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WendyBrandonSubject: Urgent call for the suspension of Wendy Brandon

To the Mayor and   Councillors

Urgent call for the suspension of Wendy Brandon and full investigation of her conduct.

Please see the email exchange below the regards to my emails  to councillors being Diverted.

This is particularly serious in that I  have been questioning corruption in council for the past 7 years and  my innocent questions to Waitakere city council about the use of the  animal facility   at the concourse  by  an organisation called AWINZ. ,( which in reality was a trading name undefined   person or persons)

The then manager  of dog and stock control  ,who got his position  without declaring his conflict of interest   with regards to  AWINZ   sued me   to silence me.   I now have proceedings before the court  to overturn the judgement which was obtained by fraud.  The lawyers involved in these proceedings  and whose actions are  subject to the    court decision  are also one of the  big  five suppliers of   legal services to council .(BROOKFIELDS)

I have been prevented from obtaining speaking rights  and then when I complain about the  actions of counsel for council  I find that she has  diverted  my emails to her email address only.

I have a truck load of evidence on the corrupt use of council premises  and Wendy Brandon is fobbing me off and  claiming that I am contempt of court  when   the evidence I am presenting is in the words of MAF in their  Audit report http://www.transparency.net.nz/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/final-draft-audit-2008.pdf  and  states

“it was at times  difficult during the audit  to distinguish where the structure  of AWINZ finished  and where WCC began  hence it was  at times difficult  to separate the AWINZ organisation  from that of WCC. For example AWINZ inspectors are not employed by AWINZ but are  all employees of WCC page 9   all personnel  ( including the AWINZ  inspectors ) based at the WCC animal accommodation  facility (48 the concourse ) are employees of WCC It must be noted that AWINZ does not have any employees as such , apart from when they contract to the film industry  to monitor AW issues, this did  lead to some confusion regarding he demarcation between the two organisations

Rate payers money  was being used   for a private enterprise  and Counsel for council   both past and present have covered this up.

I happen to think that this is serious .. what else is being covered up ?

Just this week I gave submissions to the local government   electoral  committee and asked  why  we bother with elections  when it appears that   the council lawyers  run the place.  We could actually save a lot  of money.

If council was run as a business  Ms Brandon would be placed on suspension   while the  investigation into   the diversion of emails    is investigated  especially when these emails are  complaints about her action. What else is she concealing from councillors ????

I know for a fact she is also blocking  LGOIMA requests, not just mine  but those of  other people as well .

As a rate payer  I like to think that the people we  vote into  council  are the ones  who are in control  and not the hired help. I also have an expectation that the council which  enforces laws on the residents   also    complies  to the law  with the same vigour  and    not by ignoring   section 14 of the  local government act 2002 by acting in an  open, transparent, and democratically accountable manner.

We should be encouraging   whistle-blowers on council corruption my story is  enough to  ensure that any one will remain silent.. the cost has been too high  and  there are those who would rather discredit me than  look at the fact. If you   are not sure about me  ask ALF  ,   we worked together   in the police  he is aware of my ethical standing.

It is interesting  that what I   questioned years ago   appears to be   exactly what is going on today ,   council employees   stepping out of line  and acting  as if they own the council.

I would  love to address all of you on  corruption in council  ,  I am not defaming any one, I  am speaking the truth and   can present it as pure fact , I have no doubt  that what I will reveal will be  an  eye opener  and will enable  you to  will be able take action to prevent t  rate payers money from  haemorrhaging  from the council coffers.


Grace Haden



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