  it  had no claim on the land, it was  a trading name which  has not been defined.   It has no standing before the court and cannot  seek to have a lawful  owner removed from his own  land . Basically it was  just a group of people  hiding behind a BS name .

Fortunately there is no corruption in New Zealand  we just have systems  where checking is the last thing that is done and  we  operate entirely on assumptions .Lawyers  will take instructions from any one with dosh which means at the worst  that   someone living overseas using a fictional name can make your life hell here on a bogus claim.

It is time that lawyers who do not check if

1. their client has standing  and

2. that there is a valid claim

If neither exist then the lawyers  should be charged with  offences under the  lawyers and conveyancers act .

Anne acknowledges my work  in the tributes, strangely enough I have  have just been removed s a PI for not acting in the public interest .. My crime  I told  David Abricossow  to act  impartially for his client the  muse on Allen  and  directed him to the provisions of the lawyers and conveyancers act  ….makes you wonder  doesn’t it  .

Download the book its free    and promises to make good reading

Open letter to the Ombudsman

Dear Sirs .

There is one fundamental  issue with the   complaints system in New Zealand .. it is  out of date  and does not appear to  comply with   the   standard for complaints AS/NZS 10002:2014

I note that the Good administration guides  are all about 5 years  old and probably out of  line with the  Changes to the Ombudsmen Act and official information legislation  document dated   May 2017.

Just recently I blogged  about  the reliance  by authorities on the   unreasonable complainant conduct manual 

and commented that this manual was pretty much identical to the one used in  New South Wales  , the fundamental difference is that  here in New Zealand whistleblowers  are often  labeled unreasonable complainants, in an attempt to  drive home the message the  complainant will  provide more evidence  and where the toll of whistleblowing   is starting to show the whistleblower may resort to highlighting text,  bolding it and  in conversations may raise their  voice due to frustration .  the  easy course to take is to   say AHAH  an unreasonable complainant.

In New South wales the  complainant  can go to the  Independent commission against corruption  who will   independently  investigate the   matter .

In New Zealand you go to the Police who  say it is too serious  and the   SFO  who say sorry not serious enough .

It appears some  australian states have adopted  the  standard for complaints AS/NZS 10002:2014 and have published a document    in 2015 and 2016 which guides Public sector agencies through   the complaint process.

The publications can be found at these links

[PDF]complaint management framework – Ombudsman SA…/Complaint_Management_Framework.pdf

[PDF]Complaint management framework and model … – NSW Ombudsman…/Complaint-management-framework-June-2015.p…

[PDF]Good Practice Guide to Handling Complaints – Parliament of Victoria…/Tabling_copy_VO_Report_A_good_practice_g…

[PDF]Effective complaint handling guidelines – International Ombudsman ……/Effective-complaint-handling-guidelines-Third-edition….

and the company registration   also has  its policy

[PDF]Complaint management policy – ASIC…/complaint-management-policy-for-external-publishing-final….

In New Zealand  we appear to be hell bent on ” writing complaints off ”  covering up   and doing what it takes to preserve our corruption free image .

As a whistleblower with over 11 years experience of  banging my head on a brick wall I have also noted that   identity fraud in New Zealand  is only dealt with by the  department of internal affairs .  the companies office on the other hand unlike ASIC  , looks at compliance and does   nothing   about the use  of “trading names ” and   similar names

My complaint about the   approved organisation  Animal welfare institute was   thrown out by your office because no  one identified the fact that  the court had been seriously misled  through the introduction of a  trust  which bore the same name as the   fictional  law enforcement authority .

the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand ( AWINZ )   was an undefined trading name    it was a  falsely portrayed as being  a legal entity  by a lawyer who has now been proved to be corrupt .

He set up a trust with the identical  name   and misled the court and MAF   by switching one for the other  and thereby  pulled off the perfect fraud .

MPI never checked if AWINZ existed  and processed the   application with an unsigned trust deed.  they didn’t even question  why  the subsequent deed that was provided to them 7 years later  differed from the signed copy which i was given for court.

Nor did they question why  The minister had been told on the  25th march 2000 that the  deed had been sent on for registration    when in reality  it had never  been incorporated in any  way .

Also   a simple check of the trust deed  would have revealed the out right lies as   there is no 20 (a)  in the   deed.

MAF at the time were clearly out of their  depth  and had not the faintest idea what a legal entity was  and how  they should deal with an unincorporated trust . They relied on Mr Wells  experience as a barrister and was prone to drafting documents for the ministry 

Mr Wells who  wrote  the  No 1 bill for the  animal welfare act and inserted the provisions of an approved Organisation to fulfil his own business plan in to the  new legislation on which he advised as “independent advisor “to the select committee without apparently  declaring his conflict of interest.

He made a fraudulent application to MaF  claiming that AWINZ existed as a trust  and was in the process of being registered  quite clearly this was a lie  as the trust deed showed  the trust was formed after this date   and   AWINZ was never incorporated  it was at all times an undefined trading name which  was given  legal existence without  actually having any  . What made this  so  important was the fact that this  was  a  Prosecuting authority under statute .  

It would have been impossible for anyone  to  hold AWINZ accountable ,  new trustees were  magically switched in in 2006   to   give it a pseudo appearance of legitimacy . I say magic  as  no real or legitimate process was involved . But MAF was very happy to  cover it all up  .

I  Brought it to the attention  of the council , Maf  and  a multitude of government  departments  and 11 years on I am still being persecuted . Government departments  like the companies office  look for compliance  they don’t prosecute that is  why it is so  open to abuse .

