Transparency International New Zealand if you can’t join them expose them.

corruption ruins livesI have long been critical of  Transparency International New Zealand mainly because they will not let me join and have never   given me a valid reason for  not allowing me to join.

I have not been given the opportunity for as much as an interview  and I have to wonder why a person such as myself is not  allowed to join transparency International  which  has a logo on their web site  which  says  corruption ruins lives.

While  Transparency International  claims that they are there to assist those who have suffered at the hands of corruption  Transparency International New Zealand  treat me as  Persona non grata.

I believed that this warranted a closer look into  Transparency International New Zealand  .

My first port of call was the  companies office and I found that   Transparency International ( NZ)   did not have   any rules filed there

Now this is significant  as   incorporated societies are unique in the manner in which they can govern  .. the rules which the registrar has accepted are the only rules which apply.

Therefore  we are at a bit of a loss  to  see  what the rules are.  I have inquired with the  registrar   and they advise me that those documents  were lost in a fire .. strange I thought that   such records could not  be lost,  the records after all are only duplicates and the originals  can   be copied again and the documents sent in.    I have done a  full OIA  in the name of transparency to find out when and where the fire was.

The Registrar  kindly directed me to the charities web site    where indeed we find a copy of  what is allegedly the rules.  Except   for the fact that I consider any constitutional document  which has not been signed  as being just a bit of paper with words on it.  This is a copy of it it is  called Charity Rules.

I note that there is a further copy of the rules  on the transparency New Zealand web site.  These rules  Rules-Transparency-International-New-Zealand-Dec-2009 were allegedly passed in December 2009 and are   different to the   rules on the charities site  they are again  unsigned.

I took a trip down memory lane  and dived into the internet  archives  to find  yet a third  set of  rules  06 11-06 Transparency International (NZ) Inc Rules  which referred to a fourth set of rules  which may or may not have been the original rules.  yes and each is different and  due to the lack of filing with the registrar not one of the rules which Transparency International NZ operates by is valid.

I also note that  on the   incorporated societies registration  the address for transparency International  still shows as being Level 4 James Smith Cr Cuba & Manners Sts  Wellington, we know that they have moved from there  but they get around this  by stating their post office address  on the charities web site as their street address.

But what is funnier yet  is that the  registrar of incorporated societies has their address as  PO BOX 5428   and the charities commission  show it as Po Box 5248  Perhaps that is why I cannot join Transparency International, I pay attention to detail and they do not.

I comply with the law and they appear to be totally ignorant of the law for  the running of their own incorporated society. with so many  high ranking  government officials on board  you wonder   if any one looks at basics ? If they cannot see the  issues  with their own  organization how  could they spot corruption if they fell over it.

the    directors  were states on one  set of rules as

  • David Macdonald, former Auditor General of New Zealand.
  • Murray Petrie, public sector management consultant, former NZ diplomat and former IMF official.
  • Trevor Roberts, senior lawyer.
  • Dr Rodger Spiller, Mg. Dir. Money Matters; and, Director, Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainable Development, Auckland.
  • The Hon. Hugh Templeton, former Minister of the Crown.
  • Mel Smith, former Ombudsman.
  • Marcus Pelto, development and governance advocacy consultant.

This brings me on to the subject of the obvious connection between Transparency International NZ  and  government .. as if that isn’t half obvious  with the above.

According to  the financial statements  the office of the auditor general has given them $15,000 for research  and the s office  of the ombudsman is a member.

I also found  two documents   one  stating  advocating the  strengthening of trust for the state service sector  “TINZAGMflyer27-11-07v2

and the other  the  power point presentation from Suzanne Snively  tinz-suzanne-snively-fraud-survey-nov-2011 in which she states

  • New Zealand is Perceived as a High Trust Society
  • Transparency International is the Monitor
  • Transparency International New Zealand (TI-NZ) Looks after New Zealand’s Reputation
  • Reputation is a Driver of Prosperity

I now understand  why I cannot join.

Suzanne Snively is protecting the reputation of New Zealand  she is being positive about it. People like myself  are seen as negative because I point out the corruption.

I have a strange notion that by pointing out corruption  you  can fix it , its like cancer  lets ignore it  and  you will die.  lets treat it  early and you can live.. now  that’s radical !

Corruption is like Cancer.    the corruption I suffered was  due to the    illusion of a trust being thrown into the picture..  If transparency International cannot understand or  even run their own  organization legitimately  how could they even begin to understand the corruption I am involved with.

Perhaps I should just take the IQ lowering pill and it  will all go away.

People  who think that pretending   that new Zealand has no corruption  and being positive about    there being  no corruption are not doing any one a favour . Its like  a mother always  saying” of course that’s Ok little Johnny “and then wondering why she has raised an axe murder.

I have  never asked transparency International to investigate my matter , I do believe that  through my experience I   can help set  systems in place which will assist New Zealand on the path away from becoming the corrupt  country it is recessing into. Why should some one else go through what I have had to enure?

But instead   lets  just talk to the people  who  run the   government departments  and ignore the so called Customers    who have had a raw deal… that is actually called  customer feed back  .. its what improves   companies and societies alike.

it would be nice if Transparency International (NZ)   lived up to its principles  which  were stated as March 2010 – TI(NZ) Guiding principles

  • oppose bribery and corruption vigorously and openly but  not investigate individual cases;
  •   work co-operatively with individuals, corporations ,governments and international organisations in the fight against corruption;
  •   operate on the basis of sound, objective research and  analysis in a democratic, non partisan and non sectarian way;
  •   seek funding that supports and does not compromise our ability to address issues objectively and freely;
  • cooperate in building, working with and supporting the work of the Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin and support other national chapters particularly in the Pacific region;
  •   maintain a balanced and diverse governing body.  ( wouldn’t this mean that you also have victims of corruption on board ? )

But in the end If you cant joint them  you  have to beat them  ..    If  those who have had their lives wrecked by corruption are not welcome on Transparency International because we point out  corruption then we  have to build Transparency New Zealand   will you join me ..



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