Vivienne Holm seeks help from Netsafe

vivienne-holmYesterday I was approached by Net safe , who on behalf of Vivienne Holm sought changes to  former  blog posts, they said that this was because  Vivienne after holding a practicing certificate for  the past 10 years suddenly cant get one because of  something that was written   many years ago . Vivienne   is seeking  changes to the blog.   We are happy to make corrections  but  there is nothing to correct .   we are interested however in  addressing   injustices  and  if she feels that the comment   is an injustice then she can assist in correcting a far greater injustice  before we  look at the perception she has of tiny little one .

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The following is my response to Net safe  ,  The fact that Vivienne  and Malcolm North who has been  harassing me,   both worked at the ministry of social development   is a fact that is not  lost on me .

….Thank you net safe 

The animal welfare Institute of New Zealand (AWINZ )  had law enforcement powers  which it obtained after  an application was made   to the then  minister  of agriculture on 22 November 1999 .

A blank trust deed  had been attached to the application made by Neil Edward wells a barrister .

In reality ,No trust existed  and  no entity existed but the government  gave  AWINZ wide sweeping law enforcement powers akin to those held by the RNZSPCA, which includes search and seizure and ability to  fine people .

Neil Wells who applied on behalf of AWINZ had written the   no 1 bill for the  new Animal welfare act  and had inserted the  sections to  facilitate the application he subsequently made   and  he  also advised on  the act  as “independent advisor” to the select committee without declaring his obvious conflict of interest of writing an act  to facilitate his own business plan

In March 2006  an  employee  of Waitakere city council   Lynne McDonald ( the bird lady ) approached me with the concern that she, a dog control officer,  was required to  “ volunteer “ her council paid time to AWINZ and prioritise animal welfare over   dog control . The building at  the council  had been   rebranded   and  Neil wells her council manager from 2005  was the only person operating AWINZ   for which he used a logo which was  identical to the new branding of the council building .

Maf at the time of an audit acknowledged that the two   entities appeared to  merge and it was difficult to see where  one   began and the other finished.  The council on the other  hand denied that AWINZ operated from their premises . This  was  in reality a massive public fraud  using   public office for private pecuniary gain.

To prove that AWINZ  did not exist  several of us incorporated the name Animal Welfare institute of New Zealand  .It is impossible to incorporate the  identical name of  an entity, we were successful  there by conclusively proving that  AWINZ  the law enforcement authority did not exist .

Vivienne Holm @ Vivienne Parr @ Vivienne Wright   Phoned me late at night and made threats  against my Private investigators licence  and there by my income and livelihood.  She demanded that we had to give up the name AWINZ  when intimidation did not work Her then husband  Nick wright then   took over the matter  as Vivienne at the time  was working as a law clerk .

I called at her address to discuss a resolution and was promptly served with a trespass notice.

Now it has always puzzled me   why a Law clerk was instructed , surely that is not usual  and  why was her   first port of call  be an intimidating phone call late on a Friday night .. I thought that  a legitmaley instructed   person would use more transparent means  rather than acting like a thug.

After her husband  , a resource management lawyer  , became involved Threats of legal action were made  and out of the blue a trust deed materialised.

I was to find that the trust deed  dated 1.3.2000   had been signed when the  then dog control manager at Waitakere city council, Tom Didovich  visited the   various people who thought they were trustees.

However  they never met  never passed a resolution and certainly were not involved in the application  for the  “ approved organisation’  under section 121 of the animal welfare act  ( which Neil wells had had such a massive part in ), the trust they  were allegedly involved in held no assets  and  after  three years the trustees who  still had not met  were not reappointed, hence this was a totally sham trust

Nick Wright took me to court for defamation ,  for saying that AWINZ was a sham trust, which it was  and has proved to be . The defamation was allegedly of Neil Wells  , I was denied the right  to a  statutory defence of truth and honest opinion and no finding has ever been made that I defamed Neil wells  but I had to pay  some $100,000 to him and his  lawyer  all   for  being a whistle-blower on serious corruption .

