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Fraud and corruption  Is New Zealand up the creek  without a paddle? 

When it comes to back ground screening I tell people that the corrupt  usually don’t do things by  half measures.  what is the point  of  inflating your  Cv just a bit when  you can be dynamic and give yourself a degree which will  take you to the top .

And so it is  with perception ratings.  If we acknowledge that there is fraud and corruption then the perception  of  being fraud and corruption free  is destroyed  .

“Our public-sector agencies have focused successfully on developing processes that prevent corruption and these contribute to New Zealand’s stand-out reputation for a trusted public sector” says Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) Chair, Suzanne Snively. “New Zealand trades on its low corruption reputation and we are increasingly finding how to transfer these behaviours from our public to our private sector to leverage off this enviable reputation for integrity.”

It is ironic however that Transparency International New Zealand    prepares the integrity    report  with funding from theses very sectors .partners / sponsors 

The reality was seen this week when the police    acknowledged that

White collar crime ‘rampant’ as nearly 900 fraud complaints go uninvestigated

It appears that  the investigation into Joanne Harrison has lifted the lid on corruption in New Zealand. within a few days  we got interesting head lines

Fuji Xerox NZ voluntarily suspends competing for government contracts

FujiXerox NZ corruption scandal grows in spite of New Zealand’s silence

Binnie: Bain case tarnished NZ’s reputation

Immigration NZ staff investigated for corruption and fraud after visas issued to family, friends

New Zealand: thousands of bottles of allegedly fraudulent wine exported

Patrick Gower: Metiria Turei’s political fraud is ripping off the New Zealand public

The hypocrisy of NZ’s approach to fraud

see SFO  press releases 

A number of victims of these frauds suffer significant loss. Some of these people would have lost a significant portion of their retirement savings, a lot of these files aren’t minor files.”

And there is another side to it too  Victims  and whistleblowers are attacked  in an effort to ensure that the fraud  goes undetected.    In my experience it appears that  the fraudsters get far more  support from the police than the   person discovering/ reporting/ victim  the  crime does.  I often wonder how  lack of   action on fraud  impacts on our  overly high suicide ratings.

These are true stories  I know they are true because they happened to me , I know suicide is a factor  because there were times when it appealed to   me thanks to neil  Wells Wyn Hoadley , graeme Coutts and tom Didovich

I am ex police   and found myself  working as a private investigator  right in the line of fire

Lulled into the  false sense of security  that NZ  has no  tolerance for corruption   I raised the fraudulent application of AWINZ  to be a law enforcement authority  with   MPI and Waitakere city council . Neil Edward Wells a  barrister who  is now known to  have been  corrupt , had written legislation for his own business plan made an application for law enforcement powers for a fictional organisation  he then had the   council buildings re branded with the name of his  fictional organisation  and worked in a situation of severe conflict of interest using council resources infrastructure and  staff to operate his  own business.

11 years later  and this still has not been independently investigated by the authorities and in a move akin to Joanne Harrison neil edward Wells was able  influence the staff   at MPI  so that the matter was not investigated.  he took me to court  for defamation for claiming that the  trust was a sham ,  I was denied a defence of truth   and honest opinion  , my family was torn apart  and now 11 years later I have been taken to court by the police for speculating that Neil Wells was  the  lawyer  in a law society  news publication .

Not long after I had raised this  issue  I  assisted a lawyer in locating the director and Liquidator of  Fresh prepared Limited 

The  liquidator and  director were both fictional , they had been created by a   Hawaiian  business man  named Terry Hay  .  I found my self being harassed by him when he  posted three advertisements in the mandarin time to ensure that  half the chinese  population descended up on our house hold   to buy a super cheap car,  get  a great accommodation deal, get a   fabulous job .

Simultaneously   I had reported  fresh prepared to  MAF at the time as it  was a border control    facility  and they  had  now claimed to be  a different company . I found myself under investigation by Maf and warned for passing myself off as a Maf officer.  I was to learn that this was handy work of Neil Wells.

