Open letter to Andrea Midgen .One SPCA what is the rush? a positive change for who $$$$$$$$$$$$



There have been power games between the SPCA and the RNZSPCA   since    Adam was a boy  the



I have already  covered off the in fighting in  the  late 70’s  and the fact that   the law enforcement powers of the inspectorate was   only given the the RNZSPCA and speculation has been that the SPCA,  a member society has always wanted to take over the RNZSPCA . From what I have seen in this last week that appears to be very much the  case.

There is significant blurring of boundaries between the SPCA and the RNZSPCA, this I believe is intentional with $$$$$ in mind

The  legal name of the Auckland  member society is  The society  for the prevention  of cruelty to animals Auckland  yet you refer to yourselves as  .

 You , Andrea signed as CEO for this  entity on  the latest rules filed at the  companies office

you  use the logo  which is in reality registered to the  Royal society  see here  









On Thursday night I attended a meeting  and was confused when I heard that you would be there  as you are the CEO of a member society of the RNZSPCA  and without providing any evidence as to your lawful appointment  as  acting CEO of  the RNZSPCA, you addressed a group of  Taupo people about the RNZSPCA  amalgamating into one.   I suspect the reality is   that this about the SPCA  taking over the  RNZSPCA and its  member societies and   branches.

The locals who attended expressed concerns that  despite the fact that a number of them had been volunteers at the SPCA they had been denied the opportunity to become members  and had been told that  no new members were being accepted  until after the one SPCA vote had been taken.

It appears that the person in charge of the Taupo SPCA and in control of the membership list is One Geoffrey Sutton who is actually a paid employee of the RNZSPCA .

I  also noted that  you  had become an alleged officer of the  Taupo SPCA  by  the  filing of  a document  just days before  the meeting claiming that you had been an officer of the Taupo  society since September 2016. The method of your appointment is to say the least  dubious   as we were  discovered that the society had not  had a meeting of members  in three years so I have to question  how you could possible have a mandate from the members .

The unique thing about incorporated societies is that   the members are always  in control  of their society  yet it appears that the RNZSPCA and the SPCA have taken over the governance and control  of various  societies without  any  formal mandate to do so .

Constitutions have been filed with the registrar , circumventing  both  the prescribed formal processes and the resolutions of the members

Further you are the CEO  of the SPCA   and  now claim to be the acting CEO  of  the RNZSPCA, is this not a conflict of interest as the SPCA  appears to be paying your wages . I have always found that  who ever  pays a person has their loyalty   so who are you acting for  and how are you legally  appointed for  the RNZSPCA

I also note that Jennifer Temple , project and change  Co ordinator mentioned here  is  also actually  an employee of SPCA  . so my question is  who is driving this One SPCA ?

On 5 September 2016   you not only became  a  Officer of the  Taupo SPCA but also  the  Thames , Wairarapa, Te kuiti, central King country  branches and on  23 January 2017  the Waikato branch. This may require  some explanation  and you may have to provide a legal basis  for these appointments  as there certainly does not appear to be any provision under the   Incorporated societies act which would have allowed for such an event.

You claim that


you   have association with these branches due to the fact that they are under administration,   could you please  advise where under the   Incorporated society act you have any power to  disenfranchise the members of an incorporated society and take charge of their assets.  You may wish to follow this link  following  to be  informed as to the apparent lack of  legitimacy of ” administration

I also need to point out that the  constitutions which you appear to rely on   generally  appear to have been filed  with the registrar by  means other than the formal requirement of being accepted  by  a AGM  and the process of filing  these constitutions  may  actually be  in  breach of the  act and you and your  associates may be committing fraud by  pretending that you have the lawful capacity to file these  documents.

It was pointed out at the meeting that  The Taupo branch  Operated  in a positive financial manner  until the  RNZSPCA ” placed the branch into administration ” Since then the number of staff have increased and the results have dropped back and   losses occurred.

