Council CEO Conflict of interest none of our business ??????

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Sent:Thursday, 11 July 2013 4:40 p.m.
 Cc: ‘Councillor Alf Filipaina’; ‘Councillor Calum Penrose’; ‘Councillor Cathy Casey’; ‘Councillor Noelene Raffills’; ‘Councillor John Walker’; ‘’; ‘Mayor Len Brown’; ‘Councillor Penny Hulse’; ‘Councillor Ann Hartley’; ‘Councillor Arthur Anae’; ‘Councillor Penny Webster’; ‘Councillor Sandra Coney’; ‘Councillor Cameron Brewer’; ‘Councillor Mike Lee’; ‘Councillor Michael Goudie’; ‘Councillor George Wood’; ‘’; ‘Councillor Wayne Walker’
Subject: Who governs Auckland

 Open letter to Councillors  and LGOIMA

 I  have just updated  the  blog site with an article Why do we bother to vote for Auckland Councillors?

 It is very clear that you are the democratically elected members    you are  according to statute  the  Governing body, So  how come  the hired help is dictating to you

 I see the plight of Sandra Coney   and I also know of other Councillors  who have had the same issue .

 What is the point of voting for any of you  if you cannot   hold your proper place with the    council employees.

 I also have to wonder how effective  your CEO is when he  holds so many directorships including  one for  the BNZ  and wonder if this is not a conflict of interest  depending on who you are banking with.

 Also by way of LGOIMA could you please advise if the  directorship   of Doug McKay  as director  of BNZ was disclosed to you  . Please provide all documents which   were provided as a back drop for you to consider any potential  conflict of interest in  his appointment.  


Grace Haden

 transparency NZ


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Response Response_council re McKay  

It would appear that his right to privacy  is greater than our right to democracy .  How and Why is it a breach of privacy to advise us if  the conflict was  disclosed or not ?

Your request has been declined. We are withholding the information requested pursuant to
section 7(2)(a) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act.
7. Other reasons for withholding official information
(2) Subject to sections 6, 8, and 17 of this Act, this section applies if, and only if, the
withholding of the information is necessary to—
(a) Protect the privacy of natural persons, including that of deceased natural

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