Hay  was charged by the National enforcement unit and took of to Honolulu  he remained there for  several years and the 22 charges were dropped

Next up   was fraudster Jonathon Mann and his   partner Dr Gerald Waters , Jonathon Mann seeks to silence victims

His victims had to set up a blog site to deal with him,but it appears that fraudsters  don’t like having potential  victims warned

I came under attack by Gerald Waters  but eventually he was charged with companies act offences

Then  I was approached  by  a couple ,  the husband had had a former brief relationship with  a Parisa Hamedi  . Hamedi had gone to  Steven ZINDEL and engaged him on legal aid ,  after a  dozen or so  bonks Hamedi  thought she was entitled to the   mans house . I conducted the investigation and found that  she maintained her housing corp home in Nelson  where she and her children lived with  her former husband.

I committed a terrible crime by suggesting to  ZINDEL that he  should do some home work on the  de facto status as my investigations had proved that   they were a long way off  the  threshold. He came back and suggested that  if   $50,000  compensation was paid then it would all go away . This   wonderful hard working couple  spent some 6 years fighting  this through court   and  in the end the verdict was.. wait for it.. there was no   de facto relationship .  Yet Zindel took me to the Private security licencing authority   because i  told him to check his facts as he may otherwise be using his office for fraud.

Then there is the on going saga  of Muse on allen, where a young immigrant   invested money  in a restaurant o see it all taken away by Samuel North  who then claimed to be  the youngest chef to own his own restaurant.  this has gone through courts   for many years and simply proves that the   civil jurisdiction  cannot cope with fraud ,  on top of being  ripped off the   victim then gets a hiding to nowhere and loses even more funds.

Lawyer  David Abricossow  was acting for the company  and   when I told him that he had an obligation to the rule of law  and could not use his  practice to facilitate fraud  he   took me to court  for harassment and made false  claims that I had defamed him,  I was beautifully set up and lost my Pi licence because this lawyer   was at the start of his career and needed protection .

From what I can see is the  Fraud is left un addressed as it is a fabulous meal ticket for lawyers. Brookfields Lawyers certainly clipped the  ticket on the AWINZ matter .

If you are defrauded  or if you  discover fraud the best thing you can do is close your  eyes and walk away.  make that RUN     the courts appear to support fraudsters   evidence has no place  the ones with the   biggest lawyers  win and when you have been scalped and  the other side has the money  you don’t have much  of a chance at all  .

You have no  rights   there is no justice and in the civil jurisdiction there is actually not right to a fair trial .

But it all helps in   the concealment of  fraud  , if  we do not acknowledge that  fraud exists  then there is no fraud.

You cant find   something that you are not looking for  .. see no fraud problem in New Zealand.




New Zealand companies an international joke ? Terry Hay must think so !

Many years ago a lawyer asked me to help him locate a director and liquidator of a firm called  fresh prepared limited 

The director was allegedly   Sanjay Patel 133 Captain Springs Rd, Onehunga.  Consent of Director

Sanjay Patel appointed a liquidator Babuhai Patel who happened to use the PO box right next to  that of the former proxy director  Lynn Pryor

Both Sanjay and Babuhai  were fictional   and  Terry Hay and  Lynne Pryor  were both charged with  fraud offences  .

The 22 fraud offences for Terry Hay are here 

Hay  skipped the country and  Pryor was convicted of one charge  as the blame was shifted onto Hay .The news items are here Charges over alleged fake liquidator and Boss invents accountant to escape $60k debt.

Hay being well connected   got the  charges dropped  21.1. 2013 see here 

He wasted no time promoting himself as a successful  business man  no doubt including  teaching the tricks of  the trade  with regards to the  NZ companies office

Today I  discovered that  Hay has featured in the New Zealand courts again,  funding  litigation again .

This  time in   employment matters where  LSG sky chef  inherited  employees from the  firm   one being  Terry Hays brother in law.

the employment court  matter can be found here

It was  with interest that I noted that  PRI FLIGHT CATERING LIMITED had been  restored to the  the register  this was  following a court  order LSG SKY CHEFS NEW ZEALAND LTD v THE REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES & ANOR [2016] NZHC 2407 [10 October 2016]
The company was restored on  12 october Restoration Certificate and two days later  the so called  director  sought to have it deregistered again IRD Letter.
The person posing as  director a Mr Drake who last claimed to live in Honolulu ( if he exists) moved the  address of service  of the company from  viaduct  harbour avenue  to Stewart Island.
A simple phone call  to   the lodge revealed that this  man of mystery had once again  fooled the   companies  registrar  .
so much  for having to have a Local director  all it takes  is an address which you can pick up from the internet and your away.
Terry  Hay registered as the shareholder as Terrance Hays

The registrar is once again   looking to remove the company from the  register ..  for  rich foreigners our company office is nothing  more than a useful tool  to  use  and abuse  from a safe distance away .