Whistleblowers in New Zealand  are treated very poorly     to blow the whistle means to devastate your life.  it is therefore  essential that we have proper  complaint procedures and   staff who know what they are doing and  don’t ask the alleged  offender for  guidance.

I may have forwarded one or two of her very early Emails for Mr Wells’ awareness/comment/response.

they also state that MAF needed to   provide assurances to the minister that  AWINZ accountability  met  requirements of the act.. how could they possibly have achieved this  when the organisation was a total fiction  ?  This is Wells  OIA request

The significance of the  existence of an entity also goes to the heart of  any agreements .Here Joanne Tuckwell states

the MOU is here 

and it  states “This Memorandum of Understanding between the Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand
(AWINZ) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) ”

definition ” “AWINZ” means the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand.     – this shows that MAF clearly thought that AWINZ was a legal person in its own right  But Neil Wells signs as trustee  and conceals the reality that   the application was not made by any trust (  there was no trust meeting  which  would have allowed him to  sign for the other trustees, the trustees of he 200 deed never met  )   and that AWINZ is not a legal person in its own right .

Now that  Neil Wells has been proved to be deceitful and a person  who is less than honest in his roll as barrister ,  I hope that    this may be used to  test out a robust complaint procedure.  11 years  of  victimisation for whistleblowing is enough  .

Please  implement the   standards adopted by australia and enforce them .

It is unreasonable to treat whistleblowers as unreasonable complainants no one should have to go through what I have been subjected to  .

I look forward to  finding some Fairness  .




Whistleblowers, Government and SPCA

The headline reads Kiwi whistleblowers left vulnerable by ‘weak, patchy, and out-of-date’ legislation

How true   but then there  are also a large number of  whistleblowers  who are not even covered  by this legislation and  when it comes to ranking  second rate citizens those who  blow the whistle on  wrongdoing in the public sector are  at the bottom of the list .

The whistleblower legislation only relates to employees see Protected Disclosure act 

If you are not an employee and report corruption in New Zealand   then you are treated as an unreasonable person  and  the ombudsmen has put out a manual to deal with  people just like you  .

By being labeled as an unreasonable person  no one in government has to listen to you or look at your evidence as you are after all  Unreasonable .  It is apparently Quite unreasonable in New Zealand to  say   sorry but I think this is corrupt .

That which is not seen , is not questioned   is therefore never unravelled  and  so New Zealand remains corruption free , all nicely concealed.

The unreasonable conduct   leaflet deals with   people who  get angry and frustrated  so all  the   Public sector agency has to do  is  throw up brick walls and leave the  person banging their head against it.  Eventually the person will scream  ” my head hurts ”  and the  agency can then point and say see I knew it all  along an unreasonable complainant.

If you visit the page  Good administration guides you will note that

Good decision making  is 10 pages long

Effective complaint handling 23 pages

and Managing unreasonable complainant conduct is 123 pages long

the  ironic thing is that there is no corresponding manual for  unreasonable conduct from public sector agencies.

As a Private investigator I have found that the no 1 failing of our public sector agencies  is the failure to  verify .

  1. No one checked to see if the animal welfare institute of new Zealand (AWINZ)existed  before giving it  law enforcement powers ,
  2. the lawyers   prosecuting me for defamation never checked that  a trust deed for AWINZ existed or if this was actually the law enforcement trust which they were representing and not a similarly named trust set up with the intention to conceal the fact that AWINZ was fictitious
  3.  The police did not check to see if there was actually an order before charging me with 5 counts of breaching an order made under section 240  Lawyers and conveyancers act  .
  4.  and I could go on

The  runner up failure  goes to failure to  stick to the law. 

  1. the law applies to us not the the government agencies they have the ability to make things up.. might is right

And in  number three place  there  is  lack of  accountability everyone is looking after their mates  after all that is what mates are for  and in NZ our public service is practically incestuous and   funds  Transparency International to ensure that  integrity is always  rated as high.

To understand why this is  you have to first accept that New Zealand has adopted a business  approach to governance , like a large  supermarket installing  self checkouts  the approach is that the  inevitable losses are cost less than the the wages of  the staff  which would otherwise be employed.

It is therefore   better to ignore the  corruption than it is to deal  with it.. prosecution is not cheap and exposed corruption  could damage  the nations reputation and affect the share market which we  are so focused on .

This aspect is is  covered in the UCC manual  at figure 1  as can be seen this list  is  far longer list than the effects on the person  with a bit of luck they may commit suicide and the problem will be gone but the $$$ saving is there.

So all you need  is for the complainant  to be under a lot of external pressure  e.g being sued for defamation and being denied  a defence of truth and honest opinion  , hitting a brick wall  with public sector  agencies who are determined to cover up the wrong doing and/or neglect  of their  fellow workers   and the   whistleblower  is left to be attacked for ever more.

When the complainant thinks that the   public sector agency  is not grasping what is going on and sends in more evidence they are doomed  as one of the criteria for listing a person as a UCC is in chapter 4 ,

This document is by no means  unique it appears that it was  totally copied from the NSW ombudsman’s office.   The difference is that there they have a commission against corruption …  in New Zealand we don’t  and  there is no one independent who looks at   the complaints of Whistle blowers .. Its all too easy Whistleblowers are deemed  Unreasonable complainants and persecuted .

