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News Flash EQUITY TRUST solicits new clients

equity trustThe internet certainly brings people together  and brings information out on a global front.   Yesterdays article was  sent to us by a man in Majorca and today  we have been sent a copy of an email which Equity  Trust International has sent out  far and wide.

EQUITY TRUST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (2136248) previously known as Star  chambers  26 May 2008  directors     Greg Roderick STEWART Lawyer Stewart and associates lawyers Limited and one other  who is also the  share holder

As  mentioned in the earlier article  the shareholder is a  former barrister  wife  while she didn’t  use her own address  initially it now appears that the companies office has  caught up with her   and her address  was updated on  10 June 2014

Greg  Roderick Stewart   also has a collection of companies under his name  he is   shown as a practicing lawyer at Stewart & Associates Lawyers Limited  PO Box 438  Alexandra 9340, he now appears to be the instructing  solicitor for  Equity law (*updated 14 July 2014 see statement of claim )

Steven James GREEN appears to be doing the  filing at the companies office    , some of   the companies which Green  operates have been swung over into foreign ownership,  these could well be the model to  circumvent the new legislation .

Mr Green has  quite a connection with equity  he has been listed as the very first testimonial on the equity web site obviously so impressed he joined the company. see his testimonial here  Note that Steve Green states  that he is executive director  of the  citizens  Commission of Human rights of New Zealand , CCHR  is the  church of Scientology  whose  book shop and offices are also located at 44 Khyber pass Road on the ground floor.

Steve Green is also a director of  companies which he manages himself on behalf of equity trust international  Director Consent Form  and he also administers the company trust holdings   which in turn owned many of the  companies which have come to  notice internationally . see the companies list as at  2013

The  dynamite email we received is  below.  We  also have a new  email which was sent out in June 2014   the  web site is see the promotion  Equity Trust International  

It costs less than   $200  to set up a company in New Zealand,   there appears to be quite a mark up  and then there is also the association with    bad press see New Zealand, Fresh From Its Service to Mexican Drug Lords, Helps Out the Russian Mafia  

and which through google translate states

On the firms in which Inta Bilder was or is a director, you can define other names:
The main shareholder Interhold Ltd Genhold is 100% owned by the Trust (NZ) Holdings Ltd, which
has the same legal address as Genhold. Director of Trust Holdings is Lily Sobolev (she is the director
of 15 more New Zealand companies); in Metalwest Limited operates Tatiana Borisova; Director of
Equity Law Barristers and 7 New Zealand companies is Evgeny Orlov; Director of NZ Evolution Trade
Limited is Olga Belchikova etc.. etc..
Falcona Systems in New Zealand accused of fraud in the amount of $ 150 million and the connections
with the Russian criminal groups. In particular, the representative of the Ministry of Finance of Latvia
stated that “in the course of an international investigation found that money laundering Falcona
Systems Ltd attended by representatives of Russian organized crime, money falling into the hands of
Russian citizens in the illegal transactions conducted through Riga (Latvia ).

For the record Olga Belchikova  is also a former employee of Equity law

This  particular story relates to Inter hold  another one of equity’s  companies and also to

Falcona Systems main shareholder is Interhold Ltd, of Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass, Grafton, Auckland… the directorship changed from Inter Bilda , Stacijas Laukums 2, Ak 555, Riga Lv-1050, Latvia  to Manti EFFROSYNI 11 Stavrou Stylianidi Street, Nicosia, CY-2023 , Cyprus the director consent  was completed by Equity trust.  Mr Manti EFFROSYNI, was  very busy at about that time  having registered some 88  New Zealand companies  .

the office location appears on the register in various forms

Level 4 Outsource It Tower, Grafton, Auckland 1150, New Zealand 3 companies
Level 4 Newcall Tower, 44 Khyber Pass, Grafton, Auckland , New Zealand 2 companies of which one may be the travel agent next door
Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass, Grafton, Auckland  more than 200 , we already know that  this  figure is some where  about 1500 companies companies

Below is a copy of the  email we received  the  only deletion is my informants details

 see International fraud connection with Equity law

We do  know that the  receptionist was paid $300 per company to front  it  , nothing else required.

