Why is it so hard to question corruption In NZ ?

So afterbang-head  banging my head agaisnt a brick wall for 7 years I start another round with the ombudsmen.

Take it from me  don’t ever question  anything  that looks   tin the slightest way corrupt  In New Zealand  if you   do  your life will be in tatters.  I speak from experience.

It appears to me that   every one knows how useless the ombudsmen s office is  so   councils regularly refuse information..  why should they comply ? This way they can conceal corruption and buy time.

So here I go  again


Request for Investigation by Ombudsmen                                         17/04/2013

I have  recently made three requests   to Auckland council for official information and one for  a breach of privacy

 I am being totally ignored.

I made the request via the FYI web site   and can be seen on the site http://fyi.org.nz/request/adoption_of_cats_from_concourse#comment-245


  and an earlier request http://fyi.org.nz/request/animal_welfare_instituteof_new_z

Having questioned this gross corruption many years ago and seeing new developments and questioning this  I  have found myself   being harassed by the council and  my  information requests rejected.

Wendy Brandon Counsel for council   saw to it that my emails were blocked this included an email which I had sent to the duly elected representatives complaining about her action

 This email can be seen http://www.transparency.net.nz/2013/02/15/update-on-wendy-brandon-counsel-for-auckland-council/

 While there has been no apparent independent enquiry into   the actions of Ms Brandon, the  Ceo of council  who  has been at the centre of this   had the privilege  of investigating himself   see http://www.transparency.net.nz/2013/04/03/doug-mc-kay-investigates-himself-and-responds-to-councillors/

I now find that  a block wall has been thrown up in my path   and all my  LGOIMA requests are being  refused  while  I am being harassed  by council.

I first wrote of the harassment   in July last year http://www.transparency.net.nz/2012/07/22/harassment-by-auckland-council/

 When the council  discovered that my neighbour had put a trellis up against my back fence.  Rather than tell me, I  found myself the  subject of a revisit.  I found it   ironic that the officer was a Waitakere  officer who should not have  been inspecting in Epsom .. do I smell a rat  yes a large one. Especially as this occured   at he same time as my company was put in to liquidation when  the   papers were  not served on me 

I believe that this was deliberate harassment as it occurred simultaneously as the liquidation of my company though non service of  documents.

I now have   a debt collectors letter  demanding $250  for that inspection  when I have never seen an invoice for the inspection  and only saw the inspector  who re inspected  and  who had not bothered to tell me that my pool did not comply. I am a failure  I don’t have x ray vision or  esp.    I simply did not  know that my neighbours had put up a trellis on the other side of the fence.( which incidentally  would not have supported a cat let alone a child )

It has been 7 years  since I questioned   the use of council facilities by a manager for private pecuniary gain, 7 years of shear HELL  .No one cares a dam  that people can write legislation for their own business plan and  use council facilities to run the  operation.. all we care about is concealing corruption.

The ombudsmen’s office has been singularly useless and the office of the auditor general likes wise. It comes as no surprise that both are members of Transparency International ( New Zealand )    and both the office of the auditor general and  the ombudsmen  appear to be condoning corruption  rather than taking action on it.

Now the Mayor has written the matter off as historic and publicly stated that he will not investigate despite the fact that he knows nothing about the matter… see   http://www.allaboutauckland.com/video/1907/accusations-of-corruption-within-councils/1

You will need to log in to see the  video .

Counsel for  council stopped  me from   reading  from my script  which is located here Open Forum – 28 Feb 2013  and  falsely advises   the mayor that there is an injunction that prevents me from speaking about   the fictional AWINZ , when there is no such injunction in place.

Ms Brandon  has also sent out emails   to Councillors in which  I was the subject matter  and  the comments were wrong and defamatory,  she is ignoring  my requests  for  a  copy of the email .

It is very hard to convince me that  New Zealand is the least corrupt  and I ask the  Ombudsmen to investigate the following.

1.        The conflict of interest in the ombudsmen’s office and  the office of the auditor general being members of transparency International New Zealand   an organisation which  has  only just after I prompted them  listed a set of  rules September 2012 Transparency Times

2.        The harassment by Auckland council  as set out in http://www.transparency.net.nz/2012/07/22/harassment-by-auckland-council/   and the subsequent debt recovery action when  no invoice has ever been sent to me.

3.       The   investigation of  Doug Mc Kay into himself  with regards to the withholding of emails   and  also with regards to his lack of action or even acknowledgment of my complaints with regards to  Wendy Brandon   being   documents which will open  from the following links

a)      15 feb email complaint email

b)      request 1

c)      Request 2

d)     Request 3

e)      Request 4

f)       Request 5

g)      Request 6

h)      Request 7

i)        Request 8

j)         Evidence 1

k)      Evidence 2

l)        Evidence 3

m)    Evidence 4

n)      Evidence 5

o)      interpretation 248 crimes act

p)      Note 1

q)      Note 2

        And r)  http://www.transparency.net.nz/2013/04/03/doug-mc-kay-investigates-himself-and-responds-to-councillors/

4.       The manner in which Brandon appears to control council and   has miss instructed  the may  with regards to  any injunctions in place and the  effect of them as  shown in the video clip  http://www.allaboutauckland.com/video/1907/accusations-of-corruption-within-councils/1

5.       The lack of provision of information   for the LGOIMAS as mentioned from FYI  web site

a.       http://fyi.org.nz/request/adoption_of_cats_from_concourse#comment-245

b.      http://fyi.org.nz/request/rebranding_of_waitakere_animal_w

c.       http://fyi.org.nz/request/animal_welfare_instituteof_new_z


     6. an investigation by the ombudsmen into the   8 issues  out lined in 3 above

Had the office of the Ombudsmen done its job properly in the first place I would not have had to endure all of this    it appears that the ombudsmen’s office  is doing little to prevent corruption in New Zealand.  It has allowed  MAF to get away   with  giving law enforcement authority to a fictional  organisation  and then  allowed it to cover up.It has condoned  Waitakere  council  in  not  acting  when  employees use their office for private pecuniary gain.

I find it amusing that your logo is fairness to all.  I am a whistle-blower and    you have proved  to me that whistle-blowers   do not even get the support of the ombudsmen in new Zealand.. its all about promoting the perception of us being the least corrupt.

So here goes another round of me banging my head against the proverbial brick wall   I  wonder how many years you will take this  time to write this off.

  But we can all rest easy  the perception is that there is no corruption   its  just  idiots like me  who walk into the trap and   have their lives ruined because they  think New Zealand  has a hard line on corruption when in reality we  just sweep it under the carpet.

The truth will come out in the end.

copies of this  is going to the international press  I am sure    with NZ in the news for tax havens  they will  be interested in seeing  how NZ conceals corruption.

Grace Haden



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