In My case it has been going on for 11 years  and it is still  going on with   unseen cowards beavering away in the background making certain that I stay silent.The police have said it is too serious for them and the  SFO say that there is not sufficient capital involved . All along my character has been under attack  I  am  bad and the perpetrator of this massive  public fraud (which is now  culminating in turning the RNZSPCA’s member societies and  branches into one large expectorate ) has been concealed because the lawyer involved is Holier than thou

I recently read  a Law society article Censured Lawyer  gets name suppression I wrote an article  speculating on who this was  as  due to the circumstances of the events it appeared to me that this was the one and the same person who had sued me for defamation  and  misled the court over the identity of  the Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand a law enforcement authority which had no legal existence  but which had been given   coercive legal powers  following a fraudulent application  for Approved status under the legislation  which this  censured lawyer had written.  The legislation was initially  to  fulfill his business plan of creating a  inspectorate that could prosecute people for animal neglect, that all sounds pretty good   but  now that the RNZSPCA has filed its constitution  show its objectives  as being to give animals a better life  . This  would mean that i am a prime candidate for prosecution  as my cat  always believes that what she is getting is  not good enough .

The animal welfare bill was  initially written by this corrupt lawyer , he later advised on the  the two bills which were considered  and did not declare his conflict of interest , he created offences which are  strict liability and  Basically subjective  being that they are in the opinion of the  inspector . It is an extremely dangerous piece of legislation  especially in the hands of a private body .

12 Animal welfare offences

A person commits an offence who, being the owner of, or a person in charge of, an animal,—(a)fails to comply, in relation to the animal, with section 10; or(b)fails, in the case of an animal that is ill or injured, to comply, in relation to the animal, with section 11; or(c)kills the animal in such a manner that the animal suffers unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress.

10 Obligation in relation to physical, health, and behavioural needs of animals

The owner of an animal, and every person in charge of an animal, must ensure that the physical, health, and behavioural needs of the animal are met in a manner that is in accordance with both—(a)good practice; and(b)scientific knowledge.

11 Obligation to alleviate pain or distress of ill or injured animals

(1)The owner of an animal that is ill or injured, and every person in charge of such an animal, must ensure that the animal receives treatment that alleviates any unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress being suffered by the animal.

(2)This section does not—(a)limit section 10; or(b)require a person to keep an animal alive when it is in such a condition that it is suffering unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress.

the  real clincher comes in section 13

13Strict liability

(1)In a prosecution for an offence against section 12, it is not necessary for the prosecution to prove that the defendant intended to commit an offence.


A person who commits an offence against section 12 or section 14(1) or section 14(2) or section 21(1) or section 21(2) or section 22(2) or section 23(1) or section 23(2) is liable on conviction,—(a)in the case of an individual, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to a fine not exceeding$50,000 or to both; or b)in the case of a body corporate to a fine not exceeding $250,000.

The act is water tight  relies on the opinion of the inspector  and  has virtually no defence.  If you go to a lawyer and make an appointment   for next week you are too late as your defence has to be filed within  7 days .

The legislation is a licence to print money ,  You cannot turn off the life support of a loved one   but if you  think your dog is comfortable and want to keep  it alive you  will be prosecuted for not  having put him down .

When you have been  attacked by a person as long as I have you get to know the way they work  and think  and I recognise the fact that the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand was the trial for amalgamating  the SPCA’s  and the things which have been done over the years  have been trials to  set this one spca in action .

An associate of mine had his horse seized by Sarah Elliott- Warren  who had been  working for AWINZ , was a lecturer at Unitec   teaching  animal welfare inspectors, went to the SPCA  and took over the management of several SPCA’s. The reoports that I had with regards to the horse was that $3,000 grazing fees were demanded  when the  horse was grazed  by Elliot on  family property, when the owner could not find the cash  the horse was put down . The protocol for disposing of animals is  set out here 

Sarah  worked on the lord of the rings project  for the fictional AWINZ   this is the american humane societies    letter regarding the investigation where  animals were both hurt and   died .

The Letter  where this  excerpt appears is here 

it also goes on  to say “There appears to be a very unusual relationship between the SPCA and AWINZ. If the SPCA has
‘ tent”. for reward, a warranted inspector to AWINZ and that inspector was present in order to exercise powers under the AWA, then in my view the arrangement is against the spirit of the AWA.”

The fact that  the  barrister  who wrote  the legislation and   has set the  SPCA up for this change ( he states that he was responsible  for amalgamating them all under the RNZSPCA )  is less than honest can be found here  and here

Waikato Bay of Plenty Standards Committee No. 2 v Mr M [2016] NZLCDT 24 [PDF, 46 KB]Decision on liability (6 September 2016)

Waikato Bay of Plenty Standards Committee 2 v Mr M [2016] NZLCDT 34 [PDF, 42 KB]Reasons of the Tribunal for decision on penalty (24 November 2016)

When you read these decisions you will note   that this man  is playing the poor   “stressed out me” card ,

He did exactly the same in  2008  when he  attacked me  and has  kept up his attack all these years .

In reality  reading the decision he ripped his client off to the tune of  20,000  he was  wanting to  transfer the rest of her assets   to his   animal welfare charity which  did not exist .

He still operates other  charities which  other trustees believe were wound up .

The  one spca is not about   better care for animals it is about $$  and this corrupt  former  Barrister is totally behind this .

I have been blogging about this  for years  fallen on deaf ears he remains the hero  Me the villain even to the extent that I am now charged with 5 offences of breaching a fictional order  for suppression .

