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equity trustThe internet certainly brings people together  and brings information out on a global front.   Yesterdays article was  sent to us by a man in Majorca and today  we have been sent a copy of an email which Equity  Trust International has sent out  far and wide.

EQUITY TRUST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (2136248) previously known as Star  chambers  26 May 2008  directors     Greg Roderick STEWART Lawyer Stewart and associates lawyers Limited and one other  who is also the  share holder

As  mentioned in the earlier article  the shareholder is a  former barrister  wife  while she didn’t  use her own address  initially it now appears that the companies office has  caught up with her   and her address  was updated on  10 June 2014

Greg  Roderick Stewart   also has a collection of companies under his name  he is   shown as a practicing lawyer at Stewart & Associates Lawyers Limited  PO Box 438  Alexandra 9340, he now appears to be the instructing  solicitor for  Equity law (*updated 14 July 2014 see statement of claim )

Steven James GREEN appears to be doing the  filing at the companies office    , some of   the companies which Green  operates have been swung over into foreign ownership,  these could well be the model to  circumvent the new legislation .

Mr Green has  quite a connection with equity  he has been listed as the very first testimonial on the equity web site obviously so impressed he joined the company. see his testimonial here  Note that Steve Green states  that he is executive director  of the  citizens  Commission of Human rights of New Zealand , CCHR  is the  church of Scientology  whose  book shop and offices are also located at 44 Khyber pass Road on the ground floor.

Steve Green is also a director of  companies which he manages himself on behalf of equity trust international  Director Consent Form  and he also administers the company trust holdings   which in turn owned many of the  companies which have come to  notice internationally . see the companies list as at  2013

The  dynamite email we received is  below.  We  also have a new  email which was sent out in June 2014   the  web site is see the promotion  Equity Trust International  

It costs less than   $200  to set up a company in New Zealand,   there appears to be quite a mark up  and then there is also the association with    bad press see New Zealand, Fresh From Its Service to Mexican Drug Lords, Helps Out the Russian Mafia  

and which through google translate states

On the firms in which Inta Bilder was or is a director, you can define other names:
The main shareholder Interhold Ltd Genhold is 100% owned by the Trust (NZ) Holdings Ltd, which
has the same legal address as Genhold. Director of Trust Holdings is Lily Sobolev (she is the director
of 15 more New Zealand companies); in Metalwest Limited operates Tatiana Borisova; Director of
Equity Law Barristers and 7 New Zealand companies is Evgeny Orlov; Director of NZ Evolution Trade
Limited is Olga Belchikova etc.. etc..
Falcona Systems in New Zealand accused of fraud in the amount of $ 150 million and the connections
with the Russian criminal groups. In particular, the representative of the Ministry of Finance of Latvia
stated that “in the course of an international investigation found that money laundering Falcona
Systems Ltd attended by representatives of Russian organized crime, money falling into the hands of
Russian citizens in the illegal transactions conducted through Riga (Latvia ).

For the record Olga Belchikova  is also a former employee of Equity law

This  particular story relates to Inter hold  another one of equity’s  companies and also to

Falcona Systems main shareholder is Interhold Ltd, of Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass, Grafton, Auckland… the directorship changed from Inter Bilda , Stacijas Laukums 2, Ak 555, Riga Lv-1050, Latvia  to Manti EFFROSYNI 11 Stavrou Stylianidi Street, Nicosia, CY-2023 , Cyprus the director consent  was completed by Equity trust.  Mr Manti EFFROSYNI, was  very busy at about that time  having registered some 88  New Zealand companies  .

the office location appears on the register in various forms

Level 4 Outsource It Tower, Grafton, Auckland 1150, New Zealand 3 companies
Level 4 Newcall Tower, 44 Khyber Pass, Grafton, Auckland , New Zealand 2 companies of which one may be the travel agent next door
Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass, Grafton, Auckland  more than 200 , we already know that  this  figure is some where  about 1500 companies companies

Below is a copy of the  email we received  the  only deletion is my informants details

 see International fraud connection with Equity law

We do  know that the  receptionist was paid $300 per company to front  it  , nothing else required.

It would appear that Alex Bushe is one and the same as  Alexander BUSHUEV who operates  several businesses  being

DRAGON GROUP LIMITED (5433581) Registered Company
— appointed as a director on 25 Aug 2014
STEIGEN MAKLER LIMITED (5170404) Registered Company
— holding 100 shares
BLACKLIST DEBT RECOVERY LIMITED (4361899) Registered Company
— appointed as a director on 18 Apr 2013
— appointed as a director on 19 Jun 2014
GLOBAL WEALTH GROUP LIMITED (5433544) Registered Company
— appointed as a director on 25 Aug 2014
SEDLEX LIMITED (5058320) Registered Company
— holding 40 shares

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Equity Law LTD Alex <>
Date: Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 3:29 PM
Subject: New Zealand Trust, LTD, LTC, FSP Registration Special Prices
Hello partners,

 Only till the end of JUNE Equity Trust International offers these SPECIAL PRICES to our agents and clients:

 New Zealand Limited Corporation – $649 USD

– Offshore Director(s)

– Offshore Shareholder(s)

– NZ Registered Office Address

– IRD Registration

– Standard Constitution, Opening Minutes

– Apostilled Certificate of Incorporation, couriered delivery


New Zealand Look-Through Company – $799 USD

– Offshore Director(s)

– Offshore Shareholder(s)

– NZ Registered Office Address

– New Zealand IRD Registration & Look-Through Registration (from incorporation date)

– Standard Constitution, Opening Minutes

– Apostilled Certificate of Incorporation, couriered delivery


New Zealand Limited Partnership – $1.299 USD

– Offshore General Partner(s)

– Offshore Limited Partner(s)

– NZ Registered Office Address

– New Zealand IRD Registration(from incorporation date)

– Partnership Agreement (template supplied), Opening Minutes

– Apostilled Certificate of Registration, couriered delivery


New Zealand Non-Resident Trust – $1.999 USD

– Non-Resident Trust Formation

– Offshore Trustee – your non-resident Trustee (if required)

– New Zealand (Corporate) Private Trustee incorporation

– NZ Registered Office Address

– New Zealand IRD Registration (from formation date)

– Trust Deed, Minutes, Registers etc

– 3 hours of free legal / documentation support per Trust


New Zealand Financial Service Provider Registration – $10,999 USD

all documentation, coordination, AML policy and manual, and filing through to liaising with Companies Office to registration + more

Please, use our order form to express your interest in our services.

Kind Regards,

Management of

Equity Trust International Limited

equity trust

Level 4, OutSource IT Tower | 44 Khyber Pass Road | Grafton |
Auckland 1150 | New Zealand
Telephone: +64 (9) 303 3001
Fax: +64 (9) 303 2018


You have received this email message because you have previously contacted us about our services. This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are private and confidential and are solely for the use of the addressee. It may contain material which is legally privileged. If you are not the addressee or the person responsible for delivering to the addressee, be advised that you have received this e-mail in error and that any use of it is strictly prohibited.

I have removed the link to the order form    but  you can  see copy of order form here  New Zealand Offshore Trust Asset Protection Tax Solutions Immigration is registered to Whois Lookup _ Domain Availability – Registration Information

Admin Name:
Admin Organization: Equitylaw ltd
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Admin Country: Level 4, New Call Tower
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updated  14 July 2014

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