It would appear that Alex Bushe is one and the same as  Alexander BUSHUEV who operates  several businesses  being

DRAGON GROUP LIMITED (5433581) Registered Company
— appointed as a director on 25 Aug 2014
STEIGEN MAKLER LIMITED (5170404) Registered Company
— holding 100 shares
BLACKLIST DEBT RECOVERY LIMITED (4361899) Registered Company
— appointed as a director on 18 Apr 2013
— appointed as a director on 19 Jun 2014
GLOBAL WEALTH GROUP LIMITED (5433544) Registered Company
— appointed as a director on 25 Aug 2014
SEDLEX LIMITED (5058320) Registered Company
— holding 40 shares

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Equity Law LTD Alex <>
Date: Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 3:29 PM
Subject: New Zealand Trust, LTD, LTC, FSP Registration Special Prices
Hello partners,

 Only till the end of JUNE Equity Trust International offers these SPECIAL PRICES to our agents and clients:

 New Zealand Limited Corporation – $649 USD

– Offshore Director(s)

– Offshore Shareholder(s)

– NZ Registered Office Address

– IRD Registration

– Standard Constitution, Opening Minutes

– Apostilled Certificate of Incorporation, couriered delivery


New Zealand Look-Through Company – $799 USD

– Offshore Director(s)

– Offshore Shareholder(s)

– NZ Registered Office Address

– New Zealand IRD Registration & Look-Through Registration (from incorporation date)

– Standard Constitution, Opening Minutes

– Apostilled Certificate of Incorporation, couriered delivery


New Zealand Limited Partnership – $1.299 USD

– Offshore General Partner(s)

– Offshore Limited Partner(s)

– NZ Registered Office Address

– New Zealand IRD Registration(from incorporation date)

– Partnership Agreement (template supplied), Opening Minutes

– Apostilled Certificate of Registration, couriered delivery


New Zealand Non-Resident Trust – $1.999 USD

– Non-Resident Trust Formation

– Offshore Trustee – your non-resident Trustee (if required)

– New Zealand (Corporate) Private Trustee incorporation

– NZ Registered Office Address

– New Zealand IRD Registration (from formation date)

– Trust Deed, Minutes, Registers etc

– 3 hours of free legal / documentation support per Trust


New Zealand Financial Service Provider Registration – $10,999 USD

all documentation, coordination, AML policy and manual, and filing through to liaising with Companies Office to registration + more

Please, use our order form to express your interest in our services.

Kind Regards,

Management of

Equity Trust International Limited

equity trust

Level 4, OutSource IT Tower | 44 Khyber Pass Road | Grafton |
Auckland 1150 | New Zealand
Telephone: +64 (9) 303 3001
Fax: +64 (9) 303 2018


You have received this email message because you have previously contacted us about our services. This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are private and confidential and are solely for the use of the addressee. It may contain material which is legally privileged. If you are not the addressee or the person responsible for delivering to the addressee, be advised that you have received this e-mail in error and that any use of it is strictly prohibited.

I have removed the link to the order form    but  you can  see copy of order form here  New Zealand Offshore Trust Asset Protection Tax Solutions Immigration is registered to Whois Lookup _ Domain Availability – Registration Information

Admin Name:
Admin Organization: Equitylaw ltd
Admin Street: +64.93032008
Admin City:
Admin State/Province:
Admin Postal Code: ax:
Admin Country: Level 4, New Call Tower
Admin Phone:
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:

updated  14 July 2014

International fraud connection with Equity law

Erik VanagelsEquity law is  situated at Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton, Auckland, its  sole director and shareholder is  available through the  companies office

It would appear that Equity trust  is involved in the maintenance of registration   of  several  companies,  which  have been reported in the international press, as being  involved with  international fraud and corruption . such companies are  Falcona sustems  , Unihold , Maxhold   see naked Capitalism ”  New Zealand, Fresh From Its Service to Mexican Drug Lords, Helps Out the Russian Mafia

These companies came to the attention of the international press   in 2012   Unihold  Limited  was involved in an international money laundering  scam see story  ” Behind the Proxies”  here

When you  look up  the register  you will see that   the  director at the time was a Mr Erik Vanagels from Panama and that the company is  registered to Level 4, 44 Khyber Pass Road. Vanagels reputedly a Latvian alcoholic had well over 200 New Zealand companies  under his belt  the majority of  which have now been stuck off  however 2 companies remain  on the resister Being Bergstone  and Eurozone Corporation  . While Bergstone is about to be struck off due to  no annual return being filed, Steven Green , director of Equity trust International has  filed an annual return for Eurozone there by keeping the  company directed by this renowned proxy director alive.

Erik Vanangels,  international man of mystery ,  is actually a Latvian  who according to a news item  is a ” hard-drinking pensioner in Latvia “ is simply amazing that his address should also be “Buzon 1987, Zone 9a, Carrasquilla & Via Espana, Panama City, Panama”  (is that Buzon or BOOZE ON )  see also Fraud trail leads to OAP’s tiny flat

One would  expect  that if  a  company  with  integrity  had been caught out by  a bad deal such as the 150 million dollar money laundering  incident  that they would steer well clear  of Mr  Vanagels instead we find  that a number of other companies are registered to  him  courtesy of Equity law  . These companies include  GRANDWEST LIMITED   , DARTHOLM CAPITAL LIMITED ,WOODPORT LIMITED ,INTRANS LIMITED,FAIRPORT LIMITED,BRANDGOLD BUSINESS LIMITED and more  all owned by Unihold.  (It has to be noted that  by  January 2014 these companies had all been struck off by the registrar of companies.)

