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My open letter to be distributed at the world justice forum

The world justice forum is currently  under way  the forum is being attended by a colleague who will be distributing the following

 It is time New Zealand woke up  to the corruption which is occurring, ignoring it does not make it  go away . cancer ignored will kill you and so will corruption


A whistle-blowers story from New Zealand

A short introduction by Grace Haden for the World Justice forum 10 July 2017

New Zealand is supposedly the least corrupt country in the world on the perception index.  This is probably because New Zealand excels in Perception.

New Zealand still lives in the Victorian era, front parlour looks great but in the back we hide things from  view.

I am a former Police Sergeant, I work as a private investigator, I am currently before the court on 5 counts of breaching a suppression order.   I was charged six weeks ago and today received the first publicly available copy of the order which I have allegedly breached. My crime was to identify the Barrister who has made my life hell for 11 years as the lawyer who was given name suppression for ripping off his client  and old lady who I know he has been targeting for years.

The police were quick to move on charging me but in 11 years they have never looked at the serious corruption which I uncovered. They even charged me before they even knew an order existed.

I run a web site called, I do this because transparency International in New Zealand is all about keeping the “ least corrupt “ perception alive   so that they can attract more business to New Zealand. They receive funding from the public service sector so they  can  boast how well  they do and because there is no corruption in New Zealand we don’t need the usual safe guards

New Zealand is reputedly the country that is easiest to set a business up in, it is also a country in which the same simple companies structure will see you cleaned out.  No one checks and the registrar seldom prosecutes. I am currently dealing with a company where   the person who invested lost all their   funds with a stroke of a pen

In my time as a private Investigator I have seen false companies, false liquidators   and   the big one that I am being prosecuted for  is for  identifying a corrupt  barrister who  wrote legislation for his own business plan, advised  on it as “ independent “ adviser to the select committee then  made a fraudulent application   and told lies to get it past the post . He operated this from a local council’s premises which he rebranded to look like his fictional trust.  In 11 years no one has looked at the mountain of evidence   and when he was recently   found guilty of serious offences under the lawyer’s legislation he was given name suppression.   I recognised the scenario as being him speculated and am being prosecuted despite never having seen and order.

One law for all is not what you get in New Zealand, you must pitch your offending just right     be certain it does not include injury, no speeding or breaching any unseen orders.  But you can successfully use false identities and rip people off for any sun under two million dollars and get away with it.

I  presented evidence for a petition  for a  commission against corruption  , the petition was thrown out because the  evidence disclosed corruption  see it here

Please keep tabs on   our web site and you will see how the law does not work in New Zealand, the structure is there, the perception is there but then perception is not reality

Grace Haden


  1. Very interesting reading Grace. I wish you well with the court.
    I have just recently seen first hand a company that took money from a client and then, before passing it on to the contractor who did the work, went into liquidation, while the directors carry on with a new company to carry on ‘business’ and the contractor is severely hurting financially and emotionally, as the liquidator has basically implied there will be no money for the creditors.
    This kind of thing happens all the time in NZ. I have seen it and the results of it, so many times over the years.
    It is a disgrace.

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