A new dawn, a new day a new career path – Grace Haden Investigative Journalist

It’s a new life for me

And I’m feeling good

Last week my world was shattered, for the past 14 years I have been a private investigator   before that  I was  a mother and before that a Police officer of 15 years standing.

I received the call in the morning telling me that  the reserved  decision was going  to be  released .  I didn’t  know what to think  deep in my mind I knew that were desperate to strip me of my private investigator’s  licence. The words of the PSPLA still rang in my ears… as long as you  blog and  report Lawyers to the law society you will not  have a licence.

So they had to dig  deep and they did it   see here decision second appeal

My entire ability to earn a living has been judged on one incident   where a lawyer  was in my professional appion not working according to the rule of law

But   fast forward  past the boring bit of how it happened and I am pleased to say I am reinventing myself as a

Public Investigator: Public Watchdog  : Investigative Journalist : Citizen Journalist : Fraud  and Corruption  Educator: Investigative Consultant 

Every cloud has a silver lining  and  by being an investigative reporter I have no obligations to the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010

Meaning of private investigator

no person is a private investigator within the meaning of this Act by reason of the fact that—

(4) (a)he or she seeks, obtains, or supplies any information—
(iv)for any purpose relating to the dissemination of news or other information to the public or to any section of the public

The background to  the  lack of transparency and lack of justice   in losing my licence is here , they had to dig deep and this is what they had to  pin it on. the lawyers have not even been dealt with for misleading the court and I am already executed

David Abricossow of Johnston Lawrence law firm was representing the company Muse on Allen  Limited . (Muse on allen features on this site  a share holder had $64,000 transferred out of his name and  was kicked out of the company whihc had been purchased of  some $95,000 .)

Abricossow  saw it  fit to make a false allegation of contempt of court with regards to my  actions , he falsely alleged that I had distributed  documents which had  been provided by way of confidential discovery  in  the high court  proceedings . These documents were sitting in lawyers offices in Wellington, I had not seen them  nor did I know  what they were .

So by means of  what I believe to be a brilliant set up,   Malcolm North of the ministry of social development who claimed to be a director of the company , provided  Jozsef who I was  helping  with   documents which alleged that  he was responsible  for  losses in the company .   Statement of Claim without privilege  he also provided these privilege free documents.

It was obvious that the company was insolvent, trading while insolvent and incurring more debt that  at this stage they appeared to be holding Jozsef accountable for  so  the strategy was to limit the damage and  inform  creditors of the company   that  Jozsef did  not have any control over the company , his shared has been stolen from him, he was being held accountable  for the company debts and did not  consent to  the company incurring any more debt.   and that is  how Abricossow  came to make an allegation of contempt of court against me , it would appear that Malcolm north had provided  the documents  freely   one day yet on another   claimed they were confidential .

I made a complaint to the directors of  Johnston Lawrence with regards to  the false  allegations  of contempt   they addressed the issue by   alleging  harassment

The  harassment  proceedings were  set  down in Wellington I lived in Auckland

The proceedings  were more  in line with strategy  rather than rule of law   and when I thought there was an agreement for a consent order without  apportioning  blame they did an about turn on me and I found that I had to be in Wellington   at very short notice   like  Hours  away .

The judge refused to allow me to  attend by video conference   and held the hearing without me.

New matters were raised  particularly defamation , this was claimed  in letters which were only between myself and Abricossow and   by some what twisting matters . the reality is that defamtion has its own  act   and  under that act there is   a thing which I have never experienced.. the ability   to prove the truth of the statement or opinion.

without  your right to  that defence you are toast.  You are also toast when defamation is alleged  in your absence.

So his honour  decided that on the  basis of continued defamation I had Harassed David Abricossow  .

Because the   decision is under the harassment act  it is not published  but to overcome that  they published the decision  and called it  Lane V Haden   making it appear that I   am a serial harasser  ( a term  which Malcolm North the  recent bankrupt  likes to use )

I  asked for the decision to be recalled based on the legal grounds   that defamation was introduced at the final submissions, I was not given an opportunity to  address those allegations  and  defamation should have been pleaded separately .  So  one of the other  directors of  Johnston Lawrence trundles off to he court  and  misled the court with regards to defamation  and the  decision  stood.

so  I have made a complaint with the law society and the LCRO   nearly 2 years later these complaints  are still  being dealt with  but in the mean time the action of these lawers is enough to put me out of  my life time of work

I know that eh  disgraced barrister   Neil Wells is involved  because Malcolm North admitted to  communicating with him.