The   connections between  AWINZ and the RNZSPCA  have always plagued me and the fact that there is now a very desperate attempt to silence me   makes me believe that my suspicions are well founded . All I had available to me when I named the  Barrister was this 

I would love some one to tell me where  the suppression order is in the decisions  relating to mr M  especially the suppression order under section  240, this again is a  claim fabricated by the corrupt mr M  see here

In 2010  I wrote about the Blurred boundaries RNZSPCA and AWINZ and  I also explained the missing  funds  from the waikato RNZSPCA in various articles

It will come as no surprise that this  same bent  former lawyer set up the programme for training the  Inspectors who   are all too keen to  take on the role as the SPCA as a law enforcement body . He is still connected Graeme coutts a “trustee” of the the  cover up trust AWINZ  works  alongside the RNZSPCA on the same floor, Tom didovich another trustee  worked for  the SPCA . Arnja dale   who has now been appointed Chief Scientific Officer is one and the same Arnja who took over  the Unitec inspector training from  the corrupt  barrister .

It appears to me that there are a lot of people stuck in jobs with limited financial future , By developing the inspectorate  they will be writing their own  salaries .The point they miss is that  their  direction will depend on making animals  suffer , there is therefore no  $$ incentive for them to teach people to look after animals  as they  would be out of a job .

I have seen the spin and the secrecy behind this   but then  I am probably an unreasonable person  so lets ignore  me and just wait and see .

Open letter to the Charities Services with regards to the RNZSPCA change of purpose

I wish to file this formal complaint with the charities Services  

on the grounds

  • significant financial loss to the charity, or the illegal or corrupt use of the charity’s funds or resources;
  • serious harm to beneficiaries (especially to vulnerable beneficiaries);
  • charities deliberately being used for private pecuniary profit or to abuse New Zealand’s tax laws;
  • where a charity’s independence may be compromised;
  • serious wrongdoing by a charity, its officers/trustees or employees, that damages or has the potential to damage its reputation and/or the reputation of the charitable sector;
  • serious non-compliance in a charity which could constitute serious risk to  public interest;
  • damaging public trust and confidence in Charities Services  as an effective regulator

I am a  member of the Hawkes bay  branch of the RNZSPCA ,  That branch is one of  the many members which make up the RNZSPCA.

Recently I attended a meeting of  Taupo residents  and Taupo branch members who were concerned   about being disenfranchised  from  their  society  .

What the Taupo  members and I have in common  is that as members  we have not been able to vote on  the one SPCA proposal

It appears  that there is a group of people who  have taken upon themselves to promote  the one SPCA concept  but have manipulated the   branches and  member societies in such a way as to ensure that their  objective of   disestablishing the   smaller society and taking their   assets is achieved.

Andrea Midgen  has now filed a new constitution which was allegedly passed last week in circumstances  which stretch  the  concept of democracy  as delegates  for at least 15  societies   had no mandate  from the members who  they purported to represent .

The new constitution for he RNZSPCA  which went  live today   differs entirely from the   previous  constitutions and  has  adopted new objectives for  the society  this now reads

4.1 The purposes of SPCA are to create a better life for, and prevent cruelty to and neglect of, Animals in New Zealand and in particular to:

a. be the lead organisation for Animal welfare in New Zealand;

b.educate New Zealanders about their Animal welfare responsibilities including developing and delivering programmes and activities;

c.establish and maintain facilities and provide services throughout New Zealand to improve the welfare of Animals using standards, policies and practices based on best practice and scientific knowledge;

d.promote and advocate for Animal welfare legislation and standards;

e.act as an Approved Organisation under the Animal Welfare Act 1999, including taking action against those who fail to comply with their legal obligations relating to the physical, health, and behavioural needs of Animals

Since the  objectives of the society  have changed  they may now  no longer qualify for charitable status

I note that   in particular they wish to provide a better life for animals  ..  this probably needs to be read in conjunction with this  you tube recording which  demonstrates the   wastage of   donated charitable funds.   Providing a better life could include buying a better car for the owner of the  animal  something which according to this  recording  has happened in the past .

To be the lead Animal welfare  organisation .. sounds like empire building, in the other  hand Andrea Midgens boss, Gordon trainer has already registered a company called  SPCA Aotearoa.  this brings about a potential of conflict of interest for her  as acting CEO of the RNZSPCA and raises the question  is she acting for the RNZSPCA or for her employer  the  Auckland SPCA and sole  share holder of  SPCA Aotearoa  Ltd

Gordon Trainer  is the sole director  of SPCA Aotearoa  Ltd  he  is also the only person  from the Auckland SPCA  who   has  control of some sort of the   25 million dollars which unsuspecting benefactors have left the the SPCA and which has found its way to the   Auckland SPCA. In  the mean time  smaller branches burdened by extra financial  commitments by being billed to take on an employee of the RNZSPCA choosing , have been   wound up

educate New Zealanders about their Animal welfare responsibilities  , they are currently  euthanizing more animals than ever before  , they  are spending more on   human  resources  and corporate wages  particularly looking at getting the inspectorate   going and prosecuting more new  Zealanders.    so is education  going to be through prosecution ?  It has to be of note that it is the SPCA   and not the RNZSPCA  who have the team of lawyers on board .

