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Volkerson Lets start at the very beginning

There appears to be a lot of interest in hanging Barbara and Janine because the jury on social media have already gone off half cocked and made their decision.

I am not involved in the Court process and my only objective is to see transparency, accountability and a fair process. I have not charged for my work nor for my research, which is extensive. I have no confidentiality agreements in place or confidentiality obligations.

I was contacted by Janine in October 2019 not long before a trip to Auckland. While I was in Auckland I visited their farm and their home, it was then that I decided to support them as so much is so wrong.

I became involved with the Animal Welfare legislation when back in 2006 I questioned why one of the two approved organisations the Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand, did not exist.

We proved conclusively that this ”organisation” had no legal existence despite having been given coercive law enforcement powers under the Animal Welfare Act.

MPI totally covered the corruption up and to date this corruption has been both concealed by the authorities and condoned.

Once you suffer injustice and see how it occurs you see other things so much more clearly, its like magic… the magic is gone when you know the trick behind the slight of hand.

So lets start with the very first visit by the SPCA at Volkerson 

28 July 2017 Kevin Plowright and Lori Davis visited the farm and decided that there were too many dogs there. Barbara was told to build better kennels and was given until 31.12.2017 to do this.

4 August 2017 Plowright and Davis return and Barbara is given 5 minutes to hand over 5 dogs. The dogs had been out on the farm exercising and working and Fiena the Long Coat GSD had been running around in the mud which was plentiful at the time. 

The dogs were taken away without the owners being given an opportunity to wash them. Feinas photo was used on Seven Sharp and even on a news item in October 2020 incorrectly alleging that this dog was seized in October 2018. 

Does a dog need to be well groomed at all times or are they allowed to run free and be shown at their worst because it suits the SPCA?

Feina sized by Plowright under coercion

No charges have ever been filed with regards to these dogs and no paper work was ever completed. The dogs were taken and the signature on the surrender form has been entered by some one not authorized to surrender the dogs.

No mention of seizing the dogs was made on the official documentation.

These dogs were handed over by an 80 year old lady who felt grossly intimidated and who believed that she had no rights. It opened the door to repeated visits.

Question for Tracy Phillips 

Nothing in todays questions relate to any matters before the court we therefore look forward to answers .

  1. do you condone taking animals and not giving the owner the opportunity to know what their rights are with respect to their dogs or even giving them the opportunity to sign the surrender form?

2. Is this action considered legal and or ethical ? 

3. These five dogs are not the subject to any charge but have been used extensively by the SPCA for fundraising and allegations that the dogs were abused , these dogs still belong to Barbara , ownership has not passed so when are they going to be returned?  

4. And what is being done with respect to the forged signature on the surrender form ? 

5. whose signature is it and

6. why was it concealed from the information request ?

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