Nothing trivial

Yesterday I was  able to address the audit  and risk committee (  although not uninterrupted)

 I produced a  power point the PDF of which is attached Nothing trivial

I had particularly wanted to point out  the similarity between the Logo of AWINZ fundraising logo

With that  of the  signage on the council facility and vehicles

animal welfare waitakere and that this was deceptively similar given that one is a council  logo and the other a private logo used to raise funds from the public

 I had also wanted to point out that Mr Wells had  an intention of taking over the   entire complex  and had expressed this to the  then minister  ( AWS animal welfare services )

 You will not  find any discussion papers on council   documents regarding this  and I believe that AWINZ is an example of  how   council business units are being groomed for  take over , using council funds to  set them up and then  go into private hands.

 There is nothing to  stop this  as  Councillors appear to  be ignorant of corruption  and   I totally expect  that you will do nothing about my presentation yesterday except file it.  You will no doubt have moved a motion that  my documents are not appended to the  minutes  and that is why I will publish them myself on   my Transparency web site along with this email. Nothing trivial

 Please also refer to  my  post on Anticorruption    Does Auckland council condone Identity fraud?

 While residents are asked to mow  berms  and have traffic tickets enforced on  them for genuine mistakes and  have   historic debts enforced at great cost to the  rate payers you appear to do nothing  with regards to   proven corruption within council.

 Mr Singh  who  appears to be a little out of his depth on this issue in referring me to  a Wendy Brandon  email with regards to   email  censoring , could do well to meet with me  , that way he might understand that   there were five different  entities who called themselves AWINZ  only one of them was a legal person in its own right.  There were also 3 AWINZ trusts  , so  he has to be particularly careful by saying that there is   an injunction   when I was not  talking about the three people who took me to court  but was in fact talking about a  deceptively similarly named law enforcement authority which was operated  only by Mr Wells your council manager from council premises. Any two year old can see the conflict of interest  why are you blind to it ?  I have to ask if it is  willful blindness or plain ignorance ?

 Please advise  by way of LGOIMA   what resolutions you passed with regards to my   submission and what plans you have for investigation

Documents pertaining to this  matter are available on the post  Does Auckland council not know what corruption is ?


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