While Mr Hay was  comfortably ensconced in his Honolulu home  he sues the arse off unsuspecting Kiwis , some how that is so  wrong .

Its time we did more than register  companies .. how about checking and  stringently enforcing the company rules .

Companies  , trusts and societies are totally abused .   No one checks  and whistleblowers get shot  .. so    wonder why its so open to abuse.

Abuse of Harassment action ..attack the best form of defence for would be crims

lauda-finemToday was supposed to be a day in the garden but this morning a friend sent me a link to lauda Finem

I have  had to have  a giggle over the article  as it parallels what is going on in my life .. believe me though it is no  laughing matter   its probably more of a Yeh   Im not the only one on to it  giggle

in 2006 I discovered that  the animal welfare institute of New Zealand ( awinz).. an approved organisation   under the animal welfare act with  coercive search  and seizure powers..   did not exist.  I was taken to court for  defamation ..denied a defence of truth and honest opinion . they attacked my marriage  my family and spat me out the other end. All in the name of concealment of corruption

Next up were the directors  of fresh prepared , represented   by Peter Spring of Keegan Alexander   .. these news  items    speak volumes Boss invents accountant to escape $60k debt and Charges over alleged fake liquidator    Yes I had discovered the  lack of existence of the  director  l and the  liquidator.. this made me a threat to society   and  was taken to court for  harassment , I had not done anything  but they came up with things like   ..last night the bosses truck was broken into  we thought it was her , then we found  it wasn’t.

I took on a human rights lawyer  .He stripped me of serious cash   then took  me to court for harassment  because of what I knew . , I had not even breathed  a word but he feared  what he thought I knew  .. yes  the equivalent of the panama papers  but three years earlier  . It is no surprise that  now has a Panamanian address and is no longer a lawyer in NZ .

The court has sorted that one out  with its invisibility cloak .. I am not allowed to use his name and     looking back I am  not sure who he was  working for it certainly was not  for me

Next  Neil Wells  the man behind AWINZ  succeeded in getting my  company liquidated, he did this by using   translegal  to  not served papers on me , so I was blissfully unaware of the action until it was too late.  I caught the document server out  and the liquidation was reversed. A lady contacted me  and they were trying to take one of her children away from  her they were the   the  parents of the sperm donor ( now deceased ) they decided that they wanted the  child   so the  proceedings were commenced  using a trans legal  document server , who had 30 previous convictions for dishonesty  and is still in the business.   She did not get an apology  I did  at the direction of hte court  they were supposed to put it on their web page   but    took it down  in a flash   here is the translegal-apology

The next to sue me for harassment  was another lawyer   one who was  representing Muse on Allen.. of the law firm Johnston Lawrence Limited  , I made the fatal mistake of  telling him that he should  act according to the rule of law and not  support criminal action  .  The directors of muse on Allen   Malcolm North , Debbie north and Samuel North ,  had transferred shares representing  a young mans total investment in a company  into the name of Samuel north   they called this an  “error ” I pointed out that after  three years ” errors” can no longer be called ” errors “if they are acknowledged and not  corrected. .. that  worth taking harassment action over.. guess it prevents a claim of using your office to facilitate fraud.   the lawyer had himself removed from the court action in a  confidential  application to the court  .

The strategy which was played out  was very  clever  and  by introducing  un substantiated  allegations of defamation at the 11th hour, filed    and bypassing me for  any comment . Playing this game  they got a restraining order when I missed the court date as they had conveniently not served that document  on me   and had  at the last minute lulled me into believing that  an undertaking would  suffice .

When I had the judgement  recalled , the  directors of the law firm Johnston Lawrence Limited   went out of their way to misdirect the court . fortunately the law society are looking into their action .  Defamtion  has a statute of its own  and  defamation has to be pleaded , it cant be alleged.   there is a defence of truth  and honest opinion for defamation , but when you are denied that right of  defence  it leaves you sadly lacking  and  fiction becomes fact  e.g.  a non existent animal welfare institute of New Zealand becomes  the emperors new clothes.