.establish and maintain facilities and provide services throughout New Zealand to improve the welfare of Animals, since the one spca movement began a number of  local SPCA”s have  been  disestablished , their buildings sold  and   as a result  there are fewer SPCA’a than before , e.g. Te Kuiti, Waikato  , Te Awamutu  etc

promote and advocate for Animal welfare legislation and standards  again their objectives appear to be more in line with a law enforcement authority than a charity  whose beneficiaries are animals

act as an Approved Organisation under the Animal Welfare Act 1999, The government  has responsibilities for animal welfare this is primarily   performed through the MPI and the police .   A former  RNZPSCA  president , Neil Wells ,who was also a barrister wrote the bill for  animal welfare act and was  Independent adviser  to the select committee  and  did not declare his conflict of interest when he included  the provisions for the concept  of  Approved organisations.

Mr Wells went on to   set up his own ” approved organisation  The animal welfare institute of new Zealand   which in reality did not exist and was just a trading name for himself.  He relied on  what I have found to be a fraudulent application, followed by misleading information to the minister there is more just search this site  using the  key word AWINZ

The persons who have been behind this drive for the  SPCA to develop the inspectorate just happen to former  MPI inspectors . this   whole concept is not about  being a charity but  about starting a law enforcement group  using  the 25 million or so ,this has been   side lined into trusts.

These funds  which were given to the SPCA have been deprived  from the true  beneficiaries , the animals.   there appears to be a massive misappropriation of charitable funds  because  people dont realize that the SPCA  has been hijacked.

The new powers are equally   frightening

establish a Board, commissions, committees. forums, and other groups, including consultative groups,and to delegate its powers and functions to such groups;

be an Approved Organisation under the Animal Welfare Act 1999 with such powers and .authority as specified under that Act

invest, lend, advance or otherwise deal with monies and secure the payment of such monies with or without charges, or guarantees; ( these are charitable funds ! )

produce, develop. create, own, licence and otherwise exploit. use and protect Intellectual Property;

purchase or otherwise acquire all or any part of the property, assets and liabilities of any one or more companies, institutions, trusts, incorporated societies or organisations whose activities or objects are similar (in whole or in part} to those of SPCA, or with which SPCA is authorised to merge or amalgamate,or for any purpose designed to benefit SPCA;

And this is the bit where   I believe SPCA aotearoa comes in

establish, acquire, carry on or participate in any business or enterprise which fulfills the Purposes of SPCA (in whole or part);

q. be a member of, affiliate or be associated in any other way with, any organisation which has objects which are similar, in whole or in part, to the Purposes of SPCA; and.

With the   change in the objectives   the transformation is complete   below is the  former purpose  for comparison


  1. The Objects for which the Royal Society is established are:

(a) To prevent cruelty to animals by:

(i) Encouraging and sustaining an intelligent public opinion regarding man’s duty to animals;

(ii) Enforcing where practicable the laws which exist for animals’protection;

(iii) Promoting further legislation for the protection of animals, as may be appropriate;

(iv) Any other ways and means as the Royal Society may deem appropriate.

(b) To co-ordinate the activities of the various Branches and Member Societies;

(c) To promote Branches in districts where there is no Branch or Member Society in existence;

(d) To generally do all such acts and things as shall or may be for the benefit of Branches or Member Societies or in the interests of animals and their welfare.

Evidence  that the RNZSPCA has not  been acting  in accordance with its former objectives  can be found   by looking at

  1. the increase of euthanasia this is not in the interest of animals
  2. the closure of branches which could have been saved  with charitable funds which according to this recording have been misappropriated 
  3. the   replacement of volunteers with paid RNZSPCA staff and then passing  the   costs on to the branch so as to  cause financial hardship  which is then used to  wind up the   society
  4. the unlawful ” administration of  incorporated societies “
  5. by denying members the right to contact  other members and by  calling only a SGM when it suits the RNZSPCA but not  calling a  AGM in three years ( Taupo) or allowing  new people to become members.  This is not  acting in the benefit of branches
  6. there is a gross conflict of interest between the  Auckland SPCA   and the RNZSPCA  . there has been a  historical    fight for power , it now appears to me ,  that the  Auckland SPCA   which has posed as the SPCA see here   has succeeded   in taking control of money and is now taking over the  RNZSPCA  and  will pass that control   through to   itself  by virtue of  this new constitution .

all that is required is  for the  smaller branches to   wind up and the Auckland SPCA will   take over  the RNZSPCA  and put it under the umbrella of SPCA aotearoa.  Public money  corporate wages private gain and a private law enforcement power  with strict liability offences and a  licence to print money .. certainly not  acting charitably  in my opinion

Constitutions  for branches taken into administration , (for which there is no legal provision) , have been unlawfully filed  to ensure that the latest constitutions  state  that on winding up or dissolution the assets go to the RNZSPCA.

I have been told that  well over 2 million dollars of charitable funds have been used for this restructuring. Money which could have been put to good use  by saving branches which have been closed down   by  people other than the members.

The new constitution allows for the   new organisation , (that is what it is   as the  whole constitution appears to have been replaced in one go) to pick and choose its members

the emphasis is  on   the inspectorate   and it is  not  coincidental that   Mr Wells who wrote the legislation also set up the training program at Unitec for inspectors,  so by  becoming inspector focused there is a financial spin off for others  but what has been forgotten is that before a prosecution can occur  an animal has to suffer . so the  society for prevention of  cruelty no longer fulfills its   traditional  role  having instead become an enforcement agency  and therefore by definition is no longer a charity .

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I therefore request an urgent revue of the RNZSPCA   with regards to its charitable status, misappropriation of charitable fund and the grounds stated above

I have posted this on transparency in the interest of transparency .


