Corruption In New Zealand .. Practiced and concealed at highest levels.

A news item was sent on to me this morning Whistleblowers tell of ‘incredible’ day their jobs were axed

The workers at the Ministry of transport noticed  false invoices raised their concern  and lost their jobs. The boss Martin Matthews apparently did not act despite  widespread concerns  he  has now been appointed  Auditor General.

As we have shown earlier the auditor generals office is the Platinum supporter of Transparency International NZ who work so had to ensure that New Zealand retains its ” least perceived corruption status” .

As for integrity there is none .. as integrity would reveal that there is fraud and corruption in  New Zealand  and  by  far the easiest way to avoid fraud and corruption is  not to define them   or have policies whihc  seek to identify them

Currently the New Zealand police do not generally investigate fraud, it is handed  to the SFO who have a very high threshold  in $$$$

Its all based on economics  meaning that   we can turn a blind eye to  losses which would cost less than they would to  police and prosecute.

This may be a  great business model  in the first year but  what happens in the second and third when  those without  stringent ethics realize that  they can do  such things and not be caught .. well   it becomes a free for all.. I know about such things because I am a MUM .

Let a kid get away with something and it become s the norm . so where do you set the threshold   for theft , fraud..  is there a $ value or is the very act  of fraud  and theft  and offence   .. bit like Parking .. park 10 minutes over time you  are fined  but  you can   commit all the fraud you like and get away with it .

If you are caught out and are fortunate enough to belong to a wider network   and have friends in high places then  you are protected. Bit Like Mr Gavin Hunt of signature homes  who had his very own tame judge  sit on the case.

Justice Woolford  has not just a share holder in a company Hunt directed but  Woolford became a   shareholder when the company was  formed and the  shareholders appoint the directors Hunt’s directors certificate  is dated 28 August 06 and Woolford’s 29 August 06.  this  is a massive project meaning that the two would have been known to each other in more than a passing manner.

If our courts have integrity the judges would not place themselves in a position of conflict of interest.

If our public service has integrity then those who  raise concerns would be listened to  and not fired.

If our building industry had integrity  all  large building firms would set a standard  for performance and ensure compliance.

If our laws were written to be enforced then the companies act would be honoured by the court in proceedigns and  blatant breaches of the companies act would not be condoned , e.g  the transfer of shares booting out of directors  false accounting   more on this later .

New Zealand’s  laws give us protection   but   when they are not  enforced and people are not held accountable to the law then  the law truly is an ass and facilitates  corruption .

Lawyers and judges and high ranking  public servants  cannot condone breach’s of the law   to do so in terms of criminal  law makes them an accessory after the fact  .

Its time   judges lawyers and public service started  observing  the criminal law.

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