The next one  who has been threatening defamation action is the man who does not know how to stop harassing ;-Malcolm North   who is up to his neck in what  I have proved to be  is   dubious company activity  ( truth )  having    defrauded a young man from  some $64,000  so that his own  son can claim to be the youngest top chef and set up a restaurant without any funds  except those   he ” acquired ” through   the unlawful stroke of a pen .

Malcolm North  is particularly keen that I tell the world that   My  Private investigators certificate was not renewed.   Well  why should I when  this has been over turned on appeal , he is now  seeking advice from the PSPLA  on how to object once again , he is beavering  away in the back ground  spying on me   and  looking at  all possible ways  to discredit me and   cost me income .

This is where today’s   item was very timely  not only does it mention  the use of the court by the corrupt  but it shows the failings of a PI registration  system .

I am, apparently, in the opinion of the ” authority ”  not a suitable person to be a PI  because the ” authority’  did not like me  blogging   or making complaints about lawyers .. I have  the voice recording for any one who wants to confirm this … he ( Roger Gill )  told me in an unofficial meeting  that unless I stop  blogging and making complaints about lawyers that  I  would not get a   certificate  of approval .  I felt that that was a tad blackmailish  and have a firm belief in the right  to hold an opinion and for the  freedom of expression .

So it came as a bit of a surprise to see that Danny Thompson has got his approval through  despite  not having declared previous convictions , I am also aware of others with convictions  who  hold  PI  Licences of COE’s including Gary Swan  who was exonerated   for   facilitating false affidavits of service but because I speak up  against corruption I am a danger to society

the reasons  for declinature.. for which the authority dug   deep were

  1. the allegation that I was warned for blackmail by the police ..  this was not  the case and the  PSPLA actually  had no documents at all   to support this allegation.
  2. I had allegedly stalked  a   woman and her daughter, this was conveniently an anonymous complaint and even thought it allegedly occurred in 2012   was never investigated  it was enough to count against me .. I have a rough idea  who the  vindictive bitch was
  3. then   a matter  which the Pspla had already sat on and  dismissed was  reconsidered  and counted for 2  matters  the fact that the  woman involved,  one Parrisa Hamedi    was living in a housing corp house in Nelson while claiming to be in a defacto relationship  in Auckland   is beside  the point;-  the object of the exercise was to claim as many assets with as few possible bonks.  The lawyer involved Steven Zindel   took her claim to court   just when  the  victim was getting married  .There was no evidence of   defacto relationship , she was still living  with her children and  ex husband and collecting $$$$  from our government and used legal aid to  try and facilitate what I consider  to be a fraud. . Both Zindel and Parisa Hamedi took me to the Pspla  because I told him that  Zindel had an obligation to  ensure that   he did not use the court for an attempted fraud  and  I also provided evidence that there was no  defacto relationship .  I came to  this conclusion four years before the court came to the same conclusion but on the plus side many  lawyers including Zindel  made a few bob on the way  all courtesy of the  tax payer .
  4.  then last but not least   the Johnson Lawrence matter was hurled in my face.

I have to add that on each of the above allegations I was not given a chance to  comment   and it was a  Fait Accompli as far as the authority was concerned

In the appeal papers the PSPLA  had included yet another matter   one of  Dr Gerald Waters  who had complained about my action  You can read all about him here   yes another crim using the court to fight back

So what it all comes down to  is that the court is being used as a weapon of choice to conceal  fraud corruption and crime , it is a tool used by the corrupt ;Tar  the person who is most likely  to expose you  and you  could get away Scott free.

All I have ever wished for  is for half as much investigation to have gone into  AWINZ and Muse on Allen as has gone into me  for standing by the victims of crime .  This can only  lead me to believe that  our society   supports corruption

The private security licencing authority is of the opinion that I believe in some sort of conspiracy  ( his words not mine ) . The reality is  that when you  look for coruppion you find it very easily  because there is so much of it. the only way to  not see it is to walk about with your eyes closed or  be part of the problem

Well  when I read  Lauda Finem and this latest matter    I don’t have to think that there is some   sort of corruption lurking in the justice system;  I know there   is . I have spoken to  people whose  properties have been stolen from them  by  Lawyers who ensured that documents  conveniently went missing from  files . they are trusted  and believable  and  officers of the court .. they would not do that….or would they  ?????

