Suzie Dawson a blast from the past may she fare well in Russia

5-beecheIts a funny little world    and sometimes events which are long forgotten come back   and the planets align.

In august this year  my PI licence was up for renewal , I appeared  before the  ” authority ”  on a matter which should never have been accepted as a complaint let alone be investigated and  go as far as a  hearing.

Malcolm North had made a complaint under the code of conduct of Private investigators.  He did not like the fact that I was assisting, the person who I  believe is  victim of his crimes, in limiting damages .

There was   but one problem  there is  only one code of  conduct and that is with regards to  surveillance.

I was under investigations  by the DIA for  some 10 months   they  kept telling me that I was under investigation for breach of code of conduct.   and in the end they published a most defamatory report  which their spin doctors have defended  to the hilt to justify their investigations .

I was called before the PSPLA   and the ” authority ”  did  he only thing he could  do   and  dismissed the  complaint


While I was before this hearing, which actually did not have a valid complaint to hear , the Authority  Roger Gill   asked to speak to me off the record .  he did  so  and I recorded our conversation  for future reference .

I was told by him that  he did not consider me to be an appropriate person to hold a licence , I was told that I had to stop blogging and stop making complaints to the law society about lawyers or else I would not have a certificate of approval ( COE). I wrote to him and advised him of my rights under the bill of right  both to the freedom of expression and freedom to form and hold opinions.

My COE  was supposed to  renew on the 16th  August.  On the 12th  august  I received a  registered mail item, it was  an on the papers decision on my application.  It had been declined.

There were a number of  historic items listed   mainly  hearsay and   unsupported by real evidence  , others were items which  I should have had a right  of explanation  on. One was


ThI must admit this one had me thinking

There was never a  Restraining order  but I  did  get a trespass  notice after I had served papers   at 5 Beech place   a notice to   remove defamatory material from  a web site .

until this week it never clicked   and then   I saw  a most interesting  item on face book  a link which led to  this



WELL  is this   ever an exercise in self promotion / sensationalism , I was most interested to read the words on her scoop post 

The targeting of Ms Dawson led to serious threats against and endangerment of her life and those of her children.

suddenly I connected the two     and indeed in early 2013  I had had dealings  with one and the same Ms Dawson  when  she published defamatory and  blatantly incorrect  material about  me  and I simply asked her to remove it from her blogand when I was ignored served a notice  on her as required by the act.

I had phoned her  as first point of contact  and  her daughter had answered the phone  , I asked for Suzie Dawson and  when she got on the phone   she hurled a  barrage of abuse at me and a claim  that  I  was stalking her .

Eventually she did remove the material from her post    but it wold appear  that  she also made a false complaint that I was stalking her.

Knowing what I know  about Suzie Dawson   and having interacted with her , I do hope that she gets asylum in Russia  and may her  stay be a lengthy one.

I personally  would not  believe a thing she says  as to me ,on the evidence I have , I can conclude that  she  is  prone to  gross exaggeration and  paranoia .

She calls herself a journalist  but she is not one  .

If she is one of the 88 new Zealanders the government is looking at then the government is wasting tax payers  funds  ,  it is my opinion that she  does nothing more than regurgitates  information which she finds on the  web and publishes as her own .

Please don’t give her money  , in doing so you will be  supporting a potential fraud.  her web sites are  ,,,www.,,,, ,,,    redstar309z,    

whil suzie Dawson claims to have done much she has infact done little.  evidence of  her blog is here   sh sertainly would not be on the most wanted list  and if she has suffered anything it wouldin my opinion be paranoia .

a clue to what she is up to is here 

Since joining the Occupy Auckland media team in 2011, Suzie Dawson has been a driving force behind many social justice and political movement media campaigns and events, including #GCSB, #NZ4Gaza and #TPPANoWay. Her work has been shared internationally including by, Wikileaks and Business Insider. She is currently traveling the world and writing about her experiences.

The reality is that Occupy Auckland is done and dusted.. Suzie is a self appointed journalist  and is funding  her overseas  travels by blogging and turning herself into  an international person of interest. It would appear that she has sold her Beeche place    home. The fact that she sold then   traveled the  globe gives more clarity to the statement

Kiwi journalist and activist Suzie Dawson has been extensively targeted by Western intelligence agencies and their contractors. In the wake of several overt attempts on her life, she had to leave her home in New Zealand to live in exile in Europe

Now Suzie  which is it  did you sell up and  go on a trip  or  were you forced to leave .. at least  you should be consistent in what you post  .. hope you are enjoying your cool million  please dont ask people to fund your holiday  its not ethical 5-beeche-price



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