International fraud connection with Equity law

Erik VanagelsEquity law is  situated at Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton, Auckland, its  sole director and shareholder is  available through the  companies office

It would appear that Equity trust  is involved in the maintenance of registration   of  several  companies,  which  have been reported in the international press, as being  involved with  international fraud and corruption . such companies are  Falcona sustems  , Unihold , Maxhold   see naked Capitalism ”  New Zealand, Fresh From Its Service to Mexican Drug Lords, Helps Out the Russian Mafia

These companies came to the attention of the international press   in 2012   Unihold  Limited  was involved in an international money laundering  scam see story  ” Behind the Proxies”  here

When you  look up  the register  you will see that   the  director at the time was a Mr Erik Vanagels from Panama and that the company is  registered to Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Road. Vanagels reputedly a Latvian alcoholic had well over 200 New Zealand companies  under his belt  the majority of  which have now been stuck off  however 2 companies remain  on the resister Being Bergstone  and Eurozone Corporation  . While Bergstone is about to be struck off due to  no annual return being filed, Steven Green , director of Equity trust International has  filed an annual return for Eurozone there by keeping the  company directed by this renowned proxy director alive.

Erik Vanangels,  international man of mystery ,  is actually a Latvian  who according to a news item  is a ” hard-drinking pensioner in Latvia “ is simply amazing that his address should also be “Buzon 1987, Zone 9a, Carrasquilla & Via Espana, Panama City, Panama”  (is that Buzon or BOOZE ON )  see also Fraud trail leads to OAP’s tiny flat

One would  expect  that if  a  company  with  integrity  had been caught out by  a bad deal such as the 150 million dollar money laundering  incident  that they would steer well clear  of Mr  Vanagels instead we find  that a number of other companies are registered to  him  courtesy of Equity law  . These companies include  GRANDWEST LIMITED   , DARTHOLM CAPITAL LIMITED ,WOODPORT LIMITED ,INTRANS LIMITED,FAIRPORT LIMITED,BRANDGOLD BUSINESS LIMITED and more  all owned by Unihold.  (It has to be noted that  by  January 2014 these companies had all been struck off by the registrar of companies.)

This address is  also the registered office for  other  companies such as ENTROFIELD LIMITED owned by SWEDHOLD LIMITED owned by  GENHOLD LIMITED owned by TRUST (NZ) HOLDINGS LIMITED owned by the occupants of  Flat 8a, 4 Short Street, Auckland Central, Auckland, 1010 , New Zealand  .

The shareholder  is the   wife of  a former lawyer the address  is the one which  he   also used as his own address, this property is owned  by her  and is currently up for sale.The real estate agent has advertised the unit as “Owners Moving Overseas”  Update :it has been sold to LSE limited a company owned and directed  by lawyer george  Bogiatto

Last year we  found that the lawters wife held some 1500  companies some of these were transferred to Grigori CHELOUDIAKOV of Beach road Te Atatu  , we failed to locate him until we realized that he  is one and the same as Greg Shelton   who  appears to be yet another of  equities proxy directors  .

It appears that he has been using his name  Gregory Shelton  for many  years  but in 2013 Steven James GREEN ( EQUITY TRUST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ) records  him as Grigori CHELOUDIAKOV   for several companies formerly under the   directorship of Inta Bilder  and owned by Unihold . The same side ways shuffle also occurred  with  Crestpoint trade   where  shelton briefly became a shareholder  and was  removed again placing Maxhold back  on the register .   Maxhold and Unihold are both ultimately owned by    as per this flow diagram click for enlargement

The full spread sheet can be seen here  companies.  We have done our best  but  due to many changes   errors  could exist  so please check all information .

Staff members at Equity are frequently asked to be  directors and  shareholders, the  recent receptionist  was a   proxy   director for several companies  one of  which was 4-way Logistics limited   when she resigned the directorship was taken over  by Leah TOURELEO  who according to   open corporates  holds directorships in a raft of international companies and is yet another Proxy director.

We were  told that  the remuneration for this is  $300.00 per year  .

An immigration service also operates from this address  and  actively  solicits investors into New Zealand  to gain residency .the  web site is owned by  Equity law Ltd Whois Search _

Perhaps MR Erik Vanagels   should apply .

* this article was updated 14/7/2014 to address issues  of alleged defamation by  and associates . Everything in this post  and others is factual   it is truth and honest opinion  . The  complaint came  just  five days after the LCRO ( law complaints review office ) confirmed  a date for the lawyers hearing .  The  court papers are  located here   statement of claim , since then he  has also taken Bankruptcy action against our director ,  originally on  false documents, the law society had decided that he owed her nearly $30,000 something he has appealed.

We have written  to lawyer Greg Stewart who is the    solicitor on record ,  there have been many opportunities given for amendment by the Plaintiffs  but hey choose to be vague.  There have now been no less than  four offers to correct amend   adjust the content.   Everything published here is   truth and honest opinion and  published in the public interest.

Greg Stewart is also a director of  Equity trust International yet he has not declared this to the court.

The law  firm , now  apparently operated  by Greg Stewart  of Alexandra  through Joo Yeon ( julia ) Leenoh is  behind  many other companies  which also have  their  address  at 4, 44 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton, Auckland, one such company is equity trust International Limited  whose  sole   shale holder is his wife and the directors are Lawyer Greg Stewart   and  a Mr Steven Green  of Manurewa .


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