Time to support Whistle-blowers …. why we need an independent commission against corruption

In this  the ” perceived  ” least corrupt county in the world  it is very unwise to be a whistle-blower.  Believe me I know.

The events surrounding  Joanne Harrison Transport Ministry fraud case   and see here  and here  and here have again highlightes the plight of whistle -blowers

 MoT fraudster’s ‘destructive streak’
Joanne Harrison’s $725,000 ‘web of deception’ revealed
Fresh claims prompt call for new investigation into Transport Ministry fraudster

Three whistle-blowers at the MoT were treated “abysmally”… Winston Peters

The outcome  may be different  but the story is basically the same as the animal welfare fraud that saw me crucified as a  Whistleblower even to the extent that  11 years later  a news item has to be published labeling me with names  which were used by a police woman in 2012 . Her comments were so confidential that the police refused to release them to me under  the privacy act but some how   they ended up in the news in 2017.

To me this shows the  massive undercurrent of how we deal with  Whistle-blowers in New Zealand .

In the instance of Joanne Harrison , her former boss  claimed that  he had ” handled the saga decisively, and investigated it thoroughly.” But despite this Joanne Harrison  was proved to be a fraudster  partly by invoicing Fake  companies.

My saga began in 2006  when I discovered that a fictional trust  had been given law enforcement powers, because no one checked to see if it existed  .

Like the  Harrison Case  we have the  former  boss taking on a higher role in Government.   That is what happened in  my case with AWINZ ( the Animal Welfare institute of New Zealand ) .

Had Harrison been a lawyer  she would have taken her  whistle blowers to court for defamation.  For good measure  she would have manipulated the proceedings and had their defence of truth and honest opinion struck out ,  bankrupted them, discredited them and   she would have got away with it .

Our courts are  routinely used  to  legitimize fraud , if you have the money  and or connections anything is possible including a few extra words from the judge  totally slating your   whistle blowers reputation  .

Harrison was not so lucky , but so far  Wyn Hoadley, Graeme Coutts , Tom Didovich and  Neil Wells  have been able to get away with  their respective roles in the concealment of what  had the makings of a massive public fraud .

In the AWINZ matter a lawyers a crown law  gave a legal opinion in the application process for AWINZ to be granted statutory  law enforcement powers for  search seizure and  prosecution of animal welfare   offences, in the statute which Mr Wells  had  been  the author of the No 1 bill and  as ” independent” adviser to the select committee .

While the legal opinion may have been sound he never checked the  fundamental  ….Does the   trust actually exist   , Had he done so he would have found that  it did not  .

This  lawyer  went on to become chief  legal officer to  the  MPI.   So to admit that a fraud had occurred would have been to admit to his own negligence. see AWINZ deception  evidence   I also raised the question

Can MPI legally conceal fraud or does that make them an accessory after the fact?

Martin Matthews  the Controller and Auditor-General   will also find himself in this conflicted situation.

I have long been critical of Transparency International New Zealand  , they claim to be

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) is the recognised New Zealand representative of Transparency International, the global civil society organisation against corruption. We are a not-for-profit incorporated society with charitable status. We are non-political and non-partisan.

We Are

The reality is that   Transparency International  is funded by the very people they measure . this means that there is no independence and  if TINZ was to write something bad about the  departments who   sponsor them then those who write  the reports will not be funded  .

It is useful to note that  the office of the auditor general is the corner stone  Platinum   partner . The  office of the auditor generals  is  effectively  ” independently ”  rated by Transparency International  who are sponsored by them .. CONFLICT of interest!

What happened to the petition for a commission against corruption ?   see the evidence  here Evidence in support of the Petition of Grace Haden and others 5 11

Had something been done in the past then  we could have had systems in place  to deal with  the likes of Joanna Harrison . But in reality in the ” economic ”  Business structure we  run, we can afford he losses  its cheaper than checking.

Well   I can tell you as a whistle-blower  it has not been economic for me, it  cost me my marriage, initially my family,  11 years   and  well over $300,000.

While the government can expend heaps on crucifying me   they cannot spend time looking at the facts   to do so would mean that  more like  mr Martin Matthews  would be removed from the security of their high paying jobs ad an old boys net work could very well crumble.

Note  NZ ratified the United nations convention against corruption 1 December   2015.  Nothing has been done to set up an independent commission against corruption

How many more whistle blowers  have to be under attack  ?     Time to support whistle -blowers

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