Its like magic   if  you believe something has integrity then you  wont think it can happen… but   its all sleight of hand and concealment and integrity that isn’t actually there

Blogs take the magic away that is why we must be stopped. While ” they”  control the news  , they cant control us . yesterday I heard on the news that we must not believe  what is in blogs .. well I’m not certain  if  we should  actually believe the news either

No one will take away my right to blog  I do so pursuant to my rights under the bill of rights.  I   report the truth     which apparently is frowned upon.  I wonder why  ?

open letter to Malcom and Samuel North

Thank you for your letter Malcolm  alleging that  I  have been defaming you  . I am communicating with you through this site as I  have previously advised you that you are harassing and bullying us and that my only communication with you will be in an open transparent forum.  I had no desire to communicate with you  but your barrage of insulting   emails  and below the belt   communications leave this as the only viable option. it is quite clear that you are ignoring the police  warning email to muse restaurant 171115

Your dear son  let it slip that he had been  communicating with Neil Wells  who  years ago won a defamation case against  me by having my defence of truth and honest opinions struck out  when he ensured that so much shit was going down in my life that my marriage  fell to bits and my family was torn apart. I was unable to come up with a payment of 19,000  due to  the bank accounts being  frozen for the divorce .  Dirty tactics  and desperation run deep

Neil had a secret  one which I had stumbled on  and I had to be silenced at all costs.    He had  written legislation for his own business plan   and as ” independent adviser to the select committee he ensured that  this legislation became law.

He then made a fraudulent application under the act to the minister , falsely  stating that  AWINZ was a trust when the reality is that no such trust existed and AWINZ was in reality    a nothing .   ( it is fraud to make a false statement which people then act upon..  this is fact )

AWINZ became a law enforcement authority, because no one checked   that it existed , it  had  powers that equaled those of the RNZSPCA  search seizure .

Neil Wells used the staff at Waitakere city as AWINZ  animal welfare officers  and as their council boss he wore two hats and made them prioritize animal welfare over their council paid  duties.He rebranded the council premises so that no one knew  where AWINZ began and council  finished  all in all AWINZ appeared to exist  the reality it was funded through the public purse for private pecuniary gain. ( evidence is on this site and  on )

If an animal welfare prosecution eventuated Neil Wells performed in  his capacity as barrister  and  would offer diversion for a donation to the “charity”AWINZ   which  in reality did not exist other than the bank account which he had opened and was the sole operator of.

that was my  first experience of  civil litigation  ,Neil has  ensured that it would not  be my last and has been  stirring up any one  who I mention  on this site .

I was taken to court  last year by the lawyers who represented Muse on Allen .  Documents were filed which  claimed that Jozsefs share holding had been removed in error .   The lawyer  representing he company did not like me telling him  that if it was an error then  the error should be corrected. I pointed out that  when  new  annual reports are filed in the companies office  then  the error appears not to be an error.   there have  now been three  annual returns filed since  Jozsefs share holdings were claimed to have been  transferred in error .

The lawyer  also did not like me telling him that he  had a legal duty to act independently for his client which is the company and that  the company is a separate legal entity from the directors  who by all accounts had allowed Jozsefs shares to be transferred illegally

so the lawyers took me to court for  harassment  this is after having  falsely accused me of contempt of court and blackmail . Apparently it is harassment to tell a lawyer that he should not be going round making false allegations  and that  he has a duty to be independent and act according to the rule of law.

when the lawyer  made a song and dance about the unusualness of his name  I contacted his father who I had served with in the Police, I  stupidly thought that by speaking to the lawyers father   who I had known very well  I might be able to put an end to this madness   but instead every  innocent act  gets turned into something sinister and I am made out to be a beast

Documents were withheld from me including  the court hearing date .  When the papers were served there was an initial  court  date    given as usual . the matter was was set down for hearing and I thought it strange that  I had not been advised of the date but this often happens near the end of the year.   I  discovered the true date after a bit of game play by the lawyers  and  at 9 am on the morning of the hearing I was told  that I had to appear at 10.  slight problem the hearing was in Wellington and I live in Auckland .

I was later to find out that there were other documents  which the court had been given and  which had  conveniently not been  served on me. These documents were submissions which alleged  defamation of the lawyer .