This  went on for  some 10 years  the object was to bankrupt me . Neil wells in an email to MAF in 2007    said that this was his objective , he certainly tried hard enough

Nick wright  who is reputedly the “Auckland lawyer who had “fallen on hard times”( has  ceased practicing   and Brookfields continued  their attack on me, I can only guess that if they had done the decent thing they  would have seen some notable  lawyers  struck off  for not checking the facts  before  filing matters in court and using their office contrary to the provisions of the Lawyers and conveyancers rules .

In the process of suing me they used dirty  tactics because  facts and evidence would not have won it for them . I have reason to believe that that  also worked  covertly on my marriage and ensured that  my 23 years marriage and my family was destroyed.   The lawyer who represented me was later found to be incompetent  and I  very much suspect he was working for the other side . So I lost ,  no way of winning when you have  a lawyer who the law society acknowledged as being incompetent and for whom judges had no respect .

All in all this created a massive miscarriage of justice   and one which I physically paid out well  over $300,000  for and   find it impossible to quantify the lost   hours of work, health    stress etc.

Brookfields, on  behalf of whom Vivienne Wright at the time,(previously Vivienne  Parr   now Vivienne Holm)  , took instructions from the fictional AWINZ  tried to liquidate my company and succeeded    until I found out that they  had  filed a false affidavit of service  and the whole thing was reversed.

So now 10 years  down the track and after having held  many  practicing certificates Vivienne  wants a different type of practicing certificate   because she is going to work  for Paul Cavanagh  who   retired exactly a year ago  .

Vivienne “ believes “   that she   already had her application in .  I am sure that she did not.( this is based on my concurrent records  )

I believe that  my post is   totally accurate  and that the fact  of   the date of her application for a  practicing certificate is   just a teensy weensy  bit  trivial compared to the  years of suffering which I and my family  have had to endure.

The good news is that I am happy to  work with  any one  who helps put things right . When the AWINZ matter has been addressed  and is history I can take down all the posts  but while the injustice   exists it requires exposure  of the fact  and   the facts will remain in the public realm

I cannot understand why she claims that  she   cannot get a practicing certificate on this occasion   , the  email you sent is dated 19 September 2016    and states that she  has held a practicing certificate  from April 2015 to the present .

Practicing certificates  renew at the end of June ,  The law society have just informed me that she does not currently hold a  practicing certificate, her last one expired 25 November  2016, it appears that that is the date when she left the MSD

My internet search reveals that  Paul Cavanagh QC  retired a year ago .

It would appear that Vivienne Holm  now wants to work in public practice again , as such she will  become an officer of the high court   and according to section 4 of the  Lawyers and conveyancers act will  have an  obligation to uphold the rule of law and to facilitate the administration of justice in New Zealand:

She may  wish to  help address the  AWINZ injustice ,  once that  has been sorted I can look at removing / altering  blogs .

I do find it amusing perhaps coincidental perhaps not , that  she was  employed by MSD   until 25 November where Malcolm North  who has been harassing me, by email   also works.

But getting back to Vivienne    I am happy to   remove  anything minor when  a greater injustice has been resolved, she only needs to contact me  and help me    right the wrongs  of the past  that she was instrumental in in  kicking off .      A person with integrity   would  see  that an as officer of the court  Vivienne  would  have an overriding obligation  to  justice  and if she cannot how integrity in   putting the past right  then she should not be asking me  to change factual information .

In the interest of transparency  I will be publishing this on

this blog was updated in  2018 when  Vivienne made a malicious complaint to the Private security  licensing authority about me.

she went back  12 years and made all sorts of scurrilous  accusations against me.  It would appear however that the lady from Net safe  got he facts twisted  and so  what I  wrote about vivienne trying to get a new  practicing certificate in 2016  was inaccurate.  what brought her  out of the wood work in 2016  is a mystery  she was  having a go at me  about a 2011 post .

More to come on Vivienne  the truth has to come out .


2 Responses to “Vivienne Holm seeks help from Netsafe”

  • Vivienne Holm:

    Mrs Haden,

    This message is to advise you that I will be making a formal complaint about you to the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority in relation to this post, which contains numerous inaccuracies.

