Transparency International Director Suzanne Snively makes false allegation of defamation

open letter to  Suzanne Snively   this will be published on  in response to  your email to Vince Siemer

From: Subject: Re: Transparency International New Zealand and Forbes Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 12:12:08 +1300 To:

Dear Vince,

 Please stop defaming me. I do Not trade under the TI name or under the TINZ name (or a fictitious version) in any way.

 Nor does the New Zealand government or any government agency fund me or my personal activities.

 Yours sincerely,

Suzanne Snively

Executive Chair, TINZ

Dear Suzanne                                                    

 Please find here with  your linked in page  from last year which I saved  and is attached . You will note that it states

Executive Chair

Transparency International New Zealand Ltd

November 2010 – Present (3 years) | New Zealand

As a country with low corruption, New Zealand has the potential to be an examplar to others,

demonstrating how this can improve business profitability through lower cost of doing business in

overseas countries, better access, lower cost of capital and for those listed companies, a higher

yeilding share price. 

 Suzanne Snively ONZM _ LinkedIn

I notice that you have now changed it

  and  you   who defend   no corruption in NZ  now accuse Vince of defamation ..  isn’t that   under hand ????

 As to the funding You may wish to refer to  your own correspondence  which shows   who your sponsors are.  They look suspiciously  like   Government departments . I have taken the liberty of  saving those documents as well .

 Unlike transparency international Inc  , Transparency New Zealand  is totally self-funded  and receives no   funds from any one

We are totally independent and do not have connections  with international banks  such as credit Suisse  ( previously Jarden & Co) or  large  audit companies  who promote NZ as an investment  centre.

I have  for years tried to  tell you about  corruption in New Zealand  but you deliberately turn a blind eye/ Deaf ear.  The instance I have is that of identity fraud ,Funny then that you should  change the identity of  the company you  claimed to represent  ( by the way  who or what is New Zealand Army Leadership Board)

I see identity fraud in companies all the time I know   how  corruption is perpetrated in New Zealand through our slack controls and systems , it  must be heaven for money launders.

 New Zealand   keeps its “ least corrupt” status through your hard work  -as an economist you must be aware that an unblemished reputation is vital  to business growth  so let’s encourage some  growth  .

 As a former Police  officer and now Private Investigator  I find that    honesty is the best policy  and I would rather be in  a corrupt country knowing it is  corrupt than a country which uses  smoke screens and mirrors   to hide  corruption.

 I  have conclusive evidence of  a person writing legislation for  his own business plan .. advising on the   legislation and then applying for law enforcement powers under a fictitious name .. and getting it   due to deceiving  the minister.

He then ran this operation from council premises using council resources and infrastructure .

He covered up using a fictional trust  which I can prove is  fictional  but  I can’t get the court to comprehend this overwhelming evidence.

 This is  all apparently condoned in New Zealand     its not corrupt  therefore  there is no corruption .

 When Vince  questioned the  ethics of  Stiassny,  he  promptly had his arse sued off .. can’t have any one questioning  our business practices.. what will the world think ?

 Suzanne  when   we have to  lose  your home  , marriage , go to jail  and/or  substantial sums of money as  a result of being a whistle-blower on serious    government  corruption  then   NZ cannot claim to be the least corrupt.

 The least corrupt  country would have  procedures in place to investigate such claims and would take notice of  the evidence placed before the court.  Instead we allow the civil court to be used to pervert the course of justice .

 The least corrupt country would not facilitate a business man paying crown law office to drop 22 fraud charges , they would make him face the court and let the  judge decide.

 Suzanne  you  can’t keep your head in the sand and plead ignorance  , you are deliberately portraying New Zealand   to be corruption free by ignoring  stories of real  corruption which are being ignored by the very government departments   who support your organisation and pay your wages for the   so called integrity study.

 You must know that  if you do an honest integrity study  your funders  will not support you next time round, and you will find yourself  like me doing it all for NIX  , I can tell you it’s not easy.

 Suzanne You claim to be the director of Transparency International New Zealand Ltd when there is no such company  , you apparently don’t know  the difference between an  incorporated society  and a limited liability company.

You  probably wouldn’t recognise corruption if you fell across it.. it’s not just bribery , it  goes deeper than that  and if you were truly interested you would sit  down and talk to persons  such as Vince and myself instead of threatening   defamation.. we have both been there  done that .. boring.

 When you take time to look at actual case studies of  corruption in New Zealand  and report  your finding  from both sides   then you would be giving  a  fair picture, but when you totally exclude people from your organisation because they have a corruption story to tell  then you are showing bias which in a situation such as your   is  in my opinion- a corrupt practice. 

 I have asked to join many times  but You have told me that my company name is too close and that is why I can’t join.. for the record   I  tried to join  about three times before   I set up the company  .. Transparency  New Zealand is a limited liability company  you are transparency International  ( New Zealand )  Inc .. quite different.

 Any house wife will tell you that you can  sweep dirt under the rug  for so long  but sooner or later it is  will start to smell. In Auckland    we  can smell it  , we can see it  and we are   just waiting for    the  government to cover it up and tell us that we were all  wrong about  our Mayor ….  see no corruption.

 See no evil speak no evil  let’s keep those foreign investments rolling in  keep the  share prices up .   Good for economy.


Grace Haden

transparency NZ

Phone (09) 520 1815 
mobile 027 286 8239
visit us at

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  • Rosie Hoy:

    Since de-regulation
    Leaky Homes – so called public enquiry The spokesperson online told me – in no holds barred “We can’t stifle innovation, you know”
    This was after I asked her if builders were still using untreated timber and faulty materials to build new homes. I pointed out that State houses in Cannons Creek lasted longer as they had been built with better materials.
    50% of Earthquake home damage was deliberately denied so as to avoid pay outs. They were told that they had leaky homes etc. The investigation team went around in unidentified cars to avoid the help they were supposed to be giving.
    Generic medicines report – some years ago – resulted in withdrawal of a great deal of drugs; as cheaper materials had been substituted some being unfit for human use. The censorship of some damming evidence was censored – Oh we can’t have the public losing faith in the health system. The hepatitis testing kits report – censorship . Why were the new generation testing kits not approved, which consequently resulted in serious results for patients who later sued & were compensated for the gross error of decision makers.
    The Auditor General recently had to make a huge payout on her report errors at Mangawhai development up North.
    Interesting that a previous Auditor General ended up in prison – Botswana Sunsets, strawberries & champagne & home made chocolates. Of course falsified travel claims. The trouble with getting too close to Laise Faire Govt, Officials stance is that these people fail to carry out their regulatory duties, whistle blowers amazingly have to be protected as they face sacking or pay offs or death as in the City Banks gentleman that found information on a second hand computer disk. Corruption in high places is blatantly eroding our ability to be transparent, Oh the PM thinks we should not be jealous of the rich. Well the head of ACC or Social welfare could easily take half of t $500thousand & fill the roles they are there for – rather than filling their pockets,

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