So without  any  legal  defamation process  and without any right  to  defend myself or even  knowing that I had been accused of defamation, I became a serial defamer and harasser seething  which Malcolm North now uses to spout on about  to  defame me .  In the mean time his son  who has claimed the restaurant as his own  but has no equity in the place  slings below the belt   emails at me at christmas time telling me that I am hated  and  alleging that my former husband and children   are  among  those and that I don’t have any family to enjoy christmas with   .  I know this not to be true   and I resent   a kid younger than my children  bullying me in such a manner.

It turns out that Neil Wells has been in the back ground  following my every move and prompting every one   I have contact with to  make such allegations.  The same happened with my former lawyer   who was stuck off last year.  the court stepped in   and with a confidentiality clause  all was dealt with minute Judge Sargisson.

Neil Wells was also on the scene when I conducted an investigation into Fresh prepared  and he ensured that harassment proceeding were also commenced in that  matter.  The fact that one person Terry Hay had never seen me or been  contacted by me was beside the point . Mr Terry Hay was later charged with 22 counts of fraud  but skipped the country and  paid his way  out of a conviction

I’m getting a little bit over  this  use of he court by criminals  to  attack those  who have no ability to get the government to act on criminal matters. In this case the Registrar of companies  appears to do nothing to  control the use of  companies  and the police  are too busy reducing the road toll but driving more people to  suicide .

Malcolm and  Sam are no exception   we have had repeated admissions from them of their  crime

“Thanks for letting us know we have got away with theft fraud and a raft of companies act offences that is very reassuring “

malcolm North thank you for letting us know that we have got away


Malcolm has stated openly  that the police are not going to arrest them  , he is grossly derogatory and totally gets his facts wrong   as usual   which   his bosses at the MSD  don’t appear to mind .  But   Attack is the best form of defence   and  attack is the only defence these people have

malcolm North no arrest

yet on the other hand  he expresses in an email that he does not wish to spend the next christmas behind bars  due to my fraud complaint and would  like to negotiate a  settlement  with Jozsef. An innocent person would not   have  those worries

malcolm North prison

So far the settlement offers have been a total insult.   Is this the way of the future  a criminal rips you off  breaks a raft of laws then   says   hey  I will give  you  two and tuppence halfpenny  so that it can all go away .

Malcolm has asked me to publish the following

malcolm North

I have  amended the   publication he has complained of accordingly but  the other statement was made to the  link broker who is selling the business  Buy a Restaurant & Bar-too Good Opportunity To Miss For Sale, business for sale Wellington, New Zealand . We stand by our statements  they are true  and will defend   the truth . the police fraud file    is  151010/8943

Malcolm    could you please clarify  how you can take action against  Jozsef for being a 63.2% share holder    yet not  consult him  in the sale of the business  your own accounts show that he is the only person with equity in the business see here . Samuel  who unlawfully  transferred  all of Jozsefs shares to himself  acted with the consent  of the other directors  of which   you are one. You are all in it together .  

shae holder accounts

Malcolm I will send a copy of this    to the   business broker to clarify the statements which you mistakenly think are defamatory

Happy to respond  again to any further  emails  through this forum



Update continuing  bullying and harassment   

it would appear that Malcolm is incapable of seeing  the  alterations made despite the fact that they are highlighted

the  latest abuse   from these  bullies  and an admission that Neil Wells is behind it all

will soon put up a post  with Trevor Morely  who asked them not to  divulge that they had contact him   if they are on about laughs  I can provide some good ones. when  some one calls some one a name  it usually means they are looking in a mirror .We are just after justice and   did not subscribe to this on going crap .

malcolm reply samuel malcolm reply 2

No evidence required to bring court action

It has  long been a concern of mine that  court action can be brought  by any one on anything.

If you have a larger wallet than the person you are taking on and wanting to beat them up  and totally destroy them  then the court is your arena.

Defamation claims are always good because they put the onus of truth on the other party   and then when you can ensure that their defence is struck out- you are on a home run.

I have been fighting this for four years and have met up through the course of events with Vince Siemer who has had a similar experience.

While we spend years arguing law, the facts are not put before the court. Lawyers who are skilled debaters can win any argument   especially when they do not have to produce the facts to back them up.

The police do not act on perjury complaints,  I have  had one with  them for  6 months now  for a matter I was involved in  and it has not progressed

Through my Fresh prepared Limited  case I can prove categorically that  the  courts are  abused .

Today I received some documents from  Vince , he has asked me to put them up  on the  transparency site and I have done so  in the interest of transparency.

MUSE ON ALLEN we reveal the secret to Samuel North’s success.