    I have never had any difficulty obtaining a practising certificate, and did not contact Netsafe about you because I wanted to get one. Nor was I looking for employment as a lawyer. I had accepted a job as a policy analyst, which I started in Dedember 2016, and I am still in that role.

    As you know, your previous allegations about me were emphatically rejected by the Law Society. It is nonsense to suggest that they would ever present an impediment to me in getting a practising certificate.

    Further, you were not told that I wanted to work with Mr Cavanagh in 2016. What you were told is that the reason I got a new practising certificate back in 2006 was because I was about to go and work for Mr Cavanagh as a barrister at that time, and not in response to your spurious complaint to the Law Society (contrary to your claim in the separate post I referred to Netsafe).

    There is a pattern here of you dreaming things up and then posting them online as if they were facts.

    Many years after a fleeting and trivial interaction between us you are still publishing imaginary ‘information’ about me on line. Its a shame that you can’t seem to move on and find more constructive and worthwhile things to do with your time, and that you weren’t prepared to have a reasoned conversation with Netsafe.

  • transparencynz:

    Thank you Vivienne

    I presume that you are Vivienne Holm using the email address

    On 8 December 2016 I was contacted by Net safe and was told that the information I had gathered in 2006 was inaccurate .

    In june 2006 you had phoned and intimidated me, I made enquiries with the law society and Brookfields and found that you did not have a practicing certificate and were working as a Law clerk , several months later however you obtained a practicing certificate but at the time you harassed me and threaten my family and livelihood you were passing yourself off as a lawyer, I stand by that.

    I recall that you called me and threatened my PI licence if I did not de register our trust the animal welfare institute of New Zealand .You accused us of having taken the name from another trust which incidentally was a mythical creature .. lacked existence in every way and was a major public fraud

    The reality was that we had incorporated the name to prove conclusively that the approved organisation Animal welfare institute of new Zealand operated by the now deceased corrupt barrister Neil wells , had no legal existence.

    Wells had made a fraudulent application to the minister claiming that the trust existed , he did this on 22 November 1999 however no organisation existed and I believe that he fabricated several conflicting versions of a trust deed in 2006 to cover up his fraud and back dated them 3 march 2000.

    The trustees of the fictional and therefore sham trust, never met, never held assets never passed a resolution and by the terms of their own trust ceased to exist when there were no re appointments three years later, we have a ton of evidence to substantiate this now

    You should be well aware of the facts by now but you pretend this fraud never occurred and you are now trying to twist the role you played and make me out to be the protagonist .

    Your action has destroyed many lives , it destroyed my family , I have been subjected to 12 years of litigation because of your threats and your action in filing a claim. Neil wells went to his grave fearing that I should get the decisions of the tribunal hearing where he ripped off a old friend for her money , He was exposed as the corrupt barrister he was , that is why he is not shown in the obituaries of the law society he was struck off .

    The question I have to ask is why if you claim you had a practicing certificate did you get your then husband Nick wright a resource management lawyer , to file the claim , is it because you were at that time working as a law clerk and you didn’t have a practicing certificate but was calling yourself a lawyer .. well that’s what my investigations at the time revealed and I am not about to change my view on that , I recall that you got one in August of that year

    Vivienne, you may not agree with what was written but I can assure you that I reported what Net safe told me , as I recall you were not part of that conversation and you can therefore not tell me what was said and what was not said . we will make corrections if you believe anything is wrong , but we believe that it was wrong that you should have been involved in filing court papers to conceal a public fraud.

    If you want me to expand on this I will do a more extensive post probably in January when I have more time .

    If you want this to be put to bed you could help resolve the matter of the legal action which you were involved in for defamation in which I was denied the statutory defence of truth and honest opinion all inn aid of attempting to legitimise a fictional law enforcement authority.

    You can redeem yourself by putting right the wrongs of your past .

    I suffered a massive miscarriage of justice because of you and I therefore reserve the right to speak the truth.

    So now a year after last contacting me via Net safe , you decide to contact me and again and you again threaten My Pi licence . Hasn’t any one told you that threatening is not a nice thing to do
    Merry Christmas to you too is this an annual event that I should schedule this event again for next year.

    Grace Haden

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