Open letter to Greg Stewart of Stewart and associates Law.

lady justiceGood afternoon Greg.

This morning I had yet another    truck load of documents served on me    on behalf of    Stewart and associates equity law .  These documents were the same as  last  time  except that they have now been filed in the  court prior to service.

I also  received a notice   seeking to  change the   fourth defendant from Equity law  to equity law barristers Ltd.  there is however no clarification  of the   first plaintiff Equity trust International and I am  uncertain as to whether this is  the tax agent   or the   company which is involved in  international   trusts  which are regularly in the  overseas press .  for certainty the  companies I refer to are

I note that you are the  director  of the    former   and the share holder is your partners   wife   while the latter   is owned and directed by the wife

I also received a bankruptcy notice  which   is rather deficient   in many ways and did not have a  judgment  attached.

The only  sealed order which I received  was  fraudulently obtained  see  the detail under How to make an extra  couple of  grand and get the  registrar to sign off on it

That debt was addressed through   the   Set-Off Act 1735  as  per my communications with Mr Bogiatto .

Since communicating  the set off to him, I have heard no more about this matter  and have presumed that   the debt was settled   especially since the law society have    found that I was over charged  by some $30,000.

I am rather accustomed to  having a  payment reminder  or demand of  some sort  sent to me  if there was  still a sum outstanding. ESPECIALLY  given that  I   believe it has been settled.

section 4  of the lawyers and conveyancers act  makes it clear that you have to uphold the  rule of  law

It is therefore   quite in appropriate  for you to issue a bankruptcy demand for a   debt that has been  settled.

If there was an issue with the set off I woudl have thought that it woudl have been   appropriate for some one to have communicated  with me  since the   25 February when I  advised that the debt  was settled by that means.

I also asked for a proper set  of accounts  as  the sum which could be claimed  was not  $5038 .  The judge awarded costs on a 1 A basis  . work it out yourself    the  sealed order is a document  which Bogiatto caused to be sealed knowing it to be  false , ( please refer to my correspondence with him   )

I wish to advise you that your practice is being used for  fraud by continuing with the bankruptcy claim you are  a party to the offence . You  are taking this action  on  behalf of your client to  cause me   financial hardship and  waste my time .

the  action is an abuse of the process of the court   because

  1. The debt has been settled by way of offset  Act
  2.  the sum is fraudulently  obtained as it is greater than the  court awarded
  3. No communication has been received to advise that the  sum  is still considered as outstanding.
  4. You are  seeking to have it   paid to  EVGENCY  ??
  5. the sealed order has not been attached sealed order
  6. the sealed order is fraudulent as  1A   is  1 day allowance   not three   as I had pointed out in detail to  Bogiatto  both before and after the  order  was sealed.  the difference being $2,640.

I again advise you to do  due diligence  with your  directorship  of EQUITY TRUST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED

It would appear that your  wife Alice has taken over the directorship of EUROSTONE HOLDINGS LIMITED , the previous director  was  Evgeny’s  receptionist  who was uncomfortable  with the three directorships which  he had asked her to take on.  an it was only when I saw the international  connections  that she realised she was being used.

Euro stone holdings   is shareholder of


Director: Ulpiano Calderon MORENO
The Century Tower, Suite 713, Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Panama City , Panama

Registered office: Suite 104, 184 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace,


Director :Edgardo MEDINA
Apartment 307, Bldg Los Alamos, Via Jose, Agustin Arango, Corregimiento Rio, Abajo , Panama


Director: Ulpiano Calderon MORENO
Calle 17 Plaza Amador, Casa El Vaticanito No.10, Ciudad De Panama , Panama


Director : Edgardo MEDINA
Apt 307, Bldg Los Alamos, Via Jose Agustin Arango, Corregimiento Rio Abajo , Panama

Notice how Moreno has two different addresses .

More info about these

Ulpiano Calderon MORENO

 According to open corporates this man had the  following directorships in

107 New Zealand

239 United Kingdom

3 Washington

 Currently two active companies are registered in New Zealand both of them   share the 44 Khyber pass address.

 see:  which stated

  “Ulpiano Calderon MORENO, director of four live NZ companies and 106 companies struck off in the NZ registrar’s Great Deregistration Frenzy.”

Edgardo MEDINA

Company directorships

4 Florida (US)

59 New Zealand

1 Washington (US)

 All New Zealand companies have been struck off except these two .

I am going through all of the companies registered to  L 4, 44 Khyber pass  and sharing my findings with the international press  as  this   totally  integrates  with their work on  money laundering .  I will of course  be sharing this   with   the authorities.  Knows my investigation  skills that is why  he is attacking me , the more he attacks the more I  discover and publish  .

Please remember   the rules   something about a lawyer needing to remain independent and not using their office for fraud.  Also  look up  section 66 Crimes act .

so in summary  I cannot be bankrupted for  a sum which is

  1. not owing
  2. based on a fraudulently sealed order
  3. abuse of process

He wants me to get a lawyer  so that I  can   be out of pocket  even if the court  orders costs in my favour he wont pay it  , so I am not playing his game

Look forward  to hearing from you very soon , if not then I will  put all of this ( and more )  through to the  court   in the period prescribed .

regards Grace Haden



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