This address is  also the registered office for  other  companies such as ENTROFIELD LIMITED owned by SWEDHOLD LIMITED owned by  GENHOLD LIMITED owned by TRUST (NZ) HOLDINGS LIMITED owned by the occupants of  Flat 8a, 4 Short Street, Auckland Central, Auckland, 1010 , New Zealand  .

The shareholder  is the   wife of  a former lawyer the address  is the one which  he   also used as his own address, this property is owned  by her  and is currently up for sale.The real estate agent has advertised the unit as “Owners Moving Overseas”  Update :it has been sold to LSE limited a company owned and directed  by lawyer george  Bogiatto

Last year we  found that the lawters wife held some 1500  companies some of these were transferred to Grigori CHELOUDIAKOV of Beach road Te Atatu  , we failed to locate him until we realized that he  is one and the same as Greg Shelton   who  appears to be yet another of  equities proxy directors  .

It appears that he has been using his name  Gregory Shelton  for many  years  but in 2013 Steven James GREEN ( EQUITY TRUST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ) records  him as Grigori CHELOUDIAKOV   for several companies formerly under the   directorship of Inta Bilder  and owned by Unihold . The same side ways shuffle also occurred  with  Crestpoint trade   where  shelton briefly became a shareholder  and was  removed again placing Maxhold back  on the register .   Maxhold and Unihold are both ultimately owned by    as per this flow diagram click for enlargement

The full spread sheet can be seen here  companies.  We have done our best  but  due to many changes   errors  could exist  so please check all information .

Staff members at Equity are frequently asked to be  directors and  shareholders, the  recent receptionist  was a   proxy   director for several companies  one of  which was 4-way Logistics limited   when she resigned the directorship was taken over  by Leah TOURELEO  who according to   open corporates  holds directorships in a raft of international companies and is yet another Proxy director.

We were  told that  the remuneration for this is  $300.00 per year  .

An immigration service also operates from this address  and  actively  solicits investors into New Zealand  to gain residency .the  web site is owned by  Equity law Ltd Whois Search _

Perhaps MR Erik Vanagels   should apply .

* this article was updated 14/7/2014 to address issues  of alleged defamation by  and associates . Everything in this post  and others is factual   it is truth and honest opinion  . The  complaint came  just  five days after the LCRO ( law complaints review office ) confirmed  a date for the lawyers hearing .  The  court papers are  located here   statement of claim , since then he  has also taken Bankruptcy action against our director ,  originally on  false documents, the law society had decided that he owed her nearly $30,000 something he has appealed.

We have written  to lawyer Greg Stewart who is the    solicitor on record ,  there have been many opportunities given for amendment by the Plaintiffs  but hey choose to be vague.  There have now been no less than  four offers to correct amend   adjust the content.   Everything published here is   truth and honest opinion and  published in the public interest.

Greg Stewart is also a director of  Equity trust International yet he has not declared this to the court.

The law  firm , now  apparently operated  by Greg Stewart  of Alexandra  through Joo Yeon ( julia ) Leenoh is  behind  many other companies  which also have  their  address  at 4, 44 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton, Auckland, one such company is equity trust International Limited  whose  sole   shale holder is his wife and the directors are Lawyer Greg Stewart   and  a Mr Steven Green  of Manurewa .


We don’t have bribery in New Zealand – because we condone it

briberyI refer to the news paper story by Rob Stock  listed on the Verisure web site .   and  on the  SPCS  web site

The man involved  Terry Hay   is an American  who has lived in New Zealand a number of years and in my opinion  is  well versed at using  his money  to get him out of a fix and  getting what he wants .

there are background stories about him at this link

While he does not mind  causing depression in other peoples lives and  financially ruining those  who are less  fortunate than him it is quite a different  story when he has to face  criminal charges.   In this case there were a mere 22  offences  of Fraud. see them here hay charges.

I found that  He had offered the National enforcement unit $80,000 to drop the charges  but they had refused

I discovered that he  had returned to New Zealand   and the charges were dropped Terry Hay. because amongst other things the poor man, who had my life hell and had  cost me some $50,000,  was depressed.

I had been to a conference where Nick Patterson of the SFO spoke about facilitation fees and how this was a bribe.

I took the matter to the SFO and have   had a response from them   view letter SFO HAY

I have responded as follows

Thank you Steve

 I guess this is why we do not  have   bribery in new Zealand    we condone it.

 bribe is defined  in the crimes act “ bribe means any money, valuable consideration, office, or employment, or any benefit, whether direct or indirect”

 “official means any person in the service of Her Majesty in right of New Zealand (whether that service is honorary or not, and whether it is within or outside New Zealand), or any member or employee of any local authority or public body, or any person employed in the education service within the meaning of the State Sector Act 1988.”

