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Committee for AucklandFew Aucklanders are aware of the  role of the committee for Auckland in the formation of the super city  .

It comes as no surprise that when the committee for Auckland is looked at a bit closer  there are many things which do not stack up  neatly  and it is  even more revealing to look at the members of  the committee for Auckland  and  see what role they play in the city.

lets look at some facts.

The committee for Auckland is a charity  , not  just one charity , its three charities

CC43500  Committee For Auckland  group

    CC43499 Committee For Auckland Limited

    CC43498  The Committee For Auckland Trust

There  is a lack of transparency in its accounts  as it only lists one set of books which is for the  CC43499 Committee for Auckland Limited.

The company was registered as COMPETITIVE AUCKLAND LIMITED it changed its name 23 Dec 2002 to Committee For Auckland Limited   . The shareholder is a group of people who may or may not be a trust there is no indication of this other than the fact that the shares are jointly held.

The beneficiary of the company / charity proceeds is COMPETITIVE AUCKLAND Trust   this is not a charity it is not a trust registered under the charitable trust act 1957, no trust deed is visible.

Documentation which relates to the competitive Auckland   entity indicates that the purpose is not charitable and it has been created to inspire business growth.  It is very much a commercial venture.  the  crucial documents are located at the following links

Transparency New Zealand has made a complaint to   the charities commission  with regards to  these charities  see the complaint here   Complaint by Grace Haden with regards to the committee for Auckland

 One of the earlier documents relating to   Competitive Auckland is found on   a council web site  which is a page which had the origins on the Waitakere city  council web site. Indeed many of the members of committee  for Auckland  and their associates appear to have common connections thorough the  Portage trust  and the  Waitakere licensing trust

Early documents  relating to   the who is who and  the intention behind the project can be found in the internet archives  it speaks of Auckland being a ” one stop shop ” Investment attraction agency  and it comes as no surprise that one of the key drivers of the project  is Richard Didsbury of Kiwi Income Properties   and  another is Bryan Mogridge   who is well connected with  travel industry and   liquor industry   see  the  Proposed strategy document here  and the  Interim report dated 4 may 2001  here  the opening remarks state

Competitive Auckland is a charitable trust that has been established
by a group of Auckland’s business leaders concerned about:
– The poor economic performance of the region;
– The loss of businesses;
– The loss of talent.
• They established Competitive Auckland in March 2001 to:
‘Deliver a well articulated competitive strategy to enhance Auckland
as an internationally competitive location to undertake business’.

Transparency New Zealand   has noted  that over the years  the members of  the committee for Auckland  have  done exceedingly well in comparison to  the  average person in Auckland. their focus  has ensured the development and expansion of the casino  .

Many of the   members  or their associates from  other businesses  which they are involved in   have made it on to    boards of CCO’s  such as Auckland Transport , Auckland property  etc.

Transparency New Zealand is concerned that some of these members   seem to have a very  close relationship with projects which   the companies which these persons are  involved with  will also benefit from  once the   project gets the go ahead.e.g. Peter Wall , the  harbour access trust and BROOKFIELD MULTIPLEX

We are continually told that ” New Zealand is a small place ”   it is not that small that   those who lobby for a project  should end up on the decision making  authority which gives the go ahead to the project  which is then  contracted to  the company which  the  lobbier owns or controls.

Conflicts of inertness appear to have no meaning  and to declare a conflict of interest  apparently makes it OK.

So we go over budget and over time   who cares there is  a bottomless pit of ratepayers out there,  they can come  up with more rates    and if they cant afford to live in Auckland well they can move   because the marketing that has been  done  by the committee for Auckland  internationally   ensures that there are plenty of   buyers  for your property  people who can afford to live here.

Its time we put an end to this conduct   we need  more transparency   and  more accountability.

Strangely enough Businesses don’t  get a vote  , they are not   who council is there for.  Council appears to have lost sight  on  who put them in power and who they serve.

Another  oddity is the   CEO of council  Doug MC Kay    who with no previous  experience in  local government came straight into the hot seat from  companies which the  members of the committee for Auckland   were involved with mainly  the liquor industry . check him out here 

We have to have people in  Governance  who   represent the   people  and do what is best  for Auckland as a whole   not just  the Auckland   based business of  multinationals.

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