Open letter to the North family Debbie ,Malcolm and Samuel

pic 3Dear Malcolm Debbie and Samuel

several months ago I corresponded with you and told you that neither Jozsef  or  I did  wished to communicate with you ,but you continued to send bullying and abusive emails.

The police even contacted you email to muse restaurant 171115 and warned you that your communications  could well be breaking the law.

But the law apparently means nothing to you,  you appear to find it humorous .

So we have just had Christmas. Both Jozsef and I have had to endure more harassment  and bullying  now  you claim you wish to negotiate because you fear being in prison  this time next year.

Now you and I both know that  innocent people do not have to fear  repercussions of the law  but you have already stated that   the police will not arrest you for  stealing Jozsefs shares. WE have so many confessions it appears unreal that you are still in denial .

The lawyers firm which you engaged to represent the company   found themselves in such a bind that  they had to take court action against me because they didn’t know which way to turn . on one hand they had to admit that Jozsef had no  rights and on the other   hand you were suing him as a majority share holder  . Never before has there been such a ridiculous set of circumstances and blatant theft and you wish to negotiate settlement with Jozsef .

Those who commit offences are not  in a position to negotiate  to seek a discount on the sums which they have stolen and the losses they have caused.

I have already told you  that a good starting point  would be full compensation to Jozsef for  his losses. You have his bank account details  you may wish to  start repayment  of the shares which you  unlawfully transferred.

I have also taken the liberty of writing to the business broker who has Muse on Allen listed  for sale   it would appear that  this is a major transaction one which is not permissible without consent from the share holders  and s you   have commenced  legal action against Jozsef as majority share holder it would appear that you have  posed yourselves  some problems

No matter what, the outcome for you will be much better if you were to  voluntarily commence reparation to Jozsef. the police and the courts will view this favourably .

Other than that  neither jozsef or I wish to hear from you and emails and gifts indication what a laugh   the last year has been will not serve you well .

You will be contacted by Jozsefs lawyer in due course , currently we are in the middle of  a legal holiday . so  please be patient  and do not   communicate with either of us  your communications are unwanted  .

We look forward to seeing the matter resolved in 2016 , the ball is entirely in your hands you can make it better or you can make it worse. your current conduct is unhelpful.


email in response by Samuel

From: “samuel” <>
Date: Dec 29, 2015 9:33 PM
Subject: Re: Meeting
To: “Jozsef Szekely”


Jozsef should we both spend 50k on solicitors again in the new year.
Looking forward to it.
I love filling their pockets.


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