From: Compliance <>
Sent: Thursday, 13 July 2017 3:19 p.m.
To: ‘Grace Haden’
Subject: RE: complaint with regards to the new uncharitable constitution of the RNZSPCA

Dear Grace

Thank you for your email regarding the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Incorporated (RNZSPCA), registration number CC22705.

The concerns that you have raised have now been reviewed, however Charities Services has determined not to initiate an investigation into the RNZSPCA.  We will only consider exercising our legislative powers under the Charities Act 2005 when there is evidence of:

•          the charity no longer meeting the requirements for registration;

•          a breach of the Charities Act 2005;

•          ‘serious wrongdoing’ in connection with a charity.

Serious wrongdoing is defined under section 4 of the Act as:

(a)  an unlawful or a corrupt use of the funds or resources of the entity; or

(b)  an act, omission, or course of conduct that constitutes a serious risk to the public interest in the orderly and appropriate conduct of the affairs of the entity; or

(c)  an act, omission, or course of conduct that constitutes an offence; or

(d)  an act, omission, or course of conduct by a person that is oppressive, improperly discriminatory, or grossly negligent, or that constitutes gross mismanagement

Charities Services is unlikely to investigate disputes that relate to the governance of an entity or service delivery matters. We will also not become involved if your concern is about a decision made by the officers of the charity that is within the law or within the rules of the charity. Charities Services is unable to overrule a decision made by officers that is within their powers to make, simply because others do not agree with it.

The decision of the SPCA delegates to form one national organisation from it 45 independent centres is one that the organisation is able to make, and not one that Charities Services has the legislative mandate to overrule.

You may wish to contact the SPCA New Zealand directly, or seek independent legal advice, in regards to your concerns.

Kind regards

James Lathan | Assistant Investigator

Charities Services | Ngā Rātonga Kaupapa Atawhai
Extn: 4846 | DDI: +64 4 382 3946

120 Victoria Street, Wellington 6011 | PO Box 30112, Lower Hutt 5040 | www.dia.govt.nzFollow us on Facebook  

Charities Services is part of the Department of Internal Affairs Te Tari Taiwhenua


SPCA AOTEAROA LIMITED is this the monopoly model for the SPCA ?

You can help by speaking out    please do not remain silent on this one ! 

While assisting some people with their dilemma of the local branch of the RNZSPCA, I came across  a company called  SPCA AOTEAROA LIMITED (5343361) Registered

The company is allegedly owned by The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Auckland Incorporated   but  despite  the fact that it was incorporated  30 June 2014  no mention of this company can be found in the annual reports    2015 annual report   or the  2016 annual report.

Mr Trainer files his own  directors form , showing that he is self appointed   he does this through the auspices of his  own company Lomond group limited

Having noted that  the  Auckland SPCA  prefers to use the  generic name SPCA and  its  chairman  Gordon Trainer is also the national president of the RNZSPCA

Gordon trainer was co opted to the national board  September 2015  and it would appear  on what I can see , that he became  president   when he had already set the wheels for  SPCA aotearoa in motion .

What is  the difference you may well ask   well it is an important one  summed up on the RNZSPCA web site

There are  some 40  incorporated societies which are  members or branches of the RNZSPCA , The RNZSPCA  is the national body    on which all of the individual branches and member societies have  a representation  . Those persons who are the appointed members to the RNZSPCA  then select  their  office bearers from their number.

But what so often happens   is that one  person  becomes  entrenched in the role  and that is where the propensity for going off the rails occurs.

For many years Bob Kerridge has been   both the  chairman of the Auckland SPCA and the  national  president of the RNZSPCA  , he was  followed by Gordon Trainer.

Now the SPCA Auckland would be the  first one to admit that  throughout the country there is much confusion about   the number of SPCA’s  many think there is only one.

The reality is  that the Auckland SPCA is  the equivalent status of any of the branches, it is a member society which just happens to  hold the reins through its chair man.

Further confusion arises though the RNZSPCA’s own web site  where  the royal society refers to itself as  SPCA and  has actually registered the  a logo  

The donate page on the RNZSPCA web site makes you  think that you are donating to the SPCA   and in the mean time   the   Auckland SPCA  which is  now apparently driving the take over bid   registers documents at the  Registrars office as 

this is simply achieved by leaving the  real  name off by dropping the word Auckland.

This particular  example was signed By Andrea Midgen  who is now travelling the country and telling societies  that once amalgamation takes place they will have to change their names if they are not part of the one SPCA.

So  simply put the  confusion as to the entity “SPCA”  is no accident  and people  who leave   funds to  the SPCA   in their will  do so with the best of intentions and frequently with the expectation that it will support the  SPCA activities  where they live . Instead   the  funds go to  the Auckland SPCA and  are   shuffled off into Auckland SPCA trust

The wording of trust deeds is important   and in this case the wording of the SPCA trust is such that  the  funds do not have to go to the  the Auckland SPCA, RNZSPCA branches   etc  but   simply for the  purposes as set out here 

This means that the  funds can also go to Community Cat Coalition Incorporated or New Zealand Companion Animal Council Incorporated but apparently it does not go to  RNZSPCA branches which have felt the financial burden of having a paid employee thrust upon them by   the national body .

Financial hardship  is one way of making    groups change their view  on autonomy and by   creating financial pressures  on a society   control can be gained.   the Te Awamutu  Branch   reportedly  was wound up  in this manner   and Waikato closed its doors despite that  fact the $400,000 appears to have  shifted sideways from a trust where the RNZSPCA branch was once a trustee .

