Posted by: transparencynz | June 26, 2023

Would be funny if it wasn’t so close to the truth

and on top of it all in NZ they use crown prosecutors to portray the prosecution as a crown prosecution as shown on earlier posts this caused at least two judges to beleive it was a crown prosecution .

The RNZSPCA work closely with dog control and neither comply with the law and use coersion to force dogs to be handed over .

Another satire comedy of the real RSPCA and the multi million dollar empire of scams from government grants fraud to blowing donation money on their lavish CEO’s lifestyles. A big thank you to the current and ex RSPCA employees that have giving me so much TRUE material to use in my comedy videos. To the RSPCA victims of crime, blackmail, false allegations, stand over tactics, lies and losing their beloved pets for RSPCA profits STAY STRONG and help expose the RSPCA in a royal Commission.

6 Feb 2023 Another satire comedy “RSPCA Shit Show” this episode the RSPCA and media control whilst in Fiji celebrating their huge 2.7 million dollar estate windfall

13 Feb 2023 #gazjacksondogtrainerAnother Satire Comedy on the RSPCA Shit Show. Getting back from FIJI on a RSPCA bender paid for by donations. The Boss loves the push for estates and the yellow bin day bargins When dead dog gear is for sale in the RSPCA gift shops. Only a Royal Commission with stop the RSPCA Shit Show.

EP. 6 Of the “RSPCA Shit Show” the RSPCA management is celebrating their huge 20 Million dollar NSW Gov grant with a full on Bali Bender with special cookies. A 2 week all NSW Grant expenses paid holiday with open bar, strippers and midgets. Just don’t come home with Kuta cuties. NOTE: Not one bowl of dog food has been allocated in the 20 million dollar grant. Sit back and enjoy the next episode of the RSPCA Shit Show. Don’t forget to Sponsor a dead dog and leave your estate to the RSPCA. How else can the executives maintain their lifestyle. 🤣

moe videos from Gaz

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