Muse On Allen Restaurant – Food that inspires  and a secret that  does not  amuse

Restaurateur Samuel North has been in the news  many times , each time there is a common thread  and that is – he is identified as- the youngest chef  in Wellington to  have his own restaurant .

Transparency New Zealand will today   examine the truth behind that statement  and others  which we have located in the news.

For convenience we have prepared a file with the relevant documents  they can be found here  samuel north evidence  (  most of the originals of these documents are available on the companies register , the others have been filed in  the Wellington district court with the exception of the  car registration which comes from the on line register)

Page 1  this  is the sale and purchase agreement    the lawyer involved  for Muse on Allen   was  the North’s own lawyer  .The company was set up with two directors and two share holders   Jozsef Gabor SZEKELY     who owned 70 % of the company page 2    and Samuel Raymond NORTH  who owned 30%  of the company  .

Malcolm North  was involved from day one and took charge,  he drew up a  Partnership agreement     and as can be seen  Samuel’s total contributions  was to be $10,000  as opposed to  Jozsef who invested $65,000 .page 3

Jozsef understood  that  all would be equal partners  but that was not to be,   as it was later revealed that  every one except  Jozsef  introduced their money into the company  by way of loans . Jozsef on the other hand was    recognized in the accounts as a share holder .

Debbie North Samuel’s mother   requested to be an alternate director for her son   instead she  completed her own directors documents  and uploaded them on to the companies  site back dating  them to the date of the companies formation Pages 4 &5 

On 3 November 2012  the dominion post published a review of  the restaurant Muse on Allen: Food fit for the gods

On 19 December 2012 Samuel  without complying with the required legislation  and without any  share holder transfer   documents  reduced Jozsefs 70% share holding to  49%  Page 6.

Another great  review was published by Raymond Chan on  4 January   2013 acclaiming both chefs.

On 9 January 2013  without   following the required procedure for appointing a director Samuel prepares a directors consent for his father  Page 7  and up loads this to the companies register Page 8

Malcolm North, Debbie North and Samuel North  are  now all directors  and have  a meeting at their home on the 10 January  they resole to remove Jozsef as director   Page 9 

24 February Samuel North  transfers all of Jozsef’s shares to  himself .  page 10

Jozsef   who consulted Lawyers on the  10th of January  2012   has spent  two years in court  attempting  to  get justice.

It has been a stalling game one intent on  costing Jozsef big $  and now when the end is in sight Malcolm North advises that the company is in liquidation court.

Malcolm North has also  been passing himself off as counsel in court documents  see here 18 Amended Statement of Defence   In this document Malcolm  also states

 The Companies Office records stating otherwise are in error, and that the plaintiff remains a shareholder in the company,  and 

The amendment of the Company’s Office register on or around 24February 2013 was an error, and the plaintiff remains a minority shareholder of the Company.

despite  making this statement  the companies register has never been corrected.

On 19th June   2015   despite  Jozsef being denied any rights  of a share holder, Malcolm files documents in the District Court pages 11- 54.

In the statement of claim  he alleges that Jozsef  as a 63.2% share holder is responsible for the corresponding  % of losses in  Muse on Allen  for the 2013 & 2014 financial years shae holder accounts.

this would have to be  a first in New Zealand  where a company sues its only solvent  share holder for  the loses which the management  has incurred after denying the share holder any rights.

The accounts attached  speak volumes   especially the share holder accounts   they show  that Jozsef has paid up share capital of $64,118  and  Samuel North  has a deficit of $6420.

No other persons are shown as share holders   and no  other share capital has been introduced.

The accounts clearly show however that the   funds introduced  into the company by Samuel’s parents and  his girlfriend Anabel Torrejos  were introduced as LOANS. they have never been  recorded as share holders.



We wish to make it clear that these documents came to us without any restriction  or confidentiality and as can be seen  they clearly identify Jozsef as the  majority share holder.

As a share holder and in this case the only paid up share holder he has every right to the accounts .

On a  % share holding basis    it is obvious  that the sole owner of Muse on Allen is Not Samuel North but Jozsef  .

We believe  that what has happened in  Muse on Allen   totally undermines the  confidence that   should be had in the integrity of  our companies.