 In the context of section 105 crimes act

105 Corruption and bribery of official

  • (1) Every official is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who, whether within New Zealand or elsewhere, corruptly accepts or obtains, or agrees or offers to accept or attempts to obtain, any bribe for himself or any other person in respect of any act done or omitted, or to be done or omitted, by him in his official capacity.

(2) Everyone is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who corruptly gives or offers or agrees to give any bribe to any person with intent to influence any official in respect of any act or omission by him in his official capacity.

As a former  Police prosecutor it appears to me   that Mr Hay though his lawyer   offered a bribe to the national  enforcement unit after having been a fugitive from New Zealand law for many years knowing that a warrant was out for his arrest   that to me is one offence of offering a bribe..   or does  a bribe done through a lawyer become legitimate some how?

   How is that different  to   the example given on

 Offering a customs officer a payment for approving the import of a product produced by your company.- a fast track facilitation fee ? 

 I was at the   fraud conference a few weeks ago and heard Nick Paterson talk about corruption

So straight  on from that   I find that the SFO     speaks  but empty  and meaningless words.

There are many  directors and persons   currently in jail   for fraud..  If they had paid  the SFO  or whichever prosecution agency for   the cost of investigation  they  too presumably  could have had the charges dropped.

 So what is the  criteria  for  buying your way out of having the charges dropped.  By way of OIA please advise  why one  person  would qualify and another would not  and what influences  this decision and how are the  costs calculated   .

Could you also please advise by way of OIA  how the ingredients  of 105 (2)  crimes act are not  fulfilled …  I would think that  it would set  good case law to define  corrupt

 I could not find a definition for corrupt in  the crimes act and   therefore revert to the dictionary meaning  “-Having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain”

Dishonest  is   defined as  “Intended to mislead or cheat “

 In this instance we have a man  who has been charged with 22 offences of fraud.  His  co offender has  been sentenced  and   due to her guilty plea the  case against him is  already as much as proved.

For this reason he has   stayed out of the country   and lived in Honolulu . 

 He knows his option is to front the judge  but  he knows that  this  will result in a criminal conviction.  He still has the same options available to  him as  any other person  and that is to  seek a discharge without conviction,  but because of his co offenders penalty he also knows that this will not be an option.

 He makes an offer to the NEU   and was rejected  he then  made an offer to crown law.

   Do we know  if money was offered  to crown law ?  do we know that  the money went into a specific account?  if  so  please enlighten me by way of OIA  to the process which  kicks in when money is paid to prosecuting authorities  such as    say the SFO ?

 Also By  way of OIA please advise  What provision in law is there for  someone to  pay for the cost of prosecution to prevent an appearance before  the court.  In this instance we know  that a conviction  was a fore gone conclusion as the co offender had  entered a plea of  guilty .

 And if cost cutting is an objective   why has some  one not considered  not doing any investigations at all?

 Mr Hay  knew what his fate would  be  his only option was  to  cheat  and do a deal  before it goes to court.

 Section 105

Everyone is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who corruptly- proved

 gives or offers or agrees to give any bribe to any person Proved  ( the person being  Brian Hickey  crown solicitor  )

with intent to influence – proved   he  wanted the charges withdrawn

any official in respect of any act or omission by him in his official capacity-  the  withdrawal of the charges   proved.

 I have great difficulty in rationalising  that this man was able to pay $80,000   to get  22 serious fraud offences dropped.

 I personally have paid out  somewhere about $300,000  because I questioned   why someone could write legislation for their own business plan and then use it to set up a fictional  body which became  a law enforcement authority and then ran it from public resources for private pecuniary gain .

 It is unbelievable  that  things such as this  are left un  addressed in this purportedly the least corrupt country in the world  , that  could be  why I  am  getting a visit  from a Chinese delegation to   see the reality of  corruption in New Zealand .. I will make sure this is used as an example.

 I note that  the  SFO is a member of transparency International.. the government  department is a member of  a so called watch dog on corruption

 As a further OIA  please advise  how much the SFO has contributed to the national integrity survey  which is being   conducted by transparency international  and advise how much per annum your membership fees are. And what conflict of interest has been considered in the SFO becoming a member of a society which  gives a false clean  image on corruption in new Zealand.  

 I will be posting this on      and I will be alerting he world  as to how soft NZ  is on bribery and actively conceals corruption and bribery. 

 We  only look the best because we cheat.

 I look forward to the OIA response.

I just have to  wonder  how this Terry hay incident   is not a facilitation fee aka Bribe    and how we can  on one side  question  why New Zealand   does not  have bribery   and on the other  we see the very same people  turning a blind eye to it.. I would love to know what their definition of bribery is.

In the mean time   we remain the lest corrupt  because    we don’t have bribery in new Zealand

and this is not a red  dot red  dot