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law society complaint with regards to practicing by proxy Tuesday, 22 July 2014 12:26 p.m.
To: ‘’
Subject: complaint with regards to Stewart and associates equity law

I wish to make a complaint with regards to a fictional law firm

Stewart and associates lawyers are an incorporated law firm director Greg Stewart . shareholders are himself and his non lawyer wife
Equity law is another law firm sole director and shareholder is shown here

There is no person known as Stewart and associated equity law it is merely a concoction of an incorporated law firm and a firm belonging to a non practicing off lawyer .

In June this year Leenoh, Joo Yeon obtained a practicing certificate and is shown as being an employee of Stewart and associated equity law

I have established that this recent graduate is practicing from the premises of this company  at level 4 44 khyber pass Grafton

The letter head she uses has both law firms named on it . I note that on your roll she used the south Island practitioners phone number but she is not located there and by ringing that number you are given the Auckland number to ring which is the number for this former law firm.

Julia Leenoh has commenced proceedings on behalf of the former lawyer , I am a former client of his and he was directed to pay me $30,000 , he has appealed this to the LCRO and also chosen to take me to court for defamation for publishing items which relate to overseas directors who are involved in Money laundering and company fraud. He timed this to coincide with a notice of the LCRO advising that the matter will be dealt with soon.

• The directors whom I wrote about in particular Eric Vanagels and Inta bilder who through the company register trace back to New Zealand and directly tolevel 4 44 khyber pass road.
• the former lawyer has know that these articles have been there for a year since I drew his attention to them at the time  .
• I have amended the posts since he has attacked me in this way to include greater detail of his connection .

Leenoh appears to be being used as a proxy  . The file is appalling and the statement of claim names Greg Stewart as solicitor on record. However I do not believe that he has seen the file at all . The statement of claim was served without being filed in court . It was served with a notice of proceedings which had not been filed in court and a bundle of irrelevant documents .

A few days later she sent a notice of proceedings by mail with the covering letter as above . We have no way of knowing if the documents filed in court are the same as those which were served on us . We have brought this matter to their attention but it is apparently being ignored .

The proceedings are vexatious and intent to force us to incur a cost in hiring a solicitor due to the matter being high court and their objection to the company being represented by a lay litigant / director .

My complaint is about the manner in which Leenoh is being used as a proxy and working under the name of a fictional law firm which uses and Auckland address and an Alexandra phone number

Name: Stewart & Associates Equity Law
Postal Address: PO Box 8333
Symonds Street
New Zealand
Locate on Google Maps
Tel: 03 440 4011
Fax: 03 440 4012

please find the relevant documents attached and a photo taken last week of P1010420the board in the foyer of 44 Khyber pass road .

In the interest of transparency I am keeping the public up to speed on this matter on the transparency Web site

Grace Haden

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