Charity Fraud – I should have stayed quite

74 castor bay roadFurther open letter to Wyn Hoadley

re charity number   CC11235  The Animal Welfare Institute Of New Zealand


I have  phoned you and  tried to talk to you  but you always say that you are to busy .

You claim to be the chair person of a AWINZ  which  through a trustee, Neil Wells  is trying to liquidate my company

Last year you liquidated my company when  you pretended to serve   documents on me  and  that liquidation was over turned with the Judge stating that the proceedings were blighted

You have taken this action despite the fact that there are proceedings before the court  filed in March 2012  which show that the  sums you are claiming were obtained by fraud.

Your Charity  has never performed one charitable function  it was set up to cover up the fact that Neil Wells  wrote legislation for his own business plan   and then  advised on it.  He then  applied under the resulting  legislation  for ” approval” from the ministers as a law enforcement authority. he did this in the name of a trust  which did not exist at that time.

Wyn   I have  gone through this with you before in an open letter  Open letter to Wyn Hoadley councillor TCDC   and I have questioned your fitness to be a barrister Is Wyn Hoadley fit to be a Lawyer, A trustee or a councillor?

You claim to  be   chair person of a trust which in its deed  states that it will encourage promotion of humane attitudes  in societies  to people

Yet the way you are treating me is   in the most in humane manner

Your husband Steve  is a professor in   Human rights , he is condoning you action with his silence Open letter to Stephen Hoadley Human Rights Professor

Wyn I just wanted to talk to you   about the fact that  every 2 months it costs me  a small fortune to have the statutory demand  which  is   fraudulently being pursued  agaisnt me.  I know  your desire  is to  cause me as much financial harm as possible    and  your actions  just prove it.

Wyn Charities are being struck off  Family First finds unlikely ally in charitable status fight  yet some how  you and Neil Wells  can  run this sham  and get away with it.

If you were at all half human   and   acted according to  your alleged deed  which  you signed in  December 2006 some five months after you claimed to be a trustee and made false claims to the court  , then you  would  at least talk to me .

I told you  I would send  you  an email and you said that you would not be checking your emails  for a while .

I said  I would come and stand outside your house  with a placard until you did have time   and you said that I was threatening you  .

so what options are you going to leave me with.. Wyn  every two months I get huge bills because of you , you have severely darkened  my twilight years and you  just want me to roll over and go away ?

Wyn  you  have  got away with this too long  , you are bleeding me dry  you have had  over $120,000 from me already to cover up for your lies ,  you know I have   money sitting in a trust account to   cover  most of the  rest of the debt which you obtained by fraud.

The court has been sitting on this for 9 months   the papers were filed in March 2012  .  Why is it that you  can lie and cheat your way through  justice  ?  I  also suspect that you have  influence on the  court  and  again you will come out smelling like  roses  just as Terry Hay has done .. he managed to get all 22 of  his fraud  charges  dropped  , if you are a barrister or can afford to pay one it appears that you can get  away with murder.

Your lawyers act  agaisnt the rules  and you  condone this  Brookfields Lawyers continue to act illegally   Yet the law society does nothing.

Wyn  you are older than me     I will fight this    so that the truth will come  out   even after you Die I will carry on and  you will never rest in peace as I will ensure that  like  Jimmy Savile  you will be exposed after you are gone .

Or you could prove  that  you are humane  and  do the decent thing   and be prepared to sit and discus to resolve matters   and to take the stress and  financial hardship away from me

Perhaps one of your neighbours  will  volunteer  to  facilitate  our civilized  discussion over a cup  of tea , I will  put a leaflet round as  follows   to see if any one will help.

Dear Neighbour of Wyn and Steve Hoadley

Wyn is  the chairperson of a trust called the Animal welfare institute of New Zealand  , I am a licensed private investigator( former police sergeant and police prosecutor ) and got involved in 2006 when a  dog control officer at Waitakere city council approached me and  asked me to find out who  or what the animal welfare institute of New Zealand was. (AWINZ )

AWINZ was one of two approved organisations (section 121 animal welfare act) the RNZSPCA is the other.

Approved organisations have coercive law enforcement powers and by virtue of section 171 of the act the proceeds of prosecution are returned to the organisation fines can be up to $350,000,this was the perfect fraud

The RNZSPCA is an incorporated society it fundraises and runs its operations from donations bequests etc.