So the  whole one SPCA thing  looks very much as a  being contrived and driven by The SPCA,  Millions of dollars which shoul dhave gone to animal s have gone on corporate wages fro this restructuring.

The SPCA’s which have been closed could have  survived if the money paid to consultants had  found  its way to the  volunteers who  were using it for de sexing and  re homing of animals


In March this year    an article appeared in the law society news  Anita Killeen: SPCA Auckland Pro Bono Panel of Prosecutors

In the New Year, I met the Chairman and the Board of the SPCA Auckland and gave a presentation that included a proposal to take charge of developing an initiative I believed would save the organisation money and further its goals. The Board appointed me as a Director in early 2009, and, shortly after, I implemented the strategy which is now known as the Pro Bono Panel of Prosecutors for the SPCA Auckland.

Note that this is only For Auckland.

But the   appointment  of inspectors is through the  animal welfare act   to the RNZSPCA

The organisation known as the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Incorporated is an approved organisation for the purposes of this Act.

Rumour has it that  the   one SPCA is all about  developing the inspectorate and apparently also about giving  work to a lot of  well meaning lawyers who have been sold half a story .

The animal welfare act  is a very dangerous piece of legislation a  law paper can be found here

The author of the paper   was also  apparently fooled with  the SPCA/ RNZSPCA  concept as only the SPCA gets a mention

What the author points out  about strict liability offences is   a very serious point.  In a strict liability offence the  Inspector only needs to think that your  limping Moggie needs to have gone to the vet and you  could  well be up for a massive fine .

Run with a team of lawyers  and  over zealous  inspectors  no animal owner will be safe and I fear that more animals than ever will be put down .

It will be a licence to print money  by the  monopoly which   appears to be being set up  by  bullying the  volunteers who have been  the very fabric of society out  to set up their own  organisations in their area   but will live in fear of  being  be wound up by  the    inspectors of the  mighty monopoly.

Corruption = Monopoly + discretion – Accountability

The SPCA  will be the only   private law enforcement authority .  I know the problems well I saw it with AWINZ.

Why cant   SPCA staff simply call on  MPI or Police to  take action  and prosecute .The SPCA has a vital role in education and  support services for animals

The whole fact of SPCA is about to change and as one person said


There is nothing open and transparent about this Take over  , it is contrived, manipulated  and deceitful . There is no ability for   whole societies to be taken over  by a group of people   and those   who are posing  as  members of a society taken over by stealth should be held  accountable  to the full extent of the law , they have no legal right to file constitutions   on behalf of the members and   run  up financial burdens for the society , each should be personally responsible..  Isn’t that what Andrea Midgen said ? So why should she not be responsible for the actions on the half dozen or so  incorporated societies she claims to have  rights over when  there is no  mandate from members.

The SPCA is being corporatised ,  its  going to be  big business  , it will kill volunteering, community  groups and  will make animal lovers live in fear of persecution .   the funds which  have been given to local communities  to set up shelters  will be liquidated into corporate   wages for  accountants lawyers and consultants .

The animals will be  just  a commodity  and  in my opinion  it will be a fundamental abuse of animals to use them for the $$$ game

This is of national importance and   I certainly hope that  there will be a public investigation into this as  to me it appears that there is a gross misappropriation of charitable funds .

I also hope that  the charities commission  will  remove the charitable status of an organisation so apparently  driven for profit.




Smear campaigns a well practiced form of attack

History often repeats  and the  view is frequently clearest when looking back

The SPCA’s Public relations officer mentioned in the article along side is now none other than Mrs Christine Wells

from the events of this last week   and of the past 11 years I can see a trend emerging.   Neil Wells Good ..Grace Haden    Bad.

By smearing a person  and throwing a lot of mud  there is  the  hope that some of it will stick  and people do tend to say  where there is smoke there is fire , well sometimes  the apparition of the fire is actually a smoke screen.

Mud slinging can only be addresses with truth  and facts  and so often the person doing he slinging  does so to keep the focus off himself.

To look at what Mr Wells has been involved in  we need to look at the trusts which he  has operated with total  disregard of the law.

You have to remember that  He was a barrister  , by definition and officer of the court and a person  legally charged to uphold the rule of Law in New Zealand

Fundamental obligations of lawyers

Every lawyer who provides regulated services must, in the course of his or her practice, comply with the following fundamental obligations:(a)the obligation to uphold the rule of law and to facilitate the administration of justice in New Zealand:

we have seen Neil Wells CV   it makes no mention   of the NEW ZEALAND FUND FOR HUMANE RESEARCH  of which Neil Wells was a trustee

In 2006 when  donation flyers were being sent out By Neil Wells  via Wyn Hoadley soliciting donations he claimed  in June 2006 that AWINZ administers the NZ fund for Humane research ( lord Dowding fund )

The reality was that all those involved in the  NEW ZEALAND FUND FOR HUMANE RESEARCH were either dead or believed that the  fund had been  wound up  , except Neil wells who was still soliciting  donations for this  long forgotten trust

The Lord Dowding fund  was  not even administers by the  NEW ZEALAND FUND FOR HUMANE RESEARCH but by Mrs Heather through a  trust called BEAUTY WITH COMPASSION INCORPORATED In 2000 it was struck off but still had  well over $100,ooo  in its coffers  which Neil Wells Solicits  for his fictional AWINZ in  2005   the letter is found here

Interestingly enough the  bank account  at  the national bank mount Albert  only had one signatory  and had no trust deed associated with it. the one signatory was  Neil Wells. He assures the secretary  that ” Any funds from The Lord Dowding Fund would be kept as a special trust fund within AWINZ to be applied according to the original tenets of the Fund.”  Signed By Neil Wells Trustee . The reality is that AWINZ had no legal existence   it  did not have trustees  and it did not operate as a trust  it was like   The fund for humane research  something Neil Wells took upon himself to call a trust .

as mentioned earlier the Lord Dowding fund  was used to sue me  the  charities records show  how  the sum has changed  over the years  from 98,000   to   22,000  yet Neil wells has  some how made a personal profit of 57,000 and not repaid the  money he used to sue me .

the interesting thing is that  the trust which  obtains the money doesn’t  legally exist  and there are so many holes in this  trust structure that a truck  would  fall through.

