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Time we had an independent commission against corruption

loraxI have the petition  calling for a commission against corruption

I asked to circulate it at the   certified fraud examiners meeting and was declined, have approached political parties for support and was declined. I took to the streets and got support .

I now have a petition ready to go its   done  signed  and all it needs  is a minister to  present it .. therein lies the  rub .

have tried a few who  site  conflict of interest   ( what the hec ??? )  but  I obviously have not yet asked those who have  stated that they support the call for a commission  against corruption  so lets  see    who will be  true to their cause.

Today I was sent a link to Lauda Finem  , really good read and  right on the button .

Guess the difference between Australia is chalk and cheese .. or  if you like  Wine and Milk .

New Zealand  can be likened to the small cute child  who thinks they can get away with murder, there is a story to cover every scenario  and we dont look at facts for  the basis of our research instead we look at statistics and other ( carefully selected )  peoples opinions.

This  mode of is evident in the research which Transparency International New Zealand  does . The shinning light  of Transparency International  New Zealand is Susan Snively..In fact I rather suspect that she is the only person  involved an that the others are just there as window dressing .( hence no minutes )

Susan is an economist    Wikipedia defines an  economist as a professional in the social science discipline of economics. The individual may also study, develop, and apply theories and concepts from economics and write about economic policy.

In a recent  radio  interview Play now Susan identifies her sources of information , it clearly puts her in the “apply theories and concepts from economics”  category, she speaks of  working from statistics and no where is there any real evidence of actually having spoken  to  the people  who  would be involved  i.e. the women  who she claims are the victims of domestic abuse  or the employers who  she alleges  are  losing  out because of  it.   In other words her  study  research and     outcomes are derived    from second hand information  and  delivered as” fact”

Last Friday  Steve Hart  published his interview of Susan Snively  of transparency International well worth listening to , I will  go through the interview and respond  later.

It is significant to note that she refers to the funding , ( the funders are shown  here ), the corner stone platinum  funder is the office of the auditor general the same  auditor general   who has refused to investigate the misappropriation and misuse of council resources and  the  fraudulent application to  the minister for law enforcement powers and the subsequent issuing  of  coercive law enforcement powers to an organization which does not exist in any legal manner or form.

The  ministry itself plays cat and mouse  and is actively  involved in concealment of corruption  see   MPI conceals corruption by playing cat and mouse   and  MPI apparently condone Neil Wells deception with regards to the fictional AWINZ

Compare that to the resignation of the  Australian state leader  over a $3200  bottle of wine, while Len Brown is still in office  despite having   received  $750,000  from an  unidentifiable  un locatable  private secret trust .. I am told Police investigations are continuing, since the police are not really conversant with trusts  dont hold your breath   .

I think that   the call for a commission  agaisnt corruption cannot  be   soon enough  and it should be an  election issue .

In the mean time   any MP wishing to make a stand agaisnt corruption  in New Zealand, I have a petition ready to go .

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