AWINZ  on the other hand  had no legal existence , no trust deed was discoverable , it   was nothing more than a pseudonym. It operated from Waitakere city council premises and required the council dog control officers to “volunteer “their council paid time. They used the council’s vehicles and infrastructure to prioritise   work for AWINZ over that of the council.

The manager of dog and stock control Neil Wells    was the only visible person of AWINZ.

He had written the No 1 bill for the animal welfare act and had   advised as independent advisor to the select committee on the two bills as they were considered by the select committee.

When the bill passed in to law he made an application for “approved status”  using a fictional name and by misleading  the minister as to the nature and existence of AWINZ, which at the time of the application had no existence  at all other  than being an impressive name.

I asked  2 questions  one of MAF- why was a non-existent organisation  give law enforcement powers

The other of Waitakere why did their manager contract to himself for animal welfare services which were not the council’s core function.

He had changed the signage of the council dog control unit and cars so that AWINZ and the council premises looked like one and the same.

To prove categorically that AWINZ did not exist, I with others registered the name animal welfare institute of New Zealand as a charitable trust   under the charitable trust act this was on 27 April 2006.

Wyn Hoadley became involved on 10 May 2006  After intimidating us to give up the name  she  and wells and  Graeme Coutts  took me to court for  passing off  breach of fair trade   and defamation, Wyn Hoadley was part of this process even though  she had no prior involvement and  did not  sign any documents  which made her a trustee

Wells had applied for approved  status  on 22.11.99  allegedly on behalf of a trust In 2006  he produced a trust deed   dated 1.3.2000, you don’t need to be an Einstein to work out that the trust could not have made the application . not one of the persons involved with this alleged trust  was ever involved with  the running of the law enforcement authority  in any manner or means – they had not even formally met.

Hoadley   became a trustee at a time when the trust deed  is proved to be missing and without any formal procedure to bind her to the  deed she became chairperson  but  would not  discuss  anything with me saying she was not the messenger ?

Her false claims alleging that she was  a trustee of the trust  brought costs of $ 12,200  against me.

I was given 2 weeks to pay Hoadley and her associated then dropped the   false claims that had brought about the costs. – They had to, they could not prove   them.. I have a truck load of evidence to prove she was   misleading the court with false claims.

They used these costs to strike out my defence of truth and honest opinion on the defamation claims

No evidence was ever produced and  the matter went straight to the civil equivalent of sentencing the only evidence was the uncorroborated evidence of Wells  for which I have truckloads of evidence to show it was perjury.

While they had me before the district court they also had me in the high court on bankruptcy application,

I was fined  $57.500   and  41,000  court costs for  pointing out serious corruption  –  writing legislation for  his own business plan using insider information, misleading the crown  and  using council premises for private pecuniary gain

I Got a lawyer paid him a small fortune my marriage to broke down  -23 years  and a family in tatters  all because I had  stumbled on corruption . I should have stayed quite

My bank accounts were frozen and  I  had to represent myself again judge took 11 months to come out with a decision which went against me, don’t think he read anything except Judge Joyce decision in which Neil Wells makes me out to be  a most  disgusting person. …More costs

Met a lawyer who promised he could help me.. took $80,000  for my matrimonial split and  another  30-40  for   appeal and court of  appeal. Made a real hash of it     lost more money

2011   finally obtained crucial information which Wells had asked to be withheld, got this through the law society and the ombudsmen

Hoadley and Wells took liquidation and bankruptcy action against me

I filed a claim for obtaining a judgement by fraud..  Their lawyers are breaking the   law in continuing to represent them in court   but   apparently the law society thinks it’s OK

Got rid of the bankruptcy    have had to pay out   nearly $120,000    they liquidated my company when I was not served,  I caught them out  and the  proceedings were reversed.

They now have  a statutory demand out which is being  adjourned through lawyers and costing me  500 a pop  every two months

This has been going on for 7 years now     I HAVE HAD ENOUGH

I hope that one of the neighbours can make a  pot of tea  and  host this event

I am a former long serving police sergeant and former police Prosecutor. I am the mother of three children, I believed in law and order and justice   I am not violent.  Wyn has nothing to fear from me but the truth.





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