The origins of AWINZ .

Neil Wells   after leaving  the world society quits in a row over the kaimanawa horses  see the decision here  and sets up shop as solicitor sole, I suspect that he found  business slow and approaches Waitakere city council to  work on a project to amalgamate dog and stock control with animal welfare .

In the defamation hearing  in 2007 Neil wells falsely claimed that the council  had approached him with regards to amalgamating the two functions  but the  documents I have  clearly prove that  he  misled the court  on this point  ( and many others )  I call it perjury .

IN 1994 he  approaches  the Waitakere city council  with his idea of  combining  animal welfare and animal control and suggests to the council that they could set up an SPCA type organisation.

His no 1 accomplice Tom Didovich   the  manager of dog control in Waitakere  helps push the   venture  see 

Neil Wells has taken some initiatives with respect to enhancing our animal welfare services by proposing the establishment of a pilot programme whereby our staff fulfill the role of animal welfare inspectors by providing an SPCA type operation.

Wells quickly turns this into  lobbying for  new animal welfare legislation 

In a parallel move  Wells  promotes himself as  a ” consultant for Waitakere city council ” To Maf  David Bayvel  who he knows well and has already  done groundwork with .

While on the one hand  Wells  claims to be acting as ” consultant ”  on the other  he is  looking at ways  to make  money for himself  by facilitating the interface between animal control and animal welfare 

This point is not  lost on the  the SPCA who  write 

By august that  95 council officers were appointed as Inspectors .

Neil Wells then  lobby’s councils up and down the country to   encourage them to  consider his proposal  this is a sample letter   he does this using a very impressive letter head which is just a pseudonym for himself .

By mid January 1996 less than two weeks after  sending a proposal to councils over the holiday period , he has put together his business plan for the territorial animal welfare authority

Neil Wells  gets Didovich to prepare a ” blurb sheet to make it appear that  this is an initiative of the council

but by 1997  the local government  NZ  lets it be  known that they are not supportive of Wells idea

During this time  Wells  is busy writing new legislation to facilitate his plan and  in september 1997 the Hodgson bill is produced     Wells has inserted a new  clause providing for  Territorial bodies to be compliance  Bodies

The No 1 bill is rejected as it   infringes on the bill of rights , the powers which wells was  seeking for the inspectors  appear to be draconian  and so  A second bill is  introduced   and  the two bills are integrated into one, Neil Wells is taken on as the  ” independent adviser to the select committee .  He does this without declaring his conflict of interest.

In September 1997 the Hodgson bill was referred to us. The Government decided to introduce its own bill to remedy laps in that bill and in earlier Government policy work on
animal welfare decided that it would be more effective and efficient to consider the two bills together, and delayed consideration of the Hodgson bill in order to do this.

In early 1998   Wells promotes the concept of a trust     and suggests that the council be  involved  and provides a flow of  funds  diagram he appears to make this move to circumvent the intention of the legislation following the introduction of the second bill.

Wells has already preempted the formation of a trust and tom Didovich then pushes this to council 

While the bill is  still being discussed Wells  liaises with various people   to  overcome any hurdles that the  legislation may throw up 

He first comes up with the name AWINZ  in Mid 1998  while the legislation is still being drafted and he states

For this exercise let’s assume that there will be a new charitable trust formed, independent of Waitakere City, to be known as the
Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand (AWINZ). AWINZ could be that national body and would be responsible to MAF Reg through a memorandum of understanding or contract.

….It is possibly premature to propose Part 2 at this stage as there needs to be a little more certainty in terms of what is in the Bill, when will AWINZ be up and running, what transitional  procedures can be used for Waitakere City.

He presents and advisory board  document    and attaches a draft trust deed   , he  alleges that this trust will be set up by the council and The founding trustees will be appointed by the Waitakere city council 

He gets Didovich to gather people the criteria being  that they should be  well know to  give the trust ” credibility ”   and so some people are called together  and Wells is paid for their meeting.

Wells again take advantage of year end and sends the   unexecuted deed to Maf 

It has to be noted that  the deed  makes it clear that Waitakere city  is allegedly a trustee under the deed

You may have noted that crucial events take place at christmas time  this is a very good tactic as things get rushed through or overlooked.

More to come  about the AWINZ  trust deception and why Neil Wells is so fearful that one day  some one may believe me

In the mean time  I found the evidence that wells brought the  independent SPCA’s together   in  a job application at waitakere city council  he states

Undertaking a constitutional reform of the SPCA as National President of the Royal New Zealand SPCA by drawing 45 independent SPCAs into a national society, and as National Director by establishing the first National Office in Auckland.

Interestingly with this job application he does not disclose to Waitakere city council his gross conflict of interest   that by taking the  position he will be contracting to himself 

but that is the nature of  the beast proof is in the pudding see here 

once corrupt always corrupt