Letter to Wyn Hoadley

Dear Wyn (with copies to Wells and Coutts)

Bogus trusts are very much the issue in the news with Mr Brown receiving vast sums by way of donation through the invisible “New Auckland council trust”.

 The “New Auckland council trust” and the Animal Welfare Institute of New Zealand (AWINZ) appear to have a lot in common – both are unincorporated trusts and both play a public role but do so through the interface of invisibility and fiction so as to conceal the truth.

 When you look at the chronology which the court has created  based on the uncorroborated evidence of Wells  and  the strength of your support by pretending to be AWIINZ the law enforcement authority and the 2000  trust.  

 22 November 1999 “AWINZ”   made an application for Approved status ( law enforcement powers  equivalent to those  held by the RNZSPCA )- an  unsigned deed is provided

1.3.2000 the alleged date that  the trust which made the above application was formed  despite the fact that not one of the trustees   signatures appears on the application form trust deed

January 2001 Minister grants  approval based on the application made december 1999application

1.3.2003 By the terms of the  deed  this trust ceased to exist trust deed ( trustees never met  held no assets were not reappointed as required )

April 2006     we prove conclusively that AWINZ does not exist

10 May 2006   you come onto the picture and  become trustee  of the defunct  trust through no visible or legal means and under a section which does not show in the trust deed supplied to me  by Wells in June 2006 see minutes and at a time when the deed was missing.. surpise surprise

June 2006 Maf supplied with a different copy of the trust deed by Neil Wells.

18 July 2006 despite the fact that  you have never traded as AWINZ  you take action ( along with Wells and Coutts ) for passing off and breach of fair trade  against myself and the legally incorporated trust whose  existence proved categorically  that  AWINZ did not exist.  In the  Statement of claim   you  falsely claim to be a trustee of the defunct .2000 trust    You also claim to be a law enforcement authority which made an application three months before this trust was formed and through an application which the parties to the 2000 deed were  not part of in any legal manner or form.

5 December 2006  a third trust deed   claiming to be continuation of the defunct trust, this becomes a charity  and uses charitable  funds obtained in 2005  by Mr Wells for  the litigation .

 For 7 ½ years you have kept up the lies in court   and you have sought to keep vital information from me.   When the information was released to me I took the matter back to court for obtaining a judgment by fraud, the 700 plus   government documents however mean nothing as your lawyers reputation is enough to refute everything with nothing more than his unsupported say so. (Old boy’s network strikes again)

 I realise now the lengths that lawyers go to to protect these secret trusts. I have discovered that the real secret is that they are a fictional creature which lawyers have created to circumvent the law.  

 Breathing life into   something which did not exist certainly fooled the courts and the only conclusion I can come to is that the courts   rely on the integrity of the lawyers and when the lawyers have no integrity   people like myself lose out.

 In my opinion  and based on the evidence which I have Neil Wells, lied to the court  and the court was confused as to who or what AWINZ was   and because you  and Graeme Coutts played a role  in this  deception I now have to pay you  Neil Wells and Graeme Coutts $15,074.25 to reward your lies and deceit .

 But as if that is not enough you are being paid personally for  funds which are due  to the trust which you set up  in December 2006   some 5 months after  you pretended to be a trustee and commenced legal action against myself and Verisure .In my book this is money laundering .

 This 2006 trust is now a charity, it has yet to carry out any charitable deeds but has done plenty of not so charitable things. Despite the objectives of the trust being to promote humane attitudes to animals and people, you have spent the last 7 ½ beating me up in court with lies to conceal the fact that AWINZ the law enforcement authority was a total fiction.

 As a lawyer and officer of the court you are now complicit in having used the civil court to pervert the course of justice    and having used the charitable funds which Mr Wells obtained from Beauty with compassion in 2005 to   fund this deceit. (misappropriation of charitable funds see  charity web site   )

 2014 is going to be a year of change, you will be held accountable for your deceit, it is well documented. But  before we come  to the accountability  phase  you need to be paid  for  the  lies you have perpetrated, the  decision  is binding and I have to fork out yet another   sum to  liars and cheats if I don’t  you will   take   bankruptcy action despite knowing that I am solvent  .  

 I am aware that the fictional AWINZ has a bank account at the national bank but that account is only administered by Neil Wells in a manner which conceals his identity ,this account was set up after the 2000 trust expired and before the 2006 trust  came into existence. But it appears that if something has a similar name it is one and the same.  – We now have case law on it.

 So with money to be paid I am therefore requesting that you advise me as to how this money should be paid and whom will not pay it to your lawyers, I find them most unethical and I will not give them another cent.  I want payment to be made in an open and transparent manner as your lawyers refuse to disclose who is being paid and who has demanded the sums.

 As I do not have a personal cheque book I will transfer it into a nominated bank account.

 Wyn you are a lawyer, you must be painfully aware of the consequences of obtaining a pecuniary advantage through deceit and that is why I want to know who is getting the money it is after all an ingredient of the charge.

 Being a lawyer does not mean you can be ignorant to the law?   You contort business practices to such an extent that they are nonsense, the court has been used to pervert the course of justice and I have been ordered to pay   so the   payment offer is here and will be made as soon as you give me a bank account number.

 Wyn I have spelt things out to you often enough and placed you on notice,  you cannot pretend to be ignorant  when you rip up the  very  documents  which I give to you to prove my  allegations .  You are in so deep that there is no saving you, you are a corrupt lawyer  a willing player in this deceit .  I want to put the final nail in so please give me your bank account number and I will pay you  the judgement sum  in full .

 I am serving this document on you, sending it by email and posting it on transparency so that there is a public record of the offer.

 If I do not hear from you , Wells or Coutts  by 4 pm Monday 23 December  2013  I will presume  that you prefer not to receive the money and  that you will not  be making   any  demand on me for payment. 

  All the best for Christmas

Regards Grace Haden


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