I suspect that Neil Wells  and Wyn Hoadley had engaged  Ron Mc quilter  and  a mate of Mc Quilter  Trevor Morely  a former president of the NZIPI   has been involved with the Norths  see here

From: Trevor Morley [mailto:twam@clear.net.nz]
Sent: Saturday, 2 May 2015 4:36 p.m.
To: Malcolm North
Subject: Message from Grace HADEN.

Good afternoon Malcolm,

When we spoke on the telephone and you sought my advice re the serving of a trespass notice, you mentioned that you had heard from a Grace HADEN.  My understanding of what you told me was that the service of the trespass notice and the matter that she was involved with and yourself were two entirely different matters.

 It would seem I may have misunderstood you.

 Irrespective of that, I certainly did not expect you to mention to her (or anyone else for that matter) that you have been in contact with me.

 Just so that there is no further misunderstanding(s) Malcolm I would be grateful if (a) you did not, at any time in the future, mention my name to someone without first confirming with me that it was proper and appropriate to do so, and (b) please do not communicate with me at any time in the future about whatever the matter(s) are that you are involved with necessitating the involvement of Ms HADEN.

 I am sending a separate and brief e-mail to her requesting that she does not communicate with me in any way, shape or form about whatever it is that she needs to communicate with you about.


 Kind regards,

 Trevor W.A. Morley.

Trevor was the chair person of the NZIPI  when I was secretary  he changed the constitution so that he could remove two members  who they could not get rid of under the rules

I left the NZIPI after that  as  I believe that   if you have not got legal grounds for removal then  you don’t change the rules retrospectively  .

Morley provided a lot of in put into the  the private  investigators new legislation  and now I have been  designated an unfit  person   based on  the subjective opinion .

I can  keep on fighting  but    want to  use my time constructively , I have asked for the judgment to be recalled but doubt if this will happen

on the basis of the above  incident with  a lawyer  I have at 64  lost my ability to earn an income  in my chosen profession  FOR EVER .  compare this with lawyers    and you see this

  • One month suspension for Robert John Latton Deceived his client. In two emails to the client he represented that he had sent the letter when he had not.He also backdated a draft letter from a version that had been sent to him by his instructing solicitor, and showed this to the client.
  • Marc Cropper suspended for three months possession of a class A controlled drug, methamphetamine
  • Gang “Richard” Chen has been suspended for two years having been convicted of five criminal offences, four of which were punishable by imprisonment and tended to bring his profession into disrepute
  • Stephen Joseph Woulfe has been suspended for two months A signature on an authority and instruction form prepared and executed by Mr Woulfe was a forgery
  • Gary Horne has been suspended from practice for a period of three months Two of the charges related to his actions when acting for different clients in the purchase of properties. The third charge concerned the operations of Mr Horne’s nominee company and a number of breaches of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Nominee Company) Rules 2008.
  • Richard Zhao suspended for four months he failed to pay the money into his firm’s trust account until more than six weeks after receipt During that period the money was held in various personal accounts belonging to him and his wife and a portion of interest attributable to his client was not paid to her.
  • Keith Ian Jefferies suspended for six months convicted of offences punishable by imprisonment which tend to bring his profession into disrepute. The convictions were for possession of a Class A controlled drug, methamphetamine, possession of a Class C controlled drug, bk- MDMA, and possession of utensils contrary to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975
  • Former lawyer Greg Stewart suspended for 18 months failure to keep adequate records, having client balances overdrawn, failing to reconcile trust bank accounts with the trust ledger, and incorrectly certifying compliance with the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006 and the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Trust Account Regulations) 2008.  Greg Stewart relates to the investigations I conducted into him  when he was part of  the Equity international   trust  company with Evgeny Orlov
  • Richard Austin censured for unsatisfactory conduct he falsely certified signatures on declarations which were submitted to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). Mr Austin did not inform LINZ that the declarations either were not in his possession when the e-dealing was certified or were not retained on the client file or that the new declarations were backdated and not properly witnessed.


No right to justice for me     Ron , Twam Neil    you may think that you have achieved your objective, I am no longer a private Investigator  but I am now  a Public investigator  / Consultant   and Investigative journalist

May Transparency rule

Verisure  will continue to operate   we are investigators  just not Private  lets face it Hr specialists, lawyers   health and safety  people the whole  world investigates without a licence  so  why should I fight for mine.

it  was the last thing they held over me  I am free to speak up  and I think it is one hell of an indictment on the NZ  IN- justice system


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