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There is profit in animals .. or why is the RNZSPCA restructuring and what is Neil Wells connection.

The  Poster  shown along side comes from a 1998 document  which was presented to the Waitakere city council  by Neil Wells  when he was first  promoting himself and the concept of a  trust to the Waitakere city council  . He has not been devoting his life to animal welfare  out of any charitable purpose  his fees were shown to be  $19950 for a three month project  ( this was in 1998 )see page 17 . But his ultimate  goal was gold . Something got in the way .. me   well Neil if you had not sued me, denied me a right to justice and continued to  impose in my life  you may have got away with the perfect fraud.

On the occasion of the publication of this poster , he calls the proposed  trust   ” national animal welfare trust of new Zealand ”  He was to later incorporate a trust by the name of the national animal welfare trust with a Canadian  gentle man  Michael Edward O’Sullivan the trust still exists I  don’t think it functions but it proves at least that Neil wells knew the process of incorporating trust  the trust deed is located here . It was registered 28 July 1999 ( it also proves that he lied to the minister in correspondence but more on that later  )

Currently the RNZSPCA  is  talking about  amalgamating its  various branches , this is, I believe  again  due to   the profit in animals.  Events like the Betty Napier  trust  where 1 million dollars was left to a region  left   various  branches fighting over the spoils.

So Instead of planting a tree and using the fruits they chopped the  funds up and  burnt it in a very short time , I would speculate boldly on  hefty consultant fees  .

Historically the SPCA gets a lot of bequests , but with more charities the spoils are  smaller  and those   who want corporate wages (while  volunteers slave away over  cat trays) are constantly wanting more .

I have it on good authority  that Neil Wells was one such person  he  could not even wait  for the poor old duck to pass on before he started dipping into her funds and in my sincere opinion everything he did  he apparently did for $$$ not for the love of animals .

Wells uses people  e.g  Sarah Elliot  has been  associated with him for a very long time  and a search on her name shows her up to her neck in the  activity of the  RNZSPCA take over and the mysterious  administration tactics used to  take over  control   of incorporated societies. . Sarah Elliot worked on the lord of the rings trilogy in  1999  supposedly for the fictional AWINZ     see also the  AHA investigation

I am going to refer to the following documents found on the  incorporated societies web site

Rules, Alteration to Inc Soc Rules, Full 10-MAY-1995 10:46:02 10001612817 Rules, Alteration to Inc Soc Rules, Full 713.6 Kb
Alteration Of Rules 26-JUL-1983 11:52:34 10042395684 Alteration Of Rules 59.6 Kb
Alteration Of Rules 15-JUN-1981 09:05:00 10042395742 Alteration Of Rules 1123.7 Kb
Alteration Of Rules 11-SEP-1979 11:58:56 10042395731 Alteration Of Rules 467.1 Kb
Alteration Of Rules 05-SEP-1975 12:21:52 10042395844 Alteration Of Rules

the 1975  document is actually the constitution of  the federation   it is signed on the margins  and at the bottom By Neil Wells

the 1979  Constitution is again that of the federation filed   for the RNZSPCA

Wells had been the president of the  RNZSPCA  He left the SPCA rather    allegedly left in 1978   but obviously still had involvement in 1979  and 1981 as his signature appears  on the   alteration of rules  During this time he was obtaining his law  degree  CV attached to this letter   I believe it was funded by the the RNZSPCA . He returned and  appears to commence the restructure of the  RNZSPCA  contemporaneously  with the setting up of AWINZ 

In my experience I have noticed that Wells works  with a process of making small changes and suggesting that things exist  when they actually do not, He makes mistakes and over sights  which  are intentional and all part of his  plan to bring about a  massive change  one step at a time

Basically Wells signed the constitution changes  between 75 & 83   and the next big one was signed by  Graeme Coutts

I believe he was responsible for  dissolving the federation which had been formed on 09-AUG-1965 .  The federation  was formed when  various  the  various societies set up one  the federation to provide a link between the various bodies .

