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Open letter to transparency International -Integrity gets a seat at the top table in the Public Sector

To the executive of transparency International  NZ

This afternoon  I received your latest news release  which I always read with interest.

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I am not a member of TINZ , my application has been refused several times now  as it appears that I am an enemy of the state .

My crime was to expose corruption I stumbled on the evidence which proved that  a barrister, Neil Wells of Te kuiti  wrote  legislation for his own business plan to amalgamate dog and stock control with animal welfare . He  was an independent  adviser to the select committee  and then made a fraudulent application  to the minister making  a number of false allegations as to the  the existence of his fictional ” organisation ”

He covered it all up using  identity fraud  and  despite the fact that I have  supplied full details of this  to MPI, Attorney general , SFO, police  , Ministers, nothing has been  done.

In true whistle-blowers fashion I have been crucified and even now  we have to stoop so low as to have news  articles written about me based on a 2012 opinion of a Police woman who has never met me.

When I see an article such as this it confirms to me that  there are those out thee who are still quite concerned that one day some one  may believe me and actually independently investigate the matter.

While I appreciate that the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand ( AWINZ) matter is old it   has very  significant relevance to the events of today .

On a related post on  Open letter to Maria Clarke lawyer for the RNZSPCA I have covered off  the events whihc are occurring with the RNZSPCA .

The significance of this to AWINZ is that Mr Wells was the head of the RNZSPCA before bob Kerridge, Mr  Wells was involved in the winding up of the SPCA federation  and   through links I have connected him to the restructuring of the SPCA which  is on the agenda for  this year

According to the world bank “NZ easiest place to do business in world” but   it is also the easiest country to be ripped off .

Corruption is rife in companies, trusts and  incorporated societies.

your news release states

Transparency International New Zealand’s mission is to foster a New Zealand culture
where transparency, integrity, good governance and ethical standards and practices are
the core values for all New Zealanders.

So why  did reporting corruption have to devastate my life and destroy  my family ?

Why  do we focus on bullying and defaming   people then alleging that they are the bullies and defamers , we are more interested in giving some one a bad reputation than we are at looking at the facts.

I currently have an appeal for my  Certificate of approval for my Private investigator work. The former   Private security licencing authority(PSPLA), Mr Gill decided that  I am a conspiracy theorist and therefore   I should be thrown out of my  career a year before retirement he stated “[79] The applicant appears to hold very strong views on many matters and she is adamant that there is some form of conspiracy afoot, but in the absence of any evidence to support this theory it appears to boil down to a long-held obsession which can only harm her ability to carry out her duties as a private investigator in a rational and professional manner.  “

The amicus curiae appointed by crown law  appears to be pushing the case for the PSLA . It is indeed a pity that   crown law did not do anything to investigate the  complaint I made in  2014  with regards  to  investigating the various trusts which Mr wells created to   facilitate  the deceit in the  court  by using identity fraud.

But in the end  it is probably easier to trample one  woman in to the dust than it is to instill integrity and ethics into our government departments which   could result in more than   red faces and a  multitude of spin doctors out of work .

In 2005  when this saga began the  C word was  hardly heard. now every second  New Zealander  accepts that  corruption is rife , but we pretend with transparency   you  give me  the  cold shoulder and don’t  want to hear from me  some one who has been at the coal face of corruption for  far too long.

If  Transparency International   wishes to instill integrity  into the public sector it must  itself first embrace integrity and be prepared to listen to whistle-blowers. Ignoring us  is not going to make the  issue go away  it simply makes a mockery of what  you claim to do  .

I will keep  those  following my blog informed as to my membership application, the  acknowledgment  of which is here

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Sent: Friday, 12 May 2017 5:49 p.m.
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Subject: TI-NZ Membership Application Information

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