I am personally aware  that  such tactics have been used on  societies which have been wound up   and when they were wound up they were not wound up by the members, but  by the persons who  posed as members and arranged for the assets to be taken out of the district in which they were gifted and used for SPCA functions else where.

This brings me on to the “poverty “which the SPCA pleads    this does not take into account the  25 million in The Auckland SPCA Trust.

I note that the trustees are

Mark Vickerman    Barrister

Bob Kerridge  Former  director

Benjamin D’Arcy Palmer    Life line  director

Gordon Trainer   current director SPCA  and sole  director of  SPCA Aotearoa Limited

Donald Brian  Bendall   accountant

While   small SPCA’s  struggle on this massive pot of money is   increasing annually   should some one not see where this money comes from, are these bequests which are  being made   from all over the country and ending up in the coffers of  this trust which appears  not to  share. Given the confusion that you yourself have introduced  in the  companies register as shown above it is  of no surprise that the general public and the lawyers and trustees of bequests are also confused.

The annual report is of significance it shows  the trust funds 

It also provides this blurb about the  donations 1 million a year is certainly generous  when   the income form legacies is well in excess of this  

 and what is up with SPCA Aotearoa Limited   formed 30 Jun 2014

Why is there  no mention  of this in the 2015 annual report   or the  2016 annual report and why  were the societies  lawyers not involved in setting it up  and  just Mr Trainer  a director  with the SPCA  Auckland sole share holder .. Odd I thought

Back to Taupo

Geoff has now called a SGM to   give a perception of  legitimacy to the  resolution to become  one SPCA yet  in three years has  not called an AGM and has  actually been  obstructive in allowing members to contact each other  so that the members  themselves could  arrange for an AGM and elect a new committee.

It appears that  with all these  high  flyers involved   that  the SPCA  is actually the   entity taking over the RNZSPCA  branches and its member societies . I personally  believe  that this is to expand the  Inspectorate   and  enforce the  strict liability offences under the act.  It will be licence to print money .

At the meeting  Andrea,  You attempted to  strike fear into the  gathering by telling the  people that   as employers of inspectors the  individual societies would have to mitigate  significant  health and safety issues  , but why have an inspectorate at all  ? the police can be called up on to assist in any instance of animal welfare  concerns

Every constable is, by virtue of his or her office, deemed to be an inspector appointed to act generally throughout New Zealand for the general purposes of this Act.

It appears to me  that this is all about money, the   involvement of   former Ernst and young Tax accountants  and their lawyer friends prove  this  to me   and   from a personal perspective I am concerned that funds that  have been given to a local SPCA’s  for  animal welfare in the area  are  being misappropriated for  uses other than   for which it was donated. I  therefore believe that this  is not about  animal this is about power and control .

It is not as if the  SPCA is broke  the money has been shifted side ways into  trusts another example is  the Waikato SPCA  has been closed yet its money has been moved side ways

On the other hand  the local branches are  being lumbered with financial   obligations by the RNZSPCA  such as the wages of   the likes of Geoff Sutton   and work which was previously done by Volunteers.

Waikato has  had a trust which  had the Waikato branch as a trustee, it was later removed  and that trust has been  struck off and  presumably transferred its funds to a similarly named trust  see THE WAIKATO SPCA TRUST  and SPCA WAIKATO TRUST BOARD some where in this transaction  some $400,000  has   been  whisked  away from the  branch  see There is profit in animals .. or why is the RNZSPCA restructuring and what is Neil Wells connection. and The Waikato SPCA is being forced to close as it struggles with financial woes.

How much of the 25 million  sitting in the  Auckland SPCA account was actually given to Waikato , but because lawyers were unaware the money has ended up in the one and only nest egg

I think it is time for a massive audit  before you start   winding up smaller  entities  due to financial pressures.

As the person who  is  fronting this  ” amalgamation ”  I am asking you Andrea to make certain that   it is all   above board. There is no rush, by creating   urgency you could be   the whole country up for one massive  financial scam.

I will be happy to publish any explanation you give.

The future  of animal welfare in New Zealand hinges on your integrity  will you do the right thing ?

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