Jozsefs battle to  be recognized as share holder continues  but in a bizarre twist Malcolm North advised   Jozsef on 8 June 2015   that the company is  currently in insolvency court  being  sued  by Kensington Swan , their former lawyer. The date for the hearing has been delayed allegedly in the hope that  they can repay the  debt which we believe is some $24,000.

In the mean time  Samuel North is driving about town  in  a Black BMW X3 2007 Reg HYE837 Page 55   .similar to the one pictured for which he has raised a loan through the company ( see corrections  on Samuel North  responds )BMW

Now that you have these facts   you  can look at the following articles in a different light , we particularly  like  the  concrete playground  article   it speaks volumes and is well  worth reading   and now that  you  know the truth you  will have more insight.

Other less colourful articles are below  they all    assert falsely that Samuel  is the sole owner of   Muse on Allen  Limited. 

11 august 2013 Muse on Allen takes Top Honours– Wellington has a new rising star on the food scene, with the 22-year-old head chef and owner of Muse on Allen taking out this year’s MiNDFOOD Wellington On a Plate Award……Muse on Allen’s 22-year-old head chef and owner, Samuel North

04/09/2013  Young upstart of the restaurant scene   Samuel North is not your typical restaurateur. At just 22, he’s thought to be the youngest chef running his own dining establishment in Wellington. In fact, he was 21 when he launched Muse on Allen in the former site of Satay Kampong restaurant at the top of Allen St…..In his most recent job at the White House as chef de partie, he read about Martin Bosley starting a restaurant at the age of 21, and says: “I was inspired by that. I thought I could do that. I started looking at places up for sale. We looked at 19 different places before we found this one.”  

MiNDFOOD Wellington On a Plate Award Winner Announced 22 year-old Samuel North, chef & owner of Muse on Allen, takes out the MiNDFOOD Wellington on a Plate Award….Wellington has a new rising star on the food scene, as the chef & owner of Muse on Allen takes out this year’s MiNDFOOD Wellington On a Plate Award…..Muse on Allen’s 22-year-old head chef and owner, Samuel North,

21 July 2014 Theatrical dish coasts into Dine award final Samuel North, 23, the head chef and owner of Muse on Allen in central Wellington, has had his restaurant nominated as one of five finalists in the Visa Wellington on a Plate Award.

06/08/2014 Fresh faces of food SAMUEL NORTH, OWNER AND HEAD CHEF AT MUSE ON ALLEN  Samuel North was just 21 when he opened his own restaurant, Muse on Allen in 2012. By that time he’d already chalked up six years behind the stoves of a whole bunch of kitchens from Wairarapa to Hunter Valley. “I think I may have been the youngest chef to open a restaurant in town. There was this big hype when I opened it because I was so young and a lot of people thought I’d fail, ” he says

Oct 13, 2014   NZ Herald -Your Business: Young Entrepreneurs

The founder and head chef of Wellington-based restaurant Muse on Allen worked and saved hard for six years, and got a loan from his parents and help from his partner to set up the restaurant, which last year took out a top culinary prize – the Visa Wellington on a Plate Award.”

Oct 13, 2014   NZ Herald -Your Business: Young Entrepreneurs   I have no credit cards, no bank loans – nothing,” he says. “The banks ran a mile when I put the idea to them. It’s pretty funny looking back at it now; there was no way they were taking the chance on me – and I can’t blame them.

March 2013 social cooking :Samuel North  Info:At just 21 years old, Sam was considered to be the youngest Chef to be running his own establishment in Wellington, when he opened Muse on Allen 2 years ag0

31 July 2014  Lettuce take a moment with… Samuel North  Samuel North is no stranger to success. At the age of twenty-one, Sam opened his very own Restaurant, Muse on Allen.”

48 hours in the capital: Where to eat in Wellington  Head chef and owner Samuel North is, amazingly, only 22, and made a name for his new restaurant

31 January 2015  Grab one  Owner and chef, Samuel North, won this year’s MiNDFOOD Wellington On a Plate Award, which recognises the top level of creativity and skill among Wellington’s chefs, along with their ability to showcase local ingredients through Dine Wellington’s festival programme.

18 April 2015  Muse and a little Singin’ in the rain   Muse is the establishment of Samuel North, a young chef in Wellington with a bucketful of talent.

08 July 2015  Producers “live and breathe” their craft….Muse on Allen chef and owner Samuel North 

Muse on Allen Restaurant and Bar -Wellington on a plate


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