Plandemic fact or fiction .. you decide

PLANDEMIC Part 1 (Dr Judy Mikovits!/v/veritas11/QmYG5y53VFjjHP2t5ZqkH8xoYSMyHwbA1pSHyX3fFt6gw7

When documentary videos are taken down and reputable people are sent to jail for speaking up then this signals , to me at least that this is a documentary worth watching

It is indead food for thought and any educated person using logic and reasoning will be able to come to their own concluson about what is going on

In my book it is a must watch especially when there is such a massive drive to conceal and bury her work on line and to discredit her to the level of a fruit loop when what she is saying is in my opinion and based on my medical laboratory background, totally plausible .

As a whistleblower myself I know the signs well. I was discredited, I have been to court for speaking the truth and even now there are those who try their damndest to have my posts removed from the internet.

Where is the freedom of expression and the freedom to impart information, if her information was not hitting the nail on the head , why the massive reaction ?

That is why I say see for yourself make up your own mind be informed from all sides.

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