1995 saw the next big change  this was at the time that Neil Wells was  at the time when Neil Wells was   promoting his concept of territorial animal welfare offices  a link between councils and animal welfare .

the membership criteria for the organisation which was

restricted to the branches  and the   member societies   now had a  further four categories  annual members, corporate members  Life members and honorary life members .  The RNZSPCA   was now no longer  a body whihc was controlled by the member societies and  Branches. It had taken on a life of its own .


It is  interesting that this constitution change occurred when Neil wells  had an office on the same floor as the RNZSPCA along with the JP  who witnessed the changes Graeme Coutts 


Graeme Coutts  will become more significant as we go along .  evidence of their  offices being on the same floor is  here   .  see contacts RNZSPCA     and company records for Coutts    for Neil Wells see bottom of first page on this document

When the RNZSPCA shifted, Graeme Coutts shifted with them and was again in an  office   adjacent to the RNZSPCA. The address is   shown on the  annual return  in 2004 which is signed off by Mr Joe Bloggs ( are you kidding me ? what happened to transparency  )

Wells went on to write the animal welfare bill and advised on it and made provisions for his own business plan  and made the fraudulent application to the minister in the name of AWINZ .

in 2006  when we proved conclusively  that AWINZ did not  not exist , Neil Wells created  an identically named trust   and  roping in  Barrister Wyn Hoadley who did not ask any questions and appears to know nothing of the laws surrounding trusts .

Wells  set up a new trust  also called AWINZ and because the names were the same  falsely alleged that this trust was the law enforcement body .

Wyn Hoadley had been on the animal welfare advisory board   was a QSM, a  title which put her beyond question  . this is  after all about  reputation and not about evidence .

And so she was appointed to the the alleged board of the fictional AWINZ at a time when the trust deed was missing ( that was no surprise the ink was probably  still drying ) and without  following  prescribed procedure under the  charitable trust act. see  the minutes   all was going well but then  Nuala Grove and  Sarah Giltrap who Wells had alleged were trustees got cold feet and resigned .

Nuala  I believe was the   widow of a former Judge and  Sarah Giltrap the  daughter in Law of the Giltrap  family.  again  by using  well known people there is a protection as these people  trust and believe barristers and like little animals  they don’t ask too many questions and stand by when a whistle-blower is beaten to pulp.

So in desperation Tom Didovich became the  fourth trustee  Tom Didovich was the manager of dog and stock control in Waitakere  who had been a  naughty boy and  had to resign. Wells took his job   to conceal the plot that was in the making .

Tom Didovich went to the RNZSPCA and worked there for a while before becoming a Councillor  at talking works   see the post Talking Works Tom Didovich!   Tom is very much an accessory to this fraud  having  given consents to MAF on behalf of  Waitakere city council  way beyond his pay station .

Neil Wells Moved to Te Kuiti  and  organised the demise of the local SPCA  again coming up with  false identities  see

The significance of a name change Te Kuiti RNZSPCA or King Country SPCA.

Central King Country SPCA and the Te Kuiti Branch of the RNZSPCA fact or fiction

Te Kuiti Branch of the RNZSPCA committee resigns

Now on the agenda is the amalgamation of all the local SPCA’s   this is akin to asset stripping   the process is  back to front  and No one will be able to convince me that Neil Wells is not behind this some how.

see Open letter to Maria Clarke lawyer for the RNZSPCA

Members in local SPCAs are not allowed to know  who the other members are, there are many branches which have been  placed into ” administration ” when no such facility exists . Its a power game    more information  to come  on why the  Animal welfare act is so very dangerous.

In the mean time  I would love some one to supply me with any notices which give legitimacy to the 1995  and 2015   constitution changes , the local  Branches were asked to adopt these changes    in the end this was all about    $$$$ in animals

next  up  how to move $400,000  side ways.. the  Waikato spca  or is that the  spca Waikato   why the SPCA pleads poverty


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