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Abuse of Harassment action ..attack the best form of defence for would be crims

lauda-finemToday was supposed to be a day in the garden but this morning a friend sent me a link to lauda Finem

I have  had to have  a giggle over the article  as it parallels what is going on in my life .. believe me though it is no  laughing matter   its probably more of a Yeh   Im not the only one on to it  giggle

in 2006 I discovered that  the animal welfare institute of New Zealand ( awinz).. an approved organisation   under the animal welfare act with  coercive search  and seizure powers..   did not exist.  I was taken to court for  defamation ..denied a defence of truth and honest opinion . they attacked my marriage  my family and spat me out the other end. All in the name of concealment of corruption

Next up were the directors  of fresh prepared , represented   by Peter Spring of Keegan Alexander   .. these news  items    speak volumes Boss invents accountant to escape $60k debt and Charges over alleged fake liquidator    Yes I had discovered the  lack of existence of the  director  l and the  liquidator.. this made me a threat to society   and  was taken to court for  harassment , I had not done anything  but they came up with things like   ..last night the bosses truck was broken into  we thought it was her , then we found  it wasn’t.

I took on a human rights lawyer  .He stripped me of serious cash   then took  me to court for harassment  because of what I knew . , I had not even breathed  a word but he feared  what he thought I knew  .. yes  the equivalent of the panama papers  but three years earlier  . It is no surprise that  now has a Panamanian address and is no longer a lawyer in NZ .

The court has sorted that one out  with its invisibility cloak .. I am not allowed to use his name and     looking back I am  not sure who he was  working for it certainly was not  for me

Next  Neil Wells  the man behind AWINZ  succeeded in getting my  company liquidated, he did this by using   translegal  to  not served papers on me , so I was blissfully unaware of the action until it was too late.  I caught the document server out  and the liquidation was reversed. A lady contacted me  and they were trying to take one of her children away from  her they were the   the  parents of the sperm donor ( now deceased ) they decided that they wanted the  child   so the  proceedings were commenced  using a trans legal  document server , who had 30 previous convictions for dishonesty  and is still in the business.   She did not get an apology  I did  at the direction of hte court  they were supposed to put it on their web page   but    took it down  in a flash   here is the translegal-apology

The next to sue me for harassment  was another lawyer   one who was  representing Muse on Allen.. of the law firm Johnston Lawrence Limited  , I made the fatal mistake of  telling him that he should  act according to the rule of law and not  support criminal action  .  The directors of muse on Allen   Malcolm North , Debbie north and Samuel North ,  had transferred shares representing  a young mans total investment in a company  into the name of Samuel north   they called this an  “error ” I pointed out that after  three years ” errors” can no longer be called ” errors “if they are acknowledged and not  corrected. .. that  worth taking harassment action over.. guess it prevents a claim of using your office to facilitate fraud.   the lawyer had himself removed from the court action in a  confidential  application to the court  .

The strategy which was played out  was very  clever  and  by introducing  un substantiated  allegations of defamation at the 11th hour, filed    and bypassing me for  any comment . Playing this game  they got a restraining order when I missed the court date as they had conveniently not served that document  on me   and had  at the last minute lulled me into believing that  an undertaking would  suffice .

When I had the judgement  recalled , the  directors of the law firm Johnston Lawrence Limited   went out of their way to misdirect the court . fortunately the law society are looking into their action .  Defamtion  has a statute of its own  and  defamation has to be pleaded , it cant be alleged.   there is a defence of truth  and honest opinion for defamation , but when you are denied that right of  defence  it leaves you sadly lacking  and  fiction becomes fact  e.g.  a non existent animal welfare institute of New Zealand becomes  the emperors new clothes.

The next one  who has been threatening defamation action is the man who does not know how to stop harassing ;-Malcolm North   who is up to his neck in what  I have proved to be  is   dubious company activity  ( truth )  having    defrauded a young man from  some $64,000  so that his own  son can claim to be the youngest top chef and set up a restaurant without any funds  except those   he ” acquired ” through   the unlawful stroke of a pen .

Malcolm North  is particularly keen that I tell the world that   My  Private investigators certificate was not renewed.   Well  why should I when  this has been over turned on appeal , he is now  seeking advice from the PSPLA  on how to object once again , he is beavering  away in the back ground  spying on me   and  looking at  all possible ways  to discredit me and   cost me income .

This is where today’s   item was very timely  not only does it mention  the use of the court by the corrupt  but it shows the failings of a PI registration  system .

I am, apparently, in the opinion of the ” authority ”  not a suitable person to be a PI  because the ” authority’  did not like me  blogging   or making complaints about lawyers .. I have  the voice recording for any one who wants to confirm this … he ( Roger Gill )  told me in an unofficial meeting  that unless I stop  blogging and making complaints about lawyers that  I  would not get a   certificate  of approval .  I felt that that was a tad blackmailish  and have a firm belief in the right  to hold an opinion and for the  freedom of expression .

So it came as a bit of a surprise to see that Danny Thompson has got his approval through  despite  not having declared previous convictions , I am also aware of others with convictions  who  hold  PI  Licences of COE’s including Gary Swan  who was exonerated   for   facilitating false affidavits of service but because I speak up  against corruption I am a danger to society

the reasons  for declinature.. for which the authority dug   deep were

  1. the allegation that I was warned for blackmail by the police ..  this was not  the case and the  PSPLA actually  had no documents at all   to support this allegation.
  2. I had allegedly stalked  a   woman and her daughter, this was conveniently an anonymous complaint and even thought it allegedly occurred in 2012   was never investigated  it was enough to count against me .. I have a rough idea  who the  vindictive bitch was
  3. then   a matter  which the Pspla had already sat on and  dismissed was  reconsidered  and counted for 2  matters  the fact that the  woman involved,  one Parrisa Hamedi    was living in a housing corp house in Nelson while claiming to be in a defacto relationship  in Auckland   is beside  the point;-  the object of the exercise was to claim as many assets with as few possible bonks.  The lawyer involved Steven Zindel   took her claim to court   just when  the  victim was getting married  .There was no evidence of   defacto relationship , she was still living  with her children and  ex husband and collecting $$$$  from our government and used legal aid to  try and facilitate what I consider  to be a fraud. . Both Zindel and Parisa Hamedi took me to the Pspla  because I told him that  Zindel had an obligation to  ensure that   he did not use the court for an attempted fraud  and  I also provided evidence that there was no  defacto relationship .  I came to  this conclusion four years before the court came to the same conclusion but on the plus side many  lawyers including Zindel  made a few bob on the way  all courtesy of the  tax payer .
  4.  then last but not least   the Johnson Lawrence matter was hurled in my face.

I have to add that on each of the above allegations I was not given a chance to  comment   and it was a  Fait Accompli as far as the authority was concerned

In the appeal papers the PSPLA  had included yet another matter   one of  Dr Gerald Waters  who had complained about my action  You can read all about him here   yes another crim using the court to fight back

So what it all comes down to  is that the court is being used as a weapon of choice to conceal  fraud corruption and crime , it is a tool used by the corrupt ;Tar  the person who is most likely  to expose you  and you  could get away Scott free.

All I have ever wished for  is for half as much investigation to have gone into  AWINZ and Muse on Allen as has gone into me  for standing by the victims of crime .  This can only  lead me to believe that  our society   supports corruption

The private security licencing authority is of the opinion that I believe in some sort of conspiracy  ( his words not mine ) . The reality is  that when you  look for coruppion you find it very easily  because there is so much of it. the only way to  not see it is to walk about with your eyes closed or  be part of the problem

Well  when I read  Lauda Finem and this latest matter    I don’t have to think that there is some   sort of corruption lurking in the justice system;  I know there   is . I have spoken to  people whose  properties have been stolen from them  by  Lawyers who ensured that documents  conveniently went missing from  files . they are trusted  and believable  and  officers of the court .. they would not do that….or would they  ?????

Its like magic   if  you believe something has integrity then you  wont think it can happen… but   its all sleight of hand and concealment and integrity that isn’t actually there

Blogs take the magic away that is why we must be stopped. While ” they”  control the news  , they cant control us . yesterday I heard on the news that we must not believe  what is in blogs .. well I’m not certain  if  we should  actually believe the news either

No one will take away my right to blog  I do so pursuant to my rights under the bill of rights.  I   report the truth     which apparently is frowned upon.  I wonder why  ?

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