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Petition of Vince Siemer: Require all Supreme Court judgments published on Courts of New Zealand promptly

Petition request

That the House of Representatives pass legislation mandating the Supreme Court of New Zealand publish every judgment on the Courts of New Zealand website promptly, when issued and, if any of the judgment is suppressed, to publish the reasons for suppression and make evident the extent of the redactions ordered.

Petition reason

Currently, the Supreme Court of New Zealand issues some judgments off the record, either by omission from the official record or by informal email. None are accessible by members of the public. In the past six months I have surmised the existence of two major judgments that have been concealed from the public due to their absence from the sequential numbering system on the Courts of New Zealand website. They are [2020] NZSC 97 & [2021] NZSC 11.

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6 Supreme Court established

This section establishes as the court of final appeal for New Zealand a court of record called the Supreme Court of New Zealand.

court of record noun

a court whose judgments and proceedings are kept on permanent record and that has the power to impose penalties for contempt.


Judicial Decisions Online provides a searchable database of judgments and decisions from the High Court (from 2005), Court of Appeal (from 2003), and Supreme Court. All decisions are published unless they are subject to a suppression (automatic or judge-ordered) or relate to bail applications or bail appeals.

If a judgment from the High Court or Court of Appeal is considered to be of public interest, it is published in the Judgments section of the Courts website and retained for 90 days. All decisions from the Supreme Court are permanently available on the Courts website. Substantive judgments are published with a media release.

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Why there is an issue with unpublished decisions

Vince and I Have both been charged and convicted of breaching suppression orders for un publicised decisions. We have a right to know if a decision is confidential and why , both of us had our convictions over turned but we should not have been convicted in the first place . Open transparent justice means exactly that

see the documents here

Neil Wells appeared before a tribunal and was found liable for the charge relating to his client

nothing in these documents show that there is a suppression order for Neil wells who had misappropriated funds from his client the law society publication was very detailed and through this we identified him I was convicted of five charges and Vince for one

these are the court of appeal documents which overturned our convictions .


HADEN v NEW ZEALAND POLICE [2021] NZCA 94 [26 March 2021]

When the court acts in secrecy and people are convicted because of secrecy nothing can be fair .

In an open transparent justice system we have the right to know what is happening and why decisions are made

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