Integrity of the High court of New Zealand .. how low is the Bar ? was Judge Woolford conflicted ? will it be ignored ?

As a private Investigator who has now  officially been Labeled a conspiracy theorist , this a blatant attack by the press to discredit me  and proves that I must be pushing the right buttons . I find it difficult not to speak up  when I see signs of lack of integrity and this is such a case

My integrity has been  attacked through the press  in 2017 based on an opinion of a police  woman who only spoke to me on the phone  in  2012. Based on her statement and a couple of other things like telling a lawyer to act according to law and telling another lawyer to get evidence before attacking people in court ,  the private security  Licencing authority, Mr Gill  refused to renew my  certificate of approval. claiming that

” The applicant appears to hold very strong views on many matters and she is adamant that there is some form of conspiracy afoot, but in the absence of any evidence to support this theory it appears to boil down to a long-held obsession which can only harm her ability to carry out her duties as a private investigator in a rational  and professional manner.

To me this sets the threshold of  expected  integrity  in our society  and  courts and by my reckoning an open  invitation  for me to prove what is wrong with NZ . BTW the police woman’s  comment was so sensitive that it was witheld from me under  the privacy act but released to the  Private security  authority  who not only judged me on it  but  acted on it .

Apparently  the threshold for  denying me my certificate of approval is pretty dam low . So low that I  feel confident that there are those who want to discredit me because I am on the right track to exposing corruption in New Zealand .

To that end a simple  due diligence for a client  into Residential Indemnity limited has uncovered  what appears to be a gross conflict of interest on behalf of a Judge . ( more on residential immunity later )

The court judgements which I found very interesting  there are  a number of them  but these are   of note

the presiding judge in this matter is

The Honourable Justice Woolford
2010, based in Auckland

Justice Woolford graduated LLB (Hons) from Auckland University and BA  in Japanese in 1977 as well as attaining a BCL from Oxford University in 1981.  He was admitted to the Bar in 1977.  He held positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Wellington, Singapore and New York 1981-85.  Justice Woolford returned to Auckland to work for Meredith Connell in 1986 and became a partner with that firm from 1987 until the current appointment. Justice Woolford is based in Auckland.

see also

A search of the  companies office shows that Mark Woolford  was appointed as Judge  by our current government   in 2010.  the  web site for Meridith Connell  in 2009  shows  Mark Woolford as one of the partners .

A further search of the companies office   reveals that he is involved in the following companies








The court action in the above reports relates  to  signature homes  which  has contracted under its generic trading name but the real company   contracted with in this instance is  one   Gavin Leslie HUNT  a full list of his company associations is found here 

Hunt is also  also  director and  an ultimate share holder of the other two company defendants  who  incidentally all work under the same trading name .. another one of  my  identity fraud conspiracies  whihc I am again proving to be true .




Lasque Construction  went into  liquidation  29 July 2016 and was wound up  14 feb 2017.  resolution  the liquidation was to be completed by  30 November 2016 .

This  appears to be a well practiced  ploy by companies before the court  the court number  CIV-2012-404-7500  indicates that the proceedings were commenced in 2012. This is a way  of perverting justice  its the  legal equivalent of  killing  the company  but others live on  using the same trading name … but more on that later too .

But getting back to the apparent  conflict of interest a detailed  search of the companies which  Mr Hunt directs reveals ACTIONSTEP LIMITED (1859348)  which he  directs with Angus FLETCHER ex-husband of former Auckland mayor Christine Fletcher and Brother of Hugh Fletcher  who is The chief justice  dame Sian Elias husband .

At the recent franchise of the year awards   Signature homes won Westpac supreme franchise system of the year  the  blurb stated

Founded by Fletcher Challenge in 1983, the company was sold in 1995 to Gavin and Anneta Hunt, who had been involved with the business right from the start.

SIGNATURE HOMES LIMITED was formed in 1974 as Fletcher Dempsey , it wad renamed Signature homes  before getting a name change just prior to liquidation   in 1995

Signature homes  is there fore well connected  to NZ judiciary and  it would appear the business relation ship extends to  Mr Gavin Hunt being the director  of Actionstep  and the subsidiaries it owns  ACTIONSTEP HOSTING NEW ZEALAND LIMITED , ACTIONSTEP LICENSING AUSTRALIA LIMITED, ACTIONSTEP LICENSING CANADA LIMITEDACTIONSTEP LICENSING NEW ZEALAND LIMITEDACTIONSTEP NEW ZEALAND LIMITED .

What is action step ?   well it appears on  Google as this

Wikipedia  provides this

Actionstep was created by Ted Jordan, CEO of Actionstep, in 2004.[1] It was first used commercially in 2005 by a New Zealand construction franchise as well as a law firm. Actionstep soon expanded into central government and a wider range of small business users (mainly in New Zealand and Australia).

As the company grew, many of their new customers were coming from law firms (which benefited from the workflow and document assembly features). Actionstep decided to customize the product and focus on the needs to legal professionals. Features such as trust accounting were added to the product to round out the offering to law firms. More recently Actionstep has integrated with number of key technologies such as Gmail, HotDocs, Outlook, and Microsoft Office. Actionstep still retains a solid base of customers in New Zealand, however the fastest growing market is in the United States where the company now has physical presence and employees.

Now getting back to  the conflict of interest issue in the decision dated  18 August 2015   it would appear that  WOOLFORD J  totally accepted the  evidence of  Mr Gavin Hunt over the people who  had ended up with a leaky home thanks to signature .   Woolford does not appear to have declared his conflict in interest he  has been a shareholder in actionstep since it was founded see share holder consent here Woolford shareholding .  As an original  shareholder   he would have been fully aware of the  founding directors  of which Hunt is one .

I wonder how this  is going to be glossed over  . mean time  I am in line for being put out of  my   work because   we dig deep   to discredit me, yet judges can knowingly sit on matters where they know the other party   rule in their favour and   just watch nothing will happen

I will try to contact the Kellys and tell them to take this to the office of the judicial  conduct commissioner

If a PI who has no obligations to the rule of  law  and only has  obligations to the  act  has  to be denied  her right to earn a crust  what threshold should we apply to judges ?



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