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Open letter to Greg Stewart Lawyer and director of Equity trust International

Open letter to Greg Stewart

Dear Greg

I respond to your letter sent by email on the 22 September but dated 4 September 2014

  1. I am uncertain as to what you mean by the comment “ my behavior” I have at all times promised Transparency , is that what you are objecting to ?
  1. I am unaware of any “damage” and no one has provided any evidence of damage, which Transparency NZ or I have caused. If there is any damage caused by reporting facts it is purely unintentional.
  1. your client/ business partner was a Human Rights lawyer and your client  law firm  promoted Human Rights. Even recently your client  used the Bill of Rights to defend his own right to express his opinion of High Court Judges.
  • He cannot possibly promote the concept, and you could not support the concept, that there is one law for him and that we cannot be afforded the same rights.
  1. You allege that there are many web sites which are connected, you are being vague   and we have no idea which web sites you are referring to, if you make allegations please be specific.
    1. If you or your client considers out material to be offensive please tell us where it is, what it is called and what makes the article guilty of any offending.
    2. There has at all times bene an offer on the table to you and your clients to make corrections/ alterations and state why the   matters are wrong , you have never availed yourselves of this but want a blanket take it down.
  1.  We have tried to appease your clients and yourself, ( you are a director of one of one of your clients, Equity trust International ) and   in an attempt to   resolve the matter we took down  everything which we had control over , however this gesture of good faith and assurances from us that we would not put   anything back up if we had finality , did not appear to satisfy your client who singularly   appears to have the ability to   negotiate for all parties including the company which you are director of.
  1.  Negotiations require gestures of good faith from both sides and there was none forth coming and no resolutions in sight by the dead line we set, we have been true to our word and reposted all materials as we stand by the truth which is contained in them and the honest opinions expressed. As you would be aware truth and honest opinion are never defamatory.
  1. Your clients   solution offered in your letter is not acceptable to us   because
    1. You are attempting to obtain undertakings from legal entities which are not involved in the proceedings in favour of your clients as well as yourself, your wife and the   proxy lawyer Julia Leenoh who acting out ofyour clients  office and as indicated by your letter working from the premises of yourthe  client  law firm.
    2. The fact that you are seeking to cover yourself in the undertaking   shows that there is no independence on your part and that you are acting in gross conflict of interest and you must cease acting on all matters before the court where you are conflicted.
    3. We hereby give notice that in all proceedings we will be calling on you and Ms. Leenoh to give evidence, by affidavit will be sufficient.
      1. From your self -that you wrote the letter
      2. By Ms Leenoh that she is employed by you and asked you to ask for those conditions on her behalf, attaching the employment contract.
      3. We will also require your wife to   give evidence that she instructed you to include her in the request. – You might wish to add what   right she has to do this.. Why not include the world oops you have “about our clients or any structures or persons associated with the Plaintiffs, nor myself, Ms. Leenoh or my wife.”- Wee bit wide and non-descript don’t you think?
  1. A public retraction and apology which we are happy to give is “sorry for speaking the truth we are truly sorry that truth is inconvenient to you. We had no control over the fact that  UNIHOLD Limited which was involved in international money laundering was ultimately owned by y0ur clients  wife,. In tracing UNIHOLD back to its origins through public record we had no control over the outcome.
    1. We also apologize to your wife Alice Marjorie Steward previously known as Alice Marjorie Murrell   for the connections we have made between the company she is director of ,to the renowned Money laundering facilitators GT group and company Net ( 69 Ridge road ) as posted on   Transparency International Finally uses the C word. She should read the news item about a previous Proxy director Lu Zhang.   She has to know what she is getting herself into.
  1. There will be no liquidated damages clause, we have given an agreement which we are prepared to sign and we have acted in good faith and kept our word at the deadline.
  1.  drafted a document it is here Deed of Settlement , it   appears to us to be too much of an attempt to hog tie us than beat us up , it is a total gaging order one which persons who know they are engaged in dodgy activities would use.
  1. Your statement “We do however require some discussion with you about the damages you have caused to our clients” confuses us   the claims in the statement of claim are pretty wide   and we cannot see how any truthful comment   by us could have made a difference given that your clients are mentioned in a massive number of publications un related to us and in court action unrelated to us.
  1. We removed all material as a gesture of good faith   but as mentioned earlier it appeared to be a tactic of impairing our freedom of speech and there was no reciprocation.
