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Will William Willis and Hannah Rawnsley get a penalty proportionate to mine.. I doubt it

IN 2006 I appeared before Mary Beth Sharp . I had asked questions of government regarding the lack of existence of one of two private law enforcement “organisations” , one was the RNZSPCA an incorporated society , the other the animal welfare institute of New Zealand ( AWINZ) had no legal existence at all .

Neil Wells a Barrister who has now been proven to be corrupt ,wrote the legislation for the animal welfare act and had advised on it as ” independent advisor to he select committee “

As posts on this web site prove, he ran it from council premises using council resources for private pecuniary gain.

With others we proved conclusively that AWINZ had no legal existence at all . We had incorporated the identical name and by being successful conclusively proved that his statements and allegations to the crown about the organisations legal existence in 2000 were manifestly false

There is a ton of evidence to show that they were aware of the lack of incorporation including a letter from the registrar of companies. The aim now was to force us to give up the name so that they could cover up the fraud .

Wells and Wyn Hoadley instructed a law clerk working from home and did not have a practicing certificate to resolve the matter , I have always wondered about the logic of this move.

The law clerk rang me late on the Friday night and made threats against my private investigators licence , and followed this up with threatening emails. When her threats and intimidation did not work she prepared a statement of claim which was prosecuted by Nick Wright who during the time he was prosecuting was a committed patient .CIV-2015-404-2800 [2017] NZHC 2865 par 4

Wells sued me for defamation for saying that AWINZ was a scam trust , the three people who claimed to be AWINZ even stated that they were an unincorporated trust, additionally they did not have any trust documents to support their standing .

They also sued for passing off we had formed our trust in April they first met in May , I still wonder how we could possibly pass ourselves off as a group of people who informally came together after we had incorporated and had no evidence of trading together .

These three people had never together been involved in the running of the ” approved organization ” evidence was withheld and over the years I have been able to obtain documents with help of the ombudsmen

The evidence is that the statement of claim was manifestly false that the former law clerk who is now a government lawyer is ding everything she can to have the posts censured , Truth is apparently not welcome and she claims it is damaging to her career .

Neil Wells swore the statement of claim as being true no other evidence was called for

I was prevented from having a defence of truth and honest opinion because Mary Beth Sharp had directed me to pay $19,000 to Wells and Co within two weeks and as a married woman at the time I had no independent wealth or access to that kind of money

This action caused me to lose everything in life , my family my marriage and well over $300,000 and 16 years on I am still fighting the fall out as the law clerk who prepared the statement of claim is suing me to conceal the truth.

The facts that I have published and the evidence is so overwhelming that we have to wonder if the government truly supports corruption , it is apparent that Judges look favorably on their own .

we will stand by for the wet dish rag slap which Willis and Rawnsley will suffer after all it is not nearly as bad as having a whistleblower on serious government corruption in our midst .

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Power to the people

A Statement of claim has been filed by the Heterodoxies Society Incorporated for a Judicial review of the current situation we need to support them

What they are seeking is a Judicial review of 6 causes of action

First cause of action: New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 and Health and Disability
Commissioner Act 1994 and Health and Disability Commissioner (Code of Health
and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights) Regulations 1996 – All defendants relief: (a) a declaration that in their entirety the policy responses of the defendants to the purported COVID-19 pandemic are without cause and justification and therefore do not meet the test of justified limitations as set out at section 5 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights: “Subject to section 4, the rights and freedoms contained in this Bill of Rights may be subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society”;

(b) that the defendants declare that all those who have been inoculated with Comirnaty have done so
under duress and without their free and full consent;

(c) that the defendants apologise to all those so inoculated;

(d) that all “rights and freedoms contained in this Bill of Rights” be restored in full forthwith to every citizen and every person lawfully residing in or visiting Aotearoa New Zealand; (e) costs.

Second cause of action: Human Rights Act 1993 seeks the following relief: (a) a declaration that the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021, which came into force at 11.59 pm on 30 April 2021, is in breach of the Human Rights Act 1993 and therefore unlawful; (b) damages; (c) costs.

Third cause of action: International Crimes and International Criminal Court Act[ICICCA] 2000 and Rome Statute to the International Criminal Court (2002) – All defendants

(a) an order that the rollout of Comirnaty cease forthwith;

(b) that a secure repository of representative vials 186 from all batches of Comirnaty already administered be immediately established and that representative samples be forensically examined forthwith, the results independently verified by a overseas experts, and the results made public;

(c)that all remaining stock of Comirnaty be destroyed and any remaining purchase contracts;

(c) a declaration that all positive RT-PCR results by declared null and void and all death certificates and records attributing death to COVID-19 be corrected to the actual cause of death;

(d) that all defendants be committed to trial according to this statute; (e) costs.

Fourth cause of action: Terrorism Suppression Act 2002: reprint as at 27 May 2018
– All defendants an order that all defendants be committed to trial according to this statute;

Fifth cause of action: Crimes Act 1961 and Crimes Amendment Act 2003,
Intelligence and Security Act 2017, and the Privacy Act 2020 an order to remove Type1 Intelligence warrants from the Intelligence and Security Act 2017;

Sixth cause of action: The Medicines Act 1981 – an order that all COVID-19 instructions, orders and legislation arising from the defendants response to the COVID-19 pandemic be rescinded and repealed. This includes the
COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 and COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 and that that the special powers afforded a Prime Minister at section 5 of the Epidemic Preparedness Act 2006 be removed from this Act and replaced with the approval of Parliament.

and it calls for a requests to the Court to petition the Governor-General to remove the current Prime Minister and her government from office with immediate effect.

the document is downloadable here or below

Many things in this document strike accord with me .

in 2006 I brought the lack of existence of a private law enforcement body to the attention of the government .

AWINZ was the equivalent of the RNZSPCA but had no legal existence . I was sued and was denied a defence and now 15 years later I still have on going court action due to this for speaking up .

I was convicted several years ago for saying that I suspected the corrupt lawyer who ripped of his client o be Neil wells , I did not know what had happened in the tribunal I was not there . I had 5 convictions which were upheld by the high court despite me saying repeatedly.. where is the order ?

Finally the court of appeal over turned the convictions when they looked for and could not find any evidence of an order so that why he police not produce an order when I told them I would comply if one existed..

So often I have found that fake names fake things are created and treated as real and again I suspect that all of this goes hand in hand .. sure there is a flu but the paranoia has been created fear is a great motivator

Magic relies on deception and so does depopulation

It is time for us to learn a lesson from nature and we need to support a new born organisation which has bravely stepped up to test the the legitimacy of what is going on

Many years ago when I started the transparency web site I posted a video of the battle of the Kruger , it shows how lions took a waterbuffalo calf and how the herd working together turned things around worthy of a watch