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Lets make corruption an election issue

This week I had the opportunity to speak to  Bill  English , I voiced my concerns with regards to corruption and the apparent apathy that those in  government service have to it .

I  can only guess that nothing will happen  but will  follow up with David Elliott  who is standing   for  Napier .

It was Particularly  pointed for me this week .A complaint made on 4 May saw me charged with  offences less than two week  later  despite there being no obvious evidence  of the order which I allegedly breached and had no access  to .

Yet in 11 years  no one has looked at the   fictional law enforcement authority,AWINZ   and  the way that a charitable  trust was used  to fund the court action and the apparent fraudulent use of the charity involved  .

Due to my journey I have become  an expert in spotting  potential  danger spots , my skill was recognized by a former  lawyer who  took me to court for the act of simply breathing, this was because he was so scared of what I knew  about the multitude of companies that he  and his wife operated. What I had stumbled on was  the equivalent of the panama papers , Latvian directors , Panamanian companies Ukrainian money laundering and  arms trade. These events  led me to  organise a petition  for an independent commission against corruption, this was   at least 18 months  before the Panama papers  story broke .  Our government  knew but did nothing .

Andrew Little  presented the petition  to Parliament   where I was the lead petitioner . This was just after  the  National party took office  and it was thrown out by Mike Sabin ( what happened to him ?  )    when I  produced the evidence in  support .  see What happened to the petition for a commission against corruption ?.

The Press was  not there   nothing was heard .    But hey  me being charged  now that is  news !

In December 2015 the UN convention against corruption  was finally ratified   by NZ . We had been a signatory for many years and ratification was a  well kept secret  and slipped by the news media, I recall the news that day was of some poor vegan gentleman who had found a slug in his  fresh pack salad.

Todays paper  there ws an article  by one of  our very few investigative journalists  on   foreign trusts…Officials fear $140m charity tax rort  . I noted all the hall marks of potential fraud are there and I have to wonder  how these trusts were register as charities in the first place,  but then I remind myself  its quite easy  No one checks .

Just like AWINZ the   law enforcement authority that did not exist.. no one checked .  the  Order whihc does not exist yet I am charged with breaching..  no one checked. I would still like to know why an application made on 22 November can be made by a trust which did not  exist.

The three trust deeds  involved in this international   rort are located    at the charities web site   The Mulligan Charitable Trust,   Shepherd Charitable Trust   and the The Birdy Charitable Trust

The officer details for these trusts are respectively   Chasselat Trustee Limited ,Bellerive Trustee Limited, Alpage Trustee Limited, these companies again  follow the structure of  off share trusts , overseas  shareholders and directors and local directors to appease the  Law .

All three were registered  in 2013 ,  and I have to ask  what do the  people who rubber stamp these applications check for,or is the process automated ?    the directors for the three trustee companies are  two  Swiss the other  three  New Zealanders .

Kevin George TAYLOR involved in 26  roles  in companies

Lauren Cherie WILLIS  involved in 67 roles  in companies

Megan Shiu Chui WU involved in 7 roles  in companies

They are  connected to a larger frame work ASIACITI TRUST NEW ZEALAND LTD  Graeme Walter BRIGGS  together with  Taylor and Willis .

As with the companies I identified with the lawyer  the overseas trust business is  still alive and kicking  and now operating from A 82 symonds street under the control of Eduard PATKEVYCH who up until a  few weeks ago was still operating GT Gloria Limited see the news here

It is by far easier to have a checking mechanism in place  that way people  don’t get ripped off or hurt.

Had there been simple due diligence done on AWINZ  then Neil Wells would not have been able to  have committed  what appears to  be a fraud on the government, one which is too embarrassing to   deal with   so it is far easier to shoot the messenger and execute the whistle blower.

all I want is the the law to  work the same way for these  crooks and rip off merchants as it does  for me expressing an honest opinion  and exercising my right under the bill of rights.

In the mean time   Neil Wells, Tom Didovich, Wyn Hoadley and Graeme Coutts   continue to live in fear that one day they will be caught out . Neil Wells is still the only one running the charity which has never done anything but sue me,  misappropriate the funds from the lord Dowding fund for  Neil’s own  enrichment see The Animal Welfare Institute Of New Zealand.  

He appears to have friends in high places  because he  is Teflon  offences    dot even  slide off him   they are  just  not an ingredient he is  exposed to .. But me  >> well I am a different story

what is the lord Dowding fund ( Wells received in excess of   $100,000  from Beauty with compassion)   he has used it  to sue me  and now there is only $22,990 left , He  pocketed 57,000  for himself  but no one is interested. Further  it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to go through the accounts and see that he has switched accounts  and made false statements  in the accounts, but if setting up a fake law enforcement  charity   is not a matter of public interest  what is . .. Oh yes forgot  it is expressing an honest opinion  and blogging… must not blog

Whistle blowers lives should not be devastated because the government is incapable of  introducing  due diligence in to the public sector . If

Whistle blowers  are  attacked and perpetrators of fraud  get protection then    we have a   corrupt  system

It is the governments task to  ensure that   there is one law for all and it is enforced equally .

 which  party will  Help  ? 


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