Transparency NZ call for more transparency from Transparency International

SusanSnivelyTransparency International have turned my application  for membership down for the third time.

Suzanne Snively   sent a reply  on behalf  of TINZ   declining me once again. It appears that she  does not like the comments which I make with regards to transparency International  she has however never  pointed  which statements  she is referring to    and she has not  told me  which  sites in particular she is looking at, it could well be that  she is looking at some one else web site and attributing comments to me. Suzanne you are not being very transparent.

This led me  to looking at the   constitution of transparency International .An incorporated society  only has one set of operative rules  and those are the ones  listed on the register of incorporated societies  and  those are the  copies of the   rules which the registrar has accepted.

Imagine then   my  surprise  when I found  that  Transparency International New Zealand  does not have any rules listed with the registrar.Does this make them unconstitutional ?

I phoned the societies  registrar this morning and confirmed that they did not hold a copy of the rules…. see the page as it appeared 2nd April NZ Companies Office – View Details transparency international    not  very transparent I would have thought.

There is a copy available on the charities web site  but it is not an official copy , not good enough  we think for   transparency International which has so much international clout.

Transparency International  New Zealand  are represented only  by some 70 people  10  of  whom are directors  making 1 in 7 of them  directors.

Those listed on the  governance site   represent  amongst them the large  accountancy companies   and appear to  be well connected with    Government  and  big business, the representation is mainly of  the rich and famous , those of us who  bang our heads  against the corporate walls   are not welcome.  It is after all about perception   and we bring too much reality  and insist on accuracy.

By way of example today Transparency International  Via Suzan Snively published a press release  No+Complacency+for+Corruption-TINZ-PR.

In just the first three lines  we at Transparency New Zealand  struggle to find  a verifiable comment

1.  there is no such  act as the Public Service Act

2. the state sector act is dated 1988    which is not  100 years ago

3.And   to the best of our knowledge there have been no  surveys done here or internationally with regards to   the integrity of public sectors   in a setting which allows comparisons to be  made.

We have written to Suzanne and requested clarification  we will update  you   when the reply is received.


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