  1. The entire matter could have been resolved but it appears that your client does not trust me for my word , those who know me well will tell you that I am true to my word.
  1. We consider your settlement   offer to be bullying and oppressive and as such   cannot   accept it. we will be filing papers   to   object to the restraining order. This letter will form part of the evidence.
    1. To that end please advise who the new instructing solicitor is to be, it is also not appropriate for Mr. Bogiatto to be involved   as he has been part of the issue and will also be called on to give evidence with regards to the   court order which he failed to serve and he one he had sealed despite knowing it was wrong.
    2. It may as such be appropriate for me to deal with the newly appointed solicitor as   by not being personally involved they may have a better and Independent view of the issue and he she may be able to act independently and as an officer of the court as the law requires.
  1. You also included in your “ settlement offer “ that we provide “a full description of all the parties you have written to about the Plaintiffs including, but not limited to, government organisations, government agencies, international press, etc. so that the Plaintiffs are fully aware of the complaints, emails and campaigns you have engaged in.”
    1. Please provide a legal basis for this?
    2. Now that we know that this is your clients fear we will initiate enquiries far and wide to establish why this is.
    3. BTW a complaint will be forwarded to the companies register   with regard to fraudulent signatures of proxy director’s associates to the plaintiffs and in the interest of transparency we have included a distribution list at the bottom of this letter.
  1. On the issue of costs, we have not instructed a solicitor as we are aware that your client has his house on the market and the indication on the advertising was that “ owner is moving overseas “ he is already indebted to me due to the false invoices , he is just trying to make me incur costs and   hardship . My way of fighting back is by doing it in a way which counts. We are all allowed to defend ourselves and I do it publicly.
    1. All of your clients assets are owned by his wife and in court this week he spoke of the need for the Law society to bankrupt him if they wanted their costs further in court documents he claims to be impecunious and has asked for legal aid. He also advised the court that he is   leaving the country in November.
    2. We also notice that under his former name  that he went missing from Fiji in   2003 and 2004   when discussion of debts   that he had the arose.   You can find the relevant   judgments on the internet. here and here
    3. According to our chronology his name change   came into effect at about the same time when a court noted “The company attempts to shoulder its responsibility onto one Eugene Narodertsky who may well be a person living in some remote part of the world.” Little did they know that he was right here in NZ living under his new name  and practicing law.
  1. We hope that by our response, you have a better understanding of our perspective. It is nothing personal with your client, we are transparency and anticorruption lobbyists and I have just had my petition for a commission against corruption presented in parliament.
    1. The fact that New Zealand companies are involved in international money laundering is a serious matter which affects us all.
  1. The manner in which your company and your clients have been involved indicates that they are well aware of their involvement in the international money laundering business and I will not become party to such a plot by concealing it as to me that makes me complicit to international crime.
  1. It is your choice to use the very same proxy directors as those who have been proved to have been used by the money launderers and Russian Mafia.
  1. Those who run a legitimate operation would make certain that they would steer clear of such associations. The services which my company Verisure supplies is due diligence , you may wish to avail yourself of our services to prevent such embarrassing connections.
  1. I  wrote a letter to your client along a similar vein , his lack of concern would indicate that he knows who and what he is dealing with and does so   willingly but   would probably not like the spotlight shone on it .
  1. I similarly bring the connections of your company and the companies which   your wife is associated with   to your attention. If you were not aware of what has happened then I suggest you read New Zealand: The Shell Company Incorporation Franchises: Round-Up and look at the news items relating to those companies by way of indication this is what your wife is tied up with .. does she know ?


  1. We trust that this clarifies our concerns , if you are concerned   with what we have provided you with and was unaware of the implications before now then you will no doubt act in a manner which   does not bring any adverse comment on your profession.
  2. If you are asking me to conceal such serious matters you need to take a good hard look at yourself.
  3. We will agree to the   offer we have made to your client or welcome negotiations. While the matters are before the court we will continue to investigate for our defence and anything obtained from the public realm will be published.

Grace Haden For defendants

Copy to law society, company’s office, OFCANZ, international press